Have You Hugged Your AK Today?

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Hug Your AK-47 Day
Courtesy Paul Markel

[ED: Back in 2012, President Barack Obama pontificated on the appropriateness of Americans owning AK-47 rifles. The one-time world’s greatest gun salesman told an audience, “I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals, that they belong on the battlefields of war and not on the streets of our cities.” In response, Student of the Gun’s Paul Markel issued the following press release declaring October 18 National Hug Your AK Day. It’s still as relevant today as it was then and your AK is every bit as deserving of a little appreciation now as ever.]

“I could not sit idly by and listen to such irrational prejudice and slander,” said Paul Markel, producer and host of Student of the Gun. “We are trying to combat the hate-speech and prejudice put out during the Presidential Debates this week. And so, we hereby declared Thursday, October 18, 2012 to be National Hug your AK Day.”  . . .

“We encourage free Americans and citizens nationwide to take a moment and hug their AK. If you don’t have an AK to hug, hug your Stoner or Garand. Find someone who does have an AK and offer to join them in a group hug.”

Markel continued, “While you are hugging your favorite Kalashnikov, take a moment to consider all the AK’s that have been slandered, libeled, and are now the targets of hate-speech by self-serving politicians and their sycophant accomplices in the media. Assure your AK that you will do your very best to guard and protect it from such misguided hate and prejudice.”

Hug Your AK-47 Day
Courtesy Paul Markel

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  1. Hugging groups for AKs? I’m in! I get a tingling up my leg
    imagining what this would do to a liberal.

    • If you mean a group of people each hugging their own AK? I can do that but if you want to share a hug with me and my AK you better be of the XX chromosome persuasion…

      • it’s a good gun but not one I would choose…as the availability of ammo may become an issue…

        • the availability of ammo may become an issue…

          Russian is not the only available 7.62×39 I prefer brass anyway since I also have a Windham in 7.62×39… The ammo will be available just might have to pay more…

  2. This general idea is actually very good counter-propaganda or neutralizing messaging to all the gun-grabber anti-AK assault weapon attack messaging that has been going on lately, and well for decades too. If gun-owners were to pose in such warm cuddly embraces with their guns and post the pictures all over the Internet it would probably encourage lots of non-gun owners to imagine guns in a new way, especially young women. Suddenly, guns are warm and cuddly. Who’d of thought that before?

  3. I don’t have an AK. I don’t dare try to hug my Mosin. That’s a real man’s rifle. None of that touchy feely shit for “Boris”.

    • Even ugly soviet lumberjacks need some love sometimes, jwm. I don’t have an AK either, and my AR gets plenty of attention, but my Argentine Mauser gets lonely sometimes, too.

    • I have to agree with jwm, hugging your Mosin is like hugging your dominatrix – it just ain’t the way things work…

      “Mosin-Nagant not only punish enemy, Mosin-Nagant punish you.” – Yakov Smirnoff.

      • Yep, if I was in San Francisco I’d pay big money for the kind of beating my Mosin gives me for free. And when it’s done I gotta clean that sumbitch up again or I don’t get no more action.

        Beat me. Abuse me. And make me write bad checks.

        • You don’t have to clean a M-N. They ere made to take abuse. They thrive on abuse. You may have to kick the bolt shut but it will still go bang when you pull the trigger.

    • I hugged, fondled, caressed and stroked my Mosin last night. And all she’ll give me this weekend is a beating. I’m going to sure enjoy it, though. Does that make me a masochist?

      • Some rifles want to use you.
        Some rifles want to be used by you.
        Some rifles want to abuse you.
        Some rifles want to be abused by you.

    • If you don’t treat all your guns equal, you’re going to come in one day to find a little pink bow sticker on the other rifle’s lower receiver and an achingly-desperate, half-despairing look in its sights as it hopes for some of your attention. Seeing that’s going to break your heart. Don’t let it get to that point: treat all of your guns the same.

  4. It’s a gun. It ain’t the love of my life, nor is it a teddy bear. I’ll clean and oil my guns as needed, but I respect them as tools, not as something to cuddle.

  5. I hope an M1 Carbine is good enough. I hugged it after reading this, and it felt good. I may have even locked the action back and played with the bolt release a few times… it sure is a satisfying feeling/sound 🙂

    • Yes, Cameron; your M1 Carbine is MORE than good enough. When I pick mine up, it takes me waaaay back to when I was in Basic Training with the Air Force. And then I feel young again.

  6. I didn’t hug any AKs today, but I stripped two of them yesterday. It was all for legitimate scientific purposes, mind you; nothing icky or anything. Really.

  7. My State banned Ak-47s =(. So I have a Vz.58. I just put a railed handguard on it and it took some doin’ so we had lots of “us” time tonight.

  8. After I read this I had to open the safe and give my MAK-90 some luvvins.

    Rant *** I really wish Hogue would make a buttstock for AK’s. I have the pistol grip and hand guard which are tops but they won’t complete the trifecta. A NATO length Hogue buttstock would complete my MAK and make me a very happy man.

  9. lets see if you guys can hang onto them or use them when the new SS, the dept of Homeland Security comes like the Jack Boots to the door at one am and says “were here to pick up the guns’,, Its coming, this guy in the white house if following the Comunist Agenda, to the letter. Every word out of his mouth is a lie, or 100 year old Marxist bull that never worked anywhere. We have this one last chance, so wake as many of your neighbors as possible.

  10. My AK’s have their own safe space where they can hang out together without fear or envy from my AR’s. I don’t have any uppity euro trash so at least my AR’s don’t feel like my AK’s.

  11. It’s cold, its heartless, it has no feelings.
    It doesn’t care about hugs or the attention I give it.
    Now that I’ve described my girlfiend, I’m going to hug my AK.

  12. A guns like a woman, it’s all on how you hold her. Aaron Lewis.
    My Saiga AK gets lots of attention, and well, My Garand is always special.😎

  13. is that tiger woods camo?
    my sam85 and i are separated, although the agreement is mutual. i have full visitation rights and can satisfy my “hold an ak in my hands, i get feelz that i don’t understand” needs with semi regularity.

  14. The articles on “T” Tag get sicker and sicker. No wonder the author was afraid to publish his name he probably feared being locked up in the looney bin.

    Semi-Auto Assault Rifles should have the same vetting as class 3 weapons and require the same fee for registration. If we had such a law the nut cases like Paddock in the Los Vegas massacre would never have happened. He slaughtered his victims from 400 yards away and the lethality of a high velocity rifle bullet was made shockingly dramatic in a “60 Minutes” presentation when they shot into ballistic gelatin as opposed to the lethality of a pistol round. The lack of such laws only guarantee that eventually even the Republicans will cave in to outright banning them because of public pressure because the majority of the public today do not even own weapons anymore.

    Gun ownership is a dying hobby. Much of what was once “open” land or farm land has now been gobbled up by Megalopolis. It is now possible on the East Cost to drive from one jurisdiction to another and see nothing but miles and miles of businesses and homes. The farm land was gobbled up and destroyed decades ago. When the farm land and wood lots went so did places to hunt and target shoot. Many communities now days even out law the building or use of ranges, even indoor ranges. As a result gun shows today are largely populated with old doddering men in their late 70’s and 80’s, the young have taking up other hobbies.

    It is not a question of “if” such weapons will be severely restricted or even outlawed but it is a question only of “when” it will happen.

    The American philosopher George Santayana is credited with the aphorism, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” and most civilized societies have severely restricted or banned such weapons altogether. You may not agree with Biden when he said “All you need is a shotgun to defend your home with” but he was correct in his statement. In fact its more sensible because high velocity rifle rounds penetrate walls and sail down through the neighborhood killing innocent bystanders.

    Let us face facts the weapon of choice is the assault rifle for the Far Right Trump Nazi Fanatics who are hell bent on overthrowing the U.S. Government and are more proof how dangerous these weapons can be in the hands of far right jackbooted storm troopers that would establish a one party state with Trump as dictator appointed for life. Shades of Hitler and the Nazi’s.

    Many mass killings have been done with the Assault Rifle making them far more lethal for the people who were shot with them. Those that did survive were often crippled horribly for life. The high velocity rifle bullet smashes bone to a pulp sending even doctors and nurses used to seeing death and injury break down in tears. Such is the pure insanity of trying to survive in Capitalvania, a Nation gone completely mad with hate and violence. It is not surprising because of the masses of “underemployed” people making less than a livable wage while the rich become obscenely wealthy. More and more young people are viewing Socialism no longer as a gremlin under the bed but as a salvation from the blind greed and injustice of out of control Capitalism.

    The people in power both Republicans and Democrats are all well aware of the threat of the assault rifle and the January 6th Hitlerite Beer Hall putsch by Herr Drumpf and his Nazi fanatics that did more to destroy gun rights than all the Liberal yelling ever did. Again the Far Right Fanatics are always their own worst enemies by opposing sensible gun laws that would vet out a lot of criminals and far right lunatics that buy these weapons second hand and then attempt to overthrow the government. This only put the final nails in the coffin for the ownership of such weapons of mass destruction in the near future. Remember Biden has 3 1/2 more years to go and if he dies before then Harris will be 10 times as forceful in her hatred of gun ownership of all weapons. Dark days lay ahead for all gun owners and the clock is ticking, ticking, ticking down.

    • Yo Vladacian: Though I only read the beginning of the first sentence of your usual long winded, nonsensical and totally useless diatribe I want you to know that I personally could not give a fuk what you think.. Anyway possibly someone might read further but I doubt it, so thanks for playing it really says a lot about you that you are willing to waste so much of your time just hoping someone will pay you some attention… So there, not the attention you wanted? Or is any attention good enough for you? OBTW, everyone else recognized the article for what it was, a fukking joke, get a life…

    • darcy dodo…It is crystal clear you possess all the slander, libel and ignorance it takes to make Jim Crow Gun Control and The Third Reich rise from the grave. Get help pervert…Mental Help.

    • What a load of Anti-American Hogwash!

      Save this Schitt for your Grabby Gabby Giffords Circle Jerks.

    • What is an assault rifle? I don’t own any, but I always had an affinity for belt fed. My evil black rifles haven’t harmed anyone but watermelons and water jugs. Ok Tannerite from time to time… Are you even real or a paid troll?

  15. Do I hug one, or do I try to hug them all at once? Or should I give each one an individual hug? They’re all AR’s, and should I dig up the 2 cached ones buried or just hug the dirt they rest in?

    Details TTAG! I need Details!

    I don’t own any ComBloc Firearms, because I knew this ban on ComBloc Ammo was coming down the pike a long time ago. In fact I’m surprised it took this long, as I expected it to happen when Obutthead was in Orifice.

    • I expected it to happen when Obutthead was in Orifice.

      Yeah me too, that’s why I stashed 10,000 rounds of Silver Bear and 7500 rounds of Yugo brass in 7.62×39 and 5400 rounds of 7.62x54r for my Mosin… All part of a 60,000 plus round stash of assorted rifle and pistol ammo… My 1932 Mosin can ruin your day from 1/2 mile away with ease and it cost me $75.00 still new in the box…

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