Florida Man Shoots Home Invaders With AK, Killing One

Crime scene (courtesy nbcmiami.com)

But nobody needs an AK-47 to defend themselves!” We’ve all heard it, right? It’s been a rallying cry for the CDC (civilian disarmament cabal) for decades. But now it’s time to give this disingenuous bit of anti-gun agitprop a dirt nap. A Florida man owes his life to his AK after a brutal home-invasion robbery. According to NBC News Miami, three armed men entered the man’s Davie apartment on Thursday night and severely pistol-whipped him in an apparent robbery . . .

Image courtesy Don Gamill for TTAG

Despite being badly beaten, the resident managed to retrieve his AK-pattern sporting rifle (not shown) and open fire on the intruders. Multiple shots were fired and the invaders fled, but one of them was found bleeding to death outside the front door.

The resident, who hasn’t been named by police, is cooperating with investigators. Police believe the four men knew each other, which makes it a good bet that the armed robbers knew exactly what they were looking for.

This DGU is a perfect answer to the moronic Joe Biden argument that nobody needs more than a double-barrel shotgun for home defense. If this man had followed Tailgunner Joe’s advice he’d probably be dead. Good luck defeating three armed bad guys with two rounds in your gun, Mr. Vice President.


  1. avatar Pat says:

    Job well done. Another Hero. Why isn’t this on CNN?

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      He’s not a hero for defending himself. He’s just not willing to be a victim… which shouldn’t be so unusual.

      Though I’d wait to make sure we don’t find out this was a drug deal gone bad before I would lay praise…

      1. avatar Patrick says:

        …because “those people” should be defenseless?

  2. avatar paultmccain says:

    I made a mistake by selling off my AK, so today I bought another one. Placed an order for one from AIM SURPLUS, decent price. It will be good to have one back in the gun safe.

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      one rule for gun owners is unless you hate the gun or it had a problem, NEVER sell it.

      1. avatar Jeff says:

        I try really hard not to buy any gun that I would ever want to sell.

        That’s why I own a lotta AKs.

      2. avatar paultmccain says:

        I’ve sold a *lot* of firearms and made, frankly, a boatload of money selling them, particularly my seven M1 Garands. Talk about “buy low” and “sell high” … wow. Made a killing selling them on Gunbroker and did not feel an ounce of guilt when people paid what I thought was a ridiculous amount for each one.

        I buy and sell firearms for my YouTube channel.

        The only gun I’ve ever regretted selling so far has been the AK and the one I’m buying is nicer and better than the one I sold, so … all’s well that ends well.

        1. avatar Jeff says:

          Paul, I don’t have the time or patience to treat firearms like a stock market. Just about every gun I’ve ever bought is one that I looked at and said “I would like my son to have this some day,” and if it didn’t give me that feeling, I don’t really want to own it.

          I just don’t have the desire to play the buy & sell game. I bought almost everything I have at prices that I would never ever be able to match again.

        2. avatar S.CROCK says:

          if its your “business” guns then sell away, but the ones for the collection… well, cherish the moments with family.

        3. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

          I’m trusting that you *do* hold a FFL, right?

        4. avatar Kris says:

          I did the buy/sell thing a whole lot, just because you don’t really know what you like without trying different things. If I believed every review I read on the internet, I’d never enjoy a single gun. So I decided to try ’em all. Now I have a nice little safe o’ fun and I got to try a lot of guns along the way. I hope my kids will enjoy the guns as much as I do. If they don’t, I hope they make a boatload of money selling them on gunbroker.

      3. avatar Bill says:

        I dabbled in the gun runner game during the panic, got a good AR for my VZ2008, and then with some smart buying and selling, I was able to have all the money I needed to adapt the AR to my designs and acquire mags, ammo, LBE… I don’t look down on those who do it, its fun as hell and lets you fondle many more guns than if you were just buying for yourself.

  3. avatar Bova says:


    It gets good a little before the one minute mark

    1. avatar paultmccain says:

      Oh my gosh, that Sheriff is a total idiot. That’s an elected position? Wonder how long he remained in office with that kind of attitude

      1. avatar Stinkeye says:

        He was sheriff for three more years after that, before going to prison on fraud and corruption charges in 2007. So, yeah, fuck that guy.

        1. avatar paultmccain says:

          Oh, really…wow. Sweet justice!

    2. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      It took a lot of restraint to keep from bashing my head into my desk due to this guys sheer stupidity.

  4. avatar mdc says:

    Super Carry. Carry indoors as well.

  5. avatar A-Rod says:

    AK-47 – the voice on Samuel L Jackson in Jackie Brown runs through me head right now.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      That was a damn funny movie. I don’t know if they intended it to be a comedy but I sure laughed a lot.

  6. avatar DrVino says:

    Mine are prettier, but just as useful.

  7. avatar H.R. says:

    “Good luck defeating three armed bad guys with two rounds in your gun, Mr. Vice President.”

    Especially after you’ve already fired both of those rounds into the air as warning shots.
    Of course, at least the police would already be on the way because your neighbors would call them on you for engaging in sporadic gunfire.

  8. avatar Robb says:

    Did we all miss this part; “Police believe the four men knew each other, which makes it a good bet that the armed robbers knew exactly what they were looking for”?

    So, our DGUser is probably not the most upstanding citizen. Not to say he doesn’t deserve the right to defend himself. But I don’t put near as much stock in DGU by a possibly less than upstanding citizen as I do Joe Suburbanite doing it.

  9. avatar Tominator says:

    I have a couple of AKs. Bought them cheap long ago. I’ trade ONE of them even up for a Tavor….I’ll keep the other thanks,

    However, it is just another firearm. My guess is that the guy defending himself in this instance did not care what the action type or looks were. He just wanted a firearm that works!…and there is no better example than the one he chose!

  10. avatar Adub says:

    All four parties were probably criminals, so even if it was a good shoot, the media won’t play it that way. The guy getting pistol whipped should have just given up his stash or died. lol

    Funny, but this was what happened with Matthew Sheppard in Wyoming. He “came into” a large supply of meth and his on/off dealer/lover wanted him to share…

  11. avatar T says:

    This incident shows how effective a sporting rifle can be for self defense.

  12. avatar Stinkeye says:

    So, they caught him by surprise and beat his ass, and he still managed to get to his AK? That’s just bad robbing, guys. If you’re going to invade someone’s home, have your shit together.

    Saddest part is how the newscaster says the home invasion “took a bizarre turn”. Yeah, how bizarre, someone defending himself from armed attackers! What a crazy world! What’s next, talking cats?

    1. avatar Ing says:

      I wonder what wouldn’t count as bizarre…

      I guess the homeowner could’ve just done the decent thing and given up and died instead. That’s probably normal in newscaster world.

      1. avatar Delmarva Chip says:

        Some reporters find any defensive use of a gun either “bizarre” or consider it to be “taking the law into your own hands.” It’s pretty sad that self-defense can be called either of these things.

  13. avatar jwm says:

    Well, if the gentleman in question was of the criminal class it’s likely that he will face a felony charge for having the AK. But I’m not jumping to any conclusions here. He could be an upright citizen with the same judgement in friends that George Zimmerman has in women.

    1. avatar Ed Rogers says:


  14. avatar Korvis says:

    7.62AK would not be my first choice for HD in an apartment. I’m glad it all worked out. (For the neighbors, too.)

  15. avatar jwm says:

    One more nail in stopping powers coffin. Dude shot fatally with an AK still managed to travel outside to die.

    1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      It’s all just poking holes…

    2. avatar Ing says:

      Apparently shot several times in the leg — probably got the femoral artery. A chest wound would probably have yielded a quicker demise, but this way, poor Mr. Starting To Get His Life Together had just enough time to limp out onto the lawn where his blood will fertilize the grass instead of ruining the carpet. Acceptable results, I’d say.

  16. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

    Hey, I live in a city (not Pyongyang), where being eaten alive by packs of wild dogs is at least a once-per-year news story. Would that everyone walked around with AK’s, AR’s or other household self-defense firearm of sufficient firepower to repel that deadly menace.

  17. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    An AK is my HD weapon for now. I will be switching to an AR when I finish building it.

  18. avatar SteveInCO says:

    Does it count if your “AK” home defense gun is a Saiga 12?

    1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

      Only if it works reliably. Took a while before mine was, but an AK that doesn’t work somehow doesn’t seem like it’s worthy of the name.

  19. avatar Cubby123 says:

    Good for him,I personally prefer my Tommy gun but hey ,any port in a storm!

  20. avatar Marine 03 says:

    Legal Guns End Thuggery! Attention thieves: Rather than breaking into homes in Florida (since it’s residents are the best armed in America) I’d recommend another line of work such as, lion tamer, mine finder, poison tester, or alligator wrestler….all of which pay better and are less hazardous. The days of thuggery in Florida are over.

  21. avatar adverse4 says:

    I love it when the ‘news media’ reports on a crime gone ‘horribly wrong’ because the miscreants got hurt or killed. What is their idea of a crime gone ‘horribly right’?

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