Poor 25 Colt 770
Image via Snohomish County Jail 
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Does carrying a gun in the folds of your skin count as open carry or concealed? Or maybe that’s deep concealment. You might ask an unnamed 30-year-old woman in Everett, Washington to help answer that.

During the booking process, jail staff at the Snohomish County hoosegow discovered an object that resembled a handgun concealed between folds of flesh in the abdomen of a female arrestee. After drawing straws to see who had the misfortune duty of gloving up and exploring deep fat crevices for contraband, a fully-loaded Colt .25 Auto was discovered.

From a press release from the Snohomish County Jail via The Lynwood Times:

On Wednesday, October 13, at approximately 9 a.m. a 30-year-old woman was being booked into the Snohomish County Jail for suspicion of DUI and was found with a loaded semi-automatic handgun hidden in her abdomen.

During the booking process the woman arrestee was placed into a Tek84 Body Scanner, which is used to identify and reduce the instances of contraband entering the facility. The resulting body scanner image revealed the outline of a small semi-automatic handgun hidden between folds of flesh in the woman’s abdomen.

If the .25 Auto worked, and assuming a round would actually penetrated a dress shirt, it might have actually made someone mad when they figured out they’d been shot.

Image via Snohomish County Jail 

There’s a reason the famous Col. Cooper once wrote this:

“Carry a .25 if it makes you feel good, but do not ever load it. If you load it you may shoot it. If you shoot it you may hit somebody, and if you hit somebody, and he finds out about it, he may be very angry with you.”

Despite its poor reputation as a fight stopper, possession of the little pistol was good enough for an additional felony charge. Again, from the Snohomish County Jail via The Lynwood Times:

Washington State Patrol (WSP) was contacted, responded back to the jail, interviewed the subject, and then booked the 30-year-old woman on an additional charge of Possession of a Weapon by a Prisoner, a class C felony. The handgun was removed from the jail’s property by WSP.

Funding for the new Tek84 Body Scanner was approved by Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers last year and has been in use at the Snohomish County Jail since January of this year. The Tek84 Scanner provides an additional layer of security for the jail and helps keep both employees and inmates safe while inside the Corrections Facility.

Does anyone know if Snohomish County sells confiscated guns back to the public? Anyone interested in a slightly used Colt with a little corrosion?

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  1. Time for a serious deep cleaning for sure. And then rebluing, or Cerakoteing if it’s going to be carried in “Deep Fat Fold” concealment!

  2. So morbid obesity DOES have its advantages. Time to rethink my lifestyle. Could save a bundle on holsters. Just need a chamois to wrap it in.

  3. Just keep thinking that a .25ACP won’t do any damage. There are a lot of bodies around that may have thought that, especially ones that were not dressed for cold weather.

    • Exactly. Here’s John Boch once again making fun of things he doesn’t understand. My childhood friend was killed by a single .22LR, yet Boch flippantly mocks smaller cartridges.

      I regularly use the smallest available – the diminutive .22 Short – to kill invading raccoons with a single shot. A .25ACP would be deadly if properly used.

      • I like how MAssadAyoob puts it: ANY gun will do if YOU will do”

        true statement.
        I’d far rather have a single shot Deerringer in .22 wrf than the nothing the state would prefer I have.

        End of statement

      • The guy in charge of the Katyn Massacre brought a briefcase full of Walther .25s to execute everyone.

    • Agreed. Is it a service caliber,or even remotely serviceable for any purpose other than EXTREMELY deep concealment and extremely close ( as in ” I Didn’t Want To Spoil The Surprise!”)range in the face or skin touch range? Nope. But I definitely agree with you- lots of people in the ground who’s last words were along the lines of” that won’t even slow me down” or whose last sight was an impossibly small muzzle looming impossibly large before a flash and Fade To Black.
      And, I personally have been around a situation where someone said the wrong thing to someone in a crowded room who’s response was to casually slip one out of his pocket, push it into his stomach, shoot and walk away from the gathering. Not much noise over the background noise,to others it appeared that he leaned in to talk and poked him in the ( large,fat; probably muffled the sound) and was gone.
      The guy took three days to die.
      I don’t carry one, but a .22 or .25 in your body from extreme close range will change your plans for the evening.

      • remember a shooting where a guy shot someone in the back with a .25…after which he turned around and beat the hell out of him…it only lodged in his shoulder blade….

    • I answered a call once where the victim had been “zipped up” with a .25 ACP. Nothing as stylish as a Colt. A Lorcin, if I recall. Anyway, first entry wound just above the belt buckle. The last, seven rounds later, just under the left eye. Might have been the right, it was a long time ago. Victim was still alive, but he didn’t have any fight left in him.

  4. Now that its been made public, some company will try to market a Kydex holster for fat folds “deep concealment”.

  5. “So morbid obesity DOES have its advantages. Time to rethink my lifestyle.”

    It is if you have an intimate companion under the same roof as you who has a substantial life insurance policy on your fat ass.

    Has she been looking at new cars or real estate recently? 😉

  6. She also could/should be charged wiht possession of firearm whist intoxicated, and for possession of a concealed handgun without the bribe paid to the state for their Mother May I Card. Both are felony busts. Four felonies in one go. QUite the accomplishment, dummie. WSP have the gun, so it will be their disposal rules that bind. Can’t remember, but a few years back they could sell such items at auction closed to all but FFL’s. However, the gun remains HER property, now in state custody. Depending on the outcome of her very expensive trial, she MIGHT be entitled to have it returned. More likely it will not be returned to her as whe, if convicted on any one of the four felonies, be a “prohibited person” thus unable to possess it again. In that case she could designate a qualified thired party to receive it, then resell or keep it for personal use, AFTER clearing the NICS and FFL transfer. WSP might seize it as “crime related thus forfeit”, in which case I cannot recall how tey dispose of such tings these days, what with all the new BloomingIdiotBurg laws we’ve got here.
    Pretty scary to think about.. someone fat enough to conceal a handgun without any outside help.

  7. My late maternal grandmother died in an alleged suicide from a singular gun shot wound to the head from a .22 caliber, Higgins rifle loaded with .22 caliber short cartridges. The projectile barely penetrated her skull before breaking up into three fragments. Maximum penetration into her brain was about 2 centimeters or less than an inch for the metric impaired.

    While it is often said that God created man, Samuel Colt made them equal. John Moses Browning made some men more equal than others. Browning knew what he was doing when he developed the
    .25 ACP cartridge and pistols that chambered it.

    • And who was that actor who killed himself with a blank to the head, playing around?

      That doesn’t mean I’d consider blanks a whole lot better than a .25 auto.

      • In 1984, the actor Jon-Erik Hexum of the CBS series “Cover-Up” died after shooting himself in the head with a pistol that fired blanks. Wadding from the blank cartridge was driven into his skull, killed him.

        • Nov. 15, 2008: 15 year old Tucker Thayer was on the tech crew for a high school performance of the musical Oklahoma. A real gun loaded with live blanks was used in the show. Thayer was alone and handling the gun which was loaded with live blanks. The gun discharged and he was fatally shot with blanks.

        • If anyone here has attended Civil War battlefield reenactments, you’ll notice that all the actors aim the muzzles of their guns above the heads of their “enemy” targets, for safety. Even though opponents are typically 25+ yards away from each other and the guns are stuffed with wadding and oatmeal to effectively make them theatrical blanks, you nevertheless must always take Rule #2 into account.

  8. The old timers used to talk about “Belly Guns”. Now I understand.

    I seem to remember a story about a woman who was booked into jail with a North American Mini Revolver hidden in her vagina. There’s not enough Clorox and in the world

  9. I knew of a 260lb steroid-laden bodybuilder who should have rethought trying to knock down his father-in-law’s front door in an attempt to get hands on his estranged wife. Dad opened a window, popped him once in the chest with a .25, big dumb ox sat down and died. That said, I wouldn’t carry one for protection if there was ANY better option available.

  10. The 22 or 25 caliber are both very good at killing people. And yes, there are larger calibers that are even better at killing people. One of the guns used in the Columbine massacre was “the no good” 9mm Hi Point rifle.

    1. “Cetin walked into a Macy’s store at Cascade Mall with a stolen rifle and opened fire,[10][11] killing four women and one man” He used a ruger 1022.


    2. “The gunman, 22-year-old student Matti Juhani Saari, shot and killed ten people with a Walther P22 Target semi-automatic pistol, before shooting himself in the head.”


  11. Pro tip: a Sig P365 shouldn’t rust if you decide to cellulite carry.
    I wonder though, would the woman need a tetanus shot after keeping that pistol in her fat rolls? Would the prison guard need one after fetching the the little gat?
    Also, what else did they find- Chee-tos, remote control, car keys?

  12. Assault rifles, shotguns and handguns confiscated by Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies are melted down, not auctioned.

  13. A beautiful American [John Browning?] classic treated SO disgustingly….
    Shame on you criminal !

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