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In case you hadn’t noticed, Magpul’s much more than magazines and AR furniture. They’ve become a full-line outdoor lifestyle brand in addition to selling all the handguards and backup iron sights you’ve grown to know and love.

Because tactical and technical never seem to go out of style, and fall is almost here, Magpul’s adding a number of items to their ever-growing line of clothing and outerwear designed for the shooting lifestyle, as they put it. Check it out:

Magpul® Fall 2018 Apparel Line

Designed and focused around the shooting lifestyle, we’ve created seven unique apparel items that support the carriage, movement, and comfort you need when you want to be out in the elements but don’t want them to take control of your activities. We’re bringing you the Magpul Logger Shirt LS, Commando Zip Neck Sweater, Reversible Tech Logger Shacket, Light Insulated Jacket, Light Insulated Hoody, Softshell Utility Pant, and the Light Insulated Hybrid. We’ve invested heavily in the material, construction, fit and features of our fall line, and we’re bringing you the Magpul quality and value you’re used to getting from our firearms accessories to our apparel.

 Magpul 2018 Fall Clothing Line Apparel

Magpul® Logger Shirt LS (MSRP: $89.95) 

Constructed of a unique stretch synthetic wool that provides warmth even when wet, the Logger Shirt LS is the perfect layer to be worn in colder months. Providing a more relaxed fit that allows for non-binding base layer compatibility, the Logger Shirt LS has been designed for everyday wear, no matter the mission. From a trip to the range, working in the shed, or staying buttoned up for a casual night on the town, the Logger Shirt’s articulation provides unrestricted reach and the two secure chest pockets keep contents in and debris out.  

 Magpul 2018 Fall Clothing Line Apparel

Magpul® Commando Zip Neck Sweater (MSRP: $119.95)

Constructed of warm synthetic wool and defined by its clean lines, the Commando Zip Neck Sweater offers unmatched versatility for colder months. Capable of being worn under a light insulated jacket for especially cold days, doing chores inside a chilly cabin, or lounging outside in crispy fall weather, the devil is in the details, and we’ve got the details covered. With reinforced windproof and weather-resistant shoulders and arms, the articulated fit of the Commando Zip Neck Sweater allows for unrestricted reach and mobility while also accommodating concealed carry. 

 Magpul 2018 Fall Clothing Line Apparel

Magpul® Reversible Tech Logger Shacket (MSRP: $159.95)

A fully reversible plaid shacket (shirt + jacket, it’s a thing), this garment serves as a tough plaid jacket on one side and a lightly insulated layer on the other. Offering equal function, regardless of the direction of wear, this windproof shacket boast Magpul’s stateside articulation for unrestricted forward reach and range of motion when presenting a firearm. Supremely cozy, it provides two easy-access hand pockets for storage and thermal protection, while the athletic fit allows for additional layers underneath without obstructing its concealed carry capabilities.

 Magpul 2018 Fall Clothing Line Apparel

Magpul® Light Insulated Jacket and Hoody (Light Insulated Jacket MSRP: $179.95 and Light Insulated Hoody $199.95 )

A lightweight insulated jacket constructed with breathable, synthetic hydrophobic insulation and a windproof face fabric that can withstand hardwearing use, the new Magpul Light Insulated Jacket is built to work as a standalone jacket or the perfect layer under an outer shell. Capable of moving moisture away during high output activities, this jacket sheds weather and provides unmatched wind resistance. The built-in articulation allows for unrestricted forward reach, making it functional for shooting, hiking and virtually any other outdoor pursuit, and it includes two zippered hand pockets for secure storage. The Magpul Light Insulated Hoody offers additional protection with an adjustable drop hood for times when conditions are a little more severe. 

Magpul 2018 Fall Clothing Line Apparel 

Magpul® Softshell Utility Pant (MSRP: $114.95)

The perfect pant for the mixed conditions of fall and winter, this Softshell Utility Pant is constructed of a tough but lightweight softshell material that dries quickly while providing warmth without additional insulation. Designed for dynamic movements and medium-to-high output activities, the advanced integrated gusset provides full range of motion and minimized seams. Featuring secure hand pockets with internal storage for phones, two internal multi-use magazine pockets that are the perfect size for carrying 15-round magazines or pocket knives, and one thigh pocket for extra gear, the Magpul Softshell Utility Pant is a standout in your wardrobe that does it all.

 Magpul 2018 Fall Clothing Line Apparel

Magpul® Light Insulated Hybrid (MSRP: $189.95)

The Magpul Light Insulated Hybrid pullover is designed with a singular purpose: to be an asset during cold-weather shooting activities, not a hindrance. With an insulated upper torso and arms paired to a stretch nylon lower torso, it is warm and dynamic in the right areas, and it moves the way your body does. Designed to work with chest rigs, binocular harnesses, CSAR chest packs, and waist belts, the Light Insulated Hybrid keeps you warm, fights off moisture, dries fast, and works with your equipment. Go far, go fast, and shoot straight in the Magpul Light Insulated Hybrid.

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  1. While I tremendous respect for how they have grown from a rubber band company, I have no interest in their clothing, especially at those prices.

    PS. The off color patch on the pants is horrendous.

  2. I got a bunch of short sleeve shirts on closeout. The sizing is way off, I am normally a medium to large, the extra large fits fine. The sizing is consistent across a few styles. I likely will not bother with a long sleeve, as I don’t trust the sizing enough when it comes to sleeve length.

    The cut is no the best for CC, They do have snap buttons. However the shirt hem is not at all stiff and no pockets for weights. Honestly the shirt is not cut right for a sweep. Who knows, perhaps the next batch will be fixed.

    But they were $12 each and wash without wrinkling, so I’m keeping them

  3. Hey everybody I wear mag pul cause I gots guns! Wannabe operators. TTAG is not a fashion site. This is like wearing a sign that says I carry. And if I wanted to spend that much on clothing I’d buy Pendelton, or Filson (which I do). Besides I hate the soyboy metrosex look. Might as well wear LL Bean or Banana Republic or some other mall brand. If the Untuck outfit sold more work type shirts I might consider it.

    • Filson? How come the first 3 things I clicked on including the Tin Pants, all say imported? So is that brand for “lumberjack” wannabes?

      • Most ALL clothing is made “some where” . Not a lumberjack. I pack horses and need gear that can take 18deg in am and 70 deg pm. “Fleece” and goretex do not work at high altitude. Wool works. I did say Pendelton. My filson coats are US made. Older too. Soyboy much?

        • You’re right about fleece. It’s also great for catching burs and twigs in the brush, awful in the wind. Wood is best. Warm when wet. Also, I only buy stuff with good pockets. LLBean used to have all women’s pants with deep pockets. No so much now. I have an old Polish tailor put breast pocket into all my jackets ($15.00). No purse anymore.

  4. PS I don’t support free advertising. ie..shirts that have a cabela logo or trucks (cars) with dealer stickers all over or the nike swoop.

      • Agree. Buy (example only) charhart and cut the logo off. Same with my bluejeans. I cut the stupid what ever it is off of my wranglers. I do not wear hats w/logos either. Was an “operator” in my misspent youth. USASF ’69-’76. No tats either. No vanity plates on my very non descript truck. Hide in plain sight.

        • I agree. If I’m going to wear their logo, I should be compensated, no free advertising. Who wants to impress strangers, anyway? I think a famous guy said: “Don’t brag, your friends will be not be impressed, your enemies already hate you”. Buy what fits….with lots of hidden pockets.

  5. A sure fire way to let everyone know you’re a tactical jerkoff…. I get a kick outa people who
    worry about “printing” while they wear gun clothes and have Glock and Come and Take It stickers all over their car….

    “Look at me everyone! I like openly advertising my love for guns. Not only can you tell I’m carrying a gun, there’s probably a truck gun in my car. Hopefully someone doesn’t smash my window and take it while I’m in the Walmart buying jerky, beer and e cigarettes…..”

  6. Awful lot of judgement in the comments for people who say they love freedom. Git back to runnin’ kids offa yer lawns, there’s enough buzzkills in the world.

  7. Coming in strong with the “How to show everyone you live in the Rocky Mtns vibe”

    Looks like nice stuff. I don’t buy high end clothes like that but it seems inline with patagucci, deadbird, royalrobbins type pricing.

    Does it come with a state colored logo’d trucker hat?

  8. Is it just me, or does anyone else really give a damned about this article? New accessories for guns and rifles cool. Clothes, shoes, belts, sunglasses etc that are 3 times more expansive than comparable clothes you can buy anywhere, not cool…


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