Oops! GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details Leaked Ahead of Embargo Date

Read more: https://firearmrack.com/glock-43x-review-glock-48/ Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: Firearm Rack on Facebook [This article was originally published at firearmrack.com and is reprinted here with permission.] It appears that the Sootch00 GLOCK 43X review was published ahead of the January 2nd date by mistake. While that sucks for Sootch, it does allow those of us who weren’t […]

Surviving Air Travel With William Petty

William Petty of Centrifuge Training has made a name for himself in the training community with his excellent vehicle close quarter combat course class. As you might expect, his specialization in vehicle-based tactics forces has him flying all over the country to teach officers and civilians how to not die should they get in a gunfight in […]

Be A Man Among Men With AT Armor’s Rhodie Paint Kit

As popular as cloning service rifles has become, those seeking to paint their FAL or G3 clone to look like a Bush War rifle now have a historically correct paint kit to complete their builds. While this isn’t precisely the same brand of paint, the colors have been painstakingly reproduced with modern oil-based paints. While […]