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Do you telegraph that you’re carrying? How to Spot a Concealed Handgun – “Individuals who carry a handgun professionally are well attuned to the range of mannerisms that can indicate the presence of a concealed weapon within their vicinity. Civilians, too, can learn to familiarize themselves with these signs and signals. When combined with suspicious behavior, the suspected presence of a concealed weapon should put bystanders on high alert.” Really? And why would that be?


What It’s Like to Know Your Gun Shop’s Going to Be Robbed— And Not Be Able to Stop It  – “As Hurricane Matthew bore down on South Carolina in early October, Dan Huneycutt was worried about more than flooding and downed trees. He couldn’t help but think the confusion created by a natural disaster and mass evacuation presented criminals with the perfect opportunity to break into his gun store, Five Star Guns, in the small town of Longs near Myrtle Beach.”


Scare a hoplophobe…buy some ammo: Liberty Ammunition is pleased to announce a special Halloween Sale. All ammunition will be 20 percent off storewide from Oct. 27 – 31, 2016 at Orders of $100 or more will receive a free gift.


U.S. Marshals Museum To Open Doors on September 24, 2019 – “During its executive board meeting, the U.S. Marshals Museum today announced it will open its doors on September 24, 2019 to coincide with the 230th anniversary of the U.S. Marshals Service. ‘The Fort Smith community came together and brought this museum home,’ said Patrick Weeks, president and CEO of the U.S. Marshals Museum. ‘The time is now to help us capitalize on our positive momentum and get this world-class project built.'”


Another one of these…they never fail to get plenty of press: Gun store runs ad saying it won’t sell to Muslims, Clinton supporters – “Paul Chandler, the owner of Altra Firearms in rural Jackson Center, Pennsylvania, says he turns customers away at his door who are Muslim or who are supporting Hillary Clinton for president. The 54-year-old business owner posted a sign on the door of Altra Firearms conveying those rules, and he’s currently running an ad in a local newspaper declaring: ‘Please NO Muslims or Hillary Supporters — We do not feel safe selling to terrorists!’” I’m sure Mr. Chandler’s grateful to everyone at Think Progress for publicizing this.

The NSSF sez…

…Don’t sit this one out.





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  1. Most everyone is completely clueless you’re carrying. Too busy taking selfies or playing with their smartphone. Go Cubs!

  2. I’d love to get out and vote, but I’m going to have to wait until next week. I don’t remember ever seeing an election like this – lines for early voting have been 90+ minutes all day all week.

    • Don’t wait, go get it done. If you think the line are bad now, what makes you think Election Days lines will be any better?

    • Don’t delay. I’m standing in line for early voting right now. They estimated at the front door a 30-35 minute wait, which the line movement over the past 10 minutes suggests is about right. I’ve never seen weekend early voting at this location, even in presidential years, with longer than a five minute wait.

  3. Can’t tell if you’re joking with your comment at the end of the detecting a concealed carrier. Why wouldn’t you want to be on high alert when someone combines suspicious behavior with a potential concealed firearm? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?

    Frankly, I’m surprised the hipsters didn’t leave the “when combined with suspicious behavior” part out.

  4. Ignorant gun store owners like this aren’t doing themselves or us any favors. This just reinforces the dumb racist redneck gun owners stereotype and prevents gun ownership from spreading outside the ofwg club.

    • Ignorant? Clinton is now under an active FBI investigation… AGAIN Her supporters are accomplices after the fact in her treason. So, no, I wouldn’t sell them a gun either. As for muslims… Yeah, they can’t honesty fill out a NICS form. There are at least three questions that automatically disqualify any follower of the “religion of peace”.

      • Careful, now. I was considered and counted as a “Christian” for around 30 years when I certainly was not, because that was the default category and there was little or no chance to be counted as “realist”, or anything equivalent. Careful that we’re not counting other realists as “muslims”.

      • I have a Muslim son-in-law (11 years now) and I would not hesitate to hand him a gun if the situation warranted. He is an excellent father to four of my grandchildren, an American citizen (naturalized) and has a very high-paying job. He is too busy working to provide for his family to get involved in terrorism. You simply cannot lump all Muslims under one label!
        His only major fault is that he is a Hillary supporter (gets his news from “Rolling Stone” magazine). Admittedly, that is a pretty big fault.

    • I’ve visited Altra firearms. I gave it a 5-star rating. It’s out in the boondocks of rural PA and it kicks ass. The entrance is a series of conex-es welded together with the entrance adorned with signs stating Obama and (can’t really say the next content becuse of my job) supporters are not welcome. Some of the friendliest and helpful staff I’ve ever encountered (from hundreds…maybe thousands of LGS visits in my lifetime). Their stock/selection is excellent. Average prices, but the selection makes up for the prices. It’s located way out in the middle of nowhere PA, across from a no-kidding farmhouse and farmland. But drive up and bam it’s there.

      They’re out to make a statement for rural America. It may be slightly ignorant, redneck and racist, but damn if it doesn’t play to their theme. I’m more “tolerant” and reticent IRL, and that’s where I’m gonna stop before I stir up trouble.

      Good Americans behind the counter, enjoying some light hearted humor in regards to US foreign policy. I’ll spend my money there if I happen to visit again.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I bought a couple of guns at their store and the Monroeville gun show and they were awesome to deal with. Their staff was very knowledgeable about what they were selling, were nice to talk to ( even after my smart ass comment about Glock being the only worthy pistol to sell), and I would give them a five star rating.

      • Most excellent!

        I live in NC but this store is only 15 minutes away from my parents place.

        Also recently found out about Sportsman Supply in Butler which is also close by.

        Can’t wait for the next visit home.

        Christians in America created dozens upon dozens of new branches of Christianity on the tree of religion to adapt to the new world.

        In contrast, Muslims in America continue to support the murderous original interpretations of their psychotic pedophile leader. I’ll believe Muslims are American when they go through an American reformation and create a non-violent Islam 2.0. Until that day, any Muslim faithful to the current Koran I will consider the enemy.

  5. As for story one… this kinda ticks me off.

    I’ve been saying this for months. No one believed me. Some even argued.

    Yes, your concealed weapon is actually kinda easy to spot. Yes, you touch it without thinking. Everyone who knows what to look for knows it’s there. Concealed ≠ concealed unless you’re pretty much a professional smuggler or an SS agent with training and a custom cut suit. However that suit gives itself away too. Sorry, you give it away and you don’t know it. I see you folks literally almost daily. The whole “concealed means concealed” meme is basically bullshit. It only applies to Joe Sixpack and Jane Whitewine, both of whom are oblivious to anything other than a gun in their face.

    • The vast majority of people (including police officers) don’t look and don’t care. I pocket carried a sccy during the Phoenix gran prix earlier this year. No gun signs everywhere, cops at every entrance, bag checks at the gates… not even a raised eyebrow. Hell, I open carried a p320 into a certain Chinese restaurant 4 separate times and the woman behind the counter didn’t even notice until we were leaving the fourth time. Concealed does mean Concealed. Hell, open means Concealed 90% of the time.

      • Don’t try that in the FL theme parks. I be hearin’ that they’re making carriers downright unwelcome. 8>)

    • Not really. People don’t notice shit when you CC, and those that do? Are carrying too. Shit, people don’t even notice when you OPEN carry most the time.

    • No one notices but gun people. And if anyone calls me out on it I will claim discrimination saying it is my insulin pump and threaten a suit based on the ADA.

        • I hate typing LOL so I will just say it. I laughed out loud at that.

          I carry a G19 though. If I carried a CZ Scorpion I might have to use the colostomy bag excuse.

      • Funny! I asked my 18 yr old daughter this summer if I was printing while carrying my M&P 9c, her answer was to not worry, anyone who notices and doesn’t know guns will just think it’s an insulin pump. Good kid I’ve got, if I can say so myself.

      • “What’s that under your shirt?”
        “It’s a medical device, to keep me alive. Why?”

    • I carry daily on commuter rail. It is illegal to carry in an Amtrak station, but not on the train – how is THAT supposed to work? I interact with police officers daily in that station. I have never been detained, arrested, cited, or apparently noticed.

      So: Do the cops not care? Or do they not see a compact single stack 9mm appendix carried?

  6. “Five Star had what seemed to be a formidable security system: metal bars on doors and windows, a burglar alarm directly connected to police, and surveillance cameras.”

    ‘The Trace’ would consider that ‘formidable’.

    He lost 60 percent of his stock, 229 handguns. Those guns would have fit just fine in a subcompact car, for cripe’s sake.

    I have no sympathy for that twit. He invited them to clean his store out.

  7. Part of the art of manliness is not being freaked out about ordinary people carrying ordinary concealed handguns.

    I don’t give a feck about what the average bystander is up to or what they may or may not be carrying. If you’re acting shady, well, that’s a different story entirely.

    • I’ve come to hate the Art of Manliness. It’s a breeding ground for gentrified beta males, more interested in beard oil and fedora tipping than actually thinking for themselves and learning for themselves what it means to be a real man.

  8. Not selling to Hitlery supporters actually is probably the correct option. I’m sure most Hitlery supporters couldn’t honestly answer all the 4473 questions.

  9. While most people fail to notice if someone is carrying, the good guys and bad guys tend to notice in my experience. Most of the good guys don’t care….

  10. Don’t know about anyone else but I really enjoy the Marshal Dillon reruns. FWIW.

  11. I’ve walked right past LEO’s checking for guns whilst carrying. Smiled and chatted with them even.

    • I went to my son’s High School football game and they were playing a team from the hood so our Sheriff’s department was wanding people at the gate. I had my younger son with me who was 11. This was before I carried. They let my son go in then wanded me. The deputy said “you’re good”. I said “I know. I gave my weapons to my boy”.

      • I’ve been wanded by “security” and it beeped over my pocket carry p238, they just waved me in anyways… Maybe carrying my 3 year old daughter helped…

        • We have to remember POTG. Were I a cop, assigned to wand people at some gate, when my wand was screaming, it would have to be some piece of work I was wanding before I would do anything but pass him by. Don’t count on it, but don’t be surprised. The other side thinks everybody agrees with their stupidity, will screech and rave and perhaps faint at the thought of a (gasp!) gun, but they are blind to the truth.

    • I’ve had the same experience, chatting with campus cops at a D-1 basketball game on a “gun free” campus. Either they didn’t care, or they didn’t notice.

  12. The full sized pistol prominently displayed on my hip is usually a the first clue that I may be carrying a gun.

  13. Did you know that a person carrying a weapon, concealed or not, favors the leg on the carry side. The stride is shorter on that side. If you watch them walking you might notice that they keep having to correct their course because that shortened step causes them to arc in that direction. They may also present a slight limp. It’s a subconscious thing. If the weapon is just tucked into the waistband, they will often check to see that it has not slipped, or they will constantly be pulling up their pants because the gun weight pulls them downward, or so it seems to the carrier. If you can examine the soles of their shoes, you may notice heavier wear on the carry side from scuffling along. This also applies to ankle carry.

    • Those habits can be unlearned rather easily, and a secure holster helps. I can run pretty damn fast while ACing.

  14. If you are so focused on the carry method of one or two individuals you are likely losing sight of the bigger picture of your environment. If you do make a bulge or weapon on a person conceal carrying it, you will focus on that person and your tunnel vision will block out what you need to be worrying about. I often hear gun people brag about this, but it’s no laughing matter.

  15. Why didn’t the store owner take inventory out of the store? If theives could cart it away so could he with help from his employees. I wonder if it’s really a burglary.

    • I wonder if it’s really a burglary.

      I wonder if it’s really a tragic boating accident. They’re particularly tragic when they happen on dry land.

  16. I try to avoid using ATMs but when I must use one, I don’t just flash my gun, I keep my right hand on the grip with the gun fully exposed while I manipulate the ATM with my left hand.

    I addition, I select ATMs that are arranged in a fashion that allows me to block myself in with my SUV.

    An attacker would have to jump over/under my SUV to get close (and get perforated in the process).

    If I feel I’m in a dangerous situation (which I usually avoid with common sense and situational awareness), I make it known that I have a gat on my left hip (without exposing it).

    If a thug gets close enough to grab at my right hip/hand, the thug will get perforated by the revolver in my left hand drawn from my left pocket.

    I conceal my gun pretty good but I don’t worry about it too much because I have a concealed carry permit and my state allows open carry without a permit.

  17. That infographic is based on a well known older diagram which was in turn based on the observations of a 70’s era New York cop. Said cop also stated that almost everyone he had noticed carrying a handgun was doing so illegally and without a holster – which makes sense for NY in that period.

    But for those reasons, I don’t think many of those clues still apply to people legally carrying a modern handgun (often polymer) with a decent holster.

  18. I have spotted CCW numerous times, but A) I worked as security in the past 2) Have no cell phone to distract me

    A few times it was the obviousness that comes from incompetent concealment, such as having a shirt a bit too short, so that unless you stand perfect still the gun gets partially exposed.

    Some were cases of fairly obvious bulges. My college campus had a threat and one thing they did was hire some pretty terrifying plainclothes private security (though they were actually quite pleasant to talk to), but they carried some big handguns under their jackets… I don’t think they were trying to hide it that much. I mean they were supposed to blend in, but each looked like a massive linebacker…

    Or this, someone bumps into the door, or holds it open while carrying something, and the door hitting the gun/holster makes a quite distinct sound than hitting flesh….

  19. A license should be required to wear clothes since generally speaking, clothes are necessary to conceal a mdeium or larger handgun or knife.
    Maybe public nudity will reduce crime?

    Seriously, armed honest people deter crime.

    The best team in sports, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

  20. If you carry every day, every where, after some weeks all “tells” will disappear, since you are not doing anything unusual (for you).

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