Kat Ainsworth image of Palmetto State Armory PSA 9mm AKV
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Coming this fall from Palmetto State Armory: the PSA 9mm AKV, an American-made 9x19mm Parabellum Vityaz. The Vityaz is a Russian AK design based on the AK-74. For the AK lovers among us this should be a serious hit.

Last week I had the opportunity to run the prototype during an event at the High Bar Homestead . Yes, it is a prototype, so there will not be an in-depth review just yet. The production models are set to begin shipping this coming September at which time we’ll be all over it.

A few details to get started. The PSA 9mm AKV was designed by Senior Engineer Colton Sons who took the time to reverse engineer the gun by studying images of its Russian counterpart. Since the Vityaz cannot be imported into the States, Sons invested significant time creating an American-made model. All components are made in America – in fact, they’re made and built right in Palmetto State Armory’s factory. When they say “Made in America” they mean it.

Ringing steel poppers at 100 yards with the PSA 9mm AKV

The PSA 9mm AKV will feature a variety of solid features including a folding brace – because it is a pistol, after all – that’s been approved by the ATF and will be made by SB Tactical exclusively for Palmetto State Armory. It will be available with more than one furniture option but the wood furniture happens to be my personal favorite. The gun is fed by Scorpion magazines.

On the range the prototype ran well in the hands of half a dozen gun writers and ten Palmetto State Armory employees. It nailed both paper and steel at a variety of distances. A pistol caliber capable of ringing steel poppers consistently at 100 yards shooting offhand? Yes, please.

More details coming soon. We thought you guys might enjoy hearing about this sooner rather than later. What do you guys think? Would you buy one? I’m told they’ll be selling at slightly varying price points according to furniture but will be under $1000 MSRP and likely about $799.99.

That wood furniture, though…



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  1. wonder how the what look like Scorpion mag plastic feed lips will hold up to the thrashing of a AK bolt.

    • Like other non-traditional pistol-caliber firearms, this one is likely direct blow-back operated and would not have a locking AK47 bolt.

  2. Doesn’t Chiappa have a pistol similar to this but no folding brace? I could be confused. Very interesting though since it looks to come out of the box in “SBR Clone” format.

  3. That looks like fun. I know this is a terribly cliche thing to say, but I wish it took Glock mags. I know the VZ Sk. mags are good, it’s just that I already have the Glock, and mags for it. If I owned a Scorpion, I wouldn’t but one of these AKs. I see them filling the same role. I also wish these were a bit cheaper (say <$600 store price).

    I also have to throw in a comment on the blue hair. 😊

    I don't understand why women are doing that these days (coloring hair in non-human colors). I understand dying gray hair back to one's original hair color. I also understand switching to another human hair color – black, red, blond, brown. Pink, purple, blue, and green are not proper hair colors.

    I guess I'm just suffering from a lingering case of sanity. 😀

    • I like it! And a tiny, discreet nose piercing can be kinda hot too…
      But I absolutely can’t wrap my head around those – whataretheycalled… ear gauges? The way-too-large rings some weirdos stretch their earlobes out with? Yuck.

      • I believe those ear loops are an African tribal thing. Maybe I’m wrong. Who really cares ? As for the AKV , interesting ! Looks like PSA did a fine job.

    • those wild hair colors are fun for some, and that is something that almost all girls enjoy. my girl has run the gamut from infra dead to ultra violent and it has always washed out eventually. which is more than i can say for tats. pierced ears only, too (as far as i know…). relenting here may prevent getting flipped off later.

      i’d rather a pcc than an sbr. this looks fine, not plasticky like the scorp. cheaper to blast in 9 but i’d rather a 10mm.

      • AND… pops steel at 100yds to boot.
        Fantastic rifle.

        This will be the new “AR vs AK” debate.

      • And maybe someday in the future S&W M&P mags, Sig mags, Hi-Power mags… the sky is the limit with the PC9 Carbine.

        This tho? IDK anyone who wants a 9mm AK. I just bought a PSA 9mm AR upper because I figure if I ever bought a Binary trigger or a drop in auto sear or stumbled across a full auto AR lower in the zombie apocalypse, I could have a very practical submachine gun that uses… Glock mags.

        Not saying Glock mags are the end all be all of 9mm carbines, but FFS, why would you buy a 9mm carbine that uses proprietary magazines when Glock mags are everywhere and super cheap and uber reliable?

  4. Blue, orange, green and any other non human hair colors confuse me. So do massive tattoos and piercings. The line about hitting poppers at 100 yards makes me laugh as lots of people seem to think pistols are only good for 20 feet. I knock jackrabbits over at 100 yards on a regular basis with a revolver shooting .38 specials.

  5. Well, another entry into the “It’s for self-defense and silly fun, stupid.” sweepstakes. Yes, hunting. No, that’s not every use. No, that’s not the whole argument. I’m leaning toward thinking we should promote the term: “Modern Musket”, that’s already out there.

    A highly reliable, semi-auto carbine, in a cheap, readily available pistol or medium-power cartridge … or, what Our Homeland Overlords declared was the best kind of general defensive arm.

    Yes, I know it’s a pistol under the rules. In any case, this “category” of arms not yet christened in the media with a snarky moniker:

    – Too expensive and obvious for most criminals. Lawful people, if they’re using a gun to protect themselves, don’t much care if they’re seen. It’s obvious. “When the first guy – the one with the bat – kept charging, while the third guy came in the door behind the other two, I was out of other options to keep myself safe in my own home.”

    – Accurate to a useful range, limited penetration, decent “Oh my god!” point and shoot in an emergency, light enough for most to handle, heavy enough to be stable and control recoil. Etc.

    – Ammo is cheap enough, and it’s enough fun to shoot that you’ll likely practice.

    I do wonder in The Grand “Semi-Autos Are Unreasonable Death Machines” Arguments, that the auto-loading counter doesn’t get more emphasis. Under stress, being chased around your own house after surprised from a sound sleep, you’re gonna work a pump, lever, bolt, powder horn frizzen and flint?

    • “Modern Musket” or something like it may be one of the PR terms we’re looking for. I’m thinking the class of semi-auto, pistol or intermediate-power cartridge carbines is exactly the “modern musket.” The term has PR value, plus the advantage of being descriptive and true.

      – Current state of the art technology in general use, just like muskets.

      – Multi use.

      – Convenient.

      – Small & cheap enough to be personal

      – Symbolic and obvious. Someone holding a “modern musket” owns their own power in that particular way; choosing to use it, or forebear; the right and burden of independent people. And it’s hard to use or carry one on the sly. Bad choice for criminals-by-stealth and blitz-attack thugs. Folks openly shooting up with one of these, well, internal security stacks in body armor with MRAPs overmatch that pretty quick, and “Son, you got some ‘splainin to do.”

      – Bypassed all the “evil, black, crowd-leveling, cross-continent murder-death-kill bullet hose” connotations. The image casts banning personal arms as disarming people, in the face of threats you can’t stop. Different form arming-up crazed Ram-Bros just looking for an excuse to rock and roll.

      – Natural segue into “Oh, you want people disarmed?”

      These “modern muskets” are personal arms, for self protection, fun, hunting, which might in the extreme be pressed into service in a mass armed conflict … just like muskets. They do as credible, reliable, and simple a job as current technology allows … just like muskets. They’re limited in their reach and impact … just like muskets. They’re certainly not howitzers. Or as one court recently ruled, less than full-auto, and below .50 cal and it’s not a military-only arm.

      Getting to use “Musket” Morgan’s well-earned moniker is just a bonus. Maybe a way in to making the point. “Well, ‘Musket’ Morgan wasn’t wrong, which I’m sure mortifies him. These things *are* modern muskets, and that’s the point.”

      There’s a fraction of the anti’s who really do want to, what’s a good way to say it, um … “fundamentally transform” the US. Permanently into “No guns for you!” Why would you need guns? All is taken care of by the better informed (and just plain better) folks who rule. And it not, you’re deplorable — er expendable. There’s a bunch of soft anti’s and soft pros who at bottom still think of people as citizens and our lives as out own … who haven’t made the connection between disarmament, and “What does that make you in this arrangement.” “Modern musket” may be a way into that line of thinking without being tedious.

  6. Where are the MP5’s PSA? I like all of your stuff, but we were promised MP5 clones, and now you’re working on a 9mm AK. Come on.

  7. The price is way too high, especially given that this likely a direct blowback (simple) design. And failing to accept Glock extended magazines is dumb. Price them at $500 and accept Glock extended magazines and I would seriously consider buying one.

    And if they really want my money, chamber one in 10mm, provide inexpensive 30 round magazines, and price it at $500. I would probably buy two!

    • Its a simple blowback 9mm gun that’s dressed up to look like a Krinkov. It reminds me of those GSG guns in .22. They are all the same .22 rifles underneath but look different on the surface. Give these things about 4-5 years and you’ll see them on gunbroker for less than $500.

      • “Its a simple blowback 9mm gun that’s dressed up to look like a Krinkov”
        It’s an American Vityaz. Which is a Russian 9×19 AK74.
        Dressed up like a krinkov would imply this was meant to copy the krink. It’s not.

    • Yeah, there already is a 9mm AK for that, the DAK-9. Not everyone wants Glock mags sticking out of everything. This firearm is supposed to closely resemble the PP-19 Vityaz. Clearly, a large majority of the people commenting in these comments have no idea what a Vityaz is or the purpose of a sub gun.

      Most of these people don’t even realize the Vityaz is a gas blowback design natively.

  8. Make it in 10mm! Using Glock mags! Then you can chamber it in all the other pistol cartridges. It’s the “Year of the 10mm!”(TM)

    • 2017 was the year of the 10 mm. This is the year of the 9 mm. We’re counting down to the all powerful .9 mm.

  9. I think it’s kinda cool. I like where the pistol carbine craze is going. I’m going to wait awhile to see what else comes down the line before I buy one.

    • Yeah, do a handgun caliber carbine in .327 Fed Mag. That way, in addition to my Henry .327 lever gun, I can have a mag fed semi-auto companion carbine to my Ruger SP101 in that cartridge.

  10. This is a monstrosity! Borderline unconstitutional to produce an AK pattern rifle in pistol calibers. #neveragain

  11. PCCs make sense as fun range toys and close range self defense tools. They are probably a very good choice for a house gun for a person with physical limitations.

    I can still reliably control my shotgun. But every year I get a little older. I can see a day when a shotgun will be too much for me and a .38 may not be enough. At least not by itself. One is none, after all.

    • jwm,

      Don’t forget about pre-teens and delicate (no derision intended) female teens and adults: pistol caliber carbines are the IDEAL home-defense firearm for them.

      The weight of a pistol caliber carbine reduces recoil to unimportant levels for delicate women. And the size is perfect for delicate women to handle with confidence and accuracy.

      Add the fact that you get a nice velocity boost from the longer barrel and pistol caliber carbines (with the right caliber and ammunition selection) become a seriously formidable home-defense firearm.

    • Speaking of home-defense pistol-caliber carbines:

      I definitely prefer .40 S&W over 9mm Luger. Here are the best ammunition choices that I could find for a carbine with a 16-inch barrel:

      9mm Luger — 124 grain with muzzle velocity 1,391 fps (Speer Gold Dot short barrel)
      .40 S&W — 135 grain with muzzle velocity 1,675 fps (Corbon jacketed hollowpoint)

      Needless to say, a 9mm diameter 124 grain bullet leaving the barrel at 1,391 fps is going to be a decent man-stopper. And if that is decent, the .40 inch diameter 135 grain bullet leaving the barrel at 1,675 fps is even better, especially when you have at least 28 rounds in a magazine and the carbine size/weight enable you to put a LOT of shots on target FAST.

      • That’s pretty clearly not a 16″ barrel. So, velocities are going to be different.

        Also, 9mm ammo has price on its side…

        • I default to 9×19 simply because it is the cheapest centerfire pistol ammo available. Practice ammo is plentiful and self defense loads won’t bankrupt you.

          Remember you’re filling x number of 20-30 round mags for your ‘oh shit’ gun. It can get pricey with premium ammo. 9 is the least pricey.

  12. Looks like there are pics with two different stock styles, one AK-style, and one AR-style.

    I like it!

  13. Keep this at $700 and under, and it’s definitely an interesting gun. If they put a decent trigger on it, I’ll buy one. One of the whole points of a PCC or subgun is their rate of controllable, accurate fire. If they put a lousy trigger on it, there’s no value in it.

    • “One of the whole points of a PCC…”


      Personal Colombian Concubine?

  14. I like the idea but the price is more than a little steep. My $250 Hi Point can get 8″ groups at 100 yards, while the Ruger at $500 is much more accurate and takes Ruger and Glock mags. The KelTecs are under $500 and also use standard handgun mags. More than $500, whether in AR or AK format, is quite expensive when the .223 and 7.62 versions are available for $500 or less these days, including from Palmetto. While it is nice to know that all of these in 9 mm can hit the target at 100 yards, at that range why not a rifle caliber carbine? At the more likely home defense distance of 25 yards or less, it would seem that saving money or having pistol mag compatibility makes for a better purchase.

  15. Will there be pics of the internals? I’d be interested to see if it’s a true Vityaz copy or just a blowback clone. Also, hopefully PSA will have gotten over their sub-standard materials phase…

  16. I still don’t understand this as an AK platform. Separately, okay. 9mm is good. AKs are fine in their native caliber. But why would you take shitty ergos of an AK, combined with the weight of an AK and neuter it with 9mm?

  17. Yes I would buy one, but not for $1000. The market is full of high dollar 9mm PCC’s. Make it affordable, and PSA will dominate with this one.

  18. Gun looks cool, curve of the skorpion mag will be more aesthetically pleasing than than glock, but daaaaaaaaaaaang! That triangle folding brace is what we need to make AK pistols look GOOD!!! I’m super stoked for that!!

    • It’s blowback. There is no piston, just mass. It turns out that mass helps smooth the recoil impulse.

  19. I love the look of that arm brace! Seriously drool worthy.

    M&P Magwell adapter please!

    My money will go to keltec until someone else gets on board with an m&p magazine option.

  20. Not a Vityaz copy… disappointed.

    Should have gone with another mag instead of those cheap scorpion mags.

    • Since they make their own with steel-reinforced lips and use some advanced plastics, what insight do you have as to why that form is unsuitable? Your response lacks ANY insights.

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