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No one can be an expert on everything.

But maybe, just maybe, if you advocate banning certain types of weapons and want to head the agency that ultimately would be tasked with enforcing any such ban, a basic requirement should be an ability to define that class of banned weapons.

[Biden’s ATF Director nominee David] Chipman either could not or would not do so during the hearing, when asked by Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., to define “assault weapon.”

It’s not entirely clear which scenario would be worse.

If Chipman is incapable of defining “assault weapon,” it shows a level of gross incompetence that should immediately disqualify him from confirmation as ATF director.

If, as is more likely the case, he actually can define “assault weapon” but refused to do so publicly, it’s hard to see it as anything but a tactical smokescreen to avoid revealing the truth about such bans.

Defining assault weapon means describing scary-looking features unrelated to the gun’s functionality. Chipman would have been forced to admit that the differences between the guns he would ban and the guns he would not ban are not differences in lethality, at all. Then he would have found himself in the quite embarrassing place of having just undone his entire premise for the ban he supports.

Regardless of whether Chipman’s answer was incompetence or tactical smokescreen, the lack of a coherent answer raises giant red flags.

— Amy Swearer in Biden’s ATF Nominee Amplifies Concerns About Stance on Second Amendment

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  1. Not a new tact for authoritarians to fall back on the tried and true: “because I said so.”

    I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.”

    • I know it when I see it
      The phrase “I know it when I see it” is a colloquial expression by which a speaker attempts to categorize an observable fact or event, although the category is subjective or lacks clearly defined parameter

    • The new proposal on “receiver, readily, and firearm,” as well as “ghost guns” changes the definitions and makes every AR15 and pretty much every semi-auto into a machine gun, by virtue of it being “readily” converted “in an 8 hour workday using a fully stocked and operational machine shop.” It also demands all records be kept indefinitely, creating a national firearm registry, contrary to multiple current laws!

      Chipman’s definition of every rifle with a detachable mag over 22 caliber means 90% of rifles will be banned as assault weapons, but they will already be banned as readily converted to machine guns under the proposed definition change of readily and receiver.

      This is a blatant attempt to disarm America. When in the course of human events…

      • Well… while we’re on the subject…

        The term assault rifle originated with Adolf Hitler, who used the German word Sturmgewehr (which translates to “assault rifle”) in propaganda to disarm citizens.

        The term literally since its inception has been nothing but a tool to take guns from the population so it would be easier to control.

        And nothing went wrong there did it?

  2. The non-answer was intentional. A vague definition can mean anything. It allows ATF to categorize any semi automatic weapon as a weapon that is too dangerous for civilians to own.

    • +1 exactly. Once they build a fence around it, nothing outside that fence can be called an “assault weapon”.

      • Which is exactly what they tried last time and ended up with the idiotic cosmetic differences that worked around the ’93 ban.

        The “decline to define” is definitely intentional.

        Lean on your US Senators regardless of their party affiliation or past voting history, particularly if they are up for re-election in 2022. Votes matter, at their ends and at ours.

    • “The non-answer was intentional. A vague definition can mean anything.”


      One thing that amused me was that he stated it would apply to over .22 caliber.

      Is he seriously that stupid to not know a low-recoiling semi-auto 10/22 would still work quite well for a mass shooter intent on reaching a new high score?

      • Personally, a more important ‘oops’ was his statement that his “definition” would apply to any caliber “above .22”. Since all knowledgeable gun people are aware that the BULLET DIAMETER of the .22lr round and the .223/5.56 round are . . . identical. So, by his own statement, an AR-15 could not be an “assault weapon”. More importantly, and somewhat getting into the weeds, every POTG knows that “caliber”, by itself, has a relatively small contribution to overall lethality. Sure, I’d rather be shot by a .22lr than a .223. Of course, I’d also rather be shot at 150 yards with a .45acp than a .223.

        If an INTELLIGENT person did an actual objective analysis, it would be fairly easy to conclude that the “lethality” of a .223 AR-15 derives almost entirely from three factors: (1) the .223 round has a relatively high muzzle velocity; (2) the .223 fired from a full rifle has little recoil (i.e., it’s easier to get fast follow-up rounds on target); and (3) last but not least, common ammunition in .223 has bullets that are relatively frangible. The combination of a frangible bullet being delivered at relatively high velocity, with the ability to make fast, accurate follow-up shots is a fairly lethal combination.

        Personally, I’m not a fan of the poodleshooter. I much prefer the .308 round, both for effectiveness at range and for striking power. I happen to be a big guy ( 6′ 4″, 225 lbs.), and the recoil of a .308 is easily manageable for me. Even better, I’d take a 6.5 Swedish or a 6.5 Creedmor over even the .308 (with the right bullet weight) – less recoil, but fully lethal at equivalent distances and beyond.

        Not that we didn’t already know it (his ‘trophy photos’ from Waco proved it), but Chipman is a radical authoritarian thug. While I believe his confirmation as head of the ATF would be a travesty, I am not naive enough to think any other choice Gropey Joe would make would be any better.

        • Actually, Chipman noted that “above .22” would include the AR-15. That is, any bullet diameter greater than .22nothing would be considered an assault rifle.

        • In another life he might have been known as Reinhard Heydrich. Even Heinrich Himmler.

        • Yeah, Sam, but that would ALSO include the venerable .22lr, which he IMPLIEDLY excluded in his (ignorant) remark. Now, if he actually meant that, and was trying to be ‘cute’, then I guess literally EVERY semi-automatic above the .17 becomes an ‘assault rifle’.

          Is he a liar, or just stupid? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • Lamp Of Diogenes, Chipmunk did NOT make a mistake, although he tried to make it LOOK LIKE a mistake, he wants to ban EVERYTHING more powerful than a BB GUN. His boss (no, not Biden) has made it perfectly clesr that he wants ALL werpons banned.

  3. Claiming something over and over does not make it true.

    Chipman, answering Sen. Cotton’s question, defined assault rifle just fine: “…any semi-automatic rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine above the caliber of .22, which would include a .223, which is, you know largely the AR-15 round.”

    2A defenders do not like that answer, but put into any legalese you like, Chipman presented a definition that lawmakers can use when writing legislation. Chipman should have had Sen. Feinstein’s definition in front of him, but banning semi-auto rifles above .22 caliber is not a murky response to the question.

    The concern should be that Chipman was so certain of an easy ride, and confirmation, that he did not properly prepare. That indicated Chipman is certain that whatever he recommends, or Congress passes, will give him even more power to control firearms, thus preparation for Congressional hearings was unnecessary.

    • “Claiming something over and over does not make it true.”

      Something an actual Nazi once said about “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth.”

      Anyways –

      “The concern should be that Chipman was so certain of an easy ride, and confirmation, that he did not properly prepare. That indicated Chipman is certain that whatever he recommends, or Congress passes, will give him even more power to control firearms, thus preparation for Congressional hearings was unnecessary.”

      That’s a valid concern, but by reading all the recent wailing and gnashing of teeth about the killing the filibuster recently, they may not be able to do that without risking a *massive* push-back at mid-term time.

      Angry people vote. 2A folks vote. Risking what happened to Obama after passing O-care at mid-terms utterly neutered any other big plans he had, including gun control…

    • Dumb. So a .204 (over 400 FPS muzzle velocity) would be okay because the bullet is smaller than .22? Like I said, Dumb.

      • It is embarrassing to call out someone as being dumb and then make a dumb mistake.. Should have said 4000 FPS

      • “So a .204 (over 400 FPS muzzle velocity) would be okay because the bullet is smaller than .22?”

        Now, you are getting into “high power” firearms; different legislation (or maybe different interpretation) needed.

        Frankly, given all the “victories” the Left claims, I don’t know why they don’t just cut the know, and declare any firearm that can fire more than one bullet without manually reloading between shots is an “assault weapon”. That would include revolvers, and “derringers”. Not sure, at all, what all the fiddling with definitions is all about.

        • Definitions are what the govt uses to define what to ban. Caliber has a specific definition, bullet diameter, a .22 long rifle uses a .223 diameter bullet as does some AR-15s.

    • Sorry, Sam, the whole “calibers above .22” thing shoots that right in the @$$. The caliber, or bullet diameter, of the .22lr and the .223 are exactly the same. How is that a usable definition??. Suppose, as a mental exercise, we assume they clarify further and specify “a semi-automatic rifle of .22 or higher caliber, firing center fire rounds”. How long after that would it be before wildcatters were making rimfire .223 cartridges (maybe call it the “.22Ultramag”), firing rounds significantly longer than the .22 magnum, with, say, 1700 – 2000 fps muzzle velocity? Give me one of those, with say a 50 round magazine, and how would that, IN ANY WAY, be “less lethal” than the .223???

      It’s a stupid definition, from a stupid person, and I would personally LOVE to litigate that “ban” on the basis of ACTUAL BULLET MEASUREMENTS. Chipman is an ignorant clown, appointed by a senile, ignorant clown, for a job that shouldn’t exist in the first place. But Chipman the Waco Kid is just a synptom, not the disease.

      • “How is that a usable definition??.”

        First, you gotta think like a federal employee.

        Second, depend on the “average” citizen to be to unsophisticated to grasp what “above .22” actually implies.

        Third, “sell” the legislation as getting “high power”, auto-fire weapons out of the hands of the public, so that a “law-abiding” gun owner cannot own a “weapon of war”, and suddenly snap, and shoot everyone in sight.

        Fourth, declare the public was properly informed that .223 diameter bullets would cause “common” .22LR caliber to become banned.

        Fifth, laugh at the ignorant “rubes” who didn’t understand the trap that was set.

        • Fortunately that’s not how laws and courts work. Laws that use vague or completely wrong language can not stand up to court challenges.

        • To nearly all non-gun people, a .50AE and a .50BMG are the same because they have the same bore diameter.

        • Cato (and Sam),

          That’s not how courts are SUPPOSED to work. Being from the Socialist People’s Republic of KKKalifornia, and having deal with the 9th Circus for years, I know better. I would NOT depend on the 9th Circus to declare an obviously improperly written law to be “improper”. SCOTUS is (so far) only marginally better.

          Sam, in the first place, “thinking like a government employee” is an oxymoron. If that is their plan, my response is “Good luck with that, nitwits.” Followed by eagerly following the wildcatters to see how they respond.

          Would your nefarious plan also include pistol caliber carbines as “assault weapons”? Then you’d have the . . . interesting . . . anomaly of the Ruger PC being an illegal assault weapon, but the MUCH more powerful Henry Big Boy or Winchester 1892. As for ‘rate of fire’, I commend to your attention the video of Jerry Miculek shooting a lever gun. I’m no Jerry Miculek, but I can empty a Big Boy pretty darn fast.

          All of which is a long-winded way of saying that the pervasive ignorance of the anti-gun zealots makes any pretense as to either the effectiveness, or any conceivable “safety” arguments male bovine excrement, of the purest ray serene.

    • Semi auto AR-15s/AR-10s are not “assault rifles” The military uses full auto/select fire.And that’s what they are. Not semi auto only. There is no such thing as an “assault rifle”, it’s just a term dems invented to have a reason to claim they need banning.
      After the ATF makes detach. mag semi autos illegal the next step will be to make ALL semi auto rifles illegal. The .22LR lever guns and tube mag rifles will be next.

      You can assault someone with *any rifle*. And when one does they are charged with murder. Soon, banning all rifles will be the next step for Chipman. After that, the ATF will be trying to ban “assault baseball bats” and “assault knives”, and likely even “assault cars”.
      The ATF already knew the railway shooter , had already been informed and again, failed to inform local LE Dept. Same ol’ song and dance by ATF.

      What BS.

      Chipman needs to fade into dark obscurity, not to be chief of ATF

      • “Semi auto AR-15s/AR-10s are not “assault rifles” ”


        Don’t count on the millions, zillions and gazillions of covid-motivated gun owners to care much about definitions…until handguns are banned.

      • Local gun control groups downunder are trying to get “rapid fire” lever action rifles and shotguns banned. And sporting rifles are already being described as “sniper rifles”.
        They have advanced the playbook to the next levels.

        • Thank you, Southern Cross, it appears that you have let the cat out of the bag. The gun grabbers don’t differentiate caliber nor action they want ALL guns banned PERIOD. It IS that simple.

        • They want the guns to disappear. And then the former gun owners to disappear.

        • I agree 100%. In existence is an equal twofold goal and that’s to be rid of the gun owners as well as the guns.

  4. Biden will likely stick Chipman in as a recess appointment, before he is confirmed or denied, by the Senate as the DemoRats are that arrogant. He would still have to step down if not confirmed, but having him be director for one day could cause a lot of damage that would need to be undone and the law suits would continue past the Biden 1st term.

    Chipman wants power and control over people, guns are just a way to get there, He wants the BATFE budget expanded and the number of personnel increased. Basically turning them into a “mini-FBI” that primary targets otherwise law abiding citizens. Basically “Jack Booted Thugs”, turned lose in America.

    The way he wants to do that is through “licensing” which turns a Right into a Privilege. First is “Assault Weapons” which will be any centerfire rifle or pistol capable of semi-automatic fire, that is chambered in greater than 22 caliber and can take a detachable magazine. Pistols with have a further qualification, that they must weigh more empty than 3 lbs or have a magazine that in not contained in the grip of the firearm. These will all be entered into the NFA register with the same restrictions and controls as machine guns.

    New magazine production will be limited to 10 rounds for all firearms moving forward with no registration required for those. Keep what you have, but no new production of standard capacity magazines.

    Once all the complaints about the long wait times and high cost of buying and transferring “Assault Weapons” gets loud enough, the government will trot out a “Better Solution”, every owner will be able to get a license to own firearms from the federal government, like a driver’s license. It will allow you to buy firearms without a NCIS check and also buy ammo without a background check (that’s coming too). Of course all 4473 will have to be electronically filled out and stored in a central cloud accessible by law enforcement.

    They will get their list of “Legal” gun owners, List of weapons owned and will have the means to raid your home and confiscate your property for any reason they can find. Eventually, new “Assault Weapon” production will be banned and old ones “Grandfathered” so when the owner dies, the guns must be destroyed or turned in, etc. It will take 50 years, but when they are done, gun ownership will look a lot like it does in England today.

    This list is their wet dream and David Chipman is the “Fluffer” they have chosen to make this dream come true.

  5. No doubt chipmonkey is threat to freedom. Why he would make the perfect lily white democRat plantation slave master…Now you slaves better hush that gun stuff up…masser chipmonkey hears talk of guns he runs gets his cracker whip crackin so quiet down and get back to pickin cotton.

  6. Gun Control is Anti Freedom and Tyrants will Say and/or Do anything necessary to deflect from their intent for it’s Implementation. Whether it be by Insidious means or outright Tyrannical Confiscation. The desire of Liberal Democrat to attain total control over the populace of Our Nation has followed a long and convoluted path. The Infiltration and Indoctrination of Education and the Media has been but a part of the overall strategy. Their ability to Infiltrate into the Governmental Bureaucracy Complex has allowed them to Implement and Attain many of their goals of Control without the need of election or oversight of the Citizenry. A Bureaucratic Mechanism that has grown so large that it operates as a separate Entity above and outside the boundaries of even the Constitution. A Black Hole of regulations and edicts that many aren’t aware of and few understand how to fight. It is not the Politicians that the Citizenry should fear most for they are for all their underhandedness still in the light of day and can be Dealt with. It is the Bureaucracy that by which Freedom will be Turned Asunder. A bastion of unknown Minions led and controlled by Unknown Elites who behind the scenes strive to Control the destiny of Our Nation regardless of the Good or Ill of it’s People. You Have Been Warned

    • Darkman, you are the only one to aknowledge the truth, you have pulled back the rug where all of the dirt has been swept. I hope other readers open their eyes, it’s not the elected but the ones that are ensconsed in the bureaucracy that RUN THE COUNTRY guided by someone else.

  7. Normally, I find it low-brow to point out the way a person looks. But whether Chipman gets the post or not he needs to fight a B-Z list celebrity for charity or whatevs as he has the most punchable face ever!

  8. Competence is not required. All that they need do is tow the party line.

    What I do find interesting is that such a large portion of the 2A community seems to have no trouble at all with referring to AR15’s as assault rifles. Maybe its just the funds but its obvious that there isn’t as much coessive unity on the right as there is on the left. These words do have meanings and that has nothing to do with what state your in, your chosen profession, or whether you hunt or not.

      • I agree ARs are not assault weapons (AR pistols or rifles). But when the definition of an unallowable-for-civilians to own weapon can be anything with a magazine, the term is meaningless for the ATF and people that want to ban guns.

  9. Shouldn’t an atf director by honest?… not telling lies about Waco and Ruby Ridge…Should an atf director not be a murderer of women and children?

  10. Before anyone is appointed to be in charge of any program of any type they should know all about the job the products, aware of how the item or items work, what is required to operate and use the products, in other word’s knowledge of the items inside and out, without this they have no business been in charge.

    • I have an old T-shirt that reads: “Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms? Should be a convenience store, not a government agency.”

      OTOH, you could ask the identical question about virtually ANY government agency, with pretty much the same results. They exist to “regulate” us peons, and provide lifetime “employment” to otherwise unemployable losers.

  11. @Cato
    “Fortunately that’s not how laws and courts work. Laws that use vague or completely wrong language can not stand up to court challenges.”

    Oh, but the do, regularly. Look up “Chevron Doctrine”. Federal agencies have been designated, by SCOTUS, as authority to interpret their own policies, procedures and regulations. The words mean what the agency says they mean.

    ATF would need to define “machine gun” as including city buses in order to successfully bring a lawsuit for vague, capricious, malicious (or some such) action, in order for courts to declare that ATF exceeded their authority to interpret their own documents. And declaring buses to be machine guns might not even require public notice, if ATF decides they are clarifying existing regulations, not creating new regulation.

    And the really cool part…even if a federal agency is overruled, that agency has the benefit (and fun) of tormenting the public for however long the egregious interpretation lasts.

    • I’m not sure Chevron could keep the courts from their duty of interpreting a law that deprives someone of their 2nd amendment rights. I think the interpretation that any magazine fed weapon ‘above .22 caliber’ could be banned would be considered way too broad. The ATF interpretation that any such weapon is an assault weapon could stand (maybe stupidly) and still be judged as unconstitutional and thereby unenforceable.

      • A SCOTUS that can rule civil asset confiscation (removing property from an automobile without charging a crime) is permissible is a SCOTUS that can constitutionally protected rights to be ignored in order to uphold precedent, history and tradition.

        • You gave an example of overreach, bus = machine gun. The ATF can call whatever it wants an assault weapon. When that policy is seen to going too far to disarm people, violating the 2nd amendment, the current Supreme Court will step in.

        • Cato,

          I HOPE your belief in this SCOTUS is not misplaced, but personally, I have my doubts. John “Windsock” Roberts has already screwed us multiple times.

      • We keep yelling “unconstitutional” while the frightened Karens don’t care about “our” rights, just get rid of the scary guns. This crap is pushed on the nightly news and has been for years while we whistle in the wind.

  12. He is NOT stupid. He has an agenda we do not like. The Nazis in Germany were not stupid either, they had an agenda that was much more important to them than to the citizens. Like the Nazis, he wants control of the masses.
    People in LE that are like that were the ones that were bullied in school and they want revenge. People like this need to be weeded out before they can even start a career in LE.

    • THe true agenda is mass extermination of humans deemed not to fit the planned future. It’ll make Hitler’s extermination of the Jews pale in comparison. Watch the video I posted several posts below this one, if you want to know their real plan. It goes into great depth, explains the origins of the most sinister secret organization evil minds have ever dreamed of. taking our firearms is merely their first directive.

  13. Sorry, this is a bull shit post. The ATF does not get to define “assault weapon.” That privilege belongs EXCLUSIVELY to Congress and the president through enacted legislation. There is NO current federal definition of “assault weapon,” because assault weapons are not banned under existing federal law. So quite frankly, I don’t give two hoots if Chippie has a personal definition or not; his opinion on the subject is irrelevant. He did however refer to the fact that a federal assault weapons ban bill is pending, a bill that contains a rather extensive definition, and to which he referred in his testimony.

    All that his semi-nonanswer establishes is his animosity to magazine fed semiautomatic rifles. If (and that is a big IF) he is confirmed, he will only get to “enforce” the definition that Congress passes. Further, his only enforcement activities are arrests; the DOJ gets to decide how the definition applies in criminal prosecutions.

    • “Sorry, this is a bull shit post. The ATF does not get to define “assault weapon.” ”

      All federal agencies write enabling regulations under the pretense of directing how agency leaders and employees will implement federal legislation. Thus, enter interpretations, regularly upheld by courts, that effectively become “the law of the land”. Then, those agencies get to declare what their interpretations mean; heads they win, tails they win.

      It is important understand who leaders of federal agencies are, and what they want to do to the populace.

  14. I’m getting sick of seeing the lamestream media call black pistols “assault rifles.”
    If it’s black, they call it an “assault rifle”, even if it’s a handgun.
    That’s racism.

  15. The 5.56mm NATO and .223 Remington cartridges are .224 in diameter (not .223 as commonly assumed).
    But the .22 LR rimfire cartridge is .223 (or .2255″ to be exact), so technically .22 rimfire is also over .22 caliber, so by Chipman’s definition, that makes every 10/22 plinker an “assault weapon!”
    Also, by Chipman’s definition, the AK-74 and other standard Russian military rifles are not assault weapons, because they fire the 5.45 x 39 cartridge, which is smaller than the .223.
    The 5.45 x 39 cartridge has a diameter of .220.

    So according to the great wisdom of David Chipman:
    The AK-74 military rifle is not an assault weapon, but
    The 10/22 rifle, firing .22 LR rimfire, is an assault weapon.
    Got it!

  16. The man is a danger to our liberties and the Republic. His comments about his involvement at Waco and his claimed knowledge of “gun owners” speak for him more loudly than trumpets and banner headlines.

  17. He is the same as every other GS14 and above that is just there to do what they are told.
    Look at the sec of energy blaming fuel prices on covid instead of policy. She’s clueless and they just hire yes men.

  18. Definition of an assault weapon: Any object, including hand, feet, or other body parts, used to commit a physical assault upon another human being.
    Definition of assault rifle: According to the DOD: An intermediate caliber rifle or carbine capable of fully automatic, or restricted burst fire as well as being capable of semi-automatic fire.
    Basically a rifle of a smaller, lighter, less powerful caliber that can be used in semi-auto, burst, or full-auto modes. Because Full auto is heavily restricted for civilian ownership, Assault rifles don’t exist in the legal civilian market.
    The so called assault weapons ban as was signed under Clinton focused on cosmetics and not on function or lethality. Just as the current uproar is because an AR-15 looks like something the fools were issued in their 1 hitch in the military and barely qualified with. Or just saw in the movies or hyped news reports.

    • What’s the point? Are you saying the assault weapons ban 1994 – 2004 didn’t ban AR-15s? No matter how many people whine and moan that AR-15s are not assault weapons it will not change what the ATF does. Focusing on function and lethality makes any semi auto weapon (pistol or rifle) possibly being classified as an assault weapon. Any gun can be lethal inn the hands of a criminal. Laws should control or restrict bad people not ‘bad’ guns.

    • Yes he should be, but given that, we have his opinion and only that. By the way, regarding the opinions of the present nominee, his past performance and current affiliations must be considered in any evaluation of his thinking or comments. The above mentioned, by the way, raise serious question as to the propriety of his nomination.

  19. People aren’t buying guns to get rich when the socialist want to buy them back! They’re like the early colonist willing to fight for their rights, RIGHTS!!!%

  20. Everyone here needs to watch this youtube video. It’s 5 hours long. Watch 30 minutes a day or similar if you cannot find the time to watch it all in one sitting. ALL OF YOU NEED TO KNOW who is really who, what they really are and how the polis have planned, as well as what and how they have planned to do it. Watching it IS A MUST for EVERY American.
    The poster backs up everything he states with proof positive. It’s quite alarming, and quite shocking, as well as bone chilling once one realizes the plan. But it all comes together and makes perfect sense once you understand it all. Please do yourself the biggest favor you’ve ever done for yourself and watch it and hear the guy out right to the end of the video. You have to know this. Watch it ASAP. Link below.

    • “It’s 5 hours long.”
      Will I ever get that 5 hours back?
      Wasn’t this guy in “Get Him to the Greek”?
      They must have some good pot in the “Country”.

  21. “Shouldn’t an ATF Director Be Able to Define What an ‘Assault Weapon’ Is When He’s Asked?”

    Nope. Not his job, not his problem. His job is to run his own personal agenda roughshod over the citizens of the USA.

    Judging by his own statements and deeds that is.

  22. The Director of the ATF should not be able to make Law through the dubious method of issuing Rules and Regulations which when entered into the Federal Register have the effect of Law. Only Congress can right Law which is voted on by the Peoples Representatives not some Political Appointee.

  23. @Lamp
    “Is he a liar, or just stupid? Inquiring minds want to know.”

    Smart money should be on “liar”. Lefties get off on using words to deceive normals.

  24. Every time I see a photo of Chipman, I am reminded of the CNN/MSNBC/Whatever talking head’s comment in 2019 about the geezer-harassed, pro-life marcher Nick Sandman’s face being “punchable.”


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