Gun Control Debate Continues, Parkland Mom Goes Anti-Gun Activist, and Dems Say No Guns in Schools: TTAG Daily Digest

Gun Control Debate Gets Traction as Candidates Aim for Votes Are we even surprised? The debate over gun rights has also seeped into the re-election campaign of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), a former congresswoman from the Albany region who once aligned herself with supporters of Second Amendment protections for gun ownership. While campaigning recently in […]

Gun-Hating NY Daily News Lays Off Half Their Staff

Today, the chickens came home to roost for the NY Daily News. Fully half their staff will get the axe as a result of lost subscribers and advertisers. Furthermore, the owners of NY’s rabidly partisan newspaper also sacked editor-in-chief Jim Rich. For years, The Daily News has worn its leftist politics on the front page […]

New York to Add Hunting and Fishing to High School Curriculum?

“Hunting and fishing could soon enter physical education curriculum in high schools throughout the state if a bill is passed in the Assembly,” reports. That’s a big “if.” The New York state legislature has torpedoed this idea for the last ten years. Though this year’s version made it to the Senate floor, Bill S1625 — “an act to amend […]