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The gaslighting has been flowing fast and furious. The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, eagerly assisted by their supporters in the media, have been claiming that the reason for the nationwide spike in violent crime is…wait for it….guns!

Literally everyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that Americans have been buying guns at a never-before-seen pace in direct response to more than a year of increased street violence, defunded police departments, and disinterested criminal justice systems.

When the increasingly pervasive crime problem began to be perceived as a political problem for the local Democrats who control America’s major cities, as well as those in Washington who cheered on many of the policies that lead to the jump in violence, the media stepped in.

Clearly, the simplest way for them to help was to place the finger of blame not on the failed policies, but on the millions of guns that had been sold and all the nuts who’ve been buying them.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes happily stepped up to draw a link between gun sales and higher crime rates.

“Last year, Americans bought 23 million guns. Sixty-four percent increase over 2019 sales, according to Washington Post analysis of federal data on gun background checks. That’s part of a larger trend which is an acceleration of gun sales in the U.S. in the last ten years.” Hayes said “America is a violent place. America has a lot of guns. And last year, American’s got a lot more guns and got more violent. Is it crazy to see a relationship between these two simple stark facts?”

When in doubt, the media always turn to a few trusted objective anti-gun sources like the Bloomberg’s paid minions at The Trace or, Garen Wintemute at UC-Davis. As The New York Times wrote . . .

Dr. Wintemute, of the University of California…analyzed federal background check data from January 2018 through the first months of the pandemic. His research showed that more violence happened in states where gun purchases were up the most — but that many factors were at play, including lockdowns and job loss, and that it was not clear that gun sales in particular were the driver.

Nevertheless, he said, the buying surge was worrying, given just how sharp the rise in homicides was last year, up by a quarter, according to data from the F.B.I. An overwhelming majority of homicides in the United States are from guns. The jump has continued this year, up by about 18 percent in a sample of 37 cities in the first three months, compared to the same period last year. Historically, however, the rate is still far below the ones from the 1990s.

“We have just turned the corner into some really awful territory,” he said.

But today, an inconvenient data point appeared. The assiduously left wing Guardian reported that a just-completed study found that gun sales, in fact, are not to blame for the “gun violence” surge.

Through July of last year, there was no clear association between the increase in firearm purchases and the increase in most interpersonal gun violence at the state level, according to a new study published in Injury Epidemiology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The findings suggest that “we need to be looking at other factors, like job loss, economic change, the closure of schools and community organizations and nonprofits, and civil unrest,” in order to understand last year’s increase in gun violence, Julia Schleimer, the lead author of the new study, said.

Note that nowhere in the Guardian’s story does the phrase “defund the police” appear.

defund the police protest
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Anyway, news like that won’t go over well at Everytown or Giffords HQ. To say nothing of the White House.

The results of the new study are an unexpected addition to the fierce political battle over how to explain last year’s estimated 25% increase in homicides, which experts say they expect will be the worst single-year increase in killings since the 1960s. While official government data is not yet available, experts are projecting that the US saw an additional 4,000 to 5,000 homicides nationwide in 2020, and the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive recorded nearly 4,000 additional gun homicides last year compared with 2019. (emphasis added)

Speaking of the White House, they appear to be in panic mode. They’ve achieved little in terms of their ambitious gun control agenda so far. They’ve proposed a couple of oppressive new rules via the ATF. One would redefine what a gun is in order to kill off the 80% lower business. The other would virtually end the sales of AR pistol braces.

Those two proposed rules have received hundreds of thousands of public comments in opposition so far, and the de facto pistol brace ban generated a letter of opposition from 48 US Senators.

And then there’s the David Chipman nomination as head of the ATF. Chipman, of course, is the current Giffords-paid gun control advocate who Grampy Joe thought would be the perfect choice to lead the nation’s firearms regulatory agency.

But Chipman didn’t even get a positive recommendation from the Senate Judiciary committee (the vote was an 11-11 tie) and no vote of the full Senate has been scheduled yet.

Some of that has to do with his advocacy of regulating Americans’ more than 20 million AR-15 rifles like machine guns under the National Firearms Act (even though he can’t manage to define what an “assault weapon” is). And key Senate Dems like Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin and John Tester may also be troubled by his lack of candor during his confirmation hearing.

Chippy did’t mention that time he lost his duty gun when he was an ATF agent. Or the fact that his wife works — well, worked — at the ATF. And there’s the little matter of Chipman’s ATF personnel record and some racist remarks he allegedly made about fellow agents while working in the ATF’s Detroit office.

The anti-gun nominee can’t afford to lose even one Senate Democrat and the fact is, he may not have the votes he needs.

Maybe that’s part of why this afternoon, the BidenHarris White House hastily announced a meeting scheduled for Monday to emphasize the bumbling administration’s efforts to combat the “gun violence” surge.

The White House says Biden will highlight his administration’s push to increase funding for local law enforcement to improve community policing practices through the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill he signed into law earlier this year. Some states and local governments are also using funding from that so-called American Rescue Plan to fund youth employment programs and other measures that could help curtail crime.

Translation: the “defund the police” push that state and local Democrats across the country pushed and cheered on has been an unmitigated disaster in terms of increased crime, lives lost, and blame directed at the Democrats who pushed it.

Biden’s budget request to Congress also calls for more funding for federal and state law enforcement, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to improve that agency’s ability to track and disrupt gun trafficking.

So now “funding for local law enforcement” has become infrastructure — or something. Biden wants it known he’ll be throwing a lot of federal cash at local governments to begin un-doing the defunding damage by putting more cops back on the payroll.

Good luck with that. Convincing people to take those beat cop jobs given the current anti-law enforcement climate in most major cities will probably be far harder than Grampy Joe thinks.

Biden will no doubt make the case Monday that a critical part of doing something about the violent crime spike and all of that alleged gun trafficking is having his man leading the ATF. That means confirming Chipman with all deliberate speed.

Will any of this make a difference in crimes committed? Please.

Still, he’ll be able to say he tossed lots of taxpayer dollars at putting more cops on the street, while continuing to lie about the scourge of guns and gun makers. In the end, about the only thing that might make Monday’s dog and pony show a success is if his handlers give him an ice cream cone to hold while he talks.

Joe Biden ice cream
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  1. You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to being a cop.
    The level of hatred towards police reads me of the late 60’s.

  2. I was going to post something here that I had intended to be profound, but that photo at the bottom of the article showing a close-up of Joe trying to stuff an oversized ice cream stack into his maw like a happy 6-year-old at the park threw me off track.


    • Many, many people are telling me that President Biden looks almost as enfeebled and clueless as I am, believe me.

      • Nobody with any sense is saying that. joe xiden belongs in a nursing home. The people propping him up need jail time for elder abuse.

      • Oh, My GOD! What biting wit! We’re all just gasping for air, here, having been rendered breathless by your bon mot! Never has such scathing sardonicism graced these pages! You are incredible!

        Fecking twat. Go pleasure yourself somewhere else.

      • An article that doesn’t even mention Trump somehow gets him mentioned in the comments. TDS appears to be a chronic mental illness.

        R E N T F R E E


  3. You can’t solve a problem when you are forbidden from discussing it. The primary factors behind violence and crime in this society are know but voicing them is verboten. Added to that censure is the way one political faction actually encourages and defends social practices that contribute to the situation. Because of these truths, things will only get worse with each generation unless something interrupts the momentum.

  4. You get a daily dose of wacky dumbbell democRat ideas from blaming S&W for influencing some mentally ill perp to the wacky ideas from the granny killer cuomo and his doubling down on his failed Gun Control dribble. And then you have the turd bucket critical race theory that trashes and blames America for short changing minorities, etc.

    Well where the f are the counter punchers? With the laundry list of race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party throughout history then why the silence from the Party of Lincoln?

    Bottom line…The democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. And it is the responsibility of the Party of Lincoln to maintain the truth about who is who and not sit there silent like bumps on a log. Hearing me mitch mcconnell et al?

    • The ‘Party of Lincoln’ underwent a metamorphosis in the 1980s and became known as the ‘Party of Reagan’ for the next few decades. I believe we may be seeing the next step in its lifespan as it becomes known as the ‘Party of Trump’ for the foreseeable future.

      • Why would the GOP want to hitch its wagon to a one term, unremarkable former President who keeps a book and Hitler’s quote nearby and who openly disdains America’s heroes who gave their lives in defense of this great nation?

        • Because you’re a self loathing stolen valor coward who believes he knows how to evaluate others?

        • What proof do offer to support your allegations?

          Hearsay is not proof, nor is the word of a political operative as neither can be deemed objective.

        • Rational, or whatever name you use next time, cite an example of my stolen valor. Just one.

        • Well, hello, nameless troll, how are you doing today?

          How’s the weather down in mom’s basement?

          I have reviewed your history of “comments”, under your various nicks, and do you know what I found (other than an astonishing level of ignorance)? You have NEVER cited a single fact in support of your “brilliant” analysis. Not once.

          You specialize in unsupported, uninformed, ‘drive by’ ad hominem and spewing talking points.

          I shall, in the future, ignore your bleatings for the pointless waste of electrons they represent.

          HAVE A NICE DAY, you commie t***!

        • “One term” SO FAR. I figure ’24 and ’28 will round that out nicely. In the case of Trump, that is! If you’re speaking of Hiden’ Biden, you’re pretty much spot on.

    • Debbie W.,

      It is exceedingly difficult to metaphorically “counter punch” when the Far Left has a strangle-hold on virtually all speech platforms with any significant audience/reach.

      The only available venues, as far as I can tell, are a few talk-radio platforms (which is almost exclusively on A.M. radio–an almost totally dead medium) or a massive grass-roots effort of photocopying flyers and affixing them to cars and mailboxes.

      In case it isn’t obvious, it is extremely difficult to organize and push back with the truth when you have no practical mass communication forum available.

      • Hail and heed, all of you, to the wisdom Baaaaaaahahahahahaha has for us. Listen, be filled, and be better for it.

        All Hail!

  5. Let’s defund the police and issue vouchers for ammo.

    With the cost of ammo as high as it is, it’s tough to get in enough practice. The increase in violent crime will come down once the price of ammo comes down. Some people (most notably rival gangbangers) hunt gangbangers for sport, and without an adequate supply of ammo, the gangbangers haven’t had their population numbers checked.

  6. Meanwhile in Democrat utopia you get shit like: “Study shows people FEEL increased gun sales result in increased crime.”

    Feelings are all that matter. Like some mystical talisman that can reshape reality. Just feel it hard enough and it’ll come true.

    • Shire-man,

      “Feelings are all that matter.”

      And that, my friend, is the root problem in our society. In my estimation it is pretty close to 50% of our population that operates almost entirely on feelings rather than facts.

  7. The authors of this report are fucking geniuses … NOT.

    “In general, Webster wrote, the relationship between gun ownership and the increased likelihood of a shooting depended a lot on who was acquiring the gun. “In places and among individuals who are particularly low risk, more guns may have little impact on rates of lethal violence, but in places and among individuals of high risk, gun ownership can greatly increase risks of lethal violence,” he wrote.”

    So … it’s the PERSON … and NOT the GUN. I’m glad he told us that. I don’t think we’d have figured it out, otherwise. /sarc.

    • They can’t discuss certain conclusions because they will be viewed as racist.

      Much like how science became political when Trump mentioned a possible source being a leak from a bio-research lab. Scientists refused to publicly say something similar because they feared being labelled “Pro-Trump”. Now that Grampy Joe mentioned such a possible source are scientists publicly considering this theory. Millions of lives lost to not only to politics, but petty politics.

  8. The fascist left has operated outside the law for a long time. Billionaires like gates and soros bought the democratic party. antifa are operating publicly outside the law.

    When the .gov is operating openly as a crime family why should the man in the street be law abiding?

    • THAT, right there, is the key. In any nation in any era, for simple logistical reasons, the system itself can only cope with a very small percentage of lawlessness, which means that the authorities are heavily reliant on the people voluntarily choosing to follow the law even if the disagree with it (a pathetic notion you still occasionally see espoused by some old school Republicans). But at this point, the leftists in this country have gotten the message aloud and clear that as long as they cleave to the correct ideology, the police and courts will have their backs. Meanwhile, conservatives are finally (and rightfully) taking notice of that fact and saying “well if you’re not going to enforce the law on them then why should I respect the concept?”

      America hasn’t lost the rule of law, the rule of law has lost America. The powers that be, from big name politicians to small town beat cops, have chosen to gleefully disembowel their own supposed moral authority by enforcing things that aren’t the law while simultaneously refusing to enforce things that are.

      TL;DR: laws, especially malum prohibitum ones, largely rely on voluntary individual compliance to be effective. But the courts and cops have removed its objectivity, thus demonstrating that there’s no reason to respect “the law” just because it’s “the law”

    • It’s deeper than anyone knows…a fakebook acquaintance I haven’t seen in 50 years told me as a senior I could get a $200000(!)grant from some “Democracy” fund. She tells me she got it. A quick check shows it is a shell group funded by George Soros! I told her I won’t sell my soul to Satan. She was miffed…yeah she’s a 68year old happy gal. Woke AF.

  9. I don’t think we should defund the police just send them home for 30-60 days. All of them. I’m willing to bet most of the violence problems will be solved in that time. If not repeat as needed.

  10. Criminals are to blame for the rise in crime, and most if not all Democrats are too stupid to make the association. Fewer criminals mean fewer Democrats, and that affects their voter base.

  11. Meanwhile there is discussion of a plan for the Capital police to open field offices in California and Florida.

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