Magpul Announces New Fall 2018 Clothing Line

In case you hadn’t noticed, Magpul’s much more than magazines and AR furniture. They’ve become a full-line outdoor lifestyle brand in addition to selling all the handguards and backup iron sights you’ve grown to know and love. Because tactical and technical never seem to go out of style, and fall is almost here, Magpul’s adding […]

Gun Review: Hurricane Butterfly Typhoon 12 AOW

There’s no doubt that twelve-gauge AOWs command attention at the range, in the shop, or out in the field. They have an awesome look about them, they’re a ton of fun to shoot a variety of loads through, are great for breaching, and they make for a solid home defense option (with Laserlyte Center Mass?). […]

New from Magpul: The Magpul Bipod

Magpul — you know, the guys who make PMAGs and everything else that goes on your AR, AK, shotgun and bolt gun — are getting into the bipod market. Their new bipod is feature packed and at only $109.95 it’s budget friendly. How feature packed is it? Well it can tilt 50° and pan 40°, […]

New From Magpul: Tactile Lock-Plates

Designed to allow quick visual and/or tactile differentiation of up to three different ammo loads, even in the dark, Magpul’s new Tactile Lock-Plates (sold as Type 1 and as Type 2) are an easy and inexpensive solution. Featuring one or two bumps — 1/8″ raised nubs — whereas the standard Lock-Plate is smooth, the user […]

Gear Review: JMT AR-15 80% Composite / Polymer Lower

TTAG’s readership is a well-informed crowd. So I’ll spare you an explanation of the purpose(s) of an eighty percent lower. I will say, however, that if you’re not making at least a portion of your (where legally permitted) DIY firearms each year you should strongly consider doing so. At the very least, it’s a great […]

Colorado: Countdown To PMAGgeddon

As the Centennial State counts down toward governor Governor Hickenlooper’s foolish, unconstitutional and ineffectual ban on normal-capacity magazines, I brought one of my own beloved PMAGs back to its Boulder birthplace for one last photo op. Here it is, standing tall before the iconic Flatirons. For now. But soon . . .

Magpul Slammed by American Lung Association. Or Not.

When Nick and I saw the swag box at the Magpul booth yesterday, I knew they couldn’t really be cigarettes. After all, who would want to ‘Take A Dragful Of Magpul’ in this anti-smoking age? Then I thought they were boxes of promotional Magpul crayons, just perfect for my daughter who loves Kalashnikitty, right?