Cleveland Gun Control Laws Struck Down by Appeals Court

Back in 2014 the city of Cleveland proposed some strict new gun control regulations. It read like a gun control activist’s Christmas wish list, including things like a “gun offender registry” based on the concept of a sex offender registry. It would also have required reporting of stolen firearms, and making it a crime to “allow […]

Ohio Re-enacts Scene from 12 Monkeys. Locals Underwhelmed.

[HTML1] “Underwhelmed” is an understatement. More like “scared,” “angry,” “panicked,” and “pissed off.” In fly-over country, it’s not often you see exotic wild animals coming over your fence and heading for your house. Well, unless you’re Noah. Or something. But that is indeed what happened in Zanesville, Ohio, when a private zoo owner decided to […]

Ohio Gun Law Update Caught in the Crossfire.

  Once I received my Concealed Handgun License, I felt as if I could take care of most situations life might throw at me. Except one. As a working musician, I often find myself in situations that are just ripe for trouble, and there’s not a thing I can do about it, namely, being around […]