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Mikhail’s venerable Avtomat was designed in the days when ‘optics’ meant ‘eyeballs.’ Like most of the weapons of the Great Patriotic War, the AK is stubbornly resistant to scope mounting. GG&G’s new quick-detach scope mount puts an Aimpoint-style optic so low over the dust cover that it actually co-witnesses with the AK’s iron sights . . .

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

It’s a little too low to be a ‘lower 1/4’ co-witness, but you’ll still have access to the iron sights if your battery dies or your red dot gets washed out in bright daylight.

MSRP is about $160, not including the scope. Vendor’s website here.

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  1. An Aimpoint reticle washed out by some petty thing like this “sun” you speak of? We’ll all be dead due to supernova before my PRO battery dies, and it would take the power of ten suns (and 75 virgins) to wash out my red dot!

  2. Attero Arms Alpha mount is a better solution for red dot optics for the AK IMO. Also allows co-witness and dust cover removal without optic removal.

  3. Like it, will get if this is just a normal 30mm mount (Strikefire). I’m just running a TRS 25 at the moment, no cowitness what so ever

  4. I just bought one of these for my N-PAP from Zastava, from Midwest, less money. I’m not too concerned about the battery on an Aimpoint going down, and the quick throw lever makes it a breeze to remove and oh, yes, it costs a lot less than GG&G’s product. I also liked the fact that using this did not require me to remove any of the wood furniture which I think makes any AK variant look great. It’s all about the look, don’t you know?

  5. “Like most of the weapons of the Great Patriotic War, the AK is stubbornly resistant to scope mounting.”

    Chris, it’s an AK-47 as in 1947. Great Patriotic War over in 1945.


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