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Terrifying stash of guns and explosives found in Essex the headline at trumpets. Given the fact that we’re talking about two manky AKs, a shotgun a handgun of some sort, four microwave-ready explosive parcels and one Saran-wrapped grenade, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Metro’s hysterical headline and motto — “News . . . but not as you know it” — indicates that the story’s a joke, mate. Yes, well . . .

It isn’t. Chances are the motley collection of guns and grenades is an IRA weapons cache buried by an operative who’s long since given up on “the struggles.” Still, GUNS! GRENADES! How terrifying is that?

Here’s the Essex Police’s self-congratulatory Tweet announcing the find, promoting the Serious Crime Directorate’s ability to “disrupt serious organized crime”:

Essex Police tweet on terrifying weapons stash (courtesy


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    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. But that’s a society that won’t allow you to have a locking blade pocket knife, and considers any airgun that delivers over 12 ft/lbs to be a firearm. Their laws actually sound like elementary school to me.

  1. Here in the States someone would pop a mag in one of the AKs to see if it still works, and put it on YouTube.

    I like my country.

  2. “Serious Crime Directorate’s”, seriously? I’m thinking that these “weapons” should have been allowed to fall into the hands of the bad guys as the they surely would have killed whoever tried to use them.

    • The “Serious Crime Directorate” must be taking a break from “profiling” and expelling the Mohammadans and other tribal barbarians investing Blighty? Not.

      Is it something in the water that has neutered the eurowussies?

  3. I think that any stash of amateur explosive devices in seriously degraded condition legitimately qualifies as “terrifying” if you happen to be the poor sod who opens it up.

  4. “…they may have been in situ for some time…” As the old saying goes that is so apropos here, “No shit, Sherlock.”

  5. I seriously doubt that any of those guns saw the light of day since the Vietnam war before they were dug up by the “Serious Crime Directorate”. LOL

    • I know, stashes of weapons don’t terrify, they titillate. Now, where’s the kleenex.

    • John and Sarah Connor are not going to be happy about that stash being discovered. The Resistance needs everything they can squirrel away in the coming fight against the Machines.

    • Whoever stashed that is probably dead by now. Twenty years is a long time.
      It does boggle the mind, though. What the hell was he preparing for?

      • 20 years? That’s nothing.

        Unless they buried the stuff in their 50’s or 60’s I bet they are very much alive. Youngest they could be is in their 40’s by now, not that old.

    • Matt Bracken, in Foreign and Domestic Enemies, implies that

      1. Special forces operators tend to keep leftover items such as found there and mark them ‘expended in training’, because they like the idea of having explosives unofficially available to them in the future.

      2. Special forces operators who put away explosives for a rainy day store them on property that can’t be personally connected to them.

      It seems logical to me.

  6. Essex police really broke their arms patting themselves on the back with this one. I’m imagining a bunch of Barney Fife types in spotless uniforms and short haircuts who spend their spare time luring over CCTV footage of young girls.

  7. Meanwhile, in other UK legal news, they are currently trying to decide what the sentence will be for a man, who goes by the youTube handle Count Dankula, after he taught his dog to do the Nazi salute. Yes, this is something that somebody apparently decided was not the most ridiculous thing in the world and decided to make an example out of him.
    Honestly, I am dumbfounded by the lack of maturity the legal system of the UK displays on a regular basis.

  8. HiPoint pistols are full of design flaws, worked on one yesterday, why is their firing pin bushing a spring?: I told the owner I do not recommend this pistol for anything but plinking. Cheap is what it is.

    • Hey ironicatbest, I got me a High Point C9 a couple of years ago, and I agree with your sentiments. Mine was unable to set the rear sight enough to actually hit correctly, both up/down and left/right. The repeat rate on the same target is abysmal, and unless you hold on to it for dear life, it will stovepipe repeatedly.
      I also have an SR9c and an LC9s, both of which have none of those problems. Of course, my revolvers don’t either…..

  9. The British Empire stretched around the world in the not too distant past. Now they are but a ghostly shadow of their former selves. The same happened with the Germans, who recently owned most of Europe, and what happened to Sweden and Norway, whose Viking ancestors terrified the world? And the French, well they haven’t changed much.
    The Muslims happened, with a well planned and executed invasion, soon to turn all of Europe into a vassal of the Caliphate, with the help of the politically correct liberal fancy boys and rabid feminists running the show…..
    King Richard Lion Heart, why didn’t you finish the job?????

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