New from Magpul: The Magpul Bipod


Magpul — you know, the guys who make PMAGs and everything else that goes on your AR, AK, shotgun and bolt gun — are getting into the bipod market. Their new bipod is feature packed and at only $109.95 it’s budget friendly.

How feature packed is it? Well it can tilt 50° and pan 40°, it accepts Atlas-pattern feet and is made of aluminum and polymer. You can mount it via a Pic rail, M-LOK or A.R.M.S. 17S. The adjustment knob is easy to operate (according to Magpul) and the legs can extend from 6.3 to 10.3 inches, a full four inches.

It comes in, yes, basic black, or tactical peanut butter. They should be hitting a store near you in the next few weeks.  For the a little more information click here.


  1. avatar Binder says:

    Missed one very important fact, weight. It is 11 oz.

    1. avatar Madcapp says:

      I pity the fool that didn’t immediately get the Devo joke.

      1. avatar JasonM says:

        It wasn’t exactly subtle. I suppose if I was asleep or dead I might have missed it.

    2. avatar Nanashi says:

      So barely less than a Harris. That’s underwhelming.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        It doesn’t compete with a Harris… It’s closer to a $400-$500 bipod than the Harris POS.

  2. avatar LKB says:

    Wow. If it works as advertised and isn’t just cheap Chi-com junk, this could be a game changer — an Atlas-style bipod at less than a third of the cost!

    1. going to try two magpul bi[ods ordered through optics planet with 1913 adapters

  3. avatar Kroglikepie says:

    I may pick one up. I doubt it will be directly comparable to my Atlas, but if it works well, I’ll definitely have a use for it.

  4. avatar Art out West says:

    Anybody here ever use one of those grippod foregrip expander bipods? Looks like a cool concept.

    1. avatar Sidney Collins says:

      It is a fairly inexpensive range accessory. I would not count on it in the field.

    2. avatar No one of consequence says:

      Seems to work well for ARs. Not sure how sturdy it would be for heavier recoiling rifles. And it doesn’t include features like tilt/swivel/height adjust. Definitely an onboard expedient for in-a-pinch use, not a first choice for something that specifically needs a bipod all the time.

      Nothing wrong with it, but expectations management is important.

    3. avatar pwrserge says:

      I have the real one and it’s main drawback is that it’s neither a good VFG, nor a good bipod. It’s also heavy as hell. (The quick way to tell the real deal from chi-com knockoffs is to look for the metal insets in the legs.) The one thing it has going for it is that it’s very durable.

      For .mil it’s a great accessory for SAWs which allows you to have both a basic bipod and a good way to control muzzle climb when shooting from the shoulder. For the civilian side of the street, we are better served with either a dedicated VFG at half the weight or an actual bipod for about the same weight.

      1. avatar ChainsawWieldingManiac says:

        To be fair, some of the real ones don’t have metal inserts. There are two lines of Grip-Pods, one for mil, one for LE/civ. The latter is not metal-reinforced.

        That said, I do agree that they’re not very good on an AR-15 in any format. I won’t even run a VFG unless I am desperately short of rail space, like on some SBRs.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          I typically run a shorty VFG on most of my rifles to help with hand positioning. On some platforms [cough]AKs[cough] it’s really easy to grab a handful of hot barrel if your muscle memory is a bit off. They also make a great barricade stop to help steady the rifle for long-range precision work. My SPR has both a shorty VFG and a bipod so that I can square up to the rifle properly. It’s probably my most accurate AR printing 1″ groups at 100 yards with cheap M193 ammo. The combination of VFG and bipod lets me do my part to make that a repeatable thing. If you don’t live in Illinoisistan, hand positioning becomes even more important once you throw a can on your rifle. Trust me, you do not want to accidentally grab a handful of suppressor after 60-100 rounds have gone down the pipe.

      2. avatar California Richard says:

        “For .mil it’s a great accessory for SAWs which allows you to have both a basic bipod” … i was thinking the same thing. That this might be purpose built to land a USMC contract for their M27 IAR. They were having problems with the harris bipods and this seems to fit the bill for what they were seeking.

  5. avatar kevin says:

    mmmmmm……tactical peanut butter

  6. avatar little horn says:

    pretty nice

  7. avatar Accur81 says:

    It may not be as good as an Atlas, but I love how right wing and pro gun Magpul is. I’ll be buying.

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      Magpul is great!

    2. avatar SkySoldier says:

      Oddly enough, I don’t consider how “right wing” a tool is over end use functionality. What did catch my attention is how smooth the edges are on the Magpul vs the sharp points of the Harris, especially if you’re packing it over the shoulder. Good points to consider. I’m still searching for the right fit bipod for my new 6.5 Creed on a AR10 platform, so weight is a strong consideration, as well as pan, tilt, and swivel.

  8. avatar No one of consequence says:

    Looking forward to a review.

  9. avatar pwrserge says:

    I’m actually interested. Might be a good low-cost solution on my .30-06 rifle. It’s already all Magpuled up and I’m not in a hurry to hang a 2lb bipod from it.

  10. avatar Stuart K says:

    Can’t… not buy… magpul addiction…

  11. avatar Mort says:

    Jeeee-zuss… MAGPUL. They might as well be called Motown… the hits keep coming. And they’re so catchy!

    I am literally the idiot who was out in the field Wednesday, cursing a heavy rig, getting all annoying with the set up, sending flyers all around the circle, wondering why an affordable bipod can’t not have spring slop… just thinking “somebody fix this, for the love of….” AND BEHOLD, Magpul artsy deco commercial is released, solving all my problems (three-months to two years from now, depending). It’s kinda eerie…

    (and more so when I look at this gun, and it has Magpul on the front, a Magpul stock, a Magpul sling… what the hell?)

    This bipod is exactly as I imagined it. It even looks like what I wanted in my head. It’s like the Matrix or something.

    Yeah, buying more Magpul. Hey MAGPUL– DON’T FORGET TO PUT ANOTHER STICKER IN THE BOX, lord knows I need more of those all over….

    omg am I a fanboi?? nooo…

  12. avatar doesky2 says:

    Ok, the Devo bit was cute.

  13. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    this will be my first mp product purchase. slap it right on the ol’ 10fcm. decent pricing and it should be sturdy enough for my purposes.
    glad to see this.

  14. avatar PistoleroJesse says:

    Magpul needs to make an Arca adapter fot the bipod and make a baricade stop while they are at it. They are pushing pretty hard on the PRS crowd, so you know it’s next.

  15. avatar Wild Bill says:

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  16. avatar Harry says:

    I’ve used Harris 6-9” for many years. Hard to beat at their price. MagPul, stick to magazines and furniture. They could have something great though?

  17. avatar Rich T. says:

    While I have always liked nearly everything Magpul has made in the past, including their clothes, I warn anyone buying these; save your money. I bought a pair the day they announced shipping and they are flimsy crap. The legs spread out under a load and flex when they aren’t extended. While extended, forget about it, awful. It didn’t take a PRS stage test to realize how bad these are. After taking them out of the box it was evident; they’re a poor attempt at the most basic accessory. The cant/rotat knob is a great idea however, you really have to get in there and lay into it in order to adjust. If that was the only flaw, I can deal with it.

    I realize they are 1/3 the cost of Atlas and other higher end bipods, it is honestly a poor effort coming from Magpul. This won’t stop me from buying their products, I just received an American Hunter stock for a RAR .300 BLK and was annoyed by the fact the bolt won’t come out without removing the comb riser on the stock. Small annoyances, I can live with, throwing $100.00 out the window for a bipod useless on even a .22 I cannot live with. Whatever you decide, just be aware that the bipods are pretty poor. I wish there were more honest reviews for practical use out there however, it seems they become buried by advertising and people that can’t admit a bad purchase.

  18. avatar John G. says:

    I just got mine last night and shot my AR over lunch, I loved it! No way I’m spending hundreds of dollars for a bipod, this one worked great and feels very sturdy.

  19. avatar ricky schlotthauer says:

    I just opened my Magpul bipod. It looks great, until you install it. The legs wobble back to front a good 1/2 inches. That is when closed. Extend the legs and the bipod acts like it is walking on wet ice. I have many Magpul products. They were all perfect. I don’t know what happened to this product, but it is being returned ASAP. Come on Magpul, a little of the same quality control that you have for your P mags would be nice here.

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