Building The Pig Truth: a .458 SOCOM Hog Hunting Gun

It has been over a year since I wrote about a gun I personally own (and told you that I’d feature more of them), so I’m way overdue in presenting The Pig Truth to y’all. This dedicated suppressed, 12-inch-barreled, thermal optic-equipped .458 SOCOM was built for hammering wild hogs here in Texas. In this article […]

Timney Makes the Best AR Trigger, Hammers Down

Hello, my name is Kat and I am a trigger snob. It’s true. After years of using all manner of triggers in every platform imaginable I’ve developed the kind of tastes that drain wallets and involve occasional grumbling – okay, cursing – at grit and stacking (no matter how slight). Earlier today it was a […]

Seattle Times, Caught in a Lie, Corrects I-1639 Editorial

The Seattle Times blatantly lied in a recent editorial in support of Initiative 1639, the hodgepodge of unconstitutional gun control measures that Washington Staters will find on their November ballot thanks to the state’s supreme court: “The NRA has invested at least $150,000 to fight this initiative [1639], which the organization says will just make […]