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Magpul is one of the biggest names in the firearms industry, having innovated good looking, good feeling, feature-rich products for almost 20 years. Products that can be trusted to work. And, if anything, they’re picking up speed. Here’s some cool new stuff from NRAAM 2019:

The Magpul SL Grip Module fits MP5s as well as HK 91/93/94. It offers an ambi selector with HK pictograph markings. The left-side safety selector stops at semi-auto for us mere mortals, but by simply cutting off the molded-in ledge on which the selector stops it will then enable switching up to the full-auto position as well. Naturally, that doesn’t do anything on a semi-auto firearm but if you own an auto sear then you’re rocking and rolling.

Up front is either a shorty handguard for guns with a 5-inch barrel…

Or a long handguard for guns with an 8-inch barrel.

These are still 3D-printed prototypes and MSRP hasn’t been set. ETA for release is later this year. All of Magpul’s planned HK components can be found HERE.

Back at SHOT Show Magpul announced their pistol grip, 35-round magazine, and magazine release for the CZ Scorpion EVO. Last week CZ-USA announced two Magpul edition EVO 3 S1 Carbines, one with faux suppressor and one without. They feature all of the aforementioned Magpul components plus a Magpul ZHUKOV-S stock and Magpul MBUS sights. Magpul’s Scorpion EVO components can be found HERE.

Finally, the newest product in this mix is an addition to the Magpul bipod line, which I have become a big fan of. This bipod quickly and easily attaches to a standard sling stud.

By simply turning the knob at the bottom, the sling stud pinchers clamp together and draw downwards, tightening the bipod onto the stud and onto the rifle at the same time. A sling stud is built into the rear of the bipod so you still have a place for your sling swivel.

Cool. Lightweight, simple, affordable, and feature-rich with tilting, panning, and rapid leg length adjustment, I like Magpul’s bipods.

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  1. man I would love them to make a forend for my ptr91. something like a direct drop in replacement for the thin handguards but with mlok attachments.

      • id really like to see them put the engineering guys to work and find a way to make a stock similar to a spuhr that doesn’t cost my first born child and has a way for me to use the irons still.

    • The Zhukov stock looks like it was made for the Scorpion.
      I wish I had not bought the factory story and gotten the Zhukov instead.
      Does anyone know if it blocks the ejection port when folded?

    • I’ll second that!

      And Ruger, if you are also listening, please release a suppressed barrel for the PCC, just like you did for the 10/22!

  2. Glorious! Having just suppressed my PTR I’ve a new love for that rifle and have been scouring the interwebs for upgrades. Great timing, Magpul.

  3. I have to say that though I’m usually a fan of Magpul, their aesthetic really doesn’t work well with the MP5 platform at all. Mishmash of metal curves and plastic facets, and the texture is all wrong (though that may change for the production parts). I wonder why they aren’t making backplates yet, though? I’d say there’s a higher demand for those than the trigger housings, especially when you don’t add features like AR-grip compatibility or anything.

  4. Still waiting anxiously for Magpul to release PMAG’s for the Ruger Mini-14.

    Then again, I’ve been waiting over thirty years for my date with Kathy Ireland, so unrequited love is not new to me. 😉

  5. I’ve been running a Side Project Link stock on my EVO for a couple of years now and am glad to see Magpul answer the clue phone and make what is essentially the same thing.

    Side Project designed a mounting block that fit the EVO S3 receiver, and then buy Zhukov stocks, remove the hinge pin and toss the AK mounting block and replace it with their block. There are/were other manufacturers who made adapter plates that allowed you to mount a bog standard Zhukov to an EVO S3, with the downside that it increased the minimum LOP by about 3″, the length of the adapter block. The Link stock kept the same unfolded LOP of the Zhukov.


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