NEW: Palmetto State Armory PSA 9mm AKV

Coming this fall from Palmetto State Armory: the PSA 9mm AKV, an American-made 9x19mm Parabellum Vityaz. The Vityaz is a Russian AK design based on the AK-74. For the AK lovers among us this should be a serious hit. Last week I had the opportunity to run the prototype during an event at the High […]

Essex UK Police Uncover “Terrifying Stash” of Guns and Explosives

Terrifying stash of guns and explosives found in Essex the headline at trumpets. Given the fact that we’re talking about two manky AKs, a shotgun a handgun of some sort, four microwave-ready explosive parcels and one Saran-wrapped grenade, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Metro’s hysterical headline and motto — “News . . . but not […]

First Look: Inter Ordnance (IO Inc) Rifles

If you haven’t heard of Inter Ordnance, or IO Inc., they manufacture various models of AK-47s, AR-15s, a couple variations of 1911s and are working on more… Many of their AR/AK variations are 100% American made, with some having a combination of Domestic and Imported parts (mostly imported furniture). We recently got to head out […]

First Look: Inter Ordnance (IO Inc)

I recently had the pleasure of attending a factory tour and product demo for Inter Ordnance (IO), located in Palm Bay, Florida. If you haven’t heard of Inter Ordnance, or IO Inc., they manufacture various models of AK-47s, AR-15s, a couple variations of 1911s and are working on more. Many of their AR/AK variations are […]

OMG! A Banana! With a Rifle! OMG!

According to 12 News an unnamed man was cited by Beaumont, Texas police on Saturday while standing in front of a gun store and wearing a banana suit…with an AK slung across his back. Nothing to see here, officers: the man was working for the store’s owner. Notice I said cited, not arrested: the man was also waving […]

New From Tapco: Arctic White AR, AK Furniture.

I thought white gun furniture looked pretty awesome when I saw it on the cover of the Rogue Spear video game years and years ago. But then I realized what a slob I am, and discovered how quickly my favorite shooting quarries can make a white gun not look so white any more. For those […]

New From GG&G: Low-Profile Co-Witness Aimpoint Mount For AKs.

Mikhail’s venerable Avtomat was designed in the days when ‘optics’ meant ‘eyeballs.’ Like most of the weapons of the Great Patriotic War, the AK is stubbornly resistant to scope mounting. GG&G’s new quick-detach scope mount puts an Aimpoint-style optic so low over the dust cover that it actually co-witnesses with the AK’s iron sights . . […]

Two AKs And A Broken-Down Truck: What Would MacGyver Do?

Desperate situations are kind of like Frank Zappa. Not because they vomit onstage, but because they tend to inspire all kinds of brilliant, slightly dangerous and often downright disturbing spectacles. A LiveLeak video shows two wire-stocked AKs being used in a way that even Mikhail Timofeyovich probably never imagined.

Mikhail Kalashnikov Hospitalized Again.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the eponymous Kalashnikov assault rifle, is in an Izhevsk hospital with undisclosed health problems. The 94-year-old engineer has been hospitalized at least three times in the last year and spent most of the brief Russian summer in a Moscow clinic before being released in August . . .