Nearby Ring camera footage showing the suspect vehicle screaming past on Tuesday evening. Screen capture by Boch. Via CBS2 Chicago.
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Another day, another slew of carjackings in Chicagoland. The difference: Tuesday evening, none other than Illinois Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford (D-Hillside) and her husband became victims of the violent crime that infests Chicago.

Between Lightford’s husband — who has a carry license — and the three masked bad guys, fifteen rounds were fired during the carjacking. Lightford and her husband weren’t injured, but she lost the car and her purse.

Of course, in her mind, she’ll probably return to Springfield in a couple of weeks and demand…more gun control. After all, if her husband hadn’t pulled his gun, the criminals would have just said “pretty please” and not opened fire when they rolled up in a (likely stolen) SUV and announced the carjacking shortly after Lightford and her husband dropped off some friends on a residential street.

But wait! There’s more! As additional information about the incident dribbles out, it surely sounds as though Lightford publicly admitted to not only losing the car and her purse to the carjackers, but quite possibly her gun as well.

In a story just published by the Chicago Sun-Times, Lightford had this to say:

“They had separated me and my husband,” she said on WGN-TV. “After they got the guns off of us, my husband told me to run. I ran, reluctantly, because I didn’t want to leave him there. And it was a scary run because now shots are being fired. I thought for sure they were going to shoot me.”

“After they got the guns off of us…”  That sounds like Senator Lightford was carrying a gun just like her hubby, doesn’t it? Those dangerous things that only those in uniform are qualified to own and carry.

Stop for a moment and savor the weapons-grade hypocrisy of a woman who has so vocally and tirelessly supported gun control in Illinois in every vote on the subject she’s cast. Even after a court ruled that the Land of Lincoln’s ban on concealed carry was unconstitutional, Lightford still voted against legislation to remedy that decision in 2013. Repeatedly.

For her sake, she better hope and pray to the gun-grabbing gods that the armed carjackers don’t use her family’s guns to kill someone.

From CBS 2 Chicago:

Police said, around 9:45 p.m., three masked individuals driving a Dodge Durango carjacked Lightford as she was driving a Mercedes Benz SUV in the 2000 block of South 20th Avenue, near Fillmore Street, along with her husband.

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, surveillance video shows the Durango speeding away, with the black Mercedes Benz SUV right behind it.

Lightford’s husband, Eric McKennie, was also in the car with her.

From the late-breaking Sun-Times story:

Lightford and her husband Eric McKennie were in the Mercedes dropping off a friend Tuesday night in Broadview when three masked men in a Dodge Durango boxed in the SUV, police said.

“I begged them not to shoot my husband, not to shoot me,” Lightford told reporters Thursday morning at a Christmas present giveaway for children in Proviso Township. “They took everything off me that I had of value.”

Lightford said her husband gave the carjackers the keys to the car.

“They had separated me and my husband,” she said on WGN-TV. “After they got the guns off of us, my husband told me to run. I ran, reluctantly, because I didn’t want to leave him there. And it was a scary run because now shots are being fired. I thought for sure they were going to shoot me.”

Lightford said her husband is a concealed-carry permit holder. He fired at the carjackers, she said.

How bad a problem is carjacking in Murder City, USA. Here’s something from the CWB Chicago blog . . .

Carjackings, up 447% since 2019, just keep on rolling in Chicago; cases reported in Wicker Park, Albany Park, and outside UIC hospital on Thursday

Lately, every morning has been the same at CWB’s office. Log on to our laptops and start compiling the daily list of hijackings and armed robberies committed across our coverage area since the day before.

It’s become a little tedious, frankly. Sometimes we wonder how it can be that, as you will read regarding yesterday evening, at least four hijackings were committed in three hours across the small part of the city we cover.

After all, less than three months ago, CPD Supt. David Brown assured the audience at a downtown business luncheon that hijacking reports were down. And earlier this month, Mayor Lori Lightfoot bragged that, except murders, every crime category is at a 25-year low in Chicago.

They were both lying through their teeth, of course.

In Kimberly Lightford’s world, the rules are for the little people. Rampant crime? Eh, it only happens to average citizens. But her life is important.

Are the lives of the little people trying to raise their families and work their jobs important to her? Not so much, given her votes to block them from empowering themselves to carry the means with which to defend themselves from violent predators.

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  1. Kimberly Lightford is just another in the long line of grifters that runs Chiraq. Sorry, Chicago, but the government you elect is the government you deserve.

    • Not fair, Ralph, I for one do not believe that election results in Chicago have squat-all to do with votes cast, the results would be exactly the same if no one cast a single vote. You don’t actually think anybody is really ELECTING those fools, do you?

    • Ralph,

      You have it all wrong. First of all, it is ChiCongo, not Chiraq. (Calling it Chiraq is an insult to Iraq.) Second of all, the grifters are not running ChiCongo: rather they are sucking Chicago dry while criminal enterprises run ChiCongo.

      • Since before the US Civil War.

        Crooked dems running Chicago is not just and “intergenerational” thing, a multidecade problem. Or even started with the BLM thugs.

  2. I have a schadenboner for over 4 hours now and it won’t go down.

    I noticed how they photoshopped her photo at to lighten her skin tone to almost that of a white person.

  3. They got the gunms off them but he shot back?
    I guess he had two gunms.
    – they took everything thing of value off of her. Oh so sad.
    Kinda like when a poor loses everything of value he has but only different, because his sht cant be as easily replaced if at all.

  4. I am trying to imagine 15 shots fired and no one is hurt AND the bad guys obtain sufficient advantage during the shoot-out to complete their robbery and hi-jacking. Seems to me the bad guys showed considerable restraint in not shooting their victims for the crime of shooting at them.

    Maybe they all knew each other?
    Calling Jessie Smollett, calling Jessie Smollett. Jessie?

    Thankfully, none of those errant rounds struck anyone else in the neighborhood.

  5. Jerk anti gun politico and her husband had carry permits? Typical ruling class hypocrites.

    No sympathy.

    • She didn’t say she had a carry permit, only her husband was mentioned.
      That’s even more salt in our wound.
      Laws do not apply to the law makers.

      • I seem to recall back in the Day when personal carry was outlawed for Joe and Joline six-pack, (or in the case of the Fillmore district, Thunderbird Wine) that Chicago legislators and state attornies had a ‘status’ allowing them to carry. government DAs were considered ‘officers of the court’ or something like that, and I forgot what they called legislators but they used to have their own vanity plate, as well on their private vehicles? It was a common understanding that you didn’t pull over a car with ‘House’ or Senate plates for ordinary traffic tickets like you did with ‘Po’ folks. So maybe only her hubby needed a cc permit and she automatically could carry concealed as part of her official perks?

  6. But but but if they ONLY had adequate gun control in Chitcago (city of my birth sad to say) those dastardly criminals would not HAVE guns with which to rob people at gun point! See, it’s simple! We need more and better gun control! Guns for me but not for thee!

    • Poor baby…Lightbrain is already calling for more gun control. Oh and Hillside is going to he!! too. As are all the near west Chiraq suburbs @draconion covid control in Cook County.

  7. “Once they got the guns off us” I wonder if she is saying, when the assailants stopped pointing guns at her and her husband? Then hubby opened up as bad guys fled.

  8. “except murders, every crime category is at a 25-year low in Chicago.”

    other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

    When ‘everything except murders’ is a a 25 year low it just means no one is reporting anything and the police aren’t arresting anyone. Murder is different because someone has to collect the bodies so it still generates a stat.

    • A Democrat — as I can tell by the fact that nowhere, in that 1,000+ word opus about not much of anything, did the “journalist” mention Scanlon’s political affiliation. You know they’d have trumpeted it to the hills if it had been a Republican.

      • Favored political parties or physical descriptions of certain criminals can’t be mentioned, can’t promote any bias so scrap all those pesky details.

      • Yes they would. A few years ago there was a story about a Democrat that was in trouble for corruption. The story that ran “mistakenly” labeled the person a Republican. “Oops” I think it was NBC. No one ever sees the retraction the next day. Gotta push that narrative.

        • They did that with Ralph “Coonman” Northam. At least one major “mainstream” publication actually labeled him a Republican when the blackface/klan hood scandal broke.

  9. Illinois State Senator CarJacked?

    LMAO ROFLMAO LMAOROF…Now that’s funny I don’t care who you are…..

    • After my incident happened I started carrying four 15 round mags, one in the gun and three reloads.

      Anyone who carries only a 5 or 6 shot revolver, or less than 60 rounds and a semi-auto, in these days of roving groups and gangs and teams of criminals, is a fool.

      • .40 cal Booger If you can’t hit the target with one or two rounds what makes you think you can hit is with 60?

        • The cold, relentless odds of the actuarial tables? 😉

        • Geoff, I remember my uncle in NYPD telling me a story about a police LT who was in a corner grocery store when a robber came in to rob the place. The Lt was carrying a Colt Detective Special (6 shot) .38 Spc cal. He fired all six round at the perp and missed them all. He had qualified as a ‘Distinguished Expert” by the department.

  10. So some people conceal/carry for the purpose of supplying the perps with MORE guns? I wonder what would happen if legal conceal/carry people shot the SHIT out of the perps, instead of giving them more guns. Maybe less crime?

  11. I predict we will have a return of the 1980s, “Law & Order Republican” candidate. Which was much hated by the Democrats, the Libertarians, the Liberals, and the Left.

  12. “I thought for sure they were going to shoot me.”

    What do you mean “were” Lightford? You don’t realize how lucky you are that the bad guys were just bad shots.

    What? That imminent fear Lightford claims indirectly does not exist for us so we don’t need guns for self defense? That really exists?

    I can hear her now …. “It was a white supremacists hit squad!”

  13. Maybe I missed something…

    “After they got the guns off of us, …”

    If the bad guys got their guns then what was hubby using to shoot with?

  14. Not sure which is scarier: gun control nazi is married to someone who owns a gun, or Hillside, a middle class enclave, now compared to Chi town

  15. i want that bitch arrested and her husband arrested. no way, that you’re allowed to shoot at suspect when they’re trying to steal property..blood in the fucking streets, I want him locked up now and I want her to resign and submit to weekly testing..fucking nerve of them. NO FUCKING way..why they’re not canceling her is UNKOWN..

  16. “After they got the guns off us”
    I think means they stopped holding them at gunpoint and started to leave. Not the time to start a gunfight.

    • she said in interview

      “After they took our guns, they separated me and my husband.”

      so the bad guys took their guns according to her. So what was hubby shooting with? Did they like give him his gun back and go “lets play guns!” and they start shooting at each other?

  17. I am curious, that it doesn’t say who fires the 15 rounds. Was it the bad guys? or was it all the husband after the bad guys were driving away? If they are driving away, we teach that they are no longer a threat and you cant shoot someone for taking property in Illinois. Did the robbers even have guns? All the details seem to be missing from every story that comes out of Chicago from the “MEDIA”, if you can call them that anymore. Maybe the reporters need to go back to school, and learn the W’s again. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE? It would make their stories so much more informative!

  18. It says her husband has a carry permit, but I can’t find any indication of record or something that says Kimberly Lightford has a carry permit.

  19. something is wrong with the reporting on this, either that or her story is screwed up and she tells it different each time

    according to different source her story changes a little each time, a word here or there…for example, >

    ““I begged them not to shoot us, not to shoot my husband or me,” she said. “I told them to take what they want. They took everything I had of value from me.

    Lightford continued: “After they took our guns, they separated me and my husband.”

    The state senator said her husband told her to run.

    “I ran, reluctantly, because I didn’t want to leave it there,” Lightford said.”

    But according to WGN TV channel 9 news >

    ““I begged them not to shoot us, not to shoot my husband, or me,” she said. “I told them to take whatever they want. They took everything off me that I had of value … After we got the guns off of us, they separated me and husband. After we got the guns off of us, my husband told me to run. I ran, reluctantly, because I didn’t want to leave him there.””

    and in this TTAG article the “late-breaking Sun-Times story:” reports

    “They had separated me and my husband,” she said on WGN-TV. “After they got the guns off of us, my husband told me to run. I ran, reluctantly, because I didn’t want to leave him there. And it was a scary run because now shots are being fired. I thought for sure they were going to shoot me.””

    Notice the different with the guns…

    ““After they took our guns,…”

    “After we got the guns off of us…”

    “After they got the guns off of us…”

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