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Oregon is looking to push some even more stringent gun control laws through such as requiring permits for gun owners, capacity limits and severely limiting ammo purchases (among other things). So where did the Democrats get their ideas for the new bill?

It’s the brainchild of student activists connected to the movement that grew out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where a shooter killed 17 people nearly a year ago.

[Sen. Rob] Wagner [D] said the bill grew out of a meeting he and Salinas had last year with roughly 300 Oregon students following the Florida shooting.

“Any opportunity for conversation around these controversial topics is really important,” Wagner said. “It’s a really important message that we listen to students … about what it’s like to go to school right now.”

The sweeping legislation would also require people to undergo background checks before purchasing or sharing ammunition and would limit ammunition purchases to 20 rounds within a 30-day period, although people could purchase and use unlimited ammunition at shooting ranges. It would ban magazines that hold more than five rounds of ammunition.

The Republicans of Oregon have a few things to say about the proposed laws:

…Rep. Bill Post, a Republican from Keizer, said the ammunition purchase limit would make it difficult for gun owners to become proficient and should worry duck hunters.

Post also said he was worried the bill’s ban on magazines to hold more than five rounds of ammunition would mean “your old six-shot revolver would be required to be turned in or destroyed.”

However, the bill exempts .22-caliber revolvers and any lever-action revolver.

– Hillary Borrud for TDN.com, Oregon Proposal Would Require Gun Owners to Obtain Permits

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    • Rossi Circuit Judge is a revolver rifle, lever action. In .410/.45. Seen it in .22 also.

      After that all I can think of is some antiques. The Whitney-Beals Walking Beam Pocket Revolver had a small lever with finger-ring. There was the Savage “Figure Eight” lever-trigger mechanism in 1859, and their Navy revolver of 1861.

      Cannot think of any modern handgun even in the last century that uses a lever action???

    • Don’t worry, they aim to ban those lever-action revolvers in 2020. You know, for the children.

    • Perhaps it’s the Rossi Lever Action Circuit Judge that appeared in a few of Rossi’s adds but was never released?

  1. “We can’t have untrained people owning guns!!”
    Let’s make it impossible to train. 20 rounds a month.

    • “Let’s make it impossible to train. 20 rounds a month.”

      They’ll close that ‘loophole’ that allows you murder 240 children year, and reduce that to 5 rounds annually.

      And let you ‘stockpile’ a maximum of 10 rounds.

      Oh, and you can’t buy ammo unless you return the brass. (Stockpile that .22lr brass, folks…)

    • I hate to tell, or maybe remind you, but children are a direct result of the parents who bring them up.

      • Absolutely !!!! We also know where the stupidest parents in the universe reside.

        Most of these smurffs will be devoured in a decade or two.

  2. I thought there was no slippery slope. First it was 15 rounds, then 10… now 5 is the magic number?

    • Two things I’m guessing (read: guessing)

      a) 5 round mags + 1 in the chamber = 6. Same as a revolver. Maybe I am ascribing to much upper brain activity to this, but who knows.

      b) 5 round mags? Outside of a mouse gun (and mine holds 6), what mags are included with purchase, or available for later purchase at 5 rounds? Even the “low capacity” 1911 has 7 rounds as a standard mag for over 100 years now. This is magazine confiscation. Oh, you can keep your gun (2A, doncha know), have fun trying to put ammo in it without mags.

      This is pretty clearly a BS end-run. It will not end well. Eventually there WILL be blood in the streets…but whose? I’m sad at the thought.

    • The Assault Weapons Ban introduced the “10 round magazine. “
      You would think that there was some factual information to support such a limit. You’d be wrong. The “10 round” was a political compromise. No research and no facts supported it. Since then it has become an urban legend that a “10 round” magazine somehow reduces gun violence

      • New gun laws are not worth a damn you’re not enforcing the old gun laws you don’t enforce the law. That’s what’s wrong with this country people’s not afraid of the law they’re not scared of going to jail because all y’all do slap them on the hand and put them back out on the street that’s what’s wrong with this country you can make new laws you can take guns you’re not going to change it to you enforced laws the laws we got will work if you enforce them quit being a liberal and enforce the laws hang murderers 5 rapists and put criminals in prison other than sitting around watching TV and lifting weights put them out there to busting rocks and working and teaching them how to survive and work for leaving and be honest. Unlike you dam politicians.

    • This version of the story left out the part where he admitted submitting the bill without looking into its constitutionality, either US or Oregon.

  3. Listen to a kid??? I don’t think so. I sure didn’t know it all when I was a kid. I still don’t. Must kids thoughts are based on feelings. We all know what that means…… SQUAT.
    Kaliforniakion has to be squashed or the west coast must secede from the country. Personally I’m sick of all this. I’d like my old country back ALREADY.

    • Libs tend to make decisions of feelz instead of facts and logic, and kids can feelz as well as adults.

      • Why jonny can’t learn: Johnny doesn’t know what learning is. Johnny confuses learning with feelings.

        • Johnny can’t learn unless its on his cell ph.So,politicians want to get advice from some one who (knows everything ) and knows NOTHING!! They DO NOT have the knowledge to make adult decisions.It IS lack of parental teaching that these kids are so ignorant to what is going on. They have a smart mouth,a smart a— attitude.Not all,but there is enough out there to contaminate the world.

    • Amen brother.

      Even if they did listen to me as a kid, which they didn’t, no one wrote legislation based on my opinions and damn if I’m going to support that now.

    • Exactly! If it’s too dangerous for 18 to 20 year olds to buy a gun in Oregon, then it’s too dangerous to let these little tots talk.

    • Heck, when I was a kid, I would have told you that the government should pass out machineguns to every legal citizen without a criminal record and let us sort out our own problems, and I had Democrat parents.

  4. I’ll be looking for one of those lever action revolvers. I guess there was a bad explosion in the thesaurus “firearms” entry and the pieces landed in random order on somebody’s phone screen.

    This process reminds me of the debates about refrigerants back in the 80s. I taught air conditioning in those days and I got a little look into how EPA regulations were proposed. Draft regulations were mostly written by 19 and 20 year old interns who worked for agencies and congress critters. They had no idea about physics or engineering but were true believers in nice things and the “green” cause.

    I remember some of these children saying that “nobody needs air conditioning” and “the heat doesn’t bother me and it shouldn’t bother you either.” I reminded them that air conditioning and refrigeration were the same animal and without refrigeration there would be no food or medicine storage or cold beer(!). The children came back to say that they read in the Mother Earth News that evaporative cooling was a good thing. Evaporative or swamp coolers sort of work in the few places where the humidity is very low – not in New Jersey or Florida or the Texas Gulf Coast. After that brief lesson in physics the children said “Well I still think that they should ban Freon.” I replied that Freon was a brand name for a type of refrigerant. Banning Freon to help the environment would be the same as banning Chevrolets to stop auto emissions.

    People who understood a little science eventually got into the debate and the outcome was reasonable. Before everybody jumps all over me concerning “reasonable” outcomes and constitutional rights, please understand that I’m just commenting on the process of listening to immature believers who just want things to be “nice”. They don’t yet have the experience to understand that life is rarely “nice”.

    • “Freon R-12” was banned because the patent protections ran out. Nothing more. The chlorine molecule is too “heavy” to make it to the upper atmosphere. The scientific “justification” for the banning of Freon R-12 was based on faulty science–not unlike that being pushed by the “global warming climate change” crowd.

      • ” The scientific “justification” for the banning of Freon R-12 was based on faulty science–not unlike that being pushed by the “global warming climate change” crowd.”

        Not ‘unlike’. *EXACTLY* like.

        The R-12 Nazis *were* the ‘Global Warming’ climate change folks…

  5. This is a quiz for all the Americans who were denied a proper civics and history education by radical leftist teachers. What were the 2 issues that caused the Revolutionary War? Give up? Gun control and higher taxes. Which modern political party formally demands more of both in their party platform? Democrats.
    Conclusion: the terrorists in the modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about.

  6. Interesting demonstration that whoever’s in the room when it’s decided, wins.

    Only wee-wee’d up polyps in the room, n it’s time to Ban All The Things! Comment above w/ refrigeration; only emo eco warriors in the room n No Physics For You!

      • We don’t live in a Democracy. We live in a Republic.

        A huge part of the problem is that people are taught that they live in a Democracy.

  7. Are you so lacking in leadership abilities that you want to abdicate your responsibilities for sensible legislation by handing the reins (and reign) to children? There is a reason why a minimum age was set for government.

    What will children know if they aren’t taught? And who are the teachers who instructed them what to know and believe? And who set the learning curiculum and determined the view of the world and what is right and good? Ah, yes, so you mean listen to the ones in control of education. And in this case, a selected group espousing a certain view.

    Children are by nature easily influenced, selfish, short sighted, greedy, lazy, violent, mean, manipulative… You could easily convince them to murder a whole people group in exchange for free iPads or drugs.

    My 5 year old has a solution for criminal justice: “kill all the bad guys.” While I can appreciate his simple solution to complex problems, I don’t think he is fit to rule with such logic…

  8. My 5 year old has a solution for criminal justice: “kill all the bad guys.” While I can appreciate his simple solution to complex problems, I don’t think he is fit to rule with such logic…

    But I’d have to say he’s more qualified than the kids who game up with this gun control proposal. “Kill all the bad guys” is a high-level objective I can get behind. 🙂

  9. We have to remember that these “children” are being lead by a teacher to get the result the teacher wants. If a “child’ stands up against the teacher, he/she ends up with a D or an incomplete grade.

  10. I guess the kids missed class the day the definitions of “shall”, “not”, and “infringed” were passed out. Will they search every car that crosses into Oregon fro another state for ammo? Or periodic searches of everybody’s house? Wasn’t the first pistol to use fixed ammunition lever action? % rounds in a magazine? I guess they’ve never seen magazine swaps by people who practice. If lever action RIFLES with tubular magazines would still be legal that would help Marlin and the Italian gun makers. These kids also need to read Article 1, section 9, clause three of the Constitution, “No Bill of Attainder or expost facto law shall be passed”. It sounds like a simple clause but the gun grabbers don’t truly understand it. They do tell us they “grandfathered” something like they did us a favor but won’t tell us the Constitution prevents confiscation.

  11. The adults in Oregon aren’t any smarter or more knowledgable about firearms than the children. Judge Ladd Wiles of Yamhill County recently heard a case involving a tennant who had enabled their grandson to install a massive, 300+ plant capacity, unlicensed (and unregulated and therefore illegal even under Oregon law), marijunna grow in a barn that was rented along with the house. The tennant had become so incensed by the landlord’s determination to evict them that he fired 2 rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun at his landlord’s children. The observation of singular projectiles impacting within 10 feet of the victims from a distance of 100 yards suggests that the psycho was firing slugs.

    The most charitable characterization that one might make of Judge Wiles is that he was distracted because the eviction hearing occurred concurrently with proceedings by the Oregon State Bar association against his wife who had committed blatant perjury during a deposition. However; Judge Wiles brings to his courtroom the same profound discernment that enabled him to remain oblivious to his wife’s spectacularly flagrant adulteries until Amanda Marshall (Google the bitch’s name along with “Hammond”) got herself arrested for stalking her boyfriend. Although the tennant admitted under oath that he had been standing on the porch when he fired his shotgun, Judge Wiles determined that there was no actual evidence that he had committed the shooting on the rental property. Perhaps Judge Wiles was prejudiced against the landlord because he resembles the evil bastard that impregnated his wife?

    During the subsequent criminal trial, a jury of 6 putative adults accepted the Elmer Fudd defense. The defense attorney put the tennant’s grandson who was the operator of the marijunna grow on the witness stand and misrepresented him as a “gun expert” because he was in the USMC before being discharged because of a brain injury. This bootlegger testified that his grandpa couldn’t have been shooting slugs because he had a full choke barrell. Attempting to fire slugs would cause the shotgun to explode, “just like what happens to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny shoves a carrot in the muzzle.” If this proud graduate of the cartoon school of gun smithing had ever read the label on a box of Remington Sluggers he would notice the assurance “safe to shoot through any choke.”

    Just FYI, the marijunna bootleggers were rather proud of their ARs chambered in 300 Blackout (which might have been among the 100 firearms stolen from a gun shop that they had worked at previously) which is why this poster has such disdain for 300 Blackout.

  12. If I were a WA state lawmaker, I’d do everything in my power to get the inevitable LE exemption removed, and see them try to pass this when all badges have to downgrade to 5-shot magazines like other mortals.

      • No worries – it will only be a matter of time until the useful idiots that pass for voters here in WA State enact a Initiative to limit this state to 5 round clipazines as well.

  13. My child, which I totally have, was utterly confused when I told her safety devices were illegal, a Mossberg Shockwave wasn’t actually a shotgun, a braced rifle was a pistol, a Chinese Inglis High-Power with a stock was a pistol but would be an illegal short barreled rifle if an identical stock was placed on it and her shoestrings were all machine guns. Telling her it was written by the 73rd congress, the same people who thought burning food would end famine (Yes, that actually happened) just confused her further. The NFA makes no sense so we should repeal it entirely!

    (Hey, it’s more believable than all the woke eight year olds in stories liberals tell)

    • Nanashi, you must be winded, or your fingers are locking up. That’s probably the most posting I have ever observed from yourself…. IMO sounds like your going to have a pretty smart kid there, yup yup

  14. The Republican rebuttal needs to be more harsh than this it isn’t about saving lives but control of all people is what these gun grabbers want. They want the USA to look like the Soviet Union or North Korea where the government controls every aspect of your life it’s sad that many don’t see it like that which is what it really is.

  15. Oregon is pretty much screwed,,, the people there have been trying to get the Democrats out of office for 30 years,,, politics there are controlled by the I-5 corridor,which runs from Seattle to Southern California, the masses live in that corridor, most of the state is red except that area & Bend where all the rich retirees from other states move too, mostly libs of course… Blame the colleges there, they turn out liberals like maggots on a dead gun owner, which is probably going to happen if they pass these stupid laws…

  16. “…Any opportunity for conversation around these controversial topics is really important,”

    So if ‘conversation’ is so important how come you only ever talk to people on one side of the issue?

  17. Listen to the children? Are you nuts — those frickin pipsqueaks can’t even dress themselves and you want them to make public policy.

    Gee, some politicians take stupid to whole new depths.

  18. Sure! Listen to the vacuousness of uneducated, unsophisticated urchins for public policy . Why not? There is no difference between that and rank and file democrat musings.

  19. Look at the Parkman shooting report. Sheriff Israel had many opportunities to stop the shooter. He did not so as part of the Promise program and other “feel good” ideas. What do kids know about real world problem solutions?

  20. Sad state of affairs, my oldest son was born and raised down here in the rebel yell country, moved to Co. then Cali, Utah, now Oreogon.. Was raised around a moonshiner atmosphere. He’s all for ammo cap restrictions, assault weapons ban, probably rock on semi-auto bans, I can hear him” Well Dad you know it only takes one shot.” I can see his point , however feeling I’ve failed…. Now Son two,,, well He said” fck yur laws, Dad’s right” but he’s on parole and won’t be able to have a gun ( yah think) until he’s 40. I can see how brother and brother fought against each other during the civil war. Because me n mAh leeberal son are about to butt heads. God I love him but gees boy

  21. Considering we’ve entertained the ideas from adult children and made a mess of things lately I can see how this would be the next logical step from their point of view.

    Really need to start culling the political personnel on grounds of stupidity, treason, and incompetence.

  22. The so called “Kids” probably don’t know that Japan in the war wouldn’t attack this country because the citizens were armed ! Just the other day I asked a 14 year old what he thought of Dog shit-? He said I hate picking it up and they mess the floor a lot–and it smells!! But did he know if that dog didn’t shit he would die ? It is a necessity for every living animal — So if you can’t figure out why there is dog shit then how can you figure out gun control—–Maybe by listening to a politician talking out of his/her ass !!
    This is all geared to a “One World Order” You must in step 1—disarm the country !!

  23. So…. i guess thete will be a bunch of poorly trained people walking around with S&W N-frame .44 Magnum, and X-frame 460/500 Magnum revolvers in OR, yeah? I mean if I am going to be limited to a 5 round capacity, and only 20 shots a month, then I am going to make it goddamned count!

  24. So the liberal education system brainwashes the kids to hate guns… then they go ask them for an opinion.

    Pretty slick.

  25. So 20 rounds is one pretty solid IDPA stage and barely a solid USPSA stage. A match is typically 6 stages and might burn between 110 to 180 rounds. If you did a match every other week, that would be a minimum of 220 rounds per month. So it would take 11 months to buy enough ammunition for one month of USPSA. That assumes you get zero practice. I’m having trouble with the math.

  26. Colt peacemaker as a carry gun. Five rounds in the cylinder, hammer down on the empty chamber.

  27. “However, the bill exempts .22-caliber revolvers and any lever-action revolver.”

    People have already commented on the absurdity of “lever-action revolvers”, but…
    what about the fact that they all six-shooters that aren’t .22 caliber will be banned?

    That means banning all revolvers* chambered in .38 Special, .327 Magnum, ..357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, 44 Special, ..44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .454 Casull, etc. If they’re going to ban all semi-automatic pistols (since there aren’t any that use 5-round magazines, and the only revolvers allowed will be .22-caliber revolvers and the legendary “lever-action revolver,” then they’re basically banning all guns.

    *Maybe snubbies will be allowed, since most snubbies hold only 5 rounds.

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