Yeesh...just look at that stance.
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Oh, those evil, full-capacity black semi-auto 9mm handguns. You know, the kind that Joe Biden claims will blow your lungs out. They’re scary enough to keep most Democrat politicians far away.

That kind of revulsion is probably what resulted the spectacle a rabidly anti-gun Senate Democrat’s embarrassing lack of skillz. But panic makes candidates do stupid things when they’re desperately (and apparently unsuccessfully) trying to defend their job.

That’s obviously what prompted Buckeye State’s Senator Tim Ryan to post a short video showing him popping caps with a Beretta 92 in the waning days of the campaign.

Actually, that really was pretty bad.

His video is even more hypocritical when you consider that he co-sponsored a federal bill to ban the sale of guns like the Beretta 92 and the standard capacity magazines that feed it.  He’s also voted to ban the sale of firearms between private individuals, for due process-free red flag confiscations, and a passel other gun control bills.

In fact, according to Vote Smart, since 2014, he hasn’t found a single piece of gun control legislation that he wouldn’t support.

Oh, and check out his mad shooting skills. One would think he’d have a friend — someone who actually knows something about guns — give him a quick lesson to convincingly pretend he has some experience and confidence shooting a handgun.

Clearly, that didn’t happen.

Instead he looks a lot like Obama did when he tried shooting a shotgun.

Maybe Senator Ryan doesn’t have any pro-gun friends. Given his voting record, that would make a lot of sense.

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  1. This twerp is about as low life as they come.. But then again, he is a democrat so what do you expect?

  2. I’d love to get Ryan behind my .44mag hand canon. Probably forget to tell him to avoid putting any digits in front of the cylinder. 😉

    • Make sure to tell him one handed is the coolest way to shoot it. and hold it sideways while he’s at it. :0)

      • Ah yes, the deadly thug stance. Gotta hold your junk and throw insults also. Pretty complicated, and requires watching a lot of your thug buddies videos.

    • I’ll find him some +p+. I’m afraid if anyone loaded for him it would make project eldest son look like a red Ryder BB gun.

  3. We were just told the other day that only Republican’s use firearms in political ads because they are shooting grandmas in wheel chairs on cliffs or something.

  4. Love the twatter replies. Seems to have disgusted a good number of dems and convinced no repubs that he’s pro 2a.

  5. don’t these anti-gun, anti-liberty, hypocritical Democrats understand that the best way to shoot a 12 gauge, 3&1/2″ chamber shotgun is to keep the butt of the stock tucked loosely in their groin?

  6. I want to know why one of the twatters thought Republicans find the frozen food aisle irrationally terrifying for some reason.

    Now I could see possum not liking it since the food is hard to chew but why would others be scared of it?

    He shoots like I did when first starting out. All stiff and holding an uncomfortable body posture.
    At least he did not swing it out sideways and start blasting.

  7. Like I said earlier. The liberal left Democrat only believes in the 2nd Amendment when it concerns their own personal firearms and the ones used by their body guards. Everyone else needs to turn them in.

  8. I tend to agree with him “not bad for a democrat”. The fact that it appears to be shooting the ultra high power, lung blower outer, death machine 9mm and he didn’t immediately lay down on the ground, sob, and soil himself is impressive for any democrat. I mean typical for anyone else older than 6 years old, but a damn miracle for a democrat.

  9. My sister shoots better and she does not like to shoot. My bro in law is a gun guy, she supports his habit but just would rather not shoot them. She made sure both my Nieces had guns though.


  11. That still-frame/photo of Ryan leaning back away as far as possible from his handgun betrays his actual mindset: he detests firearms.

    We call that a Freudian slip.

    • Freudian slip is exactly what we are seeing, you’re correct. He literally wants to be as far away from that pistol as possible, so it’s causing him to irrationally lean back away from it, to try and get far away from it. He’s clearly very frightened and repulsed by that firearm. What a weirdo.

  12. Ryan has been running a series of “tough guy” adds – even using that sweet, sweet Fetterman style of casual cussing – to show what a maverick Dem he is. Guess nobody told red tie Tim that his voting record in Congress is easily accessible – 100% concurrent with Fancy Nancy…yeah, you’re quite the rebel there Tim. Enjoy the free time to throw that football around you knocked J.D. Vance over with…

    If you want to see something truly risible find the add with his wife where he talks about how much the agree/disagree – I don’t think their kids had to stretch much to get that look of teen angst about mom and dad being all lovey-dovey.

    Now if we can just get rid of the repulsive Sherrod Brown next cycle…

    • Sherod Brown is horrible, even worse than Tim Ryan. I will say this though Tim Ryan is probably a lot more phony than sherrod Brown. In the phony department Tim Ryan is next level.

      • There’s no meal in Brown’s mouth, to be sure. He isn’t apologetic about his views, and I don’t think they’ve changed much over the years. The Cleveland union crowd really likes him, though, and that makes him tough to beat. I agree about Ryan also, a real chameleon.

        Oh, and Ryan is not a Senator as Boch noted. He’s a Representative with a bad case of the Senator wannabes. Here’s to nipping that in the bud!

  13. The very first thing that stood out to me was that stance, yikes. it was almost like he was trying to shoot the gun and still get as far away from it as he could. it’s a good thing he had something with low recoil I guess.

    This guy is such a phony, even for a politician he’s extraordinarily phony. How about the campaign ads where he’s standing at a bar with a beer, and also the other one where he’s throwing footballs and saying, “still got it. “

    • It’s not just his stance that’s horrible. Did you notice his thumb placement?

      My very, very first time shooting a pistol I used the teacup (bad TV) grip. The RO showed me a proper grip and I’ve never been that bad since.

      This clown either didn’t learn, didn’t have anyone to actually teach him, or only left a minute or two to actually shoot. All he has managed to do is demonstrate his complete ignorance of shooting.

      Imagine the “outtakes” of that session!

    • That stance is him trying to get as far away from the pistol as possible. it’s not going to actually work since he’s holding it but he’s trying.

  14. So someone must have taken him there. If he is anti-gun he probably does not own any himself. Someone who owns them, owns a range, has property to shoot…they took him and his crew there. Who is that person or company that allowed him to stage this? They are as much an enemy to the 2A as Ryan is.

  15. “Not too bad for a Democrat 🎯

    — Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) November 4, 2022”

    It was bad for anyone. I’ve seen 10 year olds their first time out do better. So basically a democrat did worse than a first time kid shooter would. Get some actual training you fool, and I’m not sure who those others are out there with you but they should be ashamed of their selves for being around you while you perpetrated this deception upon the American public.

    This thing with democrats going “oh look at me in this video shooting a gun, now go vote for me you gun owners.” – and the ever popular ‘I support the second amendment. My owned guns” , while at the same time trying to ban guns and restrict second amendment rights …. do they seriously think people actually fall for that?

    • “do they seriously think people actually fall for that?”

      no. what they think is that whatever they want is the way things should be, and they smile, and that anyone who doesn’t work to make it happen is evil and should not exist.

  16. He’s the rep in my district and he sucks.
    He has not done anything for the N.E. Ohio area at all. I mean nothing.
    Funny thing is though, he keeps getting voted in.
    Never underestimate the stupidity of the average American voter.

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