Recover Tactical 20/20 stabilizer kit GLOCK
Travis Pike for TTAG
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Pistol braces are quite popular and a fantastic addition to most big and bulky AR, AK, and subgun-style pistols. These guns benefit immensely from a pistol brace. Braces have also made their way onto regular pistols. The Recover Tactical 20/20 is one such brace. 

It’s aimed at GLOCK style pistols and follows in the Roni and KPOS kits’ Israeli tradition, but with a less bulky design. The story goes that it’s easier to get a pistol than a rifle in Israel, but they don’t have the silly SBR laws we do. Therefore they can slap a stock onto a pistol and improve its stability, accuracy, and overall range. 

Brace Folded while installed on Glock (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Those kits are popular, and they were quickly outfitted with braces for the US market. The Recover Tactical 20/20 is a much slimmer, sleeker brace that adds less bulk to your handgun. The RT 20/20 is designed for Gen 3 and up GLOCK pistols in the standard 9mm, .40, .357 SIG, and .45 GAP frames in compact or full-sized guns. Sadly no 10mm or .45 ACP love. 

The RT 20/20 wraps around and locks itself to the front rail of your GLOCK pistol. Installation requires an Allen key but it’s quick and easy. You may first want to install one of the optional carry handles. These charging handles allow you to more easily manipulate the slide when the gun is mounted in the brace. Charging handles only work with stock GLOCK slides and 80% lowers are a no go. 

Installation requires you to align the RT 20/20 with the GLOCK’s rail, and the brace has an “alcove” to fit the rear of the GLOCK into. The brace locks the GLOCK down tightly. 

The Brace locks on quite tightly (Travis Pike)

The Recover Tactical 20/20 has an open-top design unlike systems like the Roni. This design eliminates the chance of a shell getting caught between the slide and frame. The Recover Tactical 20/20 is also modular. Different attachments and upgrades available include an optic mount, removable rails, and a magazine holder for the front rail. 

The Recover Tactical 20/20 even has a holster option. The holster attaches around the brace’s bottom and travels high enough to cover the trigger for safe carry. It’s convenient enough for carry, but I’m not sure how you’d conceal it without a trench coat. 

On the Range with Recover Tactical 20/20

There are two ways to look at the Recover Tactical 20/20. One is as a silly little item that allows you to misuse the brace and shoulder the gun. If you take that route, I doubt you’ll see much improvement in performance over a standard GLOCK. Sure the third point of contact helps, but it’s no pistol caliber carbine. You can LARP as an Israeli operator, but there are better ways to dispense 9mm pills (especially given their current price and availability). 

Braces were initially designed as a device to aid those with injuries in shooting their weapon. If you view the 20/20 that way, the 20/20 makes a ton of sense. An amputee or someone with a disabled arm can benefit greatly from this device as a stabilizing brace. It’s comfortable when strapped to the arm and allows you to hold the pistol firmly and naturally. 

The Recover Tactical 20/20 stabilizes well (Travis Pike for TTAG)

With a two-handed grip, it acts as a third contact point and makes shooting very comfortable. It reduces muzzle rise and recoil and indeed stabilizes the gun.

From a one-handed perspective, the Recover Tactical 20/20 makes shooting the gun much easier. I won’t say it brings you up to two-handed stability, but it does make one-handed shooting much more comfortable. It enhances accuracy and speed, and I could see some serious benefits for disabled shooters. 

One handed shooting is much easier (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The main benefit, in my opinion, would be getting a disabled shooter to start shooting. This tool wouldn’t be useful for self-defense encounters, but it can act as a training aid to get a new shooter shooting.

The RT 20/20 is plenty comfortable, easy to don and remove…perfectly suited for disabled shooters. The holster would allow a person with a single arm to carry the brace and get shooting safely. 

Holstered Recover Tactical 20/20 Travis Pike for TTAG)

The 20/20 comes in various configurations with the cheapest starting at about $100. That includes the brace and nothing else. As you add rails, a sling, the holster, and other gear, the price increases.

Still. the Recover Tactical 20/20 is an affordable design, and it’s not made in China. The RT 20/20 isn’t for everyone, but when used as intended, there is some serious value. 

Holstered With Brace Folded (Travis Pike)

Specifications: Recover Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit

Weight: 1.5 pounds
Length: 12.83 inches
Width: 2.87 Inches
MSRP: starts at $99.95

Ratings (out of five stars):

Ergonomics * * * * *
The Recover Tactical 20/20 is a comfortable brace system that attaches firmly and allows for a natural grip of your pistol. It allows for increased control and utility for all shooters. 

Modularity * * * * *
The RT 20/20 allows you to add rails, a magazine mount, an optics mount, slings, etc. It also allows your GLOCK to remain modular with optics, can’s and other muzzle devices. 

Quality * * * * *
It’s a simple piece of polymer that does as advertised. It’s well made, and everything clicks nicely and locks up tight. 

Overall * * * * *
The Recover Tactical 20/20 has limited use for most people, but for disabled shooters, I see the device’s real value. The 20/20 is a solid piece of gear for its intended use, and I was surprised it wasn’t just another Roni. 


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  1. Someday common sense will prevail, and we will do away with SBR restrictions and the farce of “pistol braces,” which, for 99.99% of shooters, are simply a stock. I’m looking forward to that day.

    For this one, I’m reminded of old-school clip-on stocks for the C96 Mauser, P08 Luger, etc. Cool stuff back then too, even if they didn’t take Glock mags.

    • Yup . Despite the articles misgivings . The ‘ brace ‘ will be shouldered and will increase accuracy . And I am “ guessing “ that you will be able to use the iron sights . Although there are cool attachments for Laser sights and Red Dots .

  2. I have an MCKN with an EO512 and Surefire X-300B mounted as well as a Specter Tactical Single Point Sling.

    Can mount ANY of my Glocks and it is as effective as a PCC out to 25 yds.

    This POS looks useless.

    • Itd great when used as intended and is perfect for disabled shooters. Also allows for more Glock customization than a Roni kit.

  3. I want one for the 365 that would be sweat i figured between that and the 320 there are enough around to justify making them

      • People who view stamps and the definitions of stocks vs braces as a restriction would also agree. You might not need it, but why not? I am all for turning a pistol into an SBR if that is more cost effective for you, or simply easier. Whatever floats your boat.

        • We shouldn’t have to pay a damn tax and those that do are the problem! They are submissive and that’s why we don’t have shit anymore cause they are the ones that bow down to the gov. The braces the better

        • I don’t know if I’d say I am part of the problem for having two stamps. I disagree with having to obtain them in the first place, and obviously the laws exist to fuck over law abiding citizens in these areas, but If I legally defend myself with my suppressed 300 I’d like to have one less reason for them to fuck me in my trial. I also have the SBR stamp because I thought, fuck it why not. I will get the full auto stamp very soon. I take it you don’t own any of these things and that’s ok, but the whole boog mentality of making them yourself is cool kid talk and will get you prison time. I train regularly, physically and mentally to avoid prison and finding myself in a situation I cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I had no other options. Funny thing is, I used the Stimulus to obtain those stamps… so thanks fed bois for buying my shit for me and taking almost 4 months to get them for me.

        • @Montana Actual
          “I also have the SBR stamp because I thought, fuck it why not.”
          Why not:
          1. Crossing state lines…you have to get permission first.
          2. You’re not allowed to conceal a rifle.
          3. Stamps…Mother may I?

        • Two stamps. . . .amateur wait till you have 10 plus then brag. J/K welcome to the addition

        • lol is that a thing? Guess I should buy a stamp book…

          For me it was really about a home defense gun so I don’t go def in the event of needing to fire and I think pistol braces are super ghey. Folding stocks are all the rage rn. That’s all really.

    • Disabilities vary. My dad was disabled. I remember him hunting with long guns. Negotiated the woods on crutches. In his later years it was a wheelchair only. No problem with straight up handguns.

      This thing. Want a carbine? Get a carbine. Want a pistol? Get a pistol. This is neither fish nor fowl.

  4. Add an 8-inch treaded barrel and a can, and that would make a dandy home-defense carbine that folds up…

  5. The YouTube reviewers already summed it up for me…”cool gadget and okay if you really want it, but not for me”.

    MechTechSystems has a proper PCC upper for your Glock lower if this is the route you want to take.

    • Yeah sure . I saw one you tuber whine about it hurting him when he shot it ! Does not hurt me one bit . It is accurate and allows for mounting optics and lights . Fuk u tube and try one !

  6. If I only had one arm I’d super glue a bumpstock to my stub. Amos “bumpstock” Moses,,,,oh sht, now I got that song stuck in my head, alligator bit it, clean up to the elbow, well I wonder where the Louisiana sheriff went to, ,,,stop stop, quick put in some Led Zeppelin

    • Thanks a lot, possum. Now I won’t be able to sleep without at least one Hee Haw rerun tonight. Maybe two, unless the wife gets out the dented skillet…

  7. I have one on my Glock 17C with a Fastfire III mounted on the Dueck co-witness mounts, an X300 up front and the Dawson ice magwell.

    The gun straight up fucks. Absolutely obliterates dueling trees and Texas stars.

    Plus it folds up into my little bag for travel.

  8. I do have one and I am not ‘ physically ‘ disabled and I like it a lot ! It does stabilize the pistol and increases long distance accuracy a lot ! The added rails on the frame allow for three add ons like sights and lights ! Try it before you knock it !


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