Magpul Terrain glasses
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When you have a big head, finding good glasses is a pain in the ass. My XL-sized noggin makes glasses from Oakley, Spy, and even ESS painful and pinching.

When my local gun store started carrying Magpul sunglasses I said ‘why not?’ and tried a pair on. Specifically, I tried on and purchased the Magpul Terrain glasses. What I found was a pair of glasses that fit my big melon, provide excellent eye protection, and are stylish enough to make me not feel like a tool wearing them.

That last part is important, especially if I’m going to be paying upwards of $100 for sunglasses.

Magpul Terrain Glasses
Travis Pike for TTAG

The overtly tactical look of some eyewear just ain’t me and lots of ballistic rated lenses look a bit too tactical and high speed for me. The Terrain shades have a very neutral look as far as I’m concerned.

At the same time, they provide complete eye protection with their wrap-around design. The lenses are ballistic rated Z87+ and meet the MIL-PRF 32432 requirements for protective lenses.

The lenses have an oleophobic treatment that provides chemical protection and a layer of scratch resistance. I can say I’ve handled these glasses with CLP-gunked hands and the CLP did nothing to the lenses. An anti-reflective coating is also applied to the inside of the lenses to cut down on glare and reflections.

Magpul Terrain Glasses
Travis Pike for TTAG

The frame is made from TR90 NZZ, and to be honest, I had no idea what that means. A little research reveals it to be a common frame material for protective glasses and its a polymer that’s impact-resistant and quite flexible.

Scoping the Terrain

I’ve had these glasses for a little over a year now and they’ve been my main go-to choice for both shooting and general sunglasses. They swap duties with a pair of Costas on occasion. The Magpul Terrain glasses provide a comfortable, light option for those sunny Florida days. Especially when shooting at bright white paper targets.

I wear them for just about everything. Driving, hunting, shooting, fishing, and simply existing in a state where the temperature can best be described as disrespectful. They provide plenty of protection for my eyes when it comes to carbon, gun oil, and, of course, the occasional fragment return.

Magpul Terrain Glasses
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

One of the times they became invaluable was when shooting my P220 West German model. It was spewing carbon rearward with some old ammo and I could feel it striking my cheeks and forehead. When I wiped the glasses off, there was plenty of carbon that had been directed right back toward my eyes.

Magpul Terrain Glasses
Travis Pike for TTAG

They’ve been dropped, kicked, flew off the roof of my car before I realized I was missing them, and have been abused extensively. Yet they still give me a crystal clear picture and present me with an awesome level of protection.

The Magpul Terrain glasses are quite comfortable, very well made, and seemingly impossible to break.They also fit my XL sized head and face well.

Magpul does gun gear well and they seem to be doing sunglasses very well, too.

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  1. Do they have polarized lenses? Cuts glare when you’re on the water. Price point is good. Much less than the Ray-Bans and Costas I’ve been buying.

    • Why? Because it’s a favorable review? Should every positive review we write have a “sponsored by…” message?

      We identify sponsored content as such and don’t publish paid reviews.

    • Magpul pays me nothing. I do like their products though. Also, this is a Things that don’t suck article, did you expect them to suck?

        • What’s absurdly over priced? I pay $100 for Smith Optics Hudson sunglasses, they are durable, polarized, fit my wierd shaped head, dont fall off when I sweat, and dont give me a headache. Some folks put their money towards thier priorities.

        • I was looking at the Magpuls because they are eye protection and sunglasses in one, and buying a pair would be cheaper than replacing the lenses in my Oakleys.

          I never wound up buying them as a saw a lot of reviews complaining about weak screws and the ear pieces falling off. I may have to take a look again.

  2. “…an oleophobic treatment…”

    same here. when i noticed that flies and bees would eat butter but not even light on margarine i became scared of it too.

    kroger actually has a product named “butter it’s not.”

  3. $100 for sunglasses?

    Stopped reading right there.

    Drop them or sit on them, there’s your $100 gone.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    • Dropping or sitting on them would probably have absolutely no affect on them whatsoever. Glasses like these are usually nearly indestructible and scratch-proof. It would really take a fool to eff them up.

  4. I’d like some examples of what “overtly tactical” sunglasses are. That sounds cool AF.

    I’ve been wearing glacier glasses for over 25 years. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s usually dark lenses with covers (usually leather) on the sides, kinda like blinders, to seal out the light. My lenses are curved, so peripheral vision is hardly affected. They’re a must for those of us with very sensitive eyes, and they help with focus as well. I’ve been through 2 pairs of Cebe Ceccimels – broke both frames (metal) – and for about 15 years I’ve been wearing the same pair of Bucci Denalis. You may have seen them on Stargate SG:1, I never noticed until after I had bought mine. The Buccis have polymer frames and polycarbonate lenses, so kinda hard to break and way cheaper than the Cebes, though still more than the Magpuls. They’ve been through all kinds of hell, and still look brand new, they also have adjustable ear pieces. In any case, nothing is cooler than those Cebes though, and they probably don’t even make the ceccimels anymore anyway, but breakable metal frames on extremely expensive glasses just sucks.


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