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Have a great weekend, y’all! Maybe bury some guns. What’s the move there? Use a Food Saver to seal ’em up in bags like these and then bury them in a waterproof Plano case? Asking for a friend.


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  1. Yes.

    Super yes.

    Super turbo, titanium, unicorn-flavored yes.

    (but really, Mr. Alphabet Agency agent who’s monitoring this site, I really *did* lose my 10 guns in that boating accident…)

    • Oh man, that’s tragic. Sorry to hear about the boating accident. Can’t believe we as a community haven’t learned to be more careful on the water. This is all too common.

        • Did you ever see the new BATF super magnet fishing boat paid for with your tax dollars? Make sure you give them the right gps location for the ‘accident’, otherwise they’ll charge you with falsifying an official report, obstruction of justice, and etc.

        • The Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle actually floats (when taken down and stored inside its hollow stock). I guess the designer wanted to solve the problem of all those guns getting lost in tragic boating accidents, LOL.

          The problem with saying you lost your guns in a tragic boating accident is that (at least in my state) police can then arrest you for unlawful possession of guns while boating, as well as failure to report a boating accident as required by law, and failure to report the loss of guns, as also required by law. So you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t (damned if you do report it, damned if you don’t report it). However, the penalty for failing to report a boating accident or the loss of guns is less than the penalty for “boating-while-armed” in my state, so it’s best not to report it.

          But ironically, to make “boating-while-armed” legal in New Jersey, all we have to do is get a fishing permit, as long as our gun is “suitable for fishing” — but who determines what’s suitable for fishing? “Yes, officer, my .50 Caliber Barrett rifle was my fishing gun because ever since I saw the movie Jaws, I’ve been terrified of shark attacks! And yes, I had to have two dozen other guns with me just in case my Barrett jammed while Jaws was attacking me.”

  2. And here I thought I was being carbon neutral by attempting to move my gun cabinet via canoe – I may never recover from the trauma of loss!

  3. I like the “math “, but I’m going to shoot mine, not bury them… How long you think it’d take to dig them and the ammo up and get things running?

    Better plan is to stop whining and bitching to each other around here, act civilized to your friends and neighbors and convince them in a non-threatening, human being-type manner to vote right in ‘22 and ‘24.

    No frickin’ majority of Americans (or even illegal aliens ALREADY HERE) think what’s going on in the commie population centers is right under Harris/Biden. Even the fence jumpers don’t want their kids shot and the working ones, of which the majority of Latinos I’ve been around are, would rather keep more of what they earn than let the govt confiscate a major portion of it.

    Offer to take your non-shooting acquaintances shooting. It’ll be ammo and time we’ll spent if you make it fun, yet safe. Fun for the kids and chicks, too.

    Give them all a reason to support the Second Amendment…

    • This.

      It’s not the time to start shooting in anger. On the range, for practice, yes. As much as you can. Hunting? Absolutely fill up that freezer. You’re gonna need it.

      Get to know your neighbors. Ally with like minded folks. As useless as it sounds, you can still contact your representatives. Give money to those who you think can win. Donate to 2AF and other effective gun rights organizations.

      • It’s never a good idea to shoot in anger. Calm shot placement with proper breathing and a smooth trigger pull will yield the best results. Especially at distances of 300 meters and out. Most importantly Practice Practice Practice. In doing so the ammo used on the range can help to ensure 1 shot 1 kill when the time comes and the target is appropriate,

    • Armour or Ball Park…inquiring minds want to know….

      Jimmy Beam and Craig in IA are absolutely correct…offer to take a noob to the range (large Magnum cartridges probably not a good idea for a first-timer). Your kind instruction may yield dividends in the next election cycles.

  4. Life hack:
    You can’t hide the scent from dogs trained to sniff out firearms, but you CAN overwhelm them. Save a few handfuls of spent brass on range day and sprinkle it around your property. Buried in the yard, scatter a few in the attic… everywhere your guns aren’t. May not work 100% but it would provide some entertainment.

  5. I’m to old to run very far. I now have a Long range rifle that I can reach out and touch someone!
    Also I had a boating accident out in the desert and all my guns sank out of sight in the sand!!

  6. 19. I have 19 guns. My original 10, and 9 more I looted off the corpses of those soulless commie bastards. That then got ate by alligators. Who went back in the water. Over yonder ways.

  7. Here is a DuckDuckGo search for “large vacuum sealer”:
    And here is a search for “dehydrator”:
    (check out the white round multilayer stackable ones – you can also make very good meat jerky with them too, not just for dehydrating fruits and veggies!)

    You put your homemade dehydrated fruits & beef (or bacon or etc.) jerky meat strips into the appropriate vacuum sealer bags, and use the vacuum sealer machine to suck out all the air and heat seal the end of the bag shut, air tight. You then have long term storage capable emergency rations that you can actually look forward to eating because they are delicious. If you are going to bury handguns and ammo, do the same as per above except put handguns and ammo in place of the food inside those vacuum seal bags. Then your guns & ammo would even be safe at the bottom of that lake after your boating accident. I can only hope you are really good at holding your breath and diving down deep when the time comes to retrieve them. 🙂

    The more you know.

  8. You’ll never use those guns.

    A homeowner in the Valley dug up a tree recently and found something unexpected — a duffle bag filled with rusted guns buried beneath it. The Phoenix Police Department said there were rusted rifles and handguns inside the duffle bag. Photos shared on the Phoenix Police Department’s Twitter account showed at least two rifles and two handguns, as well as some magazines.


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