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Magpul is a company big enough that they never seem to be the type to dump a press release in my inbox. Instead, they just rely on their massive, and well-deserved fanbase to spread the word. Well that and the occasional short, cryptic, Youtube video.

Released only a few minutes ago (at least as I type this) the new Magpul tease is all of 12 seconds long with direct references to ‘Die Hard’ (including the jingle bells). ‘Die Hard’ is most assuredly a gun guy movie. The fact that it stars an actual pro-gun actor is an added bonus and it’s changed action movies.

As much as I could wax poetically about ‘Die Hard’ this is about the Magpul teaser. The ‘Die Hard’ vibe starts with the video’s title, “Welcome to the party, pal.” Then there’s the gentleman in the wife-beater walking with a Beretta duct-taped to his back…and some fleeting shots of a few MP5-style weapons.

The weapons are outfitted with Magpul gear we’ve seen before. This includes the Magpul Handguard and SMG Magpuls. Missing from the shot appears to be the Magpul SL Grip Module. The one in the video looks quite a bit different than the Magpul model, however, I’m willing to be wrong on that.

Could Magpul be releasing more MP5 gear on Friday? If they are simply releasing the MP5 gear they’ve shown us before I’ll be a bit disappointed by the cryptic teaser. I’m not an MP5 guy, but MP5 P-MAGs would be very neat. I have some Scorpion EVO P-MAGs and love them, so maybe Mapgul can work their magic.

Check out the video and let us know what you think the new item(s) will be. It seems a bit much for gear they’ve already revealed. I have my hopes up for something new.

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  1. Yeah the wife teases Friday releases too. Rarely works out in my favor. If it was really anything it’d just be released.

  2. Need a 50 round 9mm drum for the Ruger PC Carbine.

    The fate of the free world depends on this.

    As does my plinkng fun!!!

    MagPul … I’m looking at you on this one!!!


    • Do the ProMag or KCI 50-round Glock-compatible drums not work in the Ruger PC carbine?

      • Sadly, no. There are YouTube videos of people trying to use various Glock compatible drums and having lots of jams.The problem appears to be the long vertical stack atop the drum is supported in a pistol’s grip but not in the carbine’s shallow magazine well. The short carbine mag well.allows a lot of wobble with all the weight of that drum hanging far below the gun.

        I don’t know if the magazine well can support the weight of fifty rounds at the end of a shorter vertical stack, fitting it flush to the bottom of the well.

        But if anyone can make it work, it’s Magpul.

    • I’m hoping for mags and maybe an arm brace…

      The best looking arm brace yet. Whoop whoop feeling optimistic

      • It will be a Magpul white tank top for their clothing line, with a free bonus strip of Magpul duct tape. And a free roll of Magpul toilet paper!

      • If magpul is making mp5 magazines, then that is going to be some thin plastic. There isn’t a lot of room between the mag well, sheet metal magazine wall, and the 9mm rounds.

  3. Need reasonable priced Ruger PCC adjustable stock kits. A folding stock setup would be nice, the on It kit I’ve seen cost as much as another PCC

  4. As long as companies keep churning out MP5s and accessories I’ll be happy. The more it’s produced and marketed the more affordable they become. I remember when you couldn’t find an AR for under 1,500 until everyone and their mama started making one. The process to produce machine stamped roller delayed firearms is actually pretty cheap and quick. It was designed to be that way. It’s just expensive now because it’s not a common process in the industry, especially in the US. Same reason why American AKs are expensive. Keep em comin and eventually there will be MP5s in every home right next to everyone’s AR.

    • Stamped guns take a lot of tooling but once set up can be made by the thousands. Whereas a CNC milling machine can make ARs fairly easily and is more economical to small businesses.

  5. I don’t see Die Hard when I look at that.

    What I see is the body guards on either side of a 24 year old drug dealer.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  6. I don’t get it. Mag-Pull produced a a product in the AR magazine that was desperately needed. The carbine still sucks, but hey, they can’t completely redesign a bad idea. But, the MP-5? They work. Always have. With factory mags. Shot tens of thousands of rounds through them. MP-5, MP-5K, MP-5SD. Unless the Mag-Pull is going to be less expensive.

  7. I’ll chuckle if they release a Beretta product instead of an MP5 product.

    That said my money’s on MP5 mags. Not that the HKs aren’t good but they’re pretty damn proud of them.

  8. If you freeze the video where the mp5s are laying there it sure looks like a Magpul’s version of a foreend. Too bad, I have a mp5 magazine feed ar that I need to build and some magpul mags would have been nice for it.

  9. This is probably something to post on r/unpopularopinion, but…

    Honestly, PMAGs are the only thing the company makes that have ever tickled my fancy. Couple other basic utilitarian items that they make are alright but mostly I find them to make gimmicks. Never really understood the company’s following.

    Sure, this might be different, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

    • I think it might also have to do with their stances. They’re very openly pro 2A, donate to a lot of pro 2A causes, and they challenge the gun the laws regularly with their products. They’re everything most gun owners wish most gun companies would act like.

      • A valid point.

        Still, yet more evidence of how hypocritical POTG are.

        Virtue signaling for stuff I don’t like? Terrible! Virtue signaling for something I do like? Take my money, even of what you’re selling has little to no actual value to me!

        It’s too bad we can’t just go back to companies making stuff and living or dying on the quality and utility of their products and customer service.

        • I have no problems with Magpul stuff. To say it’s of “little use” is silly. I buy a not insignificant amount of MBUS Sights and pmags alike. If I was into Glocks I’d probably buy their Glock mags. They’re kind of like Ruger in that they worked out a formula of quality and affordability that’s fairly well balanced via their manufacturing strengths. That’s really why they’re popular. Not everyone wants to plunk down $200 for a set of Troy BUIS for instance or $250-300 for a rail from whoever. Besides this they’ve got a full line of popular AR stocks that are well made and economical and they’ve even gone as far as being a mover and shaker in defining a method of accessory attachment.

          Most any of those by themselves are pretty impressive for a company much less the culmination of it. No I don’t think their stuff is the end all be all but there’s a big reason you’ll see it being the first line of upgrade for a “basic” AR or an AK that someone needs to make 922R compliant.

          The idea of buying from a company with a decent 2A stance as well is a nice bonus. It’s not that I won’t buy from an anti 2A company it’s that they’ll be down my list farther if a pro 2A alternative shows up.

        • Andrew,

          I have all those. PMAGs for AR, MBUS sights, Glock mags. They all work great.

        • If you like it, go ahead and buy it.

          As I said, perhaps a post for r/unpopularopinion. IMHO it’s mostly just stuff that adds weight to your rifle with no significant upgrade in functionality to offset the cost in weight or price.

          Obviously, some might say that’s most AR upgrades regardless of company… and I’d agree in many cases.

          Personally I’m not going to buy stuff from a company just because of their political stance. I’m going to buy something I need or want and try to get it at a decent price from a quality manufacturer. Generally speaking I don’t need or want 99% of what Magpul makes.

        • “it’s mostly just stuff that adds weight to your rifle with no significant upgrade in functionality”

          Correct, too many buy accessories based on appearance. It looks really good in your man cave but try dragging that monstrosity through the woods for five or six hours. Try to take a prone position behind cover with that heavy ass drum mag, you’ll see why they put the Bren gun mag on top and the sten/Sterling mag to the side.

          Good sites, a functional mag and a decent sling are your best accessories.

    • They make really good iron sights (the Pro line). Their rail covers are also pretty decent, albeit not as good as Manta Defense.

      • I have a set of their MBUS Pro canted irons because that’s what was available at the time. They are indeed alright. Nothing special, particularly at their price point.

        Their regular MBUS polymer sights… well, I destroyed a couple front sights before arriving at the conclusion that they were kinda flimsy.

        • I destroyed two sets of them. I was running them on a canted section of pic rail in both cases. The first I had them up and got the front sight snagged on a doorjamb, which is to say I essentially rammed it into something that I really probably shouldn’t have by trying to be faster rather than smoother.

          So, I figured that was just my dumbass putting the sight on “backwards” and then being stupid on top of that, so I reversed the second set to avoid that problem happening again. The second one I dropped the rifle from a truck and broke the sight, cracked the flip-up part vertically. In all honesty, that one was probably just a lemon that QC missed. Either way I gave up on polymer sights after that. My Pros are scuffed but have never broken.

          To be entirely fair I am also somewhat less rambunctious with them these days because I’ve broken a couple and that has had the side effect of teaching me to slow down in certain cases. So, really, it might mostly have been my dumbass. I mean, it’s not like you can really complain about “a low quality vehicle” when it’s you that drove into a telephone poll…

    • I have a bunch of their magazines, backup sights and an ACS-L Carbine Stock. All of which work perfectly, never a problem. Even so I’ve been thinking of switching out the ACS-L for a lighter weight model.

    • PMAGS are good, I’m also a fan of the handguards and buttstocks.

      Have yet to buy anything from Magpul that hasn’t been a nice upgrade from stock.

  10. I’m hoping it’s the FMK.

    I can dream…..dont care about no stinking MP-5!

  11. Given proper MP5 mags are about $70 a pop, PLEASE make some reasonably priced reliable mags. All of the Korean ones I’ve gotten have either been completely unreliable, or they won’t even lock into the gun.

    • Still just a girlfriend? Now’s your time to escape. It’ll only get worse, not better.

      As for Magpul’s MP5 Gear… I wish they were going to make an ambi grip-lower for MKE Zenith clones. I want to believe that these were the most popular/widespread, yet they’re going with the clip/cut or whatever style. Blah.

  12. Or this press announcement was coordinated with PSA in anticipation of the release of the looong anticipated- Palmetto version mp’ish 5.

    • Man, I am ALL in for the new trigger group housing and selector. I’ve got an old HK-alike that just desperately needs the upgrade.

  13. Did y’all not pause the video on the guns they were showing? Clearly handguards. All the mags were metal.

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