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The city of Syracuse, New York had seen an overall nine percent decrease in crime in the last year. Now, though, they’re asking their citizens to adopt Stasi tactics in their fight against a growing scourge.

CNY Central reported:

Part of the problem, police say, is ghost guns.

“A ghost gun is an untraceable gun so it has no serial number, no way for us to figure out who owns it, was it transferred, its not registered by the Sheriff’s Office and pistol unit,” says Sgt. Matthew Malinowski.

It may not look different, but the make-at-home so-called ‘ghost guns’ have become a trend for criminals in Syracuse.

“These ghost guns, companies will ship you a gun that’s 80 percent completed, you’ll get separate parts, and then it’s up to you as the purchaser to put the parts together, you have to do manufacturing at home,” Malinowski explains.

The untraceable guns make it easier for criminals to exploit loopholes in the system.

“It’s incumbent upon you to register it. Traditionally, criminals aren’t doing that,” Malinowski says.

How does Syracuse law enforcement intend to combat this “ghost gun” problem? By having residents inform on one another, of course.

…the police rely on the community for help.

“It’s important to understand, if you know someone making these guns and selling them, get that information over to the police so we can investigate the incident,” Malinowski says.

This is worth stepping into the WayBack Machine to the same CNY Central news website. Let’s go back to September 12, 2019 when they reported on “ghost guns” with the following details regarding their understanding of what they are:

“You can actually go online today legally and get 80 percent of a handgun,” said DA Fitzpatrick.

A ghost gun is a gun without the clip. They’re legal to buy and usually cost several hundred dollars.

To make it a usable firearm, the buyer drills holes for the clip, and then add ammunition. That’s when it violates state and federal law.

The article included a quote from LEO Matthew Mallory, a friend who also has a podcast, Meet the Pressers (he also resides in Syracuse):

Mallory reached out to 30 to 40 law enforcement officers asking about ghost guns. Most of them say there’s a bigger issue – scratching off serial numbers.

“What’s the percentage? If you look at how many actual crimes have been committed with guns that have been stolen and serial numbers that have been scratched off,” said Mallory.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about 80 percent builds. Syracuse has apparently decided to solve what they see as a problem by having people inform on their friends and neighbors. Maybe the real issue is criminals doing what criminals do – doing illegal things – not the existence of 80 percent builds.

Just a thought, Syracuse.

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  1. Here’s a thought! Don’t boast about building guns or go on fakebook asking for “advice”. My neighbors are clueless I own guns…

      • “We should not have to hide a right”

        Of course not. Nor should one have to hide wealth nor any other aspect of one’s life. However- WTH go out and flaunt it? Does it really make one feel all that great to boast about anything, or go around reminding neighbors or others just how well he/she/it can “take care” of their own business? Is one’s social media “high” worth all that much in the long run?

        I used to display some of my more ornate and expensive guns in my home. I haven’t now for a couple decades because I both want to keep them safe from thieves/thugs and keep other prying eyes from knowing. I’m very comfortable taking them to the club to shoot, or into the field to hunt, where I know the people I’ll be dealing with. That gives me control in the same manner as spending my money in stores I trust.

        What I own, do, and think for the most part is no one’s business but my own. I’m not the least bit paranoid, but I also wouldn’t allow a valuable coin collection lie around in the open or park a collectible car on the street. Keeping valuables in safes is intelligent, not bragging on Fakebook or to other casual bystanders, ditto.

        Do as you want- we’re still a somewhat free country as compared to the world in general, but some restraint is not surrendering one’s God-given rights. Having stated the above, however- asking Americans to “inform” on neighbors for exercising a God-given right is a different matter altogether and educated Americans (while there seem to be fewer and fewer every day) should see through such a scheme as Orwellian in its finest sense and should resist at all costs.

        • Restraint and Sheltering/Hiding are the topics? Hardly. It’s a placebo pill that’s been swallowed en masse. “Out of sight out of mind”. I get the element of surprise and not flaunting, there is obviously an argument for that. But that’s not what I said. I said SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED – meaning we should not be told by a state or person that we HAVE to hide anything, if they even allow us to do so in the first place. If it is about restraint then it’s the kind you are forced into, not the psychological form.

      • Communist take over coming your way from the people who voted in the biggest mass murderer in the history of our country, Governor Cuomo.

    • So which authorities do I call to report this too? I’m picturing calling Scooby-Doo so he and the gang can come and investigate ghosts.

    • There is nothing wrong or shameful in gun ownership. If you need to hide it, something is wrong.

    • Where I live almost all the neighbors and I own guns. We go out shooting in out backyards now and then. Any given day one can hear gunshots of somebody target shooting.
      Rural South Carolina not too far from North Myrtle Beach.

  2. Inform on people NOT committing any crimes?. Anyone likely to do so would not remember what happen when someone informed on Anne Frank. Are people running Syracuse from Nazi Germany?

    • It is my understanding that it is illegal in NY to possess an unregistered handgun (whether it has a serial number or not). So it may be legal to build a ghost gun, but not legal to fail to register it with the police.

      Which of course just goes to show you that the request for neighbors to inform on each other as to possession of ghost guns is as likely to reveal leads as asking neighbors to inform on people who possess stolen guns or guns with obliterated serial numbers. Or who possess guns despite a prohibiting conviction. Meaning not at all.

      • It is largely an exercise in futility with the NY gov trying to figure out how to put the genie back in the bottle. They were able to slow down the process by getting a lot of shops to cease shipping the 80% to NY but can’t do much for all the other parts without going full on prohibition and risking some (more) fun legal challenges. Cops are dead on with the problems being the stolen guns though, very few criminals bother putting anything together.

        • I’m pretty sure the article says the cops are looking for manufacturers who build AND sell guns illegally. If not mistaken, that’s been a federal crime for decades where manufacturing guns for personal use has been legal since before this country was founded.

        • If they are trying to find people making for sale I will have to laugh harder at how few they are likely to find.

  3. “It may not look different, but the make-at-home so-called ‘ghost guns’ have become a trend for criminals in Syracuse.”

    Oh, have they now? How many have been used in violent crimes over the past year?

    Remember when journalists used to know the ‘art of the followup question’?

    Anyway. The first rule of ghost gun club is you don’t talk about ghost gun club. Even if it’s legal.

    • I’ma go out on a limb and guess they don’t have any numbers to support that “trend.” The only trend they’re interested in is getting people used to the idea of snitching on people who haven’t done anything wrong.

      • ” The only trend they’re interested in is getting people used to the idea of snitching on people…”

        ^ This. And once acclimatized to doing so, further requests become less suspicious, and easier to make.

        (Well, they wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important to know…”) shall go the ‘logic’…

      • Our local media started a “dob in a gun owner” campaign. The state police said DON’T because they have better things to do with their time than find the person was already legally licensed.

    • I’d be surprised if these LEGAL home built guns are used in many crimes. Too much work – criminals look for the easy road – they just steal them. You’re right – they don’t have numbers cause it’s so low.

      • They have numbers, it’s just so embarrassingly low that they’d be laughingstocks if they showed exactly how much of a nonissue it really is. The good sergeant needs to be demoted to unpaid intern at worst, light pole piñata at best.

        • Single digits for Albany Schenectady Rensselaer Columbia Washington Green and Saratoga counties combined for actually being used in shootings but that was a few months ago and pretty much as embarrassing as you would think when mentioned very briefly on the radio once. I doubt Syracuse has much more and wouldn’t be surprised if obliterated serial numbers are being counted as ghost guns.

      • Exactly – people that want guns for low crimes are going to take the easy way, just buy a stolen gun on the street. If that person has the wherewithal to do the work to finish an 80% lower and assemble a gun that works, he has skills that mean he can work for a living and doesn’t have to rob.
        A professional assassin is different, but he/she would NEVER let anyone know he/she was doing it. The normal Joe that wants self protection and builds one to put away just in case his state/federal authorities come for his other firearms is who they want to stop…..

        • Personally would have phrased it as preventing firearm ownership becoming normalized especially useful firearms but good point all the same.

  4. I’m sure that more than a few of their local city government has them. They should all be reported and their homes searched by SWAT teams at 2 AM with no-knock warrants. It’s the only way to be sure.

  5. Before you ask: No, there isn’t any financial reward. I wouldn’t know personally but there never is. Numerous examples, they’ve been doing this shit for the longest time. Recently over here in CA they wanted us to report people who were price-gouging during the covid 19 shortage. No reward there either.

    • Who needs a financial reward?
      In the era of Karens and Kens it’s abundantly clear there is no shortage of non-monetary incentives to spy, rat and lie on your family, neighbors, co-workers or just randos for the lulz.

      These petty, empty people scratch and claw for any power play they can get even if it only lasts a moment.

      • “Who needs a financial reward?”

        Agreed- about the same feeling one gets for bragging about being able to make 80% firearms to the rest of the world on social media or to drinking buddies. LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO!


    • I’m not to sure but I think it’s illegal to pay an informant unless they work as a law enforcement officer.

      • They pay informants in different ways. Many times it is a pass on drug possession. Other times it is a bag of dope to a sick junkie(against the law, but it gets results). Many CIs, whether or not they are listed as such, get a handout from a cop/detective who rationalizes keeping some money/drugs from a bust for the greater good.
        While the war on drugs is in full swing, they don’t want the street users in jail for possession, they want the bigger fish. The small timers will get caught for whatever they do to get money to buy drugs.

  6. Captured audio from 911 call in Syracuse:

    Caller: “I just saw a ghost making a gun.”
    911 Operator:” Can you provide a description?”
    Caller: “Description of the ghost, or the gun?”

    • “Caller: “I just saw a ghost making a gun.”
      911 Operator:” Can you provide a description?”

      If the caller responds “white”, the caller is racist.

      Black ghosts at night are invisible, and therefore don’t exist…

    • I got locked up for awhile, one day in the lunch line a punk had a big N carved in his cheek, said to the guy behind me, “You know what that means, he’s a Narc.” Things didn’t go well for that guy, I think after he got out of the infirmary they transferred him because I never seen him after that.

      • I don’t have any direct experience with anything like that. I just follow a guy on YouTube that got sent to federal prison for 5 years after he started talking smack in a RuneScape chat room. Someone filed a report with the FBI and he got pinched for making a ‘terrorist threat in interstate communications.’ He should have, at most, did a single year but the federal judge that got the case decided the kid in question didn’t verbally suck his c*ck well enough he started hitting him with sentencing enhancements.

        As far as I’m concerned that whole ‘ACAB’ (all cops are bastatds) meme is pretty damn stupid IMHO. But I’m pretty certain there might be something to be said about most federal judges being a bunch of bastards.

      • Ol possum got himself locked up in the pokey one day.
        I don’t deserve this the jailers heard him say.
        But ol Possum adapted quickly, he found the food was tasty.
        Much better than trashcans, perhaps his complaints were hasty.
        Then one day while standin in the line.
        He noticed the guy ahead of him, and then began to whine.
        Why than man got an N carved on his cheek, Possum was heard to say.
        That’s cause he’s a squealer was what he was told that day.
        Now Possum was confused, he thought it was pigs who squeal.
        If you get cut for sounds you make, to Possum that was not a good deal.
        I don’t want no H carved on me ol Possum was loudly heard to shout.
        And with a hiss he decided then, Ol Possum wanted out.

  7. Having grew up there the place is a definition of white flight. Democratic and anti-business policies have driven out all the well paving blue collar jobs that once supported a healthy and well paid population to move away. The 2 biggest challenges now are finding the money to tear down abandoned homes and where to bury the bodies they find in said homes.

  8. People like the insufferable Geoff the Goof will be the first to surrender, comply and narc on the real patriots.

  9. Next they’ll be staking out Home Depot reporting on people buying galvanized pipe and 2x4s.

        • that’s not a pipe, it’s a well used bong, soak it in alcohol a couple days it’ll be crystal clear again.

        • or just use salt and shake it instead of letting it sit. When I was a smoker, I had the cleanest glass all the time. Some of my friends had some NASTY bongs… omg… what a way to ruin good weed. But I don’t smoke anymore and think quite frankly it’s a bit immature. Substance abuse is mental slavery. “Your body is a temple” and all.

        • I knew when I posted that someone would have to make the dick comment but I didn’t expect it to end up ar bongs. Lol

  10. “…you have to do manufacturing at home…”

    That police Sgt. isn’t even using terms correctly, which betrays his ignorance of the law(s) he’s claiming to enforce. A person who completes and assembles a gun for him/herself is not “manufacturing”.

    • I tried to turn in my “ghost gum” to the cops but when I showed them where it was in my trunk, they couldn’t see it. They scratched their butts and went back inside.

  11. This is actually a wonderful gift to some of the residents of Syracuse. They just need to be able to recognize it for what it is. Here, I’ll explain how this gift works. It’s very, very simple:

    Democrat yard sign = ghost gun builder/seller….. so call the police and report them.

    Of course the cops won’t have any record of them owning a gun, because ghost gun, duh! So they’ll need to send a team by to check out your anonymous report.

    When someone gives you a gift, use it.

  12. I tell this story often because I want people to think of it and really grasp reality. A young Cuban during Castro’s take over thought he did the right thing by reporting to the authorities that his Uncle had a gunm, the kid watched as Castro’s soldiers drug him in the street and shot him. That huanted that kid forever. These cops asking people to “report” are in my books worthless pieces of sht and as unamerican as one could be. The informants are even lower.

    • Good story, democrats who often claim to be more educated should read more, the real things not “history for libtards.” It also makes me think of East Germany with the STASI back in the days.

      • The South African way is to take an old truck tire, soak it in kerosene, then push it down over someone’s shoulders to their chest, and then light it.

        They call it “Necklacing”…

        • Rare thing for someone on this side of the pond to know about that. 😉

          They use motorcycle tires and sometimes diesel or gasoline for that too. Piece of advice, breath deeply. Suffocation’s faster than the alternate. ISIL, as bad as they were in their heyday, weren’t shit compared to what typically goes on in Africa.

          For everyone else wanting some real cringing, look up one name: Joshua Milton Blahyi of Liberia. He makes Jeffery Dahmer look as if in perfect command of his faculties. Masquerading as a man of the cloth to avoid prosecution since ’97. An fyi, most of what info is found now has been heavily sanitized, so you know.

  13. Don’t ask don’t tell, it isn’t anyones business in the first place,,I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts.
    Eff the would be petty tyrants, each and every one of them.

  14. Snitches get stitches and wind up in ditches.
    That is what happens to busy body bitches.
    Mind your business and you will be fine
    Keep your nose out of my business, this ghost gun is mine.

  15. If you want to show your displeasure to the Liberal Elites for all their efforts in destroying Our Rights. Take it to their “Front Door”. Make the message up close and personal. In that way there is no confusion of it’s intent.
    The Burn Loot Menace and Antifa anarchist have begun to take their complaints directly to the front doors of the Architects of this Liberal Ideological Madness. Why should they and all the other Loonies have all the “Fun”.
    NYC judge cold-cocked in random attack on way to work: report | Fox News

  16. Why don’t they fight real crime?

    Ghost Guns are not a problem….criminals are…

    Criminals are not going to do all that work…criminals are criminals cuz they don’t like work..duh…..

  17. NEWSFLASH – I don’t have to buy an 80% lower. I can print one for an AK, AR, Skorpion or Glock.

    You cannot stop the signal.

  18. Meanwhile in Free America I’m on my next build where nobody thinks much of it unless they are interested in doing something similar.
    A second 6.5 Grendel

  19. Fill the system with garbage. Figure out who your anti-gun neighbors are and report them and their kids. Report your local politicians. Report judges. Report teachers and school board members.

  20. Such ignorance it is not illegal for someone to build or own their own 80% firearm. It does become illegal if you sell it. Damn DA is a complete moron lol. The sgt is a idiot aswell. So every firearm now reported is legally owned and ALL firearm owners are under suspicion so if your neighbor says they seen a ghost gun police are gonna get a unjustified warrant to search for a firearm you may or may not own. Lmao

    • For NY specifically possession of a handgun without a permit is a crime. Rifles shotguns and others are still perfectly legal to build/own but they are trying to end that now that they realized it isn’t quite as hard as they thought.

  21. There’s a difference here. If I know someone making a gun up from an 80% lower I’m just going to assume it’s a typical gun owner doing a legal thing, Constitutionally Protected.

    On the other hand if I somehow become aware of activity I think is criminal, such as someone making guns to sell to felons and gang members, I’m dropping a dime on them sons of bitches right quick.

    Which is unlikely as I don’t move in criminal circles.

  22. It drives me nuts when people who don’t know anything about guns write articles about guns. Check this out from the article:

    “A ghost gun is a gun without the clip. They’re legal to buy and usually cost several hundred dollars.

    To make it a usable firearm, the buyer drills holes for the clip, and then add ammunition. That’s when it violates state and federal law.

    Really? C’mon people! You’re also the ones who are writing anti-2A laws. A Ghost gun is a machined blank lower with no serial number that needs to be drilled and finished to accept a lower parts kit, not a clip. Once the lower parts kit is installed, it needs an upper, stock, grip, sights etc. to complete the fully functional firearm. The difference is that it has no traceable serial number which is on any manufactured and distributed firearm that you’d purchase in a licensed seller.

    If criminal scum are doing this, yea, I’d report them. If a responsible firearm owner and Patriot is doing it, chances are they’re just a pro 2A supporter who loves the USA and represents absolutely zero threat to anyone but the criminal element. They’re on my team.

  23. Most criminals attempt to grind the serial number off or chisel the barrel, bolt, etc. Or they throw the firearm into a lake, river, mineshaft, etc.
    Gun Control nazis are focused on 80% Glocks and AR receivers. Most people who purchase 80% did not just fall off a turnip truck. These people are hand on DIYs who know how to read a micrometer, etc.
    The usual busy body suspects in this case are Gun Control Nazis…What Filth.

  24. George Orwell’s 1984 was a warning to Society. It became the playbook of the Liberal Socialist Wing of the Democrat party in the 60’s. Slowly over the last 60 years the Ideology portrayed in the book has been implemented through the Education system, MSM and Politics. The “Children” of the Indoctrination have grown into positions of Power both political, financial and in the Media. Now the latest generation of “Children” have been tasked with the final part of the Plan even though most have no idea they are being used as fodder to an end. The violent overthrow of Society which will be used as a Need for further Control over Society. Thus rendering everyone either a Loyal Acolyte of Big Brother or a Enemy of the State. Much will happen over the coming days and I can assure you the final battle is yet to be determined. It has taken many decades for our Nation to reach this point. It won’t be settled quickly or even with an election. I fear it will require something neither side really once regardless of all the Hyperbole on the Interweb. That being Civil War. The Society that We live in has except for those who have served in the military long forgot what the Ravages of War look, feel and smell like. Yes they are witnessing the Burn Loot and Menacing, Antifa and yes Right Wing Extremism of the current Riots, but even that is not War. The worst of Humanity with Dead Bodies left on the street and parks to rot in the sun. Carrion for the birds and feral animals. Buildings full of the cries and screams of the Wounded and Dying. Grave yards being filled in open places as a matter of convenience. The suffering of the Innocent parts of the population due to the lack of food and medicine. These are what has been forgotten. All things the People of the last Civil War suffered and if the hostilities We are witnessing today are allowed to devolve farther. May well be suffered by the People today. I make no prediction of what’s to come in the coming days, weeks or months. I simply point out the obvious of what’s to come if the end result requires War. Knowing there will be nothing Civil about it. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  25. I’m pretty sure that a couple of neighbors of mine, the ones with all the Biden/Harris signs in the their front yards, have an 80% factory setup in their houses….

  26. These guns are very unfair and should be banned. Ghosts already have too many advantages in fights against the living: invisibility, able to walk through walls, bullets pass right through them, etc., and damn spooky to boot. For ghosts to have ghost guns on top of all that. Man. How are we ever gonna fight back? Politicians should be careful though, most dead people (ghosts) are reliable democrat voters. So banning ghost guns might be a bad electoral policy.

  27. This is why I find it hard to stand with police in these troubled times. They clearly are not on our side.

  28. The referenced article states, “Syracuse Police say they’ve recovered 25 ghost guns through July of 2020, which is up 30 percent from last year.”.

    If you do the math…. 25 recovered weapons is 30% more than last year…. 19 x 130% = 24.7. So after some rounding, the police recovered 6 more weapons so far this year than last. SIX.

    That doesn’t sound to me like too big of a deal…. but I live in the Gunshine State….

  29. Get as many unregistered guns as you can!!!%

  30. I know countless people who built 80% ARs in NY. No compliance. And 3D printed 30rd mags. The SAFE act is a joke. Can’t stop the signal.

    • when it comes to guns…acquire as many as you can….anyway you can….and hide .them everywhere you can…do not allow yourself to be disarmed….to that we might now add don’t tell anyone anything….

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