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Oregon Live has come along to let us know that two counties in Oregon have put new ordinances into place to that direct law enforcement to totally ignore firearms-related laws. What laws are they talking about? They’re referring to the gun sanctuaries being established in cities and countries across the country:

Northwest Oregon’s Columbia County and eastern Oregon’s Umatilla County approved ordinances directing county workers – police included – to ignore the state’s extreme risk protection law, the concealed carry law and most other state regulation of guns. Passed in 2017, Oregon’s extreme risk protection law gives judges discretion to remove guns from people not convicted of a crime who show signs they might shoot themselves or someone else.

It is now a misdemeanor for police to enforce some gun control laws that are on the books.

The idea of gun sanctuaries isn’t new, but the movement has definitely gained traction this past year, especially in light of the current political climate. The real question is whether or not those attempts to protect gun owners from new anti-gun measures will have any practical effect.

According to the officials quoted by Oregon Live, the gun sanctuary concept isn’t likely to do much good in the long run:

Umatilla County District Attorney Daniel Primus doesn’t expect the voter approval to have much of a practical effect for his office. He will uphold the law, he said.

“I took an oath,” Primus said, “and I am going to follow that oath.”

The Oregon Department of Justice hasn’t weighed in on the measures. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum “doesn’t have an official view” of the proposals, said agency spokeswoman Karynn Fish.

(Yes, it sounds like the AG is waiting to see what happens.)

Of note is the way those two counties apparently want concealed carry handled from here on out:

No longer will it be left to a sheriff in Umatilla or Columbia counties to decide whether to enforce Oregon’s gun laws in those counties. The new measures make it clear they cannot.

“It’s out of the hands of a human decision,” [gun rights activist Rob] Taylor said. “It goes straight to a directive. You either follow the directive and stay in the law, or you violate the directive and face the penalties.”

Taylor said police can still enforce the felon-in-possession-of-a-firearm law, but they won’t be able to enforce regulations that restrict a gun’s barrel length, magazine size or accessories that limit noise, known as suppressors.

“We thought that people should have access to those things,” he said. “A suppressor is a very good thing if you are out shooting all the time and you want to eliminate a lot of the noise that effects your hearing.”

The “biggest issue,” he said, is the state requirement to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun.

“We should be able to carry it concealed or open,” he said. “It’s our choice.”

He said under the new ordinance, a deputy can’t arrest someone for unlawful possession of a firearm for failing to have a license to carry a concealed weapon because “the county no longer enforces the concealed weapon law.”

This raises a lot of potential issues. Do you guys think concealed carry laws should be (or will be) ignored/not enforced by law enforcement? Where do you draw the line on what should and should not go into these gun sanctuary ordinances?



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  1. Gun laws in the US are a violation of the constitution and they are a crime against human rights and civil rights.

    Ignoring them is a start.

    • With the democrats and liberals, when you give an inch, they’ll take a hundred miles. And what is lost is never regained in most cases. It’s time to take a stand! I support fully support the concept of 2A sanctuary county or state. The 2A was written for a purpose. The left has no legal rights to enforce infringements on it. I hope someday a major class action suit is filed against a city, county or state by parties that were denied the rights granted by the 2A and rights to carry and subsequently were injured, family members killed, or otherwise a victim of a violent criminal using a firearm that could have been prevented had the plaintiffs been allowed their 2A rights. The suits should demand reparations for nothing less than 5 Trillion dollars to be paid to all plaintiffs as a lesson to the left. The left only understands physical or financial pain to alter their ways. This suit should also include the forced rollback of those laws in violation of the 2A and the resignation of those politicians that passed and supported them.

  2. Hey, if they can order cops to refuse to cooperate with immigration officials and commit federal obstruction of justice…why not this?

    All law enforcement is discretionary anyway, no cop is required (other than by orders from his superiors, violation of which would be merely insubordination) to arrest anybody for anything.

  3. I don’t care if the DA intends to enforce the laws on the books–the cops have to arrest someone first before he can enforce them.

    The big issue is whether the State occupies the field on gun laws and prohibits local regulation (such as Pa.’s law that Philadelphia is suing about), which law would supersede these ordinances.

  4. I voted for this in Umatilla county. I hope this can but upheld but I’m unsure if it went to the oregon supreme court if it will. Umatilla county is already pretty gun friendly but salem is dragging us down. I hope more counties pass this and we can send a message to salem!

    • Umatilla county I get. But Columbia county?
      I hope these stick.

      I got surprised that I missed this, then I saw it was “Oregon live”.
      That’s the Oregonian newspaper. Extremely liberal.

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  7. on one hand, not sure i would like the sheriff making up his own gun laws. on the other hand, it’s good that oppressive stupid laws going against something important like constitutional, fundamental human rights, are ignored. on the other other hand, 90% of gun laws are unconstitutional to begin with.

    2 out of 3 so I’ll allow it.

  8. Uh no, you can’t do that.

    State sanctuary laws are fine. Even local sanctuary laws are legal when constructed properly. But you can’t make it a crime for police, who whole statewide arrest authority, to arrest for a state crime.

    This is just theater. It would be laughed out of court (and removed from the podunk court) the moment someone tried it.

    • It seems like it only applies to county employees, so city or state police could enforce the laws without risk of prosecution. A rural area outside of city limits would only be subject to state police.

  9. The idea of gun sanctuaries isn’t new, but the movement has definitely gained traction this past year, especially in light of the current political climate. The real question is whether or not those attempts to protect gun owners from new anti-gun measures will have any practical effect. v88.ca/3f5h 

  10. “I took an oath,” [an Oregon county district attorney] said, “and I am going to follow that oath.”

    Here is a quaint idea Mr. District Attorney:

    1) Follow your oath to uphold the United States Constitution.
    2) Uphold Common Law.
    3) Serve JUSTICE.

    If that means ignoring state and local laws which violate the U.S. Constitution (e.g. 2nd Amendment), violate Common Law, and/or do not serve justice, then so be it.


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