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Passing out of committee and heading for a full vote in the Ohio House of Representatives likely any day now, H.B. 227 would eliminate the state’s requirements for concealed carry permits and training in order to carry a concealed firearm. This would make Ohio the 22nd state to green-light the carrying of a concealed firearm without a license, which we like to call “Constitutional carry.”

From FOX19 NOW:

If passed into law, House Bill 227 would make a concealed weapons permit optional, including the mandatory eight hours of training, and eliminate the current requirement that people promptly notify police officers they are carrying a concealed weapon.

The primary sponsor of the bill is Republican lawmaker, Rep. Tom Brinkman of Mt. Lookout.

“It’s our Second Amendment rights. Government is too restrictive. People deserve their rights,” Brinkman tells FOX19 NOW.

“Law-abiding citizens need to be able to defend themselves. This levels that playing field. It’s not the guns that are the problem. It’s the bad people are using them with abandon.”

While the anti-gun crowd will undoubtedly provide the same hysterical, unfounded cries about the impending “blood in the streets” that they always do when gun laws are relaxed — but especially in response to the passage of Constitutional carry laws — we know that nothing of the sort will happen. Most studies seem to find no connection between varying concealed carry laws or restrictions and changes in crime rates of any sort.

Even if there’s no clear, population-wide, positive effect on public safety, it has a positive effect on my personal safety so I’ll continue to carry, thank you very much. Hopefully we’ll see Ohio join as the 22nd Constitutional carry state soon!


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  1. strong push for this in Pennsylvania, as well….eliminating that requirement that it’s mandatory to tell the officer you have a gun is probably a good idea as they could no longer use a mental lapse against you….

    • Delaware and Maryland make up the lion’s share of Pennsylvania’s southern border. Maybe some of that good common sense will filter down to the south a bit.

    • Make sure to record the incident. Video doesn’t lie. People do. Cover your ass because no is on your side.

  2. I really tried to read the House Bill, all 94 pages of it, but gave up about halfway thru. Do those people get paid by the word?

  3. Boot lickers like Geoff and Haz can go get permits. For my part, no government is going to make me get a permit to exercise my God given right.

  4. The safest states to be in after the Rittenhouse verdict, will be any state with some forum of constitutional carry. Also legal open carry of long guns. To patrol your neighborhood when the cops are ordered to stand down. Also strong stand your ground laws.

  5. We almost had in in South Carolina but some RINO’s helped kill it. They are now on our vote them out list.

    • I forget what state it was but they passed Constitutional carry that was vetoed by the governor. When it came time to overide the gov and they could have the RINO’s backed down. Infuriating!

  6. IF this makes it to his desk I expect weasel face dewine will veto it. POS rino that he is. There’s no $$$ in it for him.

    • I live in Ohio and we have DeWine on record saying if it comes to his desk he will sign it. I’ve also listened to committee testimony and interviews with sponsoring legislators and they indicate this is the best chance yet Ohio has had of passing it.

      Doesn’t mean DeWine still can’t veto it, but it does give some hope that it’s going to pass.

      • dewiner speaks out both sides of his weasel mouth. I belive nothing he says. He has done very few things for the people, mostly he does things to make $$$ for himself and his cronies. Rink pos. I had to hold my nose to vote for him. Lesser of two assholes, but isn’t that the norm?

  7. Well let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope 6 more jump on the band wagon.
    Then we can claim majority rules and go for national reciprocity, and by national reciprocity I dont mean you have to have permission cards issued by a state.

  8. And BTW had it not been for Illinois dragging its feet on KR’s FOID card he wouldn’t be catching hell about his illegal gunm.
    You guys up in Illinois aught to do something about that FOID card shit, nothing but a state registry

  9. Every time I hear this for any state I’m cautiously optimistic. The more the better. Vote the dems and RINO’s out!

  10. The Ohio House leadership have watered down said bill. THEY WERE THE COMMITEE! Squish RINO’s every one. Deswine is being primaried by Jim Renacci. If you live in Ohio, vote for Jim, he has a much stronger stance on the 2A than Deswine.
    Unfortunately, baby steps.

    • They sure did and it wasn’t because it needed to be to pass. Vote for Jim. and vote out all local rinos and dems. Let’s go Brandon!

  11. Mike DeRino will exercise his veto power and the legislature, having already proven how much they support us, will not override.

    The whole business of government is a con game and we are the suckers.

  12. In Ohio the bill will never pass. Gov. Mike Dewine is a Centrist and has vetoed other Far Right radical nut case bills. The Cincinnati massacre is still fresh in a lot of peoples minds and Dewine is aware that passing such a bill would be devastating for his political reelection. The Dems would crucify him politically if he were to allow such madness to pass.

    And Dewine knows that he would lose support of the Police as well as it would be a nightmare for the cops to deal with out on the street or during a traffic stop

      • To Booger Brain

        Only a demented nut case would promote concealed carry without vetting and without any training in regards to State laws of the use of deadly force as well as training in safe gun handling. Even a Moron could understand this basic concept.

        • Vermont seems to be doing ok with over 200 years of doing nothing at all regarding training or licencing.

        • “Only a demented nut case would promote concealed carry..”

          Wow dacian…. That means you’re now backing the Ohio bill.

          That’s great!

        • “without vetting and without any training”

          what should the vetting and training be? how should it be applied?

  13. As a longtime Ohioan I’ve been carrying unlicensed for years and haven’t killed anyone yet.
    I don’t imagine that liberating this right will increase bloodshed by any means.

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