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From Gun Owners of America . . .

Forty-eight Senators are demanding in a letter that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) withdraw its Proposed Rule to ban stabilizing pistol braces — a move that the Congressional Research Service reported could affect roughly 40,000,000 firearms and turn millions of gun owners into felons.

The letter states, “ATF seems to believe that re-characterizing millions of pistols as SBRs is no big deal because the agency kindly offers gun owners what it deems to be plenty of means of complying. … Missing from ATF’s reasoning, of course, is that, even in its own very conservative estimate, ATF requires many months to process the registration forms for SBRs. Thus, gun owners will have to give up the use of their firearms for months while waiting for ATF to process their registration forms and tax payments.”

The letter concludes, “[The Proposed Rule] is plain wrong. [It] is worse than merely abdicating your responsibility to protect Americans from criminals; you’re threatening to turn law-abiding Americans into criminals by imposing the largest executive branch-initiated gun registration and confiscation program in American history. We urge you to turn back. Correct this mistake and withdraw the proposed rule.”

Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs for GOA, commented, “President Biden’s call for gun control is clearly out of touch with average Americans. He is trying to circumvent Congress to regulate gun parts, prepare a gun registry, and ban roughly 40,000,000 pistols. However, over half of the localities in the United States, including a dozen states, have declared themselves ‘Sanctuaries’ for the Second Amendment. Now it’s up to Second Amendment Sanctuaries to say ‘NO!’ to ATF’s new gun control. Gun owners around the country are grateful for such widespread support from the Senate in urging the ATF to withdraw its pistol ban.”

The letter can be read in full here.

[ED: The two Republican senators who didn’t sign onto the letter were Rob Portman of Ohio and Susan Collins of Maine.]

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    • ^^Exactly this. Biden, Kamala, and Pelosi all know this and are going to try to push as much through until then.

      • “try to push as much through until then”

        if their time is short why are the focusing on this? seems peripheral.

    • “Mid terms are right around the corner”

      pistol braces don’t seem to be a galvanizing issue ….

        • And once more…Because of knee jerk crybabies shooting their mouths off and not finding out why POTUS DJT was caught between a rock and a hard spot and had to do something otherwise Congress would have and the Binary Triggers and things of the sort advertised on this forum and elsewhere would have been history, etc.
          Yepper them there bump stock crybabies helped roll out the red carpet for Jim Crow Gun Control joe. Next time get the facts. Or better yet tell us what choice you would have made.

        • Trump wasn’t between s rock and a hard place. The Republicans had a Senate majority, so it any change had little chance of passing. If it did pass, he could have vetoed it, and it wouldn’t have been overridden. He could have done what the NRA wanted, which was to have the BATFE investigate their previous rulings, say “yep, not a machine gun” after a few months, and leave it at that. By the time the review was complete, the furvor would have died down. Instead, he ordered them to find a way to ban them. Trump wasn’t a friend of 2A, but he was much better choice than Biden, a declared enemy of 2A.

        • Yep. If we keep deciding this hill and that hill isn’t worth dying on, we’ll be in a ditch before we know what’s going on.

        • @Anymouse Considering the numbers of RINOs and never Trumper’s (most one and the same) the Republicans never did have a real majority at the time.

      • Upper end of the estimate in the linked report (hence “could effect”). Even the low end, 10M, is over 3X the 3M the ATF cites in its background section.

  1. Senator Rob Portman has been nothing short of an embarrassment for his entire careerin public office. Nobody likes him, and nobody trusts him. He is the definition of a uniparty RINO. The best thing for Ohio is when he retires (short of Sherrod Brown retiring as well).

    • They both need to go. My wife and I both have blown up Portmans email and phone messages about him not signing the letter. And chipmunks nomination. Made sure to remind him that we vote.
      Sent emails to s.brown also but thats really a waste. POS

  2. The party of “abolish the police” and “mass incarceration is racist” can’t even muster a single senator to sign a letter opposing millions of Americans being turned into felons.

    The parties are not the same.

    • You forget, those only apply if you vote a certain way. If you vote conservative, they have no issue with locking you up and throwing away the key forever….

  3. I feel like I’m missing something. Obviously, this attempt by the ATF to criminalize braces is bad, capricious, arbitrary, and in my mind unconstitutional. That said, reading through the point system list, it’s not insurmountable — it would be inconvenient and you’d sacrifice multiple useful features, but I could see it being possible to build a braced pistol that fits within the criteria. The consensus seems to be though that with this rule, all or practically all braced pistols will be criminalized. What am I overlooking?

    The bit about the ATF “reserving the right” to ignore these rules that they’ll enforce with felony-level enforcement against braced pistol owners is rich — rules for thee but not for the ATF. Is that the rub? Basically, the ATF will ignore their own rules and find any and all braced pistol ownership as evidence of intent to circumvent the NFA? Your dorky, neutered pistol built specifically to fall within their point system will still land you in prison due to the vagueness of the rule?

    • “That said, reading through the point system list, it’s not insurmountable — it would be inconvenient and you’d sacrifice multiple useful features, but I could see it being possible to build a braced pistol that fits within the criteria.”


      I proposed that the BATF create several ‘legal’ (in their eyes, anyways) brace builds, and list the parts acceptable, so any American can go shopping and be legal. They *can* do that if directed.

      “Basically, the ATF will ignore their own rules and find any and all braced pistol ownership as evidence of intent to circumvent the NFA? Your dorky, neutered pistol built specifically to fall within their point system will still land you in prison due to the vagueness of the rule?”

      Yeah, that’s the part that pisses me off.

      It clearly demonstrates this administration’s naked *contempt* of lawful gun owners.

      Hopefully, that part can be legally attacked…

  4. It seems the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities just cannot shake old habits from the plantation.
    It should be clear that there are a handful of nazis types at the top making the threats against decent Americans exercising their rights.
    America has seen slavery, concentration camps and more than enough criminal activity to know they are not going to roll over and play dead. Play dead for hypocrite bullies with a badge who have all the firepower they need to protect themselves while the supply line of potential victims of crime has their hands tied by those who are supposed to serve the public. Well serving Gun Control pooburgers doesn’t fly.

    • “Well serving Gun Control pooburgers doesn’t fly.”

      Especially the lint-licking ones.

      Come to think of it, my dearly departed cat licked lint and fur, and left me slimy presents to step on at zero-dark-thirty…

  5. It’s too bad the “AFT” is as concerned about what 48 GOP Senators think as I do about China whining ove that Texas Constitutional carry law… FYI That would be absolutely not all… What are they going to do, write them a STRONGLY worded letter?…

    • You have to pity The Global Times writers. All they do is regurgitate the CCP propaganda directives. And being a party mouthpiece means they not only have the hand of the party up their behind but the whole arm and even shoulder as well.


    • Collins might as well admit she’s a dem. Portman is a rino and I believe that is worse.

  6. Primary the RINOs and that means you must actually go out to vote. Don’t sit on the sidelines, vote. Support the few Democrats who support us. Not all is black and white.

    Pay attention to what you political critters have done and what they support. Vote accordingly.

    We have one last chance at the ballot box, use it.

    Volunteer to be an election judge, take time off work if you must. Just do what we owe our Founders and our prodigy.

    • “ Support the few Democrats who support us. ”

      Vote for all the dems who signed this letter!


  7. Seems like these 48 Senators are OK with changes to frames and receivers definition by the ATF. What is wrong with these Senators?

    • Good point. Looks like you might actually pick up some Dem votes/support if you pointed out that “agencies/bureaus” have no authority to alter laws passed by Congress and signed by the president, even if they were passed 85 years ago. If we’re going to change the definitions established by NFA 1934, the *OBVIOUS* way to do that is to repeal that law and then try to get another passed. Please.

  8. It’s all bull sheet.
    20 round mags illegal, so we get 19.
    17 inch barrel shotgunm, so we get 18. 5
    Pistols with stocks , so we get SBR’s with arm brace.
    Playing a game of cards when only the dealer(ATF) is allowed to cheat. And if cheating cant get a win they change the rules.

  9. “ Rob Portman of Ohio and Susan Collins of Maine.”

    Hang them both after tar and feathering. They are traitors.

  10. Their letter has a lot of solid points. Recommended reading for good arguments if you haven’t already commented on the proposed rule change.

  11. Reclassification of pistols and unfinished receivers/frames is a de facto ban and is the next Lexington & Concord Bridge.

    The ATF needs to be disbanded. Disarm and cross-train the agents, folding them into the Department of the Interior and train them to inspect bridges, dams and roads.

    • the next Lexington & Concord Bridge.?

      The next Lexington & Concord Bridge will be when they actually ATTEMPT to enforce those rules and start trying to confiscate weapons from those who refuse to comply… My Cousins friend has a friend whose Nephews old school buddy is currently working on a couple of SBRs with 80% receivers… Think he asked permission? Think he’s going to turn them in? Not…

  12. Why don’t folks just take the braces off and use common sense gun control (TWO HANDS ON THE PISTOL). Then they can wait until we get some one with a brain in the BATFE. (Yes I still believe in a unicorn guarding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow)

  13. How about we just quick dicking around and just repeal laws on short barrel firearms already? The legal designation of ‘short barrel rifle’ was a completely arbitrary decision that was never really had a proper day in court. The only real challenge I’ve ever been able to find about that rule was back in the late 30s and was basically just a rubber stamped by a packed democrat court.

  14. As an Ohio voter I am BITTERLY disappointed by RINO-Ron Portman. He waited until he announced that he would not run for reelection to show his true colors on 2A and other issues. I’m cautiously optimistic that his replacement will be a true conservative but I have my doubts.

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