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  1. Did nobody win last weeks contest? This is twice in recent memory we’ve just ignored the previous week like it didn’t happen.

    • Well, Moore is on record as being fairly anti-gun, so I wouldn’t expect him to know the rules of gun safety.

    • Well, it’s better the the Beretta .25ACP that Bond had in the first novel (Casino Royale). From what I’ve read, a friend of Fleming’s advised him to up the calibre a bit (to .32ACP).

  2. Bond “I don’t often shoot, but when I shoot it is things I am not looking at at times I don’t expect”
    Girl: “Look that way and shoot that guy if you want to save the day”

  3. A first-time visitor to Emperess-elect Clinton’s volcanic lair, Mr. Bond’s attention is kindly directed to the “gun free zone” sign.

  4. The only Bond that was more (Moore?) pathetic was George Lazenby who wandered around in front of the camera like some lost extra who was stunned to have a speaking part.

  5. “See that sign over there? No guns allowed.”

    “Not a problem, miss. This is only a .32, not a REAL gun. Plus, I think it picks locks or something.”

  6. If you put in as much concentration on hitting that target over there as you did on getting me out of my clothes, you’re sure to hit the mark!

  7. A cross eyed Roger Moore accidentally muzzles the camera man much to the disdain of Britt Eckland who points him in the right direction on the set of The Man With The Golden Gun (1973)

  8. “It’s just sounds ridiculous. Are you sure?”
    “Yes, James, all the cool people hold their guns sideways like this.”


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