David Chipman
Biden ATF Director nominee David Chipman
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It seems that the nation’s firearms regulator — better known as the ATF — hasn’t been forthcoming with FOIA requests into the work record of a former employee named David Chipman. You know Chipman as the ex-agent and current paid hack for the gun control industry. After leaving the ATF, he went to work for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown civilian disarmament operation before jumping over to Giffords where he’s still on the payroll.

Chipman’s record of producing prodigious amounts of anti-gun agitprop was so impressive that it caught the eye of whoever is running things in the White House these days. That resulted in someone else feeding Chipman’s name into a Teleprompter so President BidenHarris would announce his nomination to run the agency that formerly employed him (and where his wife is currently employed).

Which brings us to a complaint that’s been filed by something called the American Accountability Foundation, an org that does “non-partisan conservative research and fact-checking so Americans can hold their elected leaders accountable.”

They want a look at David Chipman’s personnel file from his time as an ATF government employee. Toward that end, they filed the appropriate FOIA request with the ATF…to which the agency has failed to respond. As a result, the AAF filed a lawsuit today seeking information into allegations of “professionally impermissible statements” by Chipman.

As stated in the lawsuit . . .

In an answer to a question from Senator Ted Cruz, David H. Chipman admitted that at least two Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints had been filed against him while he was previously employed at ATF.

David H. Chipman also admitted to Senator Ted Cruz that his personnel file was still under the control of the federal government.

The AAF goes on to say that they believe there were actually more than two EEOC complaints filed.

As Rob Romano, the community communications director for the Firearms Policy Coalition reports, the AAF has reason to believe that at least one of those complaints is because Chipman allegedly made disparaging statements regarding minorities’ intellectual abilities.

Uh oh. If we’ve been following the current zeitgeist correctly, expressing the opinion that minorities can’t succeed without cheating is…how do you put it…a cancellable offense. If true, that would preclude a nominee from running a federal agency with over 5,000 employees, many of whom are, well, minorities.

Is there anything behind the AAF’s allegations? We don’t know. As Brett Kavanaugh can tell you, anyone can make virtually any wild allegation against someone in an attempt to derail their nomination. Politics is a dirty business and there are plenty of people who are all too willing to get down in the muck.

But if these allegations are false, wouldn’t Chipman and the ATF want to refute them? Couln’t they easily do so? These aren’t claims about what might have happened at a high school party 40+ years ago, these are allegations about workplace behavior that is supposedly documented in Chipman’s file. There’s either a record of this incident or there isn’t.

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee postponed a vote on moving the Chipman nomination to the full Senate for a vote…something that should have been a slam-dunk. They’re currently scheduled to hold that vote on Thursday. Does the delay have anything to do with what’s in his personnel record? Inquiring minds want to know.

Shouldn’t Senators have that information — whatever may be there — when it comes time to vote on his nomination? What are the chances that the AAF will get access to Chipman’s records before the Senate votes?


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    • As if. They don’t care about the unwashed masses. What bothered me most was the picture of him standing on the rubble at WACO, grinning, after he helped murder those men, women and children.

      • This. Making half-assed statements about the ability of minority candidates to pass standard tests is a cancellable offense but being a Federal baby killer gets a person promoted.

        • I was thinking about that very conundrum myself…or how many times his issued service pistol was ” replaced, original unaccounted for”…

      • Pretty sure that was fake news. If he was there, that wasn’t him.
        His record without that, that we know, is still terrible enough without embellishment.

    • Biden knew who this guy was when he nominated him. Embarrassing past behaviors can’t be allowed to get in the way of a good F-U to Mr. and Ms. Law Abiding Gun Owner.

      Speaking of which, does the ATF actually do anything with the A and T sides of the house?

      • ATF is responsible for enforcing the taxes on alcohol and tobacco, part of its original mission when it was still a part of the IRS. That’s why the moonshiners called them “revenoors.” They still chase moonshiners and importers of untaxed cigarettes.

    • “Biden will be forced to withdraw him.”


      What will happen is that pesky file will be properly ‘sterilized’ of politically-inconvenient entries…

  1. I was thinking about that very conundrum myself…or how many times his issued service pistol was ” replaced, original unaccounted for”…

  2. They should also file a FOIA with OPM where the official employment record is stored separately from the ATF internal record. Big difference because it also holds the original background and subsequent investigations.

  3. His Senate committee markup/vote has been delayed at least twice, his nomination is in trouble, and the meat puppet controllers are likely to withdraw him rather than loose the vote in the Senate.

  4. “Shouldn’t Senators have that information — whatever may be there — when it comes time to vote on his nomination?”

    Uh, yep….You would think that a bunch of high-powered lawyers who are a key part of the legislative body of the US would demand every shred of information about a job applicant’s background before even considering him to head up an armed federal force. Especially his job-related performance in the very agency he is expected to run should be laid bare in detail. Seems to me, if there is any foot-dragging by the administration, the job candidate is not even interviewed.

    • It’s only a concern of the Democrats if it’s someone Trump tries to install. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

  5. The golden question is; “DOES CHIPMAN HAVE A GIGLIO FILE WITH THE ATF” … ???

    This is where you’ve basically been determined to have no credibility whatsoever and therefore are officially barred for life from being in any position of trust that may require you to testify in court.

    If he has such a file he has no business being in govt. employment at all because you’re permanently barred from a security clearance.

  6. Chipper helped murder lots of White people, so the left views that as a virtue. Chipper is grossly incompetent and inarticulate, but, hey, look at all of the roasted children of people who defied the government. Chipper is a dangerous, cancerous psychotic and unfit to lead a crew of septic tank cleaners.

    • Chipman reminds me of Gary Busey. Should only be allowed out in public while wearing a shock collar.

      • Thats a slight to Busey.
        Even after a traumatic brain injury, he has more game and integrity than this POS.

        • Yeah. He was a wild-ass.

          A little less predictable once did the low-side/high-side thing.

          But he was never even approaching baby-killer POS.

    • I knew a guy nicknamed Chipper, I’ve known a lot of hombres but Chipper was the worst.

  7. Ah come on guys, you can tell Chips on the up and up, I mean look at that face, honesty just oozes from it.
    If I was going to be shot and have my wife and kids burned this would be the guy I’d want doing it. And he’s theBidens choice. My President wants this guy and there’s a good reason he does.
    America, land of the free.

    • “… honesty just oozes from it.”

      Honesty couldn’t stand being with his psyche, hence the departure.

  8. And an ATF spokesman replied:

    Chipman’s a good ol’ boy. Never mean no harm…

  9. “…expressing the opinion that minorities can’t succeed without cheating is…how do you put it…a cancellable offense.”

    That is exactly what Chuck Schumer is getting on tv saying. The need to pass a new law to allow minorities the ability to vote. He is saying minorities can’t successfully vote without cheating.

    In all my years of voting I have never seen a situation where minorities of any kind were not given the ability to vote.

    Just like guns, anyone that wants it can have it. Upto and including illegal aliens.

  10. I see that he’s wearing a cap that has Littoral Combat Ship on it. LCS, or as also known, Little Crappy Ships. Kinda fits him.

    • Chippers was a Seal,XMarine,Army,Airforce,Special Focus guy and now comming soon , the new director of the BATFE.
      He deserves our reject,,,,,I mean respect.

  11. Ms Chipman – “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ history and special events”

    What is a ATG “special event”. Waco? Ruby Ridge” has been quite some time sense they thugs had a “special event”. I wonder what Ms Chipman has in the works.

  12. I figured out why they dont want to release his files.
    First. He hides his gunms behind his cookies because Zombie Attack.
    Second. He thinks everything thing above .22 caliber should be banned.
    Okay, I’ve been watching some zombie movies and he’s right on .22’s you can carry a lot more .22’s and if it’s a headshot , gotta be, dont matter what you shoot them with.
    Storing food& water
    Hiding gunms
    Lots of bullets
    He’s on to something but cant talk about it.
    his files are hiding the Zombie Apocalypse

  13. Can’t the Dems find anyone who doesn’t have a mile long history?
    Next we’ll find Chippman has his kids on some Ukrainian gas board or something.

  14. he is a pathological liar too…he lied about the Waco government lead mass murder..but the racial complaint is all the will matter…it doesn’t even have to be true…if the so called republicans have the guts to go there..

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