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When one of the highlighted quotes in an Associated Press news story is “There was a street party in the area before the gunfire broke out and an unnamed witness at the scene said hundreds of people were enjoying themselves with everyone in white T-shirts and ‘women on top of vehicles dancing,” WEWS-TV reported,” the bad news can’t be far behind. We’ve all seen that music video.

That certainly appears to be what played out this weekend when a neighborhood in Akron, Ohio, decided to go “Little Chicago” and grab their own gun-violence headlines. Well, at least one carload of people there sadly did.

Police in Akron report they were called to the scene of a large street party late Saturday night with more than 200 folks milling about. The party dispersed after 5-0 rolled up and chilled the hot party vibes, but after they left, at least 100 people reconvened in the streets. That’s when things got ugly. In the early morning hours of Sunday, a car rolled past the large group of people who had shown back up and started blasting shots in typical drive-by fashion. Police told the AP at least some of the partygoers returned fire.

In the melee, 25 people were shot, two critically, and one, a 27-year-old man, died. Ages of the victims ranged from 19 to 43 years old, Cleveland 19 News reported. Police detectives found more than 35 shell casings and two handguns that had been dropped or tossed. Local hospitals began to flood with gunshot victims, fortunately, most of those were relatively minor and non-life-threatening.

It is still not known if the shooter(s) in the car were part of a rival gang, someone with a beef with someone else at the party, the result of a fight or maybe even a very pissed off neighbor angered at the noise. But the mayor of Akron, Shammas Malik, has vowed the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

“This was a tragic incident which impacts our entire community,” said Mayor Shammas Malik as reported by the AP. “The sheer number of victims is shocking and disconcerting. I want to be very clear: Anyone who was involved in last night’s shooting will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Rewards of up to $22,500 have been made available for information that leads to an arrest. The money was put up by three different agencies: $5,000 from Summit County Crime Stoppers, $7,500 from the U.S. Marshal’s Service and up to $10,000 from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Akron officials told the AP.

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  1. No electric chair or facing a firing squad deterents combined with heads filled with demoCrap equals blood, guts, hospitals and funerals…Take a bow democRats.

    • With any luck the nitrogen hypoxia method will get things moving in Ohio. Best you can reasonably hope for in that region. now down your way…….yeah there are options.

    • White T-shirts, but not much else on physical descriptions. Dancing on cars. I’ll make an educated guess. Most of the lyrics said something about “kill the motherfuckn’ cops and “fuck the muth’ fuckin’ hoes.” I m not sure why hip hop rappers have an adverse attitude toward garden implements, but okay.

    • Aren’t you being a bit rough on them?
      How can you have a block party without shootings – it’s highly anticipated.
      And part of the entertainment provided. Kids just want to have fun!

  2. Akron – bigger crap hole than Cleveland, where the “element” breeds like bunnies, mothers collect their government checks, and kids don’t know who their father(s) is/are. It’s just a free for all.

    • That’s the direction most big cities are going. In 2020, 51.4% of Black men and 47.5% of Black women had never been married. That’s a national average, so it is higher if you just consider a city population. Kids growing up, under those circumstances, will never know anything like a normal family life or have a positive father figure. It’s tragic.

  3. Send Jane Goodal to live among them for a bit. Maybe NatGeo can help us understand their ways. One of those PBS Nature spy camera specials.

      • {Jane Goodal}

        “She worked with chimpanzees not savages.”


        Chimps *are* savages :

          • Chimps at Central Washington University were taught sign language. When it started getting late in the evening, they would sign to the students that it was time for lights out in the lab. If they got ignored by students working late, they would try again. Still ignored, they’d start flinging sheit at who was ever still in the lab, until they bailed and turned out the lights…

            • Chimps have to sleep sometime, and besides that Ellensburg is really windy (and that is annoying).

  4. Any sort of a “street takeover” is bad news and best avoided or treaded very lightly if you get caught in one. At this point I’ve seen vids of someone trying to get through one and getting mag dumped into for their trouble. Also plenty of footage of people going around with rifles and pistols too in ways that don’t really appear to constitute safe and responsible gun ownership.

  5. Stupid people, doing stupid things, at stupid times, in stupid places. This one has ALL the bases covered. Take heed.

  6. $25,000 reward,hmmm, Ohio.
    Yep dacian did it, I swear it was him,saw him myself. It was him alright.
    Now gimme the money.

    • What happened to every bodies favorite snowflake basement troll? Haven’t seen him around lately. Suppose mommy grounded him again.

      • Seems to go in cycles, could be psych hold until the meds get him to baseline and he can be released to slowly decomp again. Or prison………. similar pattern either way. Give it another 2-4 months and you will see similar rants by a new name.

      • He was already semi-banned. All of his comments went to moderation, like at least two other posters here. The new people don’t seem to review the moderation folder as quickly as Dan did. He may have gotten tired of his comments not showing up.

  7. “I want to be very clear: Anyone who was involved in last night’s shooting will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”
    /Mayor Shammas Malik.

    Does anyone know what that really means in Akron, OH these days?

  8. Crime reduction and reparations package: free CMP garands and free project Appleseed classes.

    • Don’t be givin’ none of them reparations – they just be spending it on Cadillac’s and Crack.

  9. One half step up from the lowest wild primate known to humankind. A total DNA re-sequencing is needed for low life organisms such as this. That is the only recourse remaining. And yes, the intentional absence of any description of the scum merely proves my point.

  10. BREAKING: White House Demands Veterans Gun Rights Be Taken AWAY For Bad Budgeting… THREATENS VETO.

    • Yeesh from giving vets a second chance to die for their country to being subjected to barracks rules again. Not even going to say what comes to mind as it would probably be considered if it hasn’t already.

  11. I wonder if 5.0 didn’t role back through with a drive by of their own in an unmarked car?
    Like break up this street dance or we will be back.
    And back they came.

  12. Where were the police? Block party??? 🙄 duh drunks ect ??? So did people in car started shooting First. Then they should be charged !!!! Everyone has right to protect them selves!!!!!!

  13. They are shooting now, with there still being food on the shelves, and they can still get their alcohol and cigarettes? They cannot behave now? What are they going to do when SHTF, and there is no food, and soon? Probably burn the town to the ground, I suppose, after shooting everyone and everything else in sight.

    • Probably right, eventually burn the town to the ground (such good practice in 2020, why let that all go to waste). But they will not LEAVE town. They are probably smart enough to know that outside of Shitcago and similar places (now Akron?), the residents will not take that shit, starting with mayhem all night long, and including destroying local parked cars (one assumes that they are not dancing on top of their own cars).
      After all, SOME people need their sleep because they need to get to WORK in the morning, and they care for their property that they PAID for with money that they EARNED by working. Alien concepts, to be sure, for the usual suspects.


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