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A Washington DC “Democrat media consulting firm” affiliated with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (and a host of anti-gun politicians) is offering Oregon gun dealers $1,500 to allow them to film an on-location “public service announcement,” Oregon Firearms Federation announced Friday. The filmmakers need a gun store as a backdrop for an actor to tell viewers how “easy” it is to comply with form requirements . . .

“They approached Northwest Armory and Wild Bill’s in Molalla but were rebuffed when it was discovered who they really worked for,” OFF reported. The statewide gun rights group further asked supporters to “share this information with your friends and any gun dealers you know. We don’t want any Oregon gun dealers to be duped by these people.”

Several resources exist for activists who wish to get involved, from a simple Google search for Oregon gun dealers  to more specific sites like FFL Gun Dealers, which includes an alphabetical listing. Many can also be approached via websites and social media accounts. The most effective communication, however, comes from customers, meaning if you are an Oregon gun owner, make sure the places you patronize are informed and on board with booting Bloomberg’s film crews. Talk to them and get their commitment not to be used.

If you’re not from Oregon, but if you have gun-owning friends or relatives who live there, send the OFF alert to them and urge them to take action by informing gun dealers.

This whole business of AstroTurf anti-gunners using money from elitist “benefactors” to produce slick, “PSA’s” is an old trick designed to exploit low-information voters with emotional manipulation through imagery and sound bites. As we’ve seen in the past, credibility is not their strong suit. I personally filed a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed a “filmmaker” stumping for more laws ran afoul of existing ones in Oakland. Another FOIA I filed resulted in permits for a fake New York gun store spot identifying as people they represented to be actual customers being persuaded not to buy a gun as “actors.”

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again? Is offering another fake gun dealer the best idea these people can come up with? In fairness, at least this time, the antis aren’t putting little boys in wholly inappropriate and exploitative situations by having them play with graphically phallic sex toys. Still, that little “public service” piece did offer insights into what “progressives” mean by “for the children.”

In the absence of promulgating beliefs that have anything to do with reality, all the gun-grabbers have to spread are fantasies. Unfortunately, they can afford to hire the best illusionists in the business, and if we want to counter them, it takes grounded men and women willing to do their part. The gun dealers must also be willing to do their part – OFF will continue to monitor the situation to see if any participate in the PSA.

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  1. Film them filming, use it as a commercial to sell guns. Put some faces to it, let JQ Public see his opposition a work. Oh, and ask for 100x the $.

  2. Followed the dildo link… I don’t know why I was surprised by what I found.

    All it takes is one fudd shop, but they probably won’t have the scary black rifles on the shelves that the antis are looking for.

    I’m waiting for one of them to grab a mall ninja 10/22 and scream “dis iz teh asalt wepun dat kilz teh chillunz.”

    Still waiting…

  3. Why are they asking real gun stores when they know they will be turned away. At this point, I think they have become delusional.

  4. I would despise the anti-gun movement less if they were actually truthful. Since they ignore legitimate facts, manufacture numbers and lie about confiscation, I consider them the lowest form of life on earth. They’re not even amphibian sh!t.

    • +100–They collectively will stand there and lie to your face when they know that they are lying and they know that you know they are lying but they hope someone else out there will not know and not have the get-up to check it out and find out they are lying. I personally believe they might have a bit more success if they wouldn’t totally rely on lies and falsity, but that seems to be their preferred MO.

      • SOP for the Marxists. I there is not a specific word one should exist/be invented.

        “I’m lying to you, you know I’m lying to you, but I will still do so, and you WILL listen”

        Michelle Obama: Support Our Troops

        I wonder how many bandages she rolled down at the Red Cross center this week, cookies she bake for the guys at Walter Reed? Perhaps wrote out a letter for some GI double amputee.

    • I agree, I think they are lower than whale shit. Maybe their whole premise is to wear us down by having us fight a never ending stream of dumbass, so that we just give up and let them have what they want. Make us too tired to fight because of the constant probing then hit hard when we sleep. True buttholes they are.

  5. All they have are lies and fantasies and irrational “feelings”. Is there a citation to link to showing that the NY “gun store customers” were actors?

  6. The filmmakers need a government agency as a backdrop for a narco terrorist actor to tell drug dealing gang viewers how “easy” it is to comply with form requirements and get all sorts of free guns to terrorize people . . .fixed it for you.

  7. I will be more than happy to help them fill in Oregon, so long as there is a “this is how the story ends” filming in NJ or MD, on how “easy” it is to buy and carry a gun in either of these two states.

    If fact, it’s a great idea, “This is how it starts” and “this is how it ends” illustration of Bloomberg funded gun control.

    … cut to Baltimore which has racked up the deadliest month since 1972 thanks to Bloomberg sponsored gun control in Maryland in 2013

  8. The approached North West armory? Must be Portland area then. I actually live in the area myself, although across the line in WA. I think I might wander to my nearest gun dealers and talk to them about this. Just incise these slimy bastards try to pull a fast one on local FFLs here.

  9. Fraud and deception are the political tactics of choice for our political and social engineers of the day. From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to your local officials it is mostly smoke and mirrors including many of the people on “your side”. Lies are the tool of oppression and evil.

  10. Lose your customers forever by taking 30 pieces of silver huh? They should try this at Chucks Gun Shop in Riverdale,IL…hangin wit’ Jesse and fadda phlegma @ nobodies life matters…

    • ^ This!

      As a group gun stores and really all gun owners have learned that you will be misquoted, lied about and to, by any Media or leftist organization. Sell out for 30 pieces of silver and end up hanging yourself from a tree like Judas did.

  11. 1) If you’re a LGS and approached for the deal say YES, and tell them they can pay you after the shoot
    2) let them spend all kind of money renting equipment and getting actors for the big filming day
    3) When they show up for the day of filming tell them to FOAD

  12. It sounds like there is an option for some serious trollage. Film a pro-gun PSA at an Oregon store where someone gets denied after filling out all the forms and is next seem being walked out in handcuffs.

  13. Thanks, Mr Codrea. Big fan, ever since F&F, when you and Dutchman broke that story.

    Jeez, why the Bloomturd PR firm went all the way to OR is a mystery- they could have just stayed in NY and used that fake gun store they created there.

    I heard Mike the Gun Guy was looking for work.

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