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 Image: Chris Dumm

 My job takes me all over eastern Washington and north-central Oregon. This is gun-friendly country, even though the particulars of my contracts make it a PITA to tool up when work takes me there. While gassing up in Umatilla, Oregon recently, I noticed these cartridge-styled earbud headphones. For a measly $12 you apparently get both wadcutter and roundnose-style earpieces. I just hope those are inert primers…

Image: Chris Dumm

This photo should lay to rest any lingering doubts you might have about the pro-gun credentials of ‘The 97882.’ While this armed citizen was minding his own business, at least a dozen passersby went about their own business as though nothing were out of the ordinary. Because nothing was out of the ordinary.

Just an ordinary guy, buying an ordinary tank of gas on an ordinary day. And it’s too bad the rest of the country can’t be as ordinary as this dusty, windy little slice of heaven.

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  1. Try to bring those through security with the super knowledgeable TSA agents standing by.

    Carrying like that everyday would be nice. Too bad idiots would call 911 for MWG in a lot of areas.

  2. I have a pair of those, actually. They’re not bad for the price. Better than the craptastic earbuds you get with most MP3 players these days, anyhow.

    • Same here, got a pair when I saw them in one of our outlet stores. Not bad for the price.

      Certainly better than the cheap ones I was replacing.

  3. I know that Shell station well. Next time I drop in I’ll be looking around at the other customers!

    • Ditto. Spent lots of time passing through Umatilla ;-). Sometimes spending the night there if I couldn’t make the drive from ~San Francisco to Spokane in one shot.

  4. Isn’t it illegal to pump one’s own gas in Oregon? That state looks like a very nice place, with a libertarian culture, but the gas station law is truly bizarre and stupid.

      • It’s nice when it’s raining. I got pissed when the guy dumped gas all over the back of my 69 Mustang. Most people let me pump my own classic cars. Now I live in self serve states.

      • How do people fill up their lawnmowers and such? Ride to the station and let an authorized pumper fill it up?

    • Not really; self-servers routinely screw up – spillage, equipment damage, unsafe static practices and so-on.

      They think of pump jocking as a skilled occupation, working with hazardous substances near the public. There’s sense there.

      You might think it strange, but in their view self-serve is bizarre and dangerous. It is what it is.

      • It also creates minimum wage jobs.

        But… Russ… the only times I have EVER had any sort of gas-filling incidents in my life were while passing through Oregon. A handful of times the attendant over-filled my car to the point that gas poured out of the overflow into the wheel well or actually poured (or SHOT) out the top and down the body, and a couple of times I requested premium (turbocharged car tuned to the point where it DOES require at least 91 octane or it will ping) and was “accidently” given regular. “Ooops” is a tough pill to swallow when you still have to pay for the gas and you have to stay off of the fun pedal until you can run it down to E and fill it up again w/ the good stuff.

  5. So… dude up two shells to look like headphones and your plastic gun WILL be truly undetectable ’til it goes off.


  6. I actually have a pair of these ear buds. They have pretty good sound. My one problem with them is that left and right are not differentiated in any way. I used my computer’s sound system to help me identify which is which, then marked the left bud’s “primer” with a marker and put a piece of tape over the mark. Problem solved, got good tunes playin’.

    • .50 AE ? Dunno if they’d fit though… and I am PARTICULAR about how my headphones or speakers sound. Sometimes you’d be amazed how a radio can sound better with a good pair of speakers instead of the cheap junk that it shipped with.

    • “Powerful handgun” may be an oxymoron, but there’s this:

      “Many disparage the 9mm’s stopping power, and knowing that only military “ball” ammunition was available, I asked if this had been a problem. Spook said that it hadn’t. He knows what some of the gun magazine chest-beaters claim in print, and admits that he hasn’t shot any blocks of ballistic gelatin. He has shot eight men with the nine, though, and all went down with center thorax hits. One or two shots sufficed, if well placed. Spook knows that others have complained about the nine, and wonders where they hit their opponents. He has talked with a couple of tank crewmen who shot Iraqis off their huge armored mounts, and they seemed satisfied, too.”

      Unless one has a very rare ATC Type-3, concealed carry is virtually unheard of in Canada. All armoured car companies and most city cops carry .40s, but the RCMP, CBSA, and a few city police departments use 9s, along with the military. The extra cost and higher frequency of kabooms don’t make 50-odd extra pound feet of energy and grains, and .05″ of diameter seem worth it.

  7. I like that you didn’t say he was an a$$ for open carrying. I’m all about it as long as its not for confrontational purposes with law enforcement.

  8. Do they look like neck bolts when you put them on? Or does it look like you got shot on both sides of your head?

  9. I don’t see that it would attract any particular attention where you live. If you want ’em, why not?

  10. Eastern WA/OR are awesome places that have very little to do politically with their western counterparts, where the capitals just so happen to be placed. They really should split up and let western WA/OR form another state.

    My family used to own thousands of acres of land in eastern WA.. I would have inherited a lot of it. Unfortunately it had to be sold and that never came to pass, and I chose a different career path that ties me to the water. I will get back over the mountains eastward some day.

  11. You should but them and try cycling them at the range. See if they’re inert primers or not.

  12. Sound Quality: When I first bought these headphones, I was blown away. I was always hesitant about using Bluetooth headphones because of the loss in quality compared to a wired connection. But my God, they were incredible. The quality was crisp and the bass was perfect.


    Comfortability: The headphones sit comfortably and I can easily shake my head around without them coming close to falling off. I tend to sleep on my side and unfortunately cannot fall asleep with these on as they push against my head. Really not a big deal though because I just charge them at night anyways.

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