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Our trifecta of “interesting” pocket dumps, starting with Joel the party guy and his bottle of bourbon whiskey to the ‘Concerned Tactical Citizen‘ continues with today’s “Silent Pocket Assassin” EDC ensemble from Everyday Carry.

Stian from Norway sends this.  In America, this would serve as a train wreck, but maybe things are different in Norway.

A .25 Auto with FMJ rounds?  And forget about empty chamber carry.  Stian carries a can (suppressor).  Surprise, surprise…  Amazon doesn’t carry Ase suppressors for next day delivery!  Shucks!

Does Stian think a bad guy’s going to wait for him to screw that bad boy onto the end of his ancient Baby Browning .25 Auto?  Or is he really an IT guy who quietly solves his ID10T problems permanently?









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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me! Is he 007? Wait, that was Beretta before Q issued him the Walther PPK in .32. Hits like a brick on a plate glass window. I want some of that ammo! But still want it a real caliber.

  2. lol @ the #1 comment:

    “Carry a 25 if it makes you feel good, but do not ever load it. If you load it you may shoot it. If you shoot it you may hit somebody, and if you hit somebody, and he finds out about it, he may be very angry with you.”
    – Col. Jeff Cooper

    • B.D., don’t be too fast to condemn. All due respect to Col. Cooper. I met him and his daughter Lindy at SHOT a number of years ago. Well, it was the year Steyr introduced the Scout Rifle. I have all his books, and many other of his publications, autographed. Lindy’s biography of her father. Also autographed. His monthly column. Cooper On Handguns in Guns & Ammo in the ’70s played no small part in the 1911 being my service weapon of choice for almost 25 years. Also the reason I had Jim Brockman build me a scout rifle on a stainless Winchester Model 70 Classic action. Pre Steyr, but I like my Winchester better. Anyway, I worked a shooting involving a .25 ACP early in my career. Victim was “zipped up.” First round caught him just above the belt buckle. Straight up the gig line. Last round under the left eye socket. Took the fight right out of him. Qualifier: I would never carry a .25 ACP.

      • I think it was Ayoob who said to treat the entire contents of a mouse gun magazine like “one shot”.

        Zipping someone up seems like the way to use one of these.

        I haven’t carried a 25 since since the 80s. Dont think i even own one.

        • Never took one of Mass”s classes, but did shoot with him a couple of times. I remember the first . I was carrying a 1911 (of course) in Kramer leather. He asked if it was a Les Bear pistol. Explained it was a Frankenstein pistol. Colt frame, Les Bear slide, etc. He asked if my agency let me carry it with the ivory grips, I said, “Sure, why not?” As he walked away I heard him say, “I know I’m in the south now.”

        • You don’t think you own one?

          lol. That’s a good way to tell if you own the right amount of guns 😉

          *Digging in safe* “It’s in here somewhere!”

      • Good info from great men, yourself included 😉

        I don’t judge too harshly. I personally enjoy smaller calibers. For me, however, the minimal carry round would be .380

    • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””“Carry a 25 if it makes you feel good, but do not ever load it. If you load it you may shoot it. If you shoot it you may hit somebody, and if you hit somebody, and he finds out about it, he may be very angry with you.”
      – Col. Jeff Cooper””””””””””””””””””””””””””

      Jeff Cooper was a clown and and a complete idiot. His bad mouthing of the 9mm at ever opportunity only revealed what an inexperienced man he was with the lethality of pistol calibers. I doubt if he ever shot anything with a pistol including his neighbors cat. (sarcasm only)

      In the real world the mouse calibers like the .25 acp and the .32 acp have shown through medical records to have killed more people than all the big bore blasters combined. Sure you will say because more people in the past have carried them than the larger calibers. Yes true enough but you miss the forest for the trees and that is that the people shot did die didn’t they and the people who used the .25 acp survived the encounter.

      I have seen many news stories about people saving their lives with the .25 acp especially women who were about to be raped and then murdered in cold blood. Try and tell them the .25 acp is worthless and it will go over either like a lead balloon or they will laugh in your face.

      A friend of mine who is not a gun enthusiast once bought a Baby Browning .25 from me and later heard the usually horse shit about what a useless caliber it was. He went into his basement and shot at a wooden block and when he saw the slug zipp right through it he said he had no doubt he could blow someones brains out with it if he had to. I did not argue the point as he was very correct.

      I might add that actual historical documents show that the German Army adopted the .32 acp over the .380 acp because at close range the .32 acp would penetrate a military helmet while the .380 would bounce off. I had always wondered as a young man why the Germans had adopted the .32 acp instead of the .380 acp and now I know why.

      According to actual U.S. Military tests in 1945 the .45 acp bounced off a military helmet at 35 yards while the 9×19 penetrated it at an astonishing 125 yards and might have done it even further away but no on could hit the helmet at a further distance. See the book the Inglis Diamond by Clive Law.

      As you can see there have been too many myths about the smaller calibers being worthless when actual testing and actual shoot outs proved otherwise.

      I might add in the article in the Gun Digest a few decades ago entitled “Shooting Holes in the stopping power theory” the infamous Col. Thompson tests actually proved the opposite of what Col. Thompson claimed and that was in his own testing it showed that the smaller calibers like the .38 and the .30 Luger and the 9×19 Luger killed 1,200 lb. Steers as well as the larger pistol calibers did. Thompson’s out right lies when he went to the ordnance board resulted in the adoption of the .45 acp cartridge which was a falsehood and lie from the very beginning. Even John Browning had originally wanted to make his auto pistol in .38 caliber not .45 acp. Browning of course was right but he made what the military wanted i.e. an inferior caliber in .45 acp as the military wanted.

      Its also interesting to note that quite a few old time famous ivory hunters were killed precisely because they were using big rifle calibers that had poor penetration. Bill Judd comes to mind when he and his son blasted an enraged bull elephant 7 times but not before the Bull ground Judd into mince meat paste. It was shot 4 times with a .577 Nitor Express and 3 times with a 450/300. His son was so traumatized at the failure of their monster caliber double rifles he never went hunting dangerous game again.

      W.D.M. Bell who used the 6.5 mm had no such problems and survived after shooting over 1,000 elephants, again proving that the smaller calibers were not anemic and useless. As a matter of fact Bell stated the 6.5mm was the only caliber he ever used that could always be relied on to shoot right through an elephant.

      • W.D.M. Bell hunted most of his elephants with 7x57mm Mauser, and the only reason he could use a standard rifle cartridge instead of an elephant gun to kill elephants was because he was careful to only shoot a very particular shot from behind the elephant’s ear right into it’s brain, now known as the “Bell shot”. 7x57mm is not a round that is effective in stopping charging elephants. Nor is .25 ACP effective in stopping charging men, though it likewise is effective in executions if shot up through the base of the spine as was proven by your example. So what. If you have the ability to penetrate the body exactly as you wish, you can reliably kill someone with a single icepick stab and probably with a single shot from a BB gun. If it’s an execution you can reliable kill a healthy adult man with a shoelace or a plastic bag. Or a bucket of water, or a chokehold. But when defending our lives against assault, we aren’t fighting defenseless restrained prisoners or completely unaware animals standing still while feeding and allowing us to get a perfect shot at our leisure. More powerful cartridges are greatly advantageous when shots are imperfect. When the critical area is missed, and it’s essential to cause more trauma to the body with a cartridge that tears a larger wound.

  3. He said it’s an assassin’s EDC, so yeah. . . . . Wants and Needs: Miss P said she NEEDS a hair dryer, I said I wants a GUNM. miss P went on to tell me why I don’t NEED another gunm, I told her I do not know why she Wants s hair dryer, she has a perfectly good oven. These females, whooh

    • Possum, not to tell you how to manage your home life, but… I dxed my ex in 2009. Kids stayed with me. Now grown and gone. Cost me a little in cash and forced me to sell a few firearms. Lawyers are expensive. Building back my battery even better than before. Got a lead on a late ’50s early ’60s Marlin 39 today. $250. Escort service. They’re young, pretty and best of all, you don’t pay for sex. You pay them to leave. The last part wasn’t true, but it should be. lol

      • Heh heh, Not married here either , Miss P is my girlfiend. The P don’t stand for possum. And if she wants her hair dry she can stick her head in the oven

      • Current lawyer cost for divorce/custody = $2500 retainer. I’m up to about 8k.

        But winning = priceless. Gotta love those states that actually see the father as an equal.

        • I just picked a wife to start with that is fine with guns or fishing as long as
          1) She gets her own too
          2) She gets something else she wants if I get something i want
          2A) They don’t have to be at the same time if finances don’t permit it

          Conclusion; You guys are terrible judges of female character 😉

  4. An assassin wouldn’t be wasting time with bullets. Poison and bombs are less implicating.

    • That’s Norway to talk.
      I don’t Bolivia know who I am!
      Denmark our bill and call the Bosphorus,
      He’ll probably Kenya and I don’t Caribbean who you are…

      OK, sometimes I recall stuff from 4th grade.

  5. Serious question, can you legally use an NFA device in a DGU?

    Wasn’t it the Hudson that was a 9mm with an integral suppressor?

    • SilencerCo Maxim 9 might be what you are thinking of. Hudson is now defunct and turned a 1911 into an abortion child Glock.

    • Since no one answered your first question I will. This is coming from a concealed carry teacher I asked: “Anything you legally own can be used for self defense if the circumstances behind it are legal.” In other words, if you legally own a thompson gun, and a guy breaks in, you can use said thompson gun on full auto to change his mind.

      • I once read somewhere, at a place I don’t recall, an unknown number of years ago, that class three / NFA weapons aren’t legal for self-defense and often hunting but hunting varies by state. TBH, I think it would come down to the jury. That information is also ancient but I wouldn’t give a prosecution extra ammo by using an NFA weapon.

        • I haven’t heard of them being disallowed for self defense, assuming they’re otherwise legal. Some states ban machine guns or silencers from hunting, but they also ban more than 5 rounds, small calibers, or other non-fair pursuit items. I see a lot of people talking about silencers for home defense. I do know that a Colorado CCW doesn’t cover machine guns, so no Glock 18s or MP5K briefcases here. Regardless, I wouldn’t want a $30k gun seized as evidence and hope I get it back.

  6. So, the thing is, you must first develop your verbal skills to convince an attacker to please hold that thought, turn around and standby a moment while you assemble your assassination suppressor into your itty bitty pop gun to shoot the bad guy in the back of the head with.

    So, perfect weapon. Where can I find one?

  7. A suppressed .25 caliber would probably work as an assassin’s weapon (not much need to worry about stopping power if you’re going to put two in someone’s ear) but something tells me a poser is more likely to post shit on websites like that.

  8. He could easily carry it with an attached suppressor in a Ken Null shoulder holster.

    It was designed for double-naught spies.

  9. He’s written a post here before. This is the only gun he could get and carry. He’s doing it sans license of course. It isn’t like he has options.

  10. In America, this would serve as a train wreck, but maybe things are different in Norway.


    ps: 22LR suppressor with a .25 ACP gun? This guy is an idiot or a troll.

    • It’s probably got a big enough bore. Most cans are pretty forgiving. I’ve seen people shoot 6mm through 556 cans. The bore on my 30 Cal can is about .40

  11. I wonder just WHERE the special pocket is sewn in his tux for that can. Is that a can in your pants or are you just happy to see me…

  12. I might add the article proved that legalizing over the counter sales of silencers is a very bad idea. I refer again to actual comments made by many people I know that bought them i.e. they said “I bought a silencer in case I ever needed it”. Chilling to the bone (pun intended).

    • With what people go through to legally acquire a silencer, I very much doubt that statement. If they ever needed it “they’d” use a pop bottle, pillow, or hammer. Hell, they probably dismember people in their basements and when you looked in the window you were thusly chilled.

  13. Regarding your last sentence, the BOFH has the definitive tool kit for disposing of id10t lusers. Box of BNC terminators, missing raised floor tile, Halon dump, elevator shaft accident coinciding with a roll of carpet and a skip

  14. .25 acp fmj is nothing to sneeze at. I would be more concerned if he was carrying .25 Jhp.

    A year or two ago I shot some 40 gr mini mags from my 1” barrel NAA revolver at a couple of stacked 2×4’s. Surprisingly enough it fully penetrated and kept on going. Might have been producing 60 ft-lbs at the most. I know that the .25 is nearly identical ballistically. I also believe shooting the bull tested the 1” NAA and found mini mags to penetrate at least 12” in gel. Mouse guns are not toys.

  15. I was under the belief that even if one is a CCW permit holder and legally owned a suppressor that they still could not carry suppressed weapon concealed legally. Please weigh in on this.
    At the very least, there would be some explaining to the officer if for some reason you were searched a suppressed firearm was found.

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