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springfield-crosscannon_2016-smallWhat caliber for clown? Some Florida parents plan to arm themselves while going trick-or-treating over clown concerns – “Kimberly Kersey told Florida Today that she plans to carry a gun while taking her sons around her Palm Bay neighborhood after two men were arrested last week for allegedly threatening people while dressed as clowns. ‘I’ll be carrying for sure, I’m not leaving to chance,’ she said. ‘I’m terrified of clowns already and if one messes with me or my kids it’ll be to the hospital or morgue they go.’”


Cops: Pizza Hut employee shot, killed armed robber with own handgun – “Charlotte police say a pizza restaurant employee used his own handgun to shoot and kill one of three armed robbers holding up the store. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said it happened early Sunday at a Pizza Hut restaurant near Interstate 85 in west Charlotte. Detectives say the restaurant was closed and there were no customers inside.
Police say their initial investigation indicates three people entered the restaurant around 1:40 a.m. Sunday and were in the process of robbing it when one of the employees used his personal handgun to shoot one male thief.” Anyone want to hire a soon-to-be-terminated Pizza Hut employee?


This is either a mistake in transcribing the quote or one of the best Kinsley gaffes in the history of the world ever: Gun Control Measure Divides California’s Politicians, Law Enforcement – “’We see this as a continued erosion of what we believe are Second Amendment rights,’ Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, president of the California State Sheriffs’ Association, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. ‘California has the strictest gun laws now and they have no impact on crime because senators aren’t going to follow the law.’”


El Paso…where nothing happening constitutes news: No gun related incidents reported at UTEP since SB11 went into effect – “Not just anyone can carry guns at UTEP. You have to be 21, with a license to carry, and that gun must be concealed. You should never be able to see it, but qualified students and teachers have been able to carry concealed weapons legally for more than two months. Whether you feel safer, or less safe about guns in the classroom, UTEP’s Campus Carry law got off to a quiet start. Every student KFOX14 talked to on Monday said it has not been an issue.”

New from Hornady – Case Prep Duo: Make quick work of various reloading chores with this cordless, rechargeable multifunction tool that accommodates case neck brushes, primer pocket cleaners, and chamfer/deburr accessories. With the easy to swivel body and integrated rubber feet, use it in the straight configuration on your bench top, or rotate it 180 degrees for an ergonomic handheld power tool. Use with the 8-32 spindle head for various reloading functions or remove the spindle head and use as a powered screwdriver with standard ¼-inch hex bits (not included). Comes with plug-in charger, deburr and chamfer tools. MSRP = $64.59


Every upper west side wife’s greatest fear: Husbands With Guns – “My husband was a person who felt safer with loaded guns in the house, and I was a person who felt safer without loaded guns in the house. It was becoming clear to me that only one of us was going to be able to feel safe. Unfortunately for me, I had agreed to the guns years before, when I was young. I was in love, and I didn’t yet know the way that distrust could insinuate itself into a marriage.”


Ga. Supreme Court: Guns not allowed at school functions – “The ruling came in a challenge the gun rights group brought after the governor signed two conflicting bills passed by the 2014 Legislature. On April 22, 2014, Gov. Nathan Deal signed House Bill 826, which allowed licensed gun owners to bring their weapons onto school property. The next day Deal signed House Bill 60, which said the only time guns are allowed on school property is when someone is dropping off or picking up a student; otherwise guns on school property was specifically prohibited.”


Where is the NRA while California moves toward ammunition control? – “But despite being a favorite boogeyman of California liberals, the NRA is actually a relatively minor political player in the Golden State, where the voice of gun rights has traditionally been represented by state groups like Gun Owners of California. The NRA has contributed just $95,000 to the campaign against Proposition 63, a mere fraction of the nearly $5 million it has poured into neighboring Nevada to fight a background check proposal.” Have they written off the Golden State as a lost cause and directed their funds toward other, more promising fights?

Fun Without Guns Fashion Show Saturday, Nov. 5th – “Funs (sic) Without Guns is a non profit organization. Their primary purpose is to support families who have lost loved ones to gun violence through these crisis with community events, counseling, mentoring programs and some financial assistance to help mainstream them back into their daily routines. Fun Without Guns Fashion Show will be Nov. 5th from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will have Bronx Diba Luichiny Shoe Imports.”


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  1. Halloween is over. We had 6 trick or treaters. And 3 were teenagers. No clowns.. I’m soooo happy I never had an upper westside gal. I don’t think I ever had an anti-gun gal in my life(but crazy yeah)…

    • Maybe 20 or so stopped here.

      Some of the mommies looked quite tasty to me.

      Nobody showed up with a glass or mug saying: “Trick or drink!””…

    • We had 20 or 30 or so.

      One clown of the non killer variety, about six years old

      She got extra candy, because she was shy.

    • We had about 30 in a neighborhood of 73 houses that is beyond walking distance from other neighborhoods. Although we have never had problems on Hallowe’en, I noticed that most of the kids were accompanied by parents.

      There have been a number of clown incidents in town with a few arrests. I agree that, sooner or later, one of these fools will get his ass kicked or shot off. If it happens here, I have every reason to expect that the county attorney will rule it justified self defense.

    • We were mobbed here in my small town in TN. I went through 17 lbs. of candy in less than two hours. Kids were still on the street for almost an hour after I ran out.

      And I agree that some of the moms were very easy on the eyes. Lots of attractive young moms in my neighborhood.

  2. “‘The NRA has contributed just $95,000 to the campaign against Proposition 63, a mere fraction of the nearly $5 million it has poured into neighboring Nevada to fight a background check proposal.’ Have they written off the Golden State as a lost cause and directed their funds toward other, more promising fights?”

    You think?

    My apologies in advance to jwm.

    • Part of the problem with spending money on California politics is that the dingbats will eventually bleed you dry. Even if you win, they just keep re-introducing the same terrible ideas every year until they finally get it through. They’re relentless, and funded by some very deep pockets.

  3. As I read Julia Frank’s article I thought perhaps it would lead to another tale of domestic violence and how firearms are responsible for it. But it turns out she was just involved in a bad real estate purchase.

    • The New York Times has recently taken to publishing “opinion” pieces that are really just aimless mental wanderings, as opposed to actual statements of opinion with supporting facts and arguments. This seems to be another piece in that vein.

    • I think this is actually a cautionary tale, and I commend the NYT for highlighting the harm caused by small-minded, judgmental females.

    • I read it, too. It was totally WTF, 10 minutes I’ll never get back. The author probably just used that title to get her hindsight hate/sour grapes published by the NYT, and it seems like a delusion that allows her to live with being left by her former, now apparently luckier, husband.

  4. Im not afraid of clowns but I wouldn’t let the kid run around trick or treating without me due to the clowns, a mile from our condo a 10 year old was cut by a dip $#!+ dressed as a clown wielding a knife.

  5. I fully expect to hear about someone capping an aggressive clown at some point today. It seems inevitable.

    Given how many reports I have heard of clowns who try to intimidate people, they must not know that legal concealed carry is a thing. Given what I know, I sure as Hell would not dress up as a clown and go around threatening people.

  6. “California has the strictest gun laws now and they have no impact on crime because senators señors aren’t going to follow the law.”


  7. We had less than 1/3rd our normal number of Trick-or-Treaters but that may be due to a city run party and they might come back afterwards. I hope so… I don’t eat candy.

    As for “Have they written off the Golden State as a lost cause and directed their funds toward other, more promising fights?”

    I hope so. Cali is a lost cause and therefore a waste of money. For all practical intents and purposes it’s a foreign country and behind enemy lines in terms of the 2A. All these bullshit laws being proposed and the entire state could only muster 500 protesters? Gun rights are dead in Cali because even Cali gun owners don’t give a shit about their rights.

  8. “What caliber for clown?”


    Taurus 45 Colt Judge/Governor with Lehigh Defense 220gr Maximum Expansion Ammo.

    Knock ‘Chuckles the Clown’ flat on his ass…

    • Two Ruger vaqueros in .45 Colt.

      Cus we’ve had cowboys vs aliens and cowboys vs dinosaurs.

      It’s time for cowboys vs killer clowns.

      Yippie Ki ay, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. 😉

      But seriously, it’s 10:30 pm central time, and no reports of dead clowns yet.
      It’s Halloween, everyone is expecting costumes and creepiness.
      I think the people of the gun are showing the expected restraint.

      It would still make a good movie, though.

  9. 45 acp will do nicely for the clown 230 gr hollow point.
    So fun without guns basically brings all the family members of gang bangers who have blasted each other????

  10. ‘California has the strictest gun laws now and they have no impact on crime because senators aren’t going to follow the law.’

    I can’t help wondering if this is a snarky reference to Leland Yee.

  11. 9 mm hollow point is the best round for clowns
    Just like it’s best for anybody else
    Best combination of recoil, capacity and stopping power
    Good for Moms to use as well
    If you insist on .380 ( like my wife does), then wadcutters are best as .380 lacks enough energy to reliably expand hollow points
    I carried while taking the kids trick or treating like I do every year
    Some othe parents came along, too
    I do not know if they were carrying
    As it should be

  12. The C-Meck Police Department should hire the pizza shop employee when he is fired by Pizza Hut. He did their job, and did it well.

  13. Pizza Hut, apparently they have a strict ‘no firearms’ policy for employees and have fired staff in the past for carrying at work:-

    It seems that they require employees to close up, cash out etc in the wee hours when I assume the risks of a robbery are at their greatest. Should Pizza Hut owe a duty of care for their employees?

    In this case, a hat tip and thumbs up for the employee that prevented this and future crimes, and perhaps saved his/her life and the lives of the co-workers also.

  14. Due to the recent scary clown sightings, I considered carrying my 4″ Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm pistol and a spare 16-rd mag instead of my normal EDC Springfield XDs-9 (and a spare 8-rd mag in a leather belt pouch) due to the extra capacity and shoot-ability of the longer barreled XD Mod.2, but didn’t see anything resembling a scary clown. I chose to carry the XDs and spare mag, as normal.

  15. California now requires lots of disclosure of donors past a certain $$ amount.

    NRA can’t donate more without giving up donors list and giving up privacy.

    Is this reported? Nope. Can’t let the narrative get brought down by facts.

    Can you imagine? People who donate lots to NRA don’t want their names out there to be harrassed, picketed, protested, and otherwise abused by the same types that hounded Mozilla CEO out of his job after he donated to proposition 8 (when California voted to ban gay marriage).


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