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Liberal Gun Owners member Kat Ellsworth of Chicago, poses for a portrait with five of the seven guns she owns at the Caliber Tactical Gun Range in Waukegan, Ill. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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The white teenager and other gun-toting protesters have been denounced as radical vigilantes who benefit from a double-standard — that if they were Black gun owners brandishing their firearms, the police would use deadly force against them.

To others, they are patriots seeking to bring law and order to cities that have been overtaken by extremists.

“I would have done the same thing, to be honest with you,” Todd Scott, of Covington, Georgia, said of the teenager in Kenosha. He’s viewed video of the teen, Kyle Rittenhouse, being chased by protesters and believes he was acting in self-defense.

Scott himself once used his gun to break up violence, becoming a bit of a local hero in 2015 after a gunman killed a clerk and a customer at the liquor store where he was picking up beer. Scott fired on the suspect before he fled.

Kat Ellsworth, who heads the Liberal Gun Club chapter in Illinois and lives in Chicago, is appalled by those who have converged on protests and are openly carrying firearms. She believes those gun owners have been emboldened by Trump, who has made law and order a central part of his reelection bid.

The scenes of primarily white men openly carrying firearms on city streets or of those who have flocked to state Capitols to protest pandemic business restrictions are a demonstration, she believes, of white privilege. She’s convinced that a group of Black gun owners with AR-15s in public would be dealt with much differently.

“I view them as instigators and I view them as people looking for an excuse to shoot people of color,” said Ellsworth, who is white.

– Lisa Marie Pane in Americans divided over armed civilians who flock to protests

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  1. Siri, show me what psychological projection looks like?

    “I view them as instigators and I view them as people looking for an excuse to shoot people of color,” said Ellsworth, who is white.

    • Either psychological projection or psychological transference. I’m just not sure which. Either way, they are imposing their own bigoted beliefs upon others.

      It makes them feel better.

      • I would just like to take this moment to again remind black people: if you aint voting for Joe Biden, then you aint black. Also, if you are black and voting for Joe Biden and feel that Trump is pressuring you to vote for him , rembember: you’re free and your voice matters and your blackness isn’t defined by an old racist white man who should be removed from office.

        Eric Swalwell 2020

        • I,am a Black man, that loves he,s guys an i love the 2A an all lives matter,

          so that should tell you that TRUMP IS THE MAN i,am votoeing for

        • “so that should tell you that TRUMP IS THE MAN i,am votoeing for”

          Bring your friends, lots of them.

        • “I saw a yard sign the other day that simply said You matter.”

          Obviously a racist lives there… (sarc)

      • Kat Ellsworth an example of the enemy on the inside of the gun community. Ok so she has guns. So does Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Sen Kamala Harris.’

    • Holy smokes.
      Chip, it seems like you understood what she’s saying.
      I started to scratch my head and realized my breakfast was burning.

      Am I just plain stupid? Really. What is she saying?

      • “I started to scratch my head and realized my breakfast was burning.”

        Tom, your breakfast was obviously doing it’s best to lose it’s ‘whiteness’ by experimenting with blackness.

        And you stopped it before your breakfast could fully explore its blackness?

        You heartless raciss, you! 🙂

    • The first female Fudd I’ve seen. She had better check her white privilege or she might end up servicing the Bernie Bros and Obama’s Sons to the best of her abilities and their needs.

    • viewing it objectively.:..did the kid possess any malicious intent?…apparently not…did he display poor judgement?…open to question…should adults have looked out for him more?…undoubtedly…this case will hinge on what happened in that initial shooting…..

      • The case will hinge on what happened PRIOR TO that initial shooting.

        Even the NYT highlighted a video of the incident that seems to show someone firing a pistol BEFORE Kyle fired his rifle. And then three more times immediately AFTER Kyle shot the first attacker.

        • there appear to be a number of gunshots there…and, so far at least….they all haven’t been accounted for…

        • And THAT right there IS SCIENCE……. but only 10 percent, roughly, will believe it’s the truth… which is another big problem in this country…. people with naturally low IQ….. especially the ones who are completely ignorant but have a worthless college degree to make themselves appear intelligent…. lol… what a joke…

        • Frank you’re wrong. Black is technically all colors and white is none, by science. This despite what previous replies also got wrong.

        • Jeffrey Hunt clearly isn’t a physics major.

          While I think the discussion is irrelevant, since skin pigmentation and the spectrum of visible light aren’t the same things, Jeffry Hunt is factually incorrect regarding white (light) being comprised of the full spectrum of visible light, and black being the absence of any of the sectra of visible light.

          As for skin pigmentation, “white” and “black” are essentially misnomers, since neither skin pigmentation – the difference between each is merely the relative amount of melanin – is visually true to the descriptive color.

  2. You need to see the videos and read the investigative reports. Blake was 100% at fault here, the officers did the right thing. Blake was a fugitive from justice with many felonies in his history. He is an evil, terrible person and all he had to do was surrender the the police when they politely asked him, but he knew he had the warrants out for him and he knew he had weapons in the car, so he made the gamble that he might be able to kill the cops and escape, but his stupid move left him paralyzed and in custody. He will probably spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair in prison. But the cops deserve a medal and a pay raise for removing one more scumbag felon off the streets, making America Safe Again! Thank you Donald Trump. Have a great visit to Wisconsin! Stay safe.

    • Having warrants against him does not make him guilty. People who commit crimes should be able to presume police will only arrest them, not judge them and execute a sentence on them.

      • Duuuude…You have no argument with the POTUS when it is the democRat Party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. The ongoing violence centers around democRat Strongholds and democRat mayors and govenors are refusing federal help.
        Anyone attempting to tie the POTUS to the despicable behavior of demented marxist democRat scumbags owes the POTUS an Apology.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.uh/

        • Trump is the worst white supremacist. Please read that again. Then read it again. Let it sink in. Get it now?

        • context:
          the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect:

          Start with tdiinva’s comment and work your way down.

        • Unfortunately, one that is all-too-commonly applicable, especially in politics. No “reductio” is too “absurdum” for someone to mistake for a statement of sincere leftist convictions without the “/sarc” tag.

          I never let it bother me, not only because the responder doesn’t know me personally, but also because I understand that he’s probably seen far too many fools for whom no nonsense is too ridiculous to espouse and repeat.

        • @ JWM Lol, cuz I glanced at myself in a reflection doing the same. That was one eff’ed up look on my face. 😀

          Never again.

        • Biden is clearly the favorite of Wall Street…yet is often labeled a Trojan horse of the progressive left…which seems a bit incongruous….Trump is,..well, Trump…and Joe isn’t…so you decide….

      • “It amazes me how the news can be twisted.”

        Standard Leftist tactic.

        Accuse your enemy of doing what you are already doing. Feign indignation.

        Bonus points for getting your nose all bent out of joint while doing so…

      • You know what’s even stranger. We know Jacob Blake’s name but nobody knows the name of the woman he sexually assaulted, got a restraining order and then called the police when he violated it. I bet Trump put her up to the whole thing. She should have laid back and enjoyed it.

      • doesn’t fit the narrative…in fact, it distracts from that….so look for it to be reported as little as possible….

        • I can wax sympathetic. I’m white Indian (great grandmother) & white negroid (great great great grandfather). Oh forgive me not white, but Irish, Scot, Norse, & Basque. A veritable cornucopia of racial convergence. Better known as the singularity that all the downtrodden races cast shade on. Probably would’ve had a child or three of more variety, if the Korean girl I was dating hadn’t been loathe to intro me as her boyfriend to her family.

          Humorous ^ and yet also true. Except the family problem, that stung deep. I’ll be satisfied when the averaged skin color is gray. Maybe. Of course, then it’s going to be about the narrow eyed vs. the wide’s.

        • Background and ancestories are fascinating. Based on your description, would the Brits have called your families “Wogs”? Never understood the origin of that word (except the English applied it to those they considered inferior). I would say your ancestry is “humanity”.

        • Quite likely, hard to say exactly as from the early genealogy. It’s difficult to tell when each injection of new blood came in. I’d suspect the Scot Irish to be more amongst the earliest, given the proximity. Basque coming later, again sheer distance involved being the reasoning. Cherokee & Black were definitely after one part of my family emigrated.

          I’m generally considered 7th generation in my state, 10th North American continent born, although that’s not accurate for obvious reasons due to my Indian heritage. Sorting it all this far in the future is… Rather difficult. Ironically, half my family of recent descent is from Louisiana, but they also were Scot’s & Irish in traceable generations, the No True Frenchman fallacy. Lol.

          Some things will always remain a mystery, it seems.

        • “Some things will always remain a mystery, it seems.”

          Fortunate here, I guess. Actual Scott, Irish, Welsh (but that pedigree doesn’t lend much confidence in the “family stories”). All arrived in the US after 1800, which, being a brat of the South, allowed me to avoid taking sides regarding “the late Unpleasantness”, 1861-1865. On the Colonel’s side (wife), she has Cherokee relatives on both the Dawe and Hughes rolls. I assured her we wouldn’t be cousins. Great fun listening to all those stories, as well. As to the GB ancestry, I rather believe they were all considered “Bogside”, else they wouldn’t have immigrated.

          Great fun. Great fun.

        • Ah yes, terrible history that was. My Indian ancestors somehow managed to avoid the Trail of Tears, though the circumstances are lost to the march of time. I know the burgeoning replacement community kept my great great’s secrets, but not much was ever said about anything else. Fairly certain the specifics were taken to the grave with them. More’s the pity, as none of the eldest members have knowledge of events.

          As a student of history, I would love to hear the tale.

        • Have you followed the attempts by a group of people claiming to be descendents of the Cherokee who hid, rather than go west? They are trying to gain acceptance as an actual, recognizable “band”, or tribe.

        • As a matter of fact, that’s the first I’ve heard of it. I can’t say I usually follow such things. I’m not Indian enough in any case with respect to any tribe, only being 1/6th.

          Purity standards… feels a bit Achtung, Heil to me.

        • “I’m not Indian enough in any case with respect to any tribe, only being 1/6th.”

          Let Cherokee Nation determine your eligibility. They are the only entity who can approve/deny your bloodline.

  3. “The scenes of primarily white men openly carrying firearms on city streets or of those who have flocked to state Capitols to protest pandemic business restrictions are a demonstration, she believes, of white privilege. She’s convinced that a group of Black gun owners with AR-15s in public would be dealt with much differently.”

    Nope. We’ve been over this. The NFAC has already busted that myth. White libs refuse to acknowledge reality.

    • Duuuude…You remind of the gun talker enuf who talks guns only to turn around and slander and libel the POTUS like a disgruntled dirty diaper CNN newscaster…Hopefully you will clear the air and let this forum know who you are voting for in Nov.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Princess Debbie is a little slow…”she”(?)doesn’t get satire,nuance or irony-or humor😏 Oh and y’all “liberal gun owner’s” are just commies with guns.

        • Is Debbie W ever NOT drunk?

          I always get the impression Debbie is a pro-gun type, but in the worst possible stereotype sort of way. I’m never more embarrassed than I em when Debbie says something I decode enough to think I might actually agree with.

        • Not sure if good bot posting or bad drunk posting from the replies. Either way you are doing well.

    • There have also been images of black men in battle rattle standing and protecting businesses. There were black men walking around with guns in CHAZ/CHOP. These are unsubstantiated charges of racism that are provably false. The technical term for that is “delusional.”

  4. Armed BLM protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. It stayed non-violent. Black gun owners open carrying AR-15s, no arrests made. Raz Simone handing out AR-15s to black protesters in Seattle, no arrests made. Tell me again how different it would be handled.

    • See also: negligent discharges and resultant, accidental injuries in Kentucky with NFAC (you really can’t trust those bullpup AR15s that discharge when the bolt goes forward…). To my knowledge, no arrests.

    • There were reportedly 300+ people (with photos to corroborate) marching at the NFAC “rally” at Stone Mountain. Would anyone want to tangle with that large a group of angry, armed people looking for a fight?

      OTOH, it was a good reminder to all that LE can be easily and quickly overwhelmed by any dedicated force, regardless of which side of the (hot or cold) factional war coming upon us. You are your own first responder.

  5. It’s apparently bad to emboldened to want to stop anarchy.
    Just like it’s apparently bad to stop pedophiles.

    Watching these clowns doubledown and dig in with their irrational and contradictory ideology is amazing.
    I don’t see how this mess is going to be cleaned up without Balkanization, mass incarcerations or mass deaths. You can’t go from burning cities down and labeling others as less-than-human for years to hand-holding and friendship without some significant pain.

  6. Every time the media talks race I talk holding the democRat Party liable to Monetary Reparations. The democRat Party has tons of racist baggage which they have been given a pass for waaaaay too long.
    All of this racist drama is an underhanded effort by the democRat Party to whitewash its despicable racist history. Frankly a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.
    The democRat Party has no problem going back in history for monetary damages from tobacco companies to talcum powder companies to ear plugs to the Boy Scouts and everyone in between so what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    To ignore the democRat Party legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities is to condone it.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • Little Debbie despises them, that fact is plain to see.
      Instead of pushin snack cakes she pushes hate with glee.
      It’s plain to see, she dislikes the dems.
      Let’s kill em she shouts with malice, she views them just as thems.
      String em up, throw them out yes little debbie is now in full swing.
      Cause hatred boys is all she knows, yes to little debbie loathing others is now her thing.
      But sadly though for debbie dear the future may not be blessed.
      Cause when the two sides finally clash what comes out may be worse than either side guessed.
      Maybe it will be better, but odds are it will be worse.
      And the only ones who profit most will be those who own the hearse.

      • “Cause hatred boys is all she knows, yes to little debbie loathing others is now her thing.”

        Dude, you just don’t get it.

        She’s never gonna sleep with you. All you are doing now is like a moth that beats itself again and again into a lightbulb at night until it is dead.

        Deal with it. Consider this an excellent opportunity for you to work on your coping skills… 🙂

        • This asshole is always trying to be that crone Debbie W’s knight in shining armor, and hilariously she never acknowledges ‘him’. Of course, Geoff the Goof has never known the comforts of a woman. And he never will…

      • Two white knights spring forth to parley.
        To protect the honor of little debbie against one who words they viewed as narly.
        But debbie dears doesn’t need the help, she’s capable all on her own.
        It doesn’t hurt cause her harpy heart is black and cold as stone.

    • I think the reparations should come from the democrats and go to the buisnesses that have been looted and or burned under their storm troopers. No federal money should be available for these damages.

    • All these AR-15’s…being so openly displayed…is probably making the power structure nervous…when something like that has happened in the past…some sort of restrictive legislation has followed…regardless of who was in power at the time….

  7. Let’s see, CNN shows hours of footage of some white dudes with slung AR’s, but they refuse to show BLM and antifa terrorists with the same guns , and bricks, and skateboards, and knives, etc. Got a question for ya, Chris, Don, Anderson, how many of your terroristic activists been “executed” as opposed to unarmed non radical Trump supporters?

  8. I’m so sick of hearing about “white privilege” everywhere. As if you magically don’t pay bills or magically make more money or you’re magically immune to injury by saying “but I’m white!”

    Even if someone does treat me different because of my skin color, that makes THEM a racist, it doesn’t make ME privileged.

    • Bernie Sanders said that white people don’t know what it’s like to struggle. Joe Biden said poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids. These out of touch white saviors literally believe that all white kids are rich, smart, and talented. Why would they think that? Because that’s the world they live in. Talk about out of touch with reality and real racism…

      • Why shouldn’t they?
        All of their friends and peers are rich and white.
        Just like every other liberal out there they assume any non-white in the room is a charity case brought up to their economic position through the kindness and good graces of the white people in the room.
        Biden probably thinks he’s doing a really nice virtue signaling thing by bringing Harris along for the ride and I have little doubt Biden feels like his presence on the ticket is what got Obama elected.
        He’s a kind white man that Biden is. A kind and generous white man.

        • All he needed was a black man who was clean and well spoken. What a hero he is, getting Barack Osama such recognition, even if it was for Biden’s accomplishments. That’s why Osama didn’t want him running for Prez, the truth about Osama’s incompetence might come out.

        • Joe tends to come across as a likable doofus….he reminds me of that Bruce Dern character in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”……and the dems as the Manson crowd….

      • I’ve been asking for 30 years how do you teach those who don’t want to learn. Those who think they are too cool for school. Those who think everything will be handed to them. Those who think welfare is a lifestyle. And those whose role models are sports stars, rappers (both of which have less than 0.01% chance of success), or the local dealer (much higher chance of success but lifespan tends to be short).

        • remember the CCC?….something like that might work….gather up all the young males who aren’t students in good standing or gainfully employed…and ship them to a distant location where they can do productive work while getting an education…then watch your crime rate drop…..

      • their view is predominately urban…if it’s all they see…then it becomes reality for them…hard to judge the world from the Hamptons….

      • Looks like all the people pushing this “white privilege” stuff believe that Eddie Murphy’s Saturday Night Live skit above is reality.

    • White privilege, systematic racism, black lives matter, etc. are words designed to incite politically inept history illiterate useful idiots. Consider the source…The democRat Party. It’s done to whitewash the long despicable racist history of the democRat Party all at the expense of everyone but the democRat Party.

      Demand the democRat Party be held accountable for its history of racism and inciting violence. To say or do nothing is to condone it.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • White’s control society….and the cops are their to ensure that continues…that’s more than a perception…it’s a reality…and has always been the case…now it’s being challenged, noisily…but in the end,..probably ineffectively…the cream always rises to the top….

  9. Dims made everything political, even the weather. Therefore, politics is everything. No thought or action can be separated from politics. “And that’s the way it is, September 1, 2020.”

    • Yes. Just yesterday I was reading a book written in the 70’s. There was a discussion in the book about the growing glaciers and the chance of a world wide ice age. For those of you that don’t know that was a thing amongst the scientists then.

      Then al gore loses his bid to become president and in an attempt to gain power and stay in the lime light he damn near single handly invents ‘global warming’.

      What a racket being a dem pol is.

      • For those in doubt, I vouch that is the truth, I lived through it. It’s a good part of why my generation views the entire weather conversation as totally bogus. If one line of total crap doesn’t get me into power, I’ll invent a different one nearly instantly.

        • Or Jimacada’s Department of Energy forecast that said we’d be out of oil in 20 years, natural gas in 30, and coal in 50.

        • “… my generation views the entire weather conversation as totally bogus.”

          It is clear you don’ really know how things work.

          It is the devious, selfish, uncaring, radical, unfair, lying agents of conservatism who constantly create conditions where one crisis cannot be resolved, before those people creat another crisis. Yes, back when, a cooling climate was a problem (still is, ya know?), but the truth has been covered up, and attention diverted from cold to all the problems with heat that the conservatives created. All the while, the reality is that we will all die (in about 12yrs) from from freezing temperatures caused by global warming driven into the habitation belt of the planet by all the cold air predicted at the ice caps in the ’70s.

          You gotta gitcheer mind right. “Three days in the box.”

      • our presence on the planet in growing numbers is beginning to affect it in unforeseen ways…that much is certain…can or should we attempt to do anything about it?

        • I was reading a book some time back that made the claim that the entire population of the world could be put in an area the size of Texas, with everyone getting 1600 sq ft to live on. Seems to be plenty of room left.

          Note: it was a curious statistic, and I never did sit down with a calculator to try and verify the claim. Its an interesting thought, but not THAT interesting.

  10. My criticism is for any mayor or governor who does not take the simplest of actions to secure their cities after dark when they damn well know there will be troubles.

    Apparently the lunacy of their core constituents is more important than the safety and well-being of regular people.

    • overemphasis on the plight of blacks…and pandering to their interests seem to be the dominant theme…outside the cities the interest drops off measurably…much of this is media driven…one thing is clear,..any city or town with a disportionately large black population is going to have a crime problem…. which is often drug related and gang-driven

      • Why is “people of color” politically correct but “colored people” racist? Especially when it’s the NAACP and not the NAAPOC.

        • POC means any non-white, and it’s the equivalent of the UK term BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic). “Colored” is an antiquated term specifically meaning black.

        • Just another dumb way to divide us. They had a need to separate white people from the rest of the world. Plenty of white guys that get their vitamin D on a regular basis are darker than light skinned Kamala.

    • “Funny how those (that) white people (person) looking to shoot people of color have only managed to shoot white people.”

      That fact is racississness itself; POC not worth the price of a bullet. Blatant discrimination at its worsistness.

  11. “She’s convinced that a group of Black gun owners with AR-15s in public would be dealt with much differently.”

    If black people are armed and protecting businesses from looters and rioters we have seen…that we see them the same way…

    FFS, they are obsessed with identity and victimhood.

    • cops don’t trust blacks…so, yeah they probably would be…but encountering a large, well-armed group would induce an element of caution…..

  12. Whatever ….

    Of course the politics color a person’s opinion of any event, not just a shooting. The question is, colors it by how much?

    How much your politics mold your opinion of facts is a test of character. Americans who belong to political parties or align with them strongly, not a casual thing, routinely fail this test of character. As honest as they may be in their daily lives when it comes to political isues, events in the news, facts are entirely secondary. Republican or Democrat, doesn’t matter.

    On the gun issue, most Hoplophobes fail totally. It is rare for a Hoplophobic person to accept a fact that contradicts their politics.

    Same deal for POTG and shootings, there is a rush to assign a heroic status to the side perceived as being Second Amendment friendly.

    I think Rittenhouse was justified in the moments when he fired.

    He was also an underage, fucking idiot who had no business being beyond the control of his parents that night.

    If you are going to do some sort of Roof Korean thing, be trained and disciplined, calm and part of a group and two is not a group. Either on the property because it is your property or you were invited there. Or go home.

    Don’t be a dumbass wandering around for trouble to find you.

    • enuf…The thing you need to make clear to those who do not know what you are is to state who you will be voting for in Nov. People need to know if they are looking at a democRat Party lint licker or not.

      • “People need to know if they are looking at a democRat Party lint licker or not.”

        That takes all the entertainment value out of it.

    • He was doing a lot of things that weren’t on the site of the car dealership; cleaning up graffiti, providing 1st aid to injured people, and putting out fires. Those required him to not be stationary. That’s also what made him vulnerable to attack. He was outside the confines of the group, and vulnerable.

    • re: Kyle Rittenhouse, I think you’re 100% wrong on everything leading up to the shooting parts.

      His presence there was both right and absolutely necessary. He helped put out fires (literally). He offered to help the injured. When violence was forced on him, he acted with great restraint and better presence of mind than most of us could ever hope to muster. He was naive and made some tactical errors, yes — but at least he was out there, doing his best to protect the little piece of American civilization he lives in. We need MORE of that, not less.

      BTW, the Lincoln Project looks a lot like a last-ditch effort the Whigs might have taken before better leaders raced out ahead and rendered them obsolete.

    • Enuf, the actor Lee Marvin lied about his age to enlist in the Marines at 16, took part in some stupid number of beach landings (seems like 23) before being so badly wounded that he was retired as 100% disabled, while he was one of 3 survivors of the assaulting force. Making comments like those about a 17-year-old who performed so impressively just confirms you are an asshole and a jerk, with no idea of the contributions teenagers have made to our nation.

      • Audie Murphy was just a little bit older…smaller and just as baby-faced.

        So I’m not seeing the issue with a 17 year old.

  13. How You View the Kenosha Shooting Depends On Your Politics

    I would not phrase it like that.

    In simple terms about 50% of our population operates pretty much purely on emotion and a psychotic need to be identical members of a giant group. That need to be identical members of a giant group is so critical that members will reject blatant facts and reality if necessary to maintain the group.

    That being the case, when such a person responds/reacts to a situation, their emotions and group policy dictates their response/reaction. And that person simply vomits words with the goal to:
    1) see if you agree with them
    2) bully you into agreement if you do not agree
    3) or, bully you into silence if you refuse to agree

    In other words there is no objective truth and no objective standards of right or wrong as far as about 50% of our population is concerned. If you are part of that identical group, you quite literally can do no wrong. And if you are not part of that identical group, you quite literally can do no right. In other words, whether or not your mindset or actions are “good” is a function of your declared identity. Needless to say, that makes peace and unity pretty much impossible to achieve.

    • Your explanation is stronger and better stated than the one I just made. Points there.

      I wouldn’t 50% tho. I’d saying those with that “psychotic need” are the true believers, the base supporters of the two big political parties. That is a lot of people, a scary lot, but it’s not the country half and half.

      The far right and far left bases worry me, but the middle, what, third? Sometimes more than a third? Much less concern there.

      • enuf…you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.
        You sit in your ivory tower high above the fray looking down and talking out your behind attempting to equalize both political parties.
        Frankly you are a gutless wonder afraid of his own shadow, afraid to stand for anything decent because of fear or injury, etc. What better way to do that than to establish yourself as neutral, dishing out equal criticism all to keep your hands from getting dirty…pathetic.

    • Uncomon sense described the left nicely, only thing he forgot to add is that they will stop at nothing to gain power to push their agenda and destroy their opponents.

  14. There was a group of AR15 toting black people, they called themselves the NFAC, and one of their members shot 3 of his fellow “protestors” and then one of organizers lied about what happened…

    • I think all 4 people were there looking for trouble and they found it.

      What evidence do you have that Rittenhouse was “there looking for trouble”?

      • Well, he did put out that literal dumpster fire with a fire extinguisher right before the mob attacked him, so…

        Eff the mayor and the governor. They’re letting the rioters destroy civilization and a 17 year old steps up.

      • Chip,

        See my comment above: since Mr. Rittenhouse is not a dyed-in-the-wool ardent Progressive, everything that Mr. Rittenhouse ever has done, is doing now, and will do is bad/wrong and evidence is therefore irrelevant.

        President Trump could discover the cure for cancer today and tomorrow’s news outlets would be foaming at the mouth screaming and yelling how Trump put millions of healthcare workers and researchers permanently out of work. And the following day those very same news outlets would be screaming and yelling how Trump exploited and abused thousands of people to develop the cure and how everyone should, in good conscience, refuse to use the cure.

      • Chip, there is video evidence of Kyle scrubbing graffiti off a wall, somebody worked hard to spray that graffiti, scrubbing it off is certainly “looking for trouble”, is it not?

        • Larry, sure. As is extinguishing dumpster fires started by “mostly peaceful” rioters – apparently.

    • hope they try it again…[that armed black ASSemblage]…seem to be an entertaining group……sort of like Moe, Larry and Curly…in blackface…..

    • “Water is wet”

      Not if you ever bought a can of “Dehydrated Water” at a Stuckey’s back in the day. The dehydrated water in them cans was dry as dirt!

      • enuf…At the end of every day no matter what you do or say you remain the forum’s resident waterboy for the sleazebag democRat Party.

  15. She believes that people just want to shoot a black person because she is looking at her own feelings and judging others by what she thinks.

  16. Donald Trump should’ve come out and told the truth… he should’ve said that the citizens of the city had no other option but Second Amendment remedies to the riots…That the citizens had no other choice But to arm themselves because law-enforcement’s hands were so tied..Then he should’ve asked “what in the hell do you expect people to do?”

  17. The Marxist/Communist groups, such as ANTIFA, BLM, and others, are using their old playbook to orchestrate events to their advantage to create chaos. What is puzzling is how are they being funded for individuals to be able to feed and pay rent, while driving across country to riot in different cities? I guess by rich corporate entities, different like minded wealthy individuals is where some funding is coming from. The four stages of engineered societal collapse by Marxist/Communist takeover of a country are Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization.

    1. Demoralization, The goal and process of the subversion of information with the purpose of making a country immoral so people cannot recognize or believe in truth when it is presented to them. Time period 1 to 20 Years of “Demoralization”.

    2. Destabilization, Create conditions for the rapid decline in the structure of a society. Time period 2 to 5 Years of “Destabilization”.

    3. Crisis, Take advantage of destabilization event/s or situation/s to seize power by a violent change in power structure and economy. In other words, the catalyzing event/s that builds on the first two stages to bring on the change the revolutionaries are looking for. Time period approximately 6 Weeks of “Crisis”.

    4. Normalization, Success is achieved by taking control of the governing power/authority and ushering in a reset of the structure of governance rapidly and society slowly.

    Attacking our 2nd Amendment rights is a form of Demoralization and Destabilization.

    • Stage 1: Demoralization
      They’ve been working on that since the 50s. They’ve owned the entire education/entertainment/news industry for 35+ years now, and the ignorance, oikophobia, and despair are finally starting to bear fruit. America is strong, so it took them a while.

      Stage 2: Destabilization
      Barack Obama. Orange Man Bad.

      Stage 3: Crisis
      Coming soon to an election near you.

      Stage 4: Normalization
      COVID lockdowns are priming the pump. We’re in this together…forever.

  18. “She’s convinced that a group of Black gun owners with AR-15s in public would be dealt with much differently.”

    Oh, they clearly are treated differently. The NFAC had a police escort to keep them safe at Stone Mountain.

  19. “She’s convinced that a group of Black gun owners with AR-15s in public would be dealt with much differently.”

    Well, since only one group is looting and burning, I’d suggest that different treatment just might possibly be warranted. However, since the burning and looting group is given plenty of room to destroy, I’d say that Kat is as dumb as a box of hammers.

  20. fyi
    “This is why Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest”

    “The victim, who is only identified by her initials in the paperwork, told police she was asleep in bed with one of her children when Blake came into the room around 6 a.m. and allegedly said, “I want my sh-t,” the record states.”

    “She told cops Blake then used his finger to sexually assault her, sniffed it and said, “Smells like you’ve been with other men,” the criminal complaint alleges.”

    “She told police she “was upset but collected herself” and then allegedly ran out the front door after Blake, the complaint says. She then realized her car was missing, checked her purse and saw the keys were missing and “immediately called 911,” the complaint alleges.”

  21. As more of a middle-of-the-road type, I haven’t based my view off of anything but the videos we have to see.

    Kid coulda saved himself a lotta trouble by staying home. Other fellas coulda saved themselves a lotta trouble by doing the same. Chasing, then attacking someone armed with a rifle probably coulda saved them some trouble, too.

    Anyone sensationalizing these shootings as random murders probably hasn’t taken the time to watch all of the available content.

  22. Huh, I had liked Kat’s articles on here too. She had seemed like a reasonable person who believed in the 2A and happened to have left-leaning proclivities due to sexual preferences. 2A is for all decent Americans so sure what the hell why not. Unfortunate that it turns out she’s too bound up in her identity to see things through any lens except identity. Ignore the fact that Black Guns Matter has been at numerous rallies and protests and never had any issues because they conduct themselves with respect and decorum. Never mind that the NFAC has had multiple armed rallies in the deep south and faced no issues except on the occasions that they have, literally, shot themselves in the foot. Never mind that, its white privilege. I’m voting for Ebola for 2020 cause large swaths of humanity have become too damn insufferable to live.

  23. Its Liberal gun owners Like her who have failed to support the 2A in their own Liberal blue states. Or they enjoy riding on the coat tails of far more Conservative gun owners. Who’s hard work has kept civil rights protected. Where she lives. The priorities of Liberal gun owners are not guns. To them its more important to make it legal to shoot up crystal meth. To improve their sexual experience in public. In places where pot is made legal. Civil rights are soon taken away. California, Colorado, Washington State, etc.

    Making drugs legal has never made crime go away. Or go down.

    Kat Ellsworth is just another example of what President Bush called “Liberals who have the soft bigotry of low expectations for black people”. She is one of the many racist Liberal pigs who has supported the destruction of the traditional black family, by supporting the welfare industrial complex.

    They are the ones who have said a father is not necessary to raise children. They ignore the social destruction they caused, just as congressman Jerry Nadler says “their are no riots, there are no burning cities”.
    Liberals have a right to the 2A. But don’t ever expect to see them support it in a serious way.

  24. Quote: “She’s convinced that a group of Black gun owners with AR-15s in public would be dealt with much differently.” This means she has failed to keep up and is unaware of the NFAC. A black militia that openly carries. In fact after one of them fired their weapon and injured people, no charges were filed. (That I have read about anyway. I could be mistaken.)

    • I’m so glad I didn’t return to California after my time in the Army. Good bye to the land of the “rainbow zoo”. And hello to the land of the rock castle machine gun shoot. Where I can have my own Arsenal and my own Armory. And I can have flamethrowers, grenade/rocket launchers, machine guns, home explosives, etc. Or what ever I can afford to pay for.

  25. I guess this dumb khunt didn’t see the hundreds of blacks marching in military style garb a month or so ago. Gun owner or not she’s a blind idiot and ignoring anything that goes against her narrative just like most democrats.

    • Wasn’t the world a better place when most people didn’t have guns…and those of us that did were just left alone to pursue our interests?…SIGH!….

  26. Don’t go anywhere without your lead sprayer!

    • Yes, projection and transference. And none of the people that the 17 year old Kyle was assaulted by were black. All had criminal histories. This isn’t about race, it’s about misdirection to confuse the poorly educated products of our public school systems. The goal, a Marxist State for America.

      I have yet to hear any data or facts from any of their arguments.


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