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Gosh, that would be awkward, wouldn’t it? Having an ATF director who couldn’t manage to keep track of his duty gun when he was an ATF agent would be…uncomfortable. That’s probably why President BidenHarris’s nominee to lead the firearms regulatory agency answered ‘no’ when he was asked about the allegedly missing pistol.

But as The Federalist is now reporting, Chippy might have fibbed . . .

Judiciary ranking member Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah pushed Chipman on whether he had ever lost possession of his assigned gun while employed at the ATF for more than two decades. Chipman wrote in his testimony a negative to the question, but leadership at the American Accountability Foundation told The Federalist the nominee’s former supervisors and peers at ATF remember Chipman getting his gun stolen.

“We were told multiple times by his former colleagues that he had lost his service weapon,” Tom Jones, co-founder of the group, said in an interview. “We shared this information with the Senate, who has taken up the matter. Often a federal employee’s personnel file is made available to the Senate and would clear this and other disciplinary matters up. This week, Chipman refused the Senate’s request to provide his personnel file, which raises questions on this matter and what else he is hiding.”

What else indeed. Why would someone who the most anti-gun president in the nation’s history chose to regulate the nation’s firearms need to hide his personnel file from the Senators whose job it is to vet and confirm (or reject) his nomination?

ATF employees are told not to store firearms in their vehicles. According to those who spoke to Jones, Chipman left his weapon in his personal vehicle one night, and allegedly a handyman broke in and stole it.

Another source familiar with the bombshell allegations told The Federalist “Senate staff will continue inquiries about whether or not Chipman mishandled service weapons,” indicating that Republicans intend to keep gathering intel.

This is, of course, is exactly the kind of thing that the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex goes on and on about. Unsecured guns ripe for thieves, who then use them to commit crimes.

It’s why so many anti-gun politicians want to enact safe storage mandate laws (among other limits on the right to keep and bear arms). In their book, the average citizen is just too irresponsible to own and take care of firearms.

Are there other skeletons rattling around Giffords employee Chipman’s background that he’s trying to hide long enough to be confirmed? Inquiring minds want to know.



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  1. Of course he lost his gun, he had it stashed behind a can of tuna and next to the beef jerky. Then one of them zombie types snuck in a took it.

    At least he told the senate he put it behind the tuna can and next to the jerky. I guessing the zombie part is “the rest of the story”

  2. If the senators are serious about getting answers, they better start asking better questions. If his gun was stolen from his car, don’t ask him if he “lost a gun”. He can legitimately answer no. Ask him if he was ever a victim of a crime concerning theft of property from a motor vehicle. Give him no wiggle room. Make the weasel sweat.

    • So this turd is as goofy & inept as he looks?!? Got it…is Hunter gonna be his attack dog (lap dog?)

  3. Weapons being stolen from vehicles is a pretty big issue in San Francisco, where numerous handguns and even a few rifles have been stole from government vehicles when agents are forced o disarm before entering “gun free zones.”

  4. Hmmm…

    I have been a firearms owner for about sixty years and have never “lost one” although I was once given a broken, but reparable handgun by the local Deputy Sheriff when I was under 21. I still have it.

  5. Biden’s son Hunter lies on an ATF form 4473. Biden’s nominee for the ATF David Chipman lies to the Senate about losing his service side arm while working for the ATF. A logical Democrat progression for anyone who cares to look…

  6. It’s probably in the safe, hiding behind all of the other guns he confiscated. Perhaps an audit is in order?

  7. I’m a retired Federal Agent (1811). It’s amazing how many agents from all the agencies have guns stolen out of there cars. I know of so many stories of this happening, including the theft of full auto M4’s being stolen from ATF, FBI, and so on. One thing in common, nobody ever is fired. I know of two cases, where they said the left the guns in their car, because their wife was afraid of guns and would not let them bring them into the house…Can’t make that up.

    • Kate Steinle, the woman killed in 2015 by an high, undocumented alien at Fisherman’s Wharf, was shot with a gun stolen from a BLM ranger’s vehicle. Since then, FBI agents in San Francisco and Oakland, a CHP trooper, and Hayward police all had their guns stolen. That was from a minute DDG search, so it’s far from exhaustive. CA passed a law to fine officers that don’t lock them up. The safest place for a gun in under the control of a person. Gun free zones that force people to leave them unattended only invites theft.

    • Why am I not surprised there’s a ton of fed bois who are bosses around by their Karen wives at home like that.

  8. When I was a rookie(41yrs ago), I left mine at home once, had to work the damn radio all night!! You can be damned sure THAT didn’t happen again!!! But LOSE my weapon??? I think not!!!

  9. D. Chipman isn’t fit are qualified for the job, besides we already have to many crooks and unstable people in our grovnment

  10. Probably one of those dudes who left his gat in the shitter. I mean just look at that face. His face says it all. Probably one of those dudes that shits all over the goddamn place too and doesn’t try to clean up after himself. What a pig.

    • David Chipman is an X Marine Special Forces Army Ranger SEAL ATF mercenary and future BATFE and Cheese Puffs Director.
      He wouldn’t do something like that.

      (I added Cheese Puffs because I see future letters added.)
      batfe doesn’t role off like batfew, I kinda like batfen myself. But once the knives are banned there’ll be ballbats or something. It’d just wind up being batfew in the long run.
      Maybe that could be their little inside joke. ” We bat a few, we shoot a few, and we burn a bunch.” ?

  11. “It’s why so many anti-gun politicians want to enact safe storage mandate laws”

    My 3 word rebuttal to “safe storage mandates”: Merced. Pitchfork. Murders.

  12. I remember the good old days when people routinely left their rifles and shotguns hanging in the gun racks of their pickups where they were in plain view through the read window. They would seldom bother to lock their pickups up at night. While gun theft was not unheard of, it wasn’t so common that such unsecured storage was socially unacceptable much less illegal.

    Of course back in the day we didn’t have cops wounding their wives in an obscenely brutal manner because they neglected to unload their 12 gauge before utilizing it as a bedroom toy. The responding officers who found the woman nude, laying on the bed with a singular entry wound “in the area of the right buttocks” chose to make no arrest because they ” saw no evidence of domestic violence.” My helpful suggestion that the Portland Oregon police department institute a program to distribute Kevlar condoms to their officers so that they could practice safe shotgun sex was not appreciated.

  13. I just want to know how many AR-15’s he owns. He seems to be the type that doesn’t want “you” to own those type of guns.

  14. Interesting that one of the Senators voting on Chipman’s confirmation is married to Gabrielle Giffords, Chipman’s employer.


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