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By NIOSH – NIOSH, Public Domain

The police certainly didn’t use any ammo to protect your neighbor’s small businesses from looters this summer, did they? And I don’t remember the cops using any of their ammo to oppose the unconstitutional closure of churches last fall. Come to think of it, I don’t recall very many cases at all where the police did anything other than closely follow the orders of politicians.

So what do the police use ammo for?

Well, why don’t you ask Duncan Lemp? And if you can’t get ahold of him, ask Tamir RiceAtatiana JeffersonRyan Whitaker, or Daniel Shaver. The list goes on.

Civilians — the people left to fend for themselves against mobs of rioters — can barely find ammo in stock anywhere. And the little ammo that is available is selling for inflated prices.

If ammo manufacturers are still serving law enforcement agencies — especially at discounted rates — it begs the question: “Which side are they on?”

What word would you use to describe a neighbor who runs a crowbar store and offers a discount to burglars? “Friend” probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind.

Sure, agency contracts are big money. But there’s no lack of demand on ammo right now. For an ammo vendor, snubbing your law enforcement customers certainly might be viewed as ‘biting the hand that feeds.’ But at some point, vendors are also feeding the mouth that bites.

— En Bloc Press in Ammo Sales to Law Enforcement Feed The Mouth That Bites

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  1. It’s probably a result of the contract they signed which many, if not all current ones were influenced by the 2013 panic.

    The 2013 panic resulted in even the DOD not having enough ammo, so of course, they panicked, and made sure us proles could never horde “their” precious ammo ever again, before they got theirs.

    • Cool theory, but, no.

      Most federal ammo contracts are 1-5 year, and most state and local are 1-3 year, so, no, we’ve not been locked in under 2013 contracts that bind us.

      Put aside any subjective views on patriotism, civic duty, and right and wrong, the government is generally a good customer. They order consistently, pay on time, and generally treat you fairly.

      The civilian market, on the other hand is volatile, financially risky, and subject to the whims of the twitterbook.

      Any ammo company worth its salt strikes a responsible balance between government and civilian sales.

    • Because it’s part of their sensible marketing strategy. Not everyone who reads TTAG is a fascist who got kicked off of Facebook for advocating violent insurrection.

      • …or perhaps suggesting that there’s a physical difference between boys and girls.

        • Some are ANTIFA. What they have, as of yet, failed to realize is that the Democrat power hold will take away their rightfully owned firearms as well.

      • and it might be because Joe Biden is an illegally installed POTUS with serious mental problems who is trying to install socialism in the USA and totally destroy our Constitutional Republic as we know it.. And who BTW, cheated his way into office and told us he was going to beforehand. See yourself to the door, and do let it hit you in the ass on your way out Frank M..

        • So let me get this straight:
          “Article II, Section 4:

          The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

          Does that mean we have to re-instate President Trump in order to impeach him? or are we just going to impeach President Biden?? Clearly all involved should be impeached for abuse of power, but some simply want power for that very reason.

      • Don’t worry I yell “I can’t breathe” every time I throw a fire bomb, blind someone with a laser, loot a store, throw a poorly made IED into a crowd of cops or break out the bike lock. So therefore I’m classified as a peaceful protester. I’d never attempt a violent coup unarmed while posting my dumb face all over social media.

      • someone does not know what violent insurrection is. My ancestors committed violent insurrection TWICE, since coming to North America. Once in 1776, the other in 1861. There is a world of difference in those two affairs that what you are talking about.

        What you are talking about, was an out of control demonstration, that bordered, but likely did not cross into, a riot. While not good, I have yet to see any vandalized ANYTHING from that day. I have yet to see, any gathering of armed rebel troops that day. Yes, people got hurt and killed, a literal handful or less. Apparently only one or two by gunfire, from the police. Apparently one via a fire extingusher. The rest sounded like heart attacks. 20 people where killed in Chicago this past weekend.

        The whole affair kind of reminded me of watching a WWII Eastern Front movie. Your not sure WHO to root for. You don’t want to cheer for the commies, but don’t want to cry for them either. Same goes for the nazis. You just want them ALL to go away, and find some way to have Patton insult them all.

        Also, somewhat amusing, the same politicians willing to let the country burn, are now ranting and raving about “doing something”, now that they perceive they might be at risk. I don’t think they are really at risk, at least no more than any of us “normal” people, but I get how having the mob being ticked at you, at your location, as opposed to in “other” people’s cities, might give a little indigestion. Thats what Tums are for

        • From all I’ve heard, on Jan 6 AOC and Nasty Pelosi, among others, were in full-fledged panic mode, of the “we’re all gonna die” sort. They have literally been operating on a “it can’t happen to me” basis for years, the idea that someone might actually come to see them, personally, was absolutely horrifying.

        • Doubly hypocritical when you consider that not only did they not give a shit when average joes or the fed LEO’s they sent in harms way were getting hurt or having their property destroyed, they didn’t give a damn when a Bernie bro shot up their “cross isle partners” and nearly killed one after they own “inciteful” rhetoric.

        • Gotta understand, They don’t want rabble wiping feet on “their” carpet but if cities burn, no big deal, let them eat brown cake. They know people won’t like what comes next. Besides they have troops, nuclear weapons, drones, FBI, spy agencies, counter-intelligence ops, enhanced-interrogations…

    • TTAG is all about profit, making a living. Just as gun shops claim they wouldn’t sell to Biden voters, but sure the fuck will sell to anyone willing to buy and pass the background checks, so too does TTAG use all means available to make a profit.

      Facebook, Twitter, whatever will send back a dollar or bring in those site clicks!

      Oh yeah, the more clicks, the more advertisers will pay to be here!


  2. This is an interesting point of view, and one that could provide the opportunity to send a very powerful message. Since the vast majority of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers are beneficial to citizens and appreciated for their service, this would potentially send the wrong message to the LEOs who support individual 2A rights. What about a selective moratorium on ammo sales to specific agencies? I can think of one in particular that may get 200 new agents soon that certainly don’t need more ammo to tread on the people and our constitutionally protected rights.

    • Why or how are they “beneficial”? They may not have done much harm yet (except for your tax money being wasted on), but they have not done any good, either. Worse, the police prevent us from defending ourselves effectively, making us the criminals in case of self-defense, and ensuring that we submit to the dictates of their bosses, the politicians. So, tell me again, how are the police beneficial?

      • Ah! An example, in the flesh, of our public schools for the past 30 years. Sir, if you think the police have not affected your life positively, ever, you need an alternate source of news. Or a different viewpoint. Try taking a “gap year” vacation to Cuba, or Venezuela, how about Mexico, maybe Russia or China. That attitude seems much more ignorant than stupid. Actually, now I think about it, a few months in downtown Chicago might open your eyes. And the always favorite, next time you’re carjacked, raped, robbed, etc., who do you plan to call, Maxine Waters?

        • Actually, sir, I believe that it is you who are running on inertia, believing that the police are here to help you, or the old lady to cross the street. That was (if it was) a long, long time ago. Certainly since the police force dressed up in black uniforms, obtained armor and armed themselves with automatic rifles and often heavier weapons than a rifle, they are no longer here to help the citizen, but to control him. And would you believe it if I were to tall you that the police do not serve the citizens? They serve the politicians that pay them (with our money, but the connection always gets lost). And, of course, you do know that the police is not obligated to protect you? Those laws and court cases have been discussed here often enough that I am sure you are aware them. What the police do, in fact, is prevent the citizen from protecting himself from the criminals, both local and national. In fact, whether by design or not, the police protect the criminals, again, both local and national.
          Now, would I prefer to have a police force that protects the good citizen, along with the Constitution? Yes, I would, but that is not what we currently have. I’ll let you ponder on this with just two examples – who arrested Kyle Rithenhouse for protecting his life? and who allowed (and in DC enabled) Antifa and BLM thugs and terrorists to destroy cities and kill people? Please, I’ll wait for your answer.

    • You are right, of course, the vast majority are the “good guys” we remember. But make no mistake, the vast majority of any opposing force are good guys. The vast majority of Islamists, aren’t “bad guys”. The vast majority of the German army, weren’t “bad guys”. Sadly, the vast majority of those, and all other groups are just normal good people, trying to make a living and survive the crazy going on all around them.

      We, the American people, need to send a message to our leaders. They are not representing us, in the slightest. The only way they seem to get that message is when extremists like the guys in DC, make some noise. It will always cause them to overcorrect, as we saw with the 28,000 props forced into the parking lot near DC. But still, this is how things have to be, before a change in attitudes can happen.

      Antifa figured that out. BLM figured that out. Our founding fathers figured that out.

      We just need to catch up and figure it out too.

      I was not there on the 6th in DC. But damn I wish I had been there.

  3. Police work for the politicians. The sooner the Back the Badge/Thin Blue Line crowd understand this, the sooner we can meaningfully fight back against the cancerous government we have. California staties didn’t drag Nancy Pelosi out of her hair appointment in cuffs. They didn’t break up Gavin Newsom’s dinner party at the French Laundry. NYPD didn’t throw de Blasio in the back of a cruiser when he broke his own gathering order to protest. Seattle PD let CHAZ take over their city. Cops are not on our side.

    Barrett doesn’t sell to jurisdictions that ban civilian use of their rifles. They aren’t about to go out of business for lack of law enforcement contracts. Ammo makers should do the same.

    • That reminds me, I want to put Barret on my short list for a new rifle, if and when the budget allows.

        • *In the arms of an angel*
          Every day another m82 goes by malnourished. For a monthly payment of a new car, you can help protect and feed one of these poor guns and provide well balanced diet of M2, M20, and Mk211 rounds to one of these guns.

          Please adopt and/or donate today.

    • Add to that Glock should only sell 10 round magazines to states that forbid standard size magazines.

      I don’t blame Fenix for shutting down LE sales entirely since the local PD decided to cite them for not wearing masks. It’s not like they are gonna have a tough time selling ammo for the next couple of years

  4. Joe Biden can do exactly what his former boss, Obama did. He gave select fire weapons, including grenade launchers, to departments who could NEVER afford to buy them, with their small limited local budgets. Biden can simply give ammunition to police agencies all over the country. Ammo that was bought by the train load. Under the Obama /Biden administration.

    For Politian’s and their voters who complain about police brutality, they sure like to keep the police well stocked with “free” guns and ammo.

  5. “And I don’t remember the cops using any of their ammo to oppose the unconstitutional closure of churches last fall.”

    What insanity.

    I guess the En Bloc Press expects the police to use violence against politicians so churches can host superspreader events? How is that supposed to work? Churches are exempt from taxes, now the OP wants them to be exempt from public health measures. What’s next, exemption from building codes? Idiots.

    • Idiot is such a strong term, I prefer ‘willfully ignorant’ to describe our insurrectionist community on this forum.

      • Yeah, we can always vote ’em out, huh ? Well we tried that. Go read the Federalist papers and the Declaration of Independence and get back to me.

      • It is completely possible to let churches meet and not become “superspreaders.” It’s happening quite frequently in traditionally red states.

      • Oh, my, how DID we get so lucky as to be able to start our Monday with our two favorite morons, Frank M. and Minor Annoyance, honoring us with their idiocy?? “Oh, Lord, we give thanks for this blessing.”

        FrankM., please avail yourself of the wisdom of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, and keep your mouth shut and let others assume you are a fool; don’t open it and remove all doubt. Just like the 2A, the 1A guarantees the right of all Americans to worship as their religion and conscience dictates. I’m sure you can provide me with LOTS of proof of these alleged “superspreader” events (including PROOF that they resulted in significant cases of COVID). Or are you just a deluded, lying POS, like your buddy Minor IQ??

        As for you, Minor IQ, go find some frozen orange juice and carefully follow the directions on the can. It should keep you busy for a few months, and out of our collective hair.

        Neither of you nitwits has, in the time I have been following this site, contributed anything but idiocy to the discussion. I’m a big fan of considering both sides of an argument . . . provided the other side has the brains God gave a doorknob. Neither of you qualifies.

        • Today’s looping panel ad on the right side of the forum is for the new SCCY striker-fired pistol. One of the panels shows a pair of boxing gloves hanging from their laces and proclaims “ENTER: THE CHALLENGER.”

          Not to take away from your post, Lamp, because I agree with your both your sentiment and language, but seeing that graphic juxtaposed with your post brought a smile to my face.

    • Police did use the threat of extreme violence to force churches to comply. However you know that germs are very smart. The government knows and you know it too. That Walmart customers have “protection” from being “superspreaders”.

      That is why the government supports open door Walmart’s, and its millions of everyday customers.

      • Threats of violence are the basis of any law enforcement. What’s your point?

        I refuse to give the Waltons my money so I don’t shop at Walmart but quickly shopping for essentials while wearing basic PPE and practicing social distancing is different than sitting in a closed area for an hour (or more depending on the church) to worship mythological beings.

        Beside that, banning group worship was hardly universal across the U.S.

        • Thankyou so very much!!!
          Now I can add you to my list of Libertarians Liberals and Leftists, who don’t support the 1st amendment. But I know people like you support the right of the KKK, to burn a cross on the front lawn, of a black persons private property.

          Something that the ACLU also supports.

        • and there’s the rub, franky baby. when you have nothing after life you cling so desperately to it, as it is all that matters to you.
          economy shut down to save one child, while i’ve got three children (two of them brothers) in my circle who’ve taken their own lives.
          who was it that said the chingchong doesn’t care about your policies?

        • “Threats of violence are the basis of any law enforcement.”

          Damn, I hope you are not now or ever were in law enforcement. But if you are, you are what is wrong with law enforcement today. Threats of violence have never been the basis of law enforcement, penalties such as fines escalating up to imprisonment are the basis. Please don’t be a LEO, we have enough problems in America right now.

        • …Or just violence without any threat. Has the Capitol cop that shot that unarmed, nonthreatening woman been identified yet? Why are the dems protecting him? Have the protests started yet? Wake me up when the hypocrites remember that they’re against police brutality.

        • to John
          I was never law enforcement. But I was “a soldier once and young”. As the title of book the book goes. And I did carry guns.

          You are not being honest with yourself. Everyone knows that a uniformed government employee, openly carry a gun, is an implied use of extreme violence. To stop a threat. Without shooting someone. That is why people call the police. And you know it.

        • Chris T.,

          Thank you for your service. IMHO (and, unlike idjits like Frank M. and Minor !Q, I don’t consider my opinions Divine Writ), there is an easily discernible difference between the military and LEO. The military has a code (and I am specifically referring to both the UCMJ and the culture and training of the military) that specifically requires that they be quiet about politics, but they also have an obligation to refuse orders they reasonably consider illegal or unconstitutional.

          LEO, OTOH, are blatantly political (on BOTH sides, I agree). Check out how politicians pander for endorsements from police unions. (Try to imagine how the Left would lose its collective s*** if the military unionized!!) If cops deliberately kept themselves out of the political fray as much as possible, AND learned to do their jobs better, I think most on this site would support them. As it is, they are a necessary evil – emphasis on the “evil” part.

        • You are not being honest with yourself. Everyone knows that a uniformed government employee, openly carry a gun, is an implied use of extreme violence. To stop a threat. Without shooting someone. That is why people call the police. And you know it.

          Chris T,

          I can agree that carrying a firearm by a LEO is an implied use of violence. A signal so to speak. But it is not the basis of law enforcement. It is the basis of stopping violence. Those are two different things. As I said there are problems with law enforcement today but it’s not to the point that I avoid speeding due to a fear of being shot by a cop. I do it to avoid a fine and my insurance going up. A properly trained LEO should not be escalating to deadly force without a valid reason. Now does it happen? Absolutely. And that’s a whole different conversation and I think we would likely agree with each other on most points of that discussion. But I feel if we as citizens just acquiesce to the notion that violence is how law will be enforced or is just a natural thing for LEOs to go to if not warranted we have lost a vital component of our society. And if there are people, LEOs or citizens, who think that violence is how laws should be enforced those folks are flat out wrong. Thank you for the polite discussion. Take care.

        • FrankM,

          As an anti-bill of rights terrorist, why are you even here?

          We here truly believe in the Bill Of Rights, especially this part: “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

          We also thank the Founding Fathers for their use of clear and unequivocal language when they put their thoughts on paper.

          I’m, anxiously awaiting your brilliance explaining how “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” actually means “SHALL BE INFRINGED”…This ought to be really funny :=)

        • The basis of law enforcement is enforcing through whatever means necessary the will of the people supporting that LE. In the 1920s that may have been wildly racist against blacks, except in some locations racist against whites. Or Indians. Or Mexicans. But it should not surprise anyone, hiring a police force is not a cheap option, why do it if it is promptly going to arrest YOU? The rules are made by those who pay for it. Like always, everywhere, forever.

        • Are you implying that worshiping mythological beings has a higher risk of viral infection than worshiping real beings, like Marx, Lenin and Obama, practiced en mass throughout major cities by BLM and Antifa?

    • You’re right. Clearly the bill of rights gets totally suspended during a pandemic. Why would anyone think they have any rights when there’s a virus going around that’s 99.95% survivable?

      • The separation of Church and State’s purpose is to protect citizens from a theocracy. It’s not to shield churches from public health initiatives.

        • @FRANKly My deer


          While your answer is correct, I take issue with your propagandistic use of the Left’s fictional phrase “separation of Church and State” to reinforce your ideology. Please quote where that exact, particular phrase exists in the Constitution.

        • Wow. 100% backwards, and wrong in “theocracy” to boot.

          Try reading it (and what the Founders wrote) once in a while.

          Here’s a hint:


          Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with private and public felicity. Let it simply be asked: Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice? And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.

          – George Washington, Farewell Address

        • Churches don’t sell lotto, beer , cigs and DVD. The revenue side of the equation is what the state sees.

        • Because, OF COURSE our benign government would NEVER use an obvious excuse to oppress religion, would it, Frank???? Our government is ALWAYS reasonable and benign, innit???

          And, ONCE AGAIN, show your work. Where is your “scientific evidence” that churches are “superspreader” events, or contributing significantly to the spread of Chinese Lung Rot. Put up, or shut up.

          Frank, you aren’t even a decent parody of stupid, you’re the real deal.

        • “The first use of the “wall of separation” metaphor was by Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island in 1635. He said an authentic Christian church would be possible only if there was “a wall or hedge of separation” between the “wilderness of the world” and “the garden of the church.” Any government involvement in the church, he believed, corrupts the church.

          Then in 1802, Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, wrote: “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”

          The Supreme Court has cited Jefferson’s letter in key cases, beginning with a polygamy case in the 19th century. In the 1947 case Everson v. Board of Education, the Court cited a direct link between Jefferson’s “wall of separation” concept and the First Amendment’s establishment clause.”

        • https://www.cdc.gov › volumesWeb resultsHigh SARS-CoV-2 Attack Rate Following Exposure at a Choir …

          https://www.cdc.gov › volumesHigh COVID-19 Attack Rate Among Attendees at Events at a Church …

          New Atlas › health-wellbeing › covi…COVID-19 case studies: Anatomy of three “super-spreader” clusters

          Charlotte Observer › coronavirusCharlotte, NC church COVID-19 outbreak: 8 deaths, 187 cases …

          Healthline › health-news › indoor-c…Web resultsIndoor Church Services Are COVID-19 Hot Spots: Here’s Why

          Newsweek › maine-coronavirus…Maine COVID-19 Superspreader Event Linked to Church With CDC …

        • Hobby Lobby vs Burwell proves you wrong, and that was in the case of a for-profit company. The leeway for a 501c3 entity like a church is probably even more lenient. If private companies are under no obligation to acquiesce to legislation regarding health benefits/initiatives and likewise are exempt from federal executive agencies doing the same then so are private non-profits.

      • BC,
        It’s because it’s “unprecedented”. The Founders wrote the Bill of Rights naively, having never experienced diseases or plagues, and having access to far better medical technology, sanitation, etc. to deal with the few (mostly harmless) germs that infected people in those days. /sarc

        • COVID is not “unprecedented.” It appears that way to those who choose not to look at history of disease and pandemics. Pandemics of this magnitude have occurred many times in the history of the world, and many have proven to be more deadly than COVID.

          • It looks like sarchasms are inevitable.

            If the absurdity of my initial “assertion”, plus the suggestion that they had much better medical technology in the 1780s, didn’t clue you in to my use of parody / irony / sarcasm, how about that “/sarc” tag at the end?

      • Philadelphia had an outbreak of Yellow Fever in 1793, and the colonies had smallpox before that. And they came from Europe where plagues and epidemics had been an ongoing issue since the Plague of Justinian.
        Epidemics were a known factor, and no where in the constitution is there an exception for the bill of rights in case of plague or pestilence.
        Now fuck off and let people live their lives without you and your ilk trying to “help” us.

        • Error404,
          Assuming you’re talking to me, please see my comment above; I couldn’t agree with you more.

          Because I got JG’s response after yours, I replied to him assuming my answer would follow both your posts, but apparently that didn’t work out any better than the “/sarc” tag.

    • Stay out of the food store Frank. They are full of people and could invest you quite easily.

      Let us know how it feels to starve to death but be covid free.

      • Nice hyperbole, dude. As I wrote above, there’s a difference between going to a supermarket and quickly shopping and sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in a church for an hour or more. When food shopping I have a list (cuts down on dillydallying), wear proper PPE, keep socially distant from others, and if I feel the place is too crowded, I don’t go in.

        • So you get to decide about the risk in Wal-Mart but want the authorities to force no choice on the church.

          Got it. Nice statist hat and armband.

        • Speaking of hyperbole, Churches are practicing social distancing where State governments have not gone full on stupid.

          Your not sitting shoulder to shoulder anywhere anymore unless your in your own home. Should the government enforce social distancing in your home?

          I get you don’t like religion and believe it is not real. That doesn’t mean others must stop their practices and beliefs because you see no sense in it. The concept of freedom comes with the concept of allowing things you don’t care for to exist.

          • @FormerParatrooper

            Best Internet response of the day!!

            I may adopt some of your wording as ammo against the “useful idiots”.

        • https://www.cdc.gov › volumesWeb resultsHigh SARS-CoV-2 Attack Rate Following Exposure at a Choir …

          https://www.cdc.gov › volumesHigh COVID-19 Attack Rate Among Attendees at Events at a Church …

          New Atlas › health-wellbeing › covi…COVID-19 case studies: Anatomy of three “super-spreader” clusters

          Charlotte Observer › coronavirusCharlotte, NC church COVID-19 outbreak: 8 deaths, 187 cases …

          Healthline › health-news › indoor-c…Web resultsIndoor Church Services Are COVID-19 Hot Spots: Here’s Why

          Newsweek › maine-coronavirus…Maine COVID-19 Superspreader Event Linked to Church With CDC …

      • almost like sitting in a plane filled with hundreds of people should to shoulder breathing recycled air for hours at a time is just fine apparently with a paper surgical mask. The same standards for a synagogue, church, or mosque is DOUBLE DANGEROUS VERBOTTEN!

    • They didn’t do anything to stop the superspreader protest events over the summer, so what point are you trying to make?

      • I wouldn’t have gone to a protest but studies suggest that enough people at the protests were wearing PPE and practicing social distancing that it didn’t have an appreciable effect on COVID numbers. But you’re not going to believe that since you’ve been primed to not trust experts or “the media”.

        • Show me where they practiced social distancing at any of these protests lmao.

          You’re seriously pretty dense if you think these protests were not contributing to the spread of COVID – they literally were next to each other all the same as any church, with an order of magnitude more people, and a lot more violence.

          It’s just clear as day the only thing you consume day in and day out are headlines and twitter hot takes – not a very good look for you when you’re running around here acting like a smuggie with all your snark and pseudointellectual takes. But hey, free speech my dude, if it makes you feel better by all means – won’t stop me from calling you what you are – an idiot.

        • “didn’t have an appreciable effect on COVID numbers”
          Neither did Sturgis, but that didn’t stop the pearl clutchers from clutching their pearls.

        • The Farce is strong in this one. You’re going on the ignore list, I think you’re a fucking idiot.

    • Frank. I’m not a church member nor do I claim a religion. But what is the point of closing churches when you allow strip joints to stay open? That’s what’s happening here in CA.

      I was out for my daily walk last week and at the Catholic church near my house they were holding a funeral on the parking lot. CAsket and all. Yet during that same walk I strolled into walmart, full of people, no questions asked.

      If this makes sense to you maybe you and miner should move out of your mother’s basements and get a condo together.

        • tsbhoa,

          OTOH, why not let them get together, and make each other miserable, instead of annoying the rest of us?

      • how about passenger airplanes filled with hundreds of people all but in each others lap breathing recycled air for hours on end, but its ok with a paper mask. Churches and synagogues the mask doesn’t cut it though.

        People who cannot accept their is no logical standard applied here have, much to our detriment, been shielded from Darwinism thanks to modern society.

    • But I bet your dumb leftist ass totally supported the riots over the summer, right?

      “Frank M”. Right. Ok bud. I know you’re not new here. You’re miner, chief, enuf, or vlad. Or all them.

  6. Nothing quite like getting behind a pickup with an assortment of thin blue line and don’t tread on me stickers in the window.

    Who do you think is going to come and take it? Sure, a handful of sheriffs have voiced displeasure with the idea meanwhile the foot soldiers continue a campaign of harassment and arrest unabated. Gotta fill out their scoresheet and a felony is 3 points even if it’s a bullshit arrest that’ll get tossed it’s still 3 big points.

    • I have a step on snek one that reads “no officer, I’m here to confiscate yours”. That, and a killdozer emblem are the only window stickers I have. For a long time I had none and I honestly don’t enjoy having them, but I’m fed up and fuck them. I’m not hiding, and I’m not peaceful.

      • Ugh, that’s like red coat talk but only if they get you naked first and you use said coat to stay warm after.

  7. I don’t want to defund the cops or disarm them, but I do want to make them better because right now, they suck. Denying ammo doesn’t improve the species.

    • Ralph,

      I agree; denying them ammo is a silly response to a legitimate issue.

      How about we:

      1. Eliminate “sovereign immunity” and “qualified immunity” (both judge-created doctrines that appear nowhere in the Constitution, or any state constitutions (until recently, when the judge-made doctrines have been enshrined in a few state constitutions or by statute)); and

      2. In addition to personal liability for politicians AND police when they violate laws/Constitution, make the police pension fund liable for their members’ abuse of discretion or violation of law – and give ALL cops an incentive to police themselves.

      Or, we can do as Einstein suggested was obvious insanity, and continue doing the same thing over again, and expecting different results.

      • Good suggestions. Also, how about hiring better people. Too many cops are just arrogant bullies and not too smart.

        • Better? Lol. How?

          I get where you are coming from, but if it’s chaotic freedom or peaceful slavery, I know which one I’d prefer. You will never find a better caliber person to infringe on people’s rights and enforce laws of the land. Anywhere. Ever.

        • You can hire the best people in the world but policing is simply about pumping up numbers.
          How many arrests do you make today?
          Sergeant riding you to pump up those numbers?
          Gotta make more stops.
          Pump up those numbers.
          Drive around and play some ping pong.
          Gotta pump up those numbers.

          Forget all the fantasy altruistic nonsense stories about protecting and serving. Being a cop is about stops and arrests. Any discretion comes from how much of a hassle the stop is going to be or how many points the stop may be worth.

          Who cares if it’s obvious bullshit that’ll amount to nothing? That’s the courts problem. I just gotta make that arrest and score those points.

          • This neither accurate nor true for the vast, vast majority of the profession. Some corrupted, ill-lead and I’ll-managed jurisdictions yes but not all. Not most LEO(s) anyway.

  8. The Daniel shaver incident is probably the most awful. The video is long and torturous to watch and it’s crystal clear he was not armed or trying to hurt the cop who shot him but a jury gave the cop a pass. The man was humiliated before being killed.

    Something we all need to remember.

    • I’ve actually contemplated memorizing the names and faces of those two cops in case I ever run into them in some future situation. That was torture followed by cold-blooded murder, and I’d gladly do humanity the favor of removing those two bastards from the ranks of the living.

  9. I agree with the ethical and political motivations for this idea, but the simple economic reality is that participants would be handing any non-participating competitors a monopoly and the overwhelming competitive advantage that goes with it.

    • Did they have any law enforcement contracts to cancel? I can say I’m done with Twitter, but I never had an account in the first place.

  10. Well when you only need one of something chances are if that one is manufactured quickly and easily there is no problem with shortages. But when you manufacture something that has to be right the first time and it comes in boxes of 5 to 20 and cases of hundreds and lots of people want it the results are obvious.

    What sucks worse are clowns on this forum who bark at a good deal on ammo that you share. One stalking pos criticized me for me posting a deal on Hornady 12 GA 00 ammo by assuming it was for my SAR9s that he apparently knew about from a deal I posted for the Sar9. Next pasty mouth moron didn’t need “crappy” factory ammo. “He needed primers.” As if some “crappy factory” doesn’t make all of his primers, cases, powder and projectiles already. So to the stalker who does not know the the difference between a 12 ga and 9mm you can gfy. Or the nitpickers who think they actually build something when they do not mine the metal or machine the components they are no more than an assembler. They assemble stuff made in a “crappy factory.”

  11. Finally an article that drives it home to these FUDDs and blue line supporters.

    “They followed politicians orders.”

    Fuck the blue line. Fuck govt agencies. Fuck the government.

    You want freedom? Or not? Cuz none of those give it you, and none keep you safe.

  12. And people on TTAG wonder why I say? You, the three L’s, support people walking around with large sagging exposed breasts. You support wearing a strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire.
    That is the 1st amendment to you. But attending religious service is not a 1st amendment right. And the open carry of guns by law abiding people is not a right.
    So yes, that is how the sexually liberated atheists think.

  13. Good for Fenix..I don’t recall ever seeing that brand of ammo! My local 5-O sux spectacularly. They let BlackLootersMurder run wild on May 31>my birthday. Do we need ’em? I don’t but perhaps the unarmed leftard does. Sheep gotta sheeple…

  14. When are all the “blue-line” people going to realize the cops are not on our side? The fetishization of law enforcement among so-called “conservatives” is cognitive dissonance at its worst. Cops do what they’re told because they have fat pensions. They don’t care about your Constitutional rights. Those cops that do care do not remain cops very long.

    The best thing to do about cops is stay as far away from them as you can.

    • Agree whole heartedly. I know several retired LEOs. All have nice pensions. Was having a discussion with one once and told him that a cop was a civilian with a badge. He disagreed. I asked if he was subject to UCMJ? He said no. I said your a civilian. He didn’t disagree.

    • Agree whole heartedly. I know several retired LEOs. All have nice pensions. Was having a discussion with him once and told him that a cop was a civilian with a badge. He disagreed. I asked if he was subject to UCMJ? He said no. I said your a civilian. He didn’t disagree.

  15. My attitude towards the police of moderated by the knowledge that cops are individuals and the attitudes of agencies vary based on their community and their leadership. Anyone who read the SECOND CITY COP blog before they went dark understand this. I certainly support targeting specific agencies with a ban on ammunition sales as well as gun sales. Other agencies and officers still deserve our support.

  16. 1. anyone, and I mean ANYONE who thinks that ANY plague is worth giving up your liberties for have such a “stunning ignorance of actual history that it’s almost a kind of miracle” (JP) OR they are genuinely malevolent.
    2. yes, Yes, YES, the police use a persistent, ongoing, ever-present PROMISE of VIOLENCE to enforce the will of their masters. LAW has never been the priority, in general. There are a few who take their oath seriously, but they never make it into command. For the police in particular and the gov in general to run out of ammo would be a net positive for everyone.
    3. Americans, ACTUAL Americans are always ready to not only discuss violent insurrection, but willing and able to plan and execute violence that makes a 2020 riot look like a garden party; else-wise we are not free. We should be able to maintain a persistent, ongoing, ever-present PROMISE of VIOLENCE that absolutely terrifies every politico in the world, not just the nation. We’ve been peaceful, see what it’s gotten us?
    4. if you think I’m wrong on any of these points, GFY.



      • @Southern Cross

        I’ve been operating under the premise that NTexas is visually hard of hearing…

    • How close to North Korea does the US have to get before you’ll quit saying “GLAD YOUDON’T LIVE IN N KOREA,” Mr. N Texas?

      The do-nothing course you’re advocating gets us just a little bit closer to that — or more likely, Venezuela — every day.

  18. Cops have no problem killing you if you don’t hand over the weapons the politicians told them to confiscate.

  19. They ammo guys have to give ammo to the cops, if they don’t they get a “tune up”.
    why 9mm is promoted so much? cops usem, when they take your gunms they take your stash, ” thanks for the free bullets.”
    I’ve got three .22LR Winchester Wildcat’s I found in a washing machine, they can have those.

  20. Everyone should just simply cancel FB and TWTR. They literally serve zero purpose. Our lives were just fine before they came along and will be just fine after they are gone.

    • And Amazon.

      Seriously, cancelled mine a while ago. It’s great. Amazing how much shit I realize I don’t need.

      Consumerism is a problem.

      Social media has outlived it’s usefulness. No longer is it for connections, or fast information. It’s manipulative nature has drastic psychological effects.

  21. Any ammunition maker who sells in bulk to law enforcement agencies right now is biting the hand that feeds AND feeding the dog that bites.

    The vast bulk of ammunition is bought and consumed by the voting public, NOT people in government uniforms. It’s not demand from LE that stripped the shelves bare.

  22. You senescent children can’t control the politicians or the NRA who live directly on your money and votes, now you’re pretending to control the ammo supply? Sad.

  23. Most excellent idea. This needs to be extended to firearms, parts, tactical gear, and uniform items also.

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