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Image via Facebook / Trigger Firearms and Reloading.
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A Jefferson City, Missouri gun shop put up a Facebook post on inauguration day announcing that they have no guns or ammo for Grampy Biden’s supporters. The post from Trigger Firearms and Reloading certainly triggered a few fragile snowflakes. In fact, comments provided plenty of comedy gold, including a flurry of alleged would-be purchasers.

Amusingly, some people made it clear they knew guns like an auto parts clerk knows neurology. The posers claimed they were actively looking to buy lots of guns and ammo, but they wouldn’t do it at Trigger Firearms and Reloading thanks to the new sales policy.

One gentleman wearing a mask in his profile image chimed in with a rather fanciful comment pledging to take his make-believe money elsewhere.

From Facebook . . .

Screencap from Facebook by Boch

Joe Shockley I had a few grand to spend on a small backup to my Springfield XD and some other gear and ammo. Good to know you don’t want my money because I don’t want a fake billionaire reality tv star as my president.

Because what gun owner doesn’t spend a few grand on a small backup to a $500 Springfield XD?  That’s precious. I wasn’t the only one who noticed Mr. Shockley’s live-action role playing outraged potential customer make-believe routine . . .


David Johnson Joe Shockley with guns and ammo in such short supply I doubt they’ll miss a sale to a loser like you.

Greg McDonald You look more like a Hi-point gun owner

William White Joe Shockley Couple of grand? You took it in the shorts on an XD cuz you can find them for under $400 all day long. They must have seen the SUCKA tattooed on your forehead.

Don Sullivan A couple grand to spend on an XD backup? Why not just say something REALLY stupid like “I’ve got $20,000 I was going to spend on a backup for my Taurus, but now you won’t be seeing a dime of it! I want to speak to the manager!” There, see, way better.

Meanwhile, plenty of other deplorable Americans called out the other trolls.

Tommy Young Bad news. You’ve lost the business of people that live in California and Michigan. How will you ever survive?

Scott Stimpert Oh, no! People who have never bought a gun in their lives are now going to choose Trigger Firearms and Reloading to NOT buy their guns…😂

Of course, some disparaged the store to no end, but it looks like a nice shop from their Facebook page.

Trigger Firearms and Reloading courtesy Facebook

Indeed, how will Trigger ever survive without all of the business of those avid customers from California Michigan and other locales who had never heard of them until this social media kerfuffle went viral?

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    • We are told elections have consequences and as it turns out this is the consequence of casting a vote for his Fraudulency & the Hoe.

      • Yeah, the left tards can`t stand it when the tables are turned on them. Anyone dumb enough to vote for Uncle Joe and his commy twit VP shouldn`t be walking around with a loaded gun! Glad to see someone giving these dim wit Biden supporters a taste of their own medicine!

  1. Well, all the Biden backing union guys don’t have any income to spend anymore so they won’t mind.

    • When my town set up a buy back program, I got $100 for my dad’s old .38 revolver. It had burned to a crisp in a garage fire. So funny! Nobody said the guns had to be in operating condition. I just pretended I didn’t know any better.

    • Jeff, I like your comment and could not agree more. It made me laugh (in a “oh so true” sort of way).

    • I hope they do a buy back. I’ve got a few beauties I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. Might need to get busy putting part together again

  2. So how does one ascertain who voted for whom?!? Mark of Cain? A big “A” for azzhole? I see lots of non-white folks buying at lgs’s. Especially in GARY,IN. I ASSume if they vote it’d be D…is that like that southern gal banning moose-lim’s with bacon?!?

      • That filter won’t catch everybody (none of the Biden voters I know of bothered to watch it), but at least you can be sure that anyone who *did* watch that crapfest on purpose is well worth locking out of your store.

        • Mr. Ing is more man than a fuckwit like yourself will ever be.

          Now go back in your basement and jerk it, you pathetic little boy… 😉

        • Oh look, it’s big bad Mr. LOL. Did it trigger your fee-fees when I called you a pile of shit, you pile of shit? I’ve wiped more important things than you off my shoes.

    • If you can’t discern their party affiliation or decipher their leanings from their fvckbook page then have them recite the following…..
      1) Agree that the U.S. has been an overall force for good over the past 250 years
      2) Agree that there are only 2 sexes in human biology
      3) Agree that that the US “education system” is in reality a Leftist indoctrination camp from kindergarten through graduate school
      4) Agree that the Democrat party is a mondern-day Leftist plantation for blacks
      5) Agree that Trader Joe is a senile old coot and Harris is a c** dumpster

      If we can’t weed them out we can at least humiliate and degrade them by making them have to hide their true leftist beliefs.

      • At first I thought this may make a decent “shibboleth” test, but then I realized that leftists have made an art of lying to themselves and others. I do believe they would whip through this list, or any other we could compile, and then blithely slide a shiv between your ribs if you turn your back.

        • Fine, make them recite:
          #6) Trump was fundamentally a good president and worked hard to make the US a stronger country.

          Lefties may be the least honest people on the planet and natural bald-faced liars, but there is NO WAY they’ll be able to recite that one without a complete emotional breakdown!

    • Actually, more and more Black folk are leaving the Dem plantations. Please don’t make presumptions that might alienate those people who are facing reality.

      • If you’re black and fled the Democrat plantation then I’d imagine that you’d answer the correct way.

        But hey, if it worries you, you can substitute with
        4) Agree that men can’t have babies

        • Metro Atlanta and a couple other heaviley populated counties saved the day for the Dems. The rest of the state was heavy Rep and Trump. Stolen right out from under your nose.

  3. Totally legit. The last four years the left supported any business that discriminated against conservatives.

    The left loves discrimination more then the right in fact. They just love it only when it suites their personal bigotry.

  4. So, to ask the obvious question, how do you spot a Biden/Harris supporter? Pink hair? An obese person wearing tight yoga pants? Weakling with a beard and black-rimmed glasses?

  5. Just look at the stacks of ammo!!

    Like showing a picture of food to a starving prisoner..

    shame! /jk

    • I was wondering when that photo was taken.

      But it does look like a reasonably nicely laid-out counter area from what we can see. I wonder what the rest of the store looks like.

  6. Wow – I thought wanna be gun owners from Kommifornia and Bitch-again were an endangered species. Now they are crawling out from under the sink.

  7. You mean Michigan counties that are Blue. 80 % of Michigan are Red county’s, save Kent, Kalamazoo, Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw, Saginaw, Leelanau, Ingham, Genesee, and in the UP; Marquette. Us Red counties need ammo.

    • I don’t understand the hate of Michigan recently. The only reason MI turned blue is Wayne county. 1 county flipped the entire state, and now half the “new” people here are hating on Michigan, why no hate for Georgia or Pennsylvania?

  8. That’s right…You voted for Jim Crow Gun Control joe and you get bent out of shape because a firearms dealer won’t sell you a gun because he and everyone can see what a stupid, hypocrite pos you are. Your anger is even more reason for not selling you a gun. Perhaps you can go steal one like biden stole the election.

  9. OK, I stand second to none in my disdain for senile, stupid Gropey Joe and his Ho, and their alleged “policies”, BUT (and isn’t there always a big “but”?):

    If we are truly 2A supporters, and believe in the 2A, we should be in favor of the right of ANY legal owner to purchase and carry guns and ammunition. I’m not going to be the kind of brainless hypocrite that our “friend” Miner49er is. I am hopeful that if enough deluded Biden voters do purchase guns and ammunition, and learn for themselves how much of the Left’s mantra about the need for gun control and the “ease” of purchasing guns and ammunition is bulls***, of the purest ray serene. Maybe they’ll stop supporting the idjit “policies” of the far Left. Worst case, we’ll have more gun owners and potential POTG.

    Any Biden voters out there who are new gun owners, I’d be happy too meet you at a local range, give you a basic class on gun safety, and help you find more advanced classes. I won’t even lecture you about how indescribably stupid your party’s platform is.

    • I totally agree with you, BUT… at what point does our playing by the rules and actually living with some honor and integrity start biting us in the ass? Because the Leftist scum and Establishment trash have taken the gloves off. Just a thought experiment.

      • Choosy, remember that more guns and ammo anywhere out there is a good thing. If SHTF and they oppose good sense, take their guns and ammo from them and use it in good health.

        • That’s an excellent point Larry! Well understood. My buddy calls the hypothetical hostile forces “walking reloads.” 😁

      • ChoseDeath,

        I totally get where you’re coming from, and don’t necessarily disagree.

        Being basically Jeffersonian/Heinleinian in my policy outlook, here is how I draw the line – I will follow MOST of their laws, so long as I have a reasonable, good faith belief that an honest effort is being made to enforce laws equally, and the laws they are enforcing are not so objectively stupid that it would insult my intelligence to follow them.

        The place where the cheese gets binding is . . . what happens when those conditions are no longer true?

        My answer is the same one Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, George Washington, et al., give King George. When compliance is no longer feasible, or offends your conscience (and that point is likely different for each of us)? In my case, the gloves come off.

        • Affirmative. Well met sir. And I also LOVE your username, I choose to believe every story about Diogenes is true. What a legend! Have a great day amigo.

      • The 2A only applies to gubmint.

        I don’t have to sell anything to anyone I don’t freely choose to.

        I’m not going to knowingly arm my enemies.

      • If you are referring to my comment, well . . . a swing and a miss.

        If you are referring to the underlying article on which I commented, well . . . you be you.

        In both cases, an actual response that involved an element of ratiocination would be more useful.

    • Nope. So sorry.
      Too late to join the club.
      Destroy the enemy.

      I used to do all kind of free stuff taking newbies to the range.
      Now I check their Fvckbook page.

      • Hey, we can’t persuade them if we don’t interact with them. You can usually tell pretty quickly when it’s a lost cause.

    • “If we are truly 2A supporters, and believe in the 2A, we should be in favor of the right of ANY legal owner to purchase and carry guns and ammunition…[m]aybe they’ll stop supporting the idjit ‘policies’ of the far Left.”

      And here, we wanted to set up a couple straw men, and knock ’em down in real sophomoric style. Party pooper.

      The gent that owns Trigger selected this as his preferred form of political speech, and he’s within his right to do so. It isn’t how I run my business, and that’s ok too.

  10. The showroom photo must be from last year, who has that much ammo and that many firearms in their store these days?

  11. The modern world is becoming seriously exhausting. Anyone want to help me form a “leave me alone” party? The platform will be in the name: leave me out of your Twitter spats, your dragging, your meme glasses, and – especially – your tax plans and infringements of my rights. Just leave me alone, and we’ll be good. For president, I nominate a Texas instruments TI83.

    • Look up homesteading. Then ditch your computer. In other news, “things” don’t make us happier. 😉

      • I’m on board with the whole homesteading thing, and much prefer a rural life. Unfortunately, I am also a computer science professor, so getting rid of technology is not much of an option for me. No social media though – I made that decision long ago, not because I don’t understand it, but because I understand it all too well…

    • As evidenced by the inumerable Leftist actions of the last 5 years….

      You will be MADE TO CARE about what they want

    • If there’s a “leave me the hell alone” party, I’m already in it (but you’ve probably never noticed me because I’m busy leaving you alone).

      As an incurable Tolkien nerd, I’m thinking of starting the Treebeard Party. I love how he answers the hobbits’ question of whose side he’s on with “I am on nobody’s side because nobody is on my side.” So if you’re interested in being left alone and nobody’s on your side, give me a holler. (Or not…you know, the whole leaving everybody else alone thing.)

      • “If there’s a “leave me the hell alone” party, I’m already in it”

        I resigned from that party because it was so ineffective. I am now a proud member of the GFY Party.

      • Leave me alone, etc., is my tendency also. But then I see the state of our culture, and the line “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph…” comes to mind, and dammit, I have to adjust my belt and roll up my sleeves. Those who seek our doom are relentless, and if we’re not going forward, we’re going backward.

  12. Seen elsewhere “In reality, you’re not selling guns or ammo to anyone, because all you have left is a room full of money from last years gun sales.”

  13. Lines are being drawn and boundaries set. Each side is being defined and we are learning who supports what. It is important to understand that this is NOT about Trump or Biden. They have both become symbols. Yes, they can both do things but their respective powers come from their supporters ‘giving to the cause’. Both sides see the other as the bad guys. The go-along-to-get-along crowd and the old school liberals will be caught in the middle as each side reaches more extremes and gets bolder.

    As for me; I’ve chosen. My decision was made many years ago. Long before Trump ever went into politics. Even before getting into firearms. Even though I do not support defunding the police, this will likely result in defanging and even removing them as a variable on the battle field. But it needs to be understood that this also means each side will end up with something that the other will like even less AND be much more direct.

    Our government is not doing its job and THAT is what’s creating all this. If the American population is not given satisfaction, this situation WILL reach a head and that not only allows for what we are calling ‘civil war’ but also a way for an outside government to seriously consider an armed military incursion/invasion. Our elected leaders are playing with fire and running a very dangerous high stakes game.

    • It’s far worse than government not doing its job.

      Our government is not only refusing to fulfill its legitimate Constitutional obligations, but also colluding to disenfranchise its citizens in favor of rule by an unaccountable elite — killing the very ideas of national sovereignty, individual rights, and people having a voice in their own governance. The progressive elite always has believed that power comes not from the consent of the governed, but from their own superior nature, and they’re hell-bent on punishing the entire nation for its stubbornness.

      The turning point where we’ll have to separate the political class and its fellow travelers into the few who live and the rest who must die — before they do the same to all of us little people — is still avoidable, I hope, but pessimistically, I’m thinking it may not be all that far away on our present course.

    • It’ll be blue helmet soldiers. Russians will stake out Alaska and the northern Pacific. The Chinese will take the rest of the Pacific, including Hawaii and Washington State and Oregon. Mexico will take California and Texas, along with the rest of the South West. Cuba will take Florida and Puerto Rico. A cabal of “-istans” will take the Midwest. And a cabal of EU states will claim the East Coast.

  14. Well hey…. IT’S A PRIVATE BUSINESS GUYS! If big tech is just fine with ideologically censoring people they don’t like then it’s just fine for a gun story to tell Biden supports to pound sand.

  15. I said this before.
    “The gun industry in the most broad sense, needs to stop doing business with anyone, or any state. That doesn’t support civil rights.
    All they are doing is becoming “the last capitalist to be hanged by the communists, with the rope he made”.

    “In this case the last gun maker to be shot by an anti-gun government. And they sold their executioners the guns”

      • Damn right.

        Being on job search committees, I’ve already done my best to deep-six the job applications of people whose resumes were chock-full of SJW activism. It wasn’t all that hard, because the crazy shone through to everybody else, too, but even if I can’t shut the gate, I’ll at least cast doubt on everybody who shows signs of batshit-liberalism every chance I get.

        We’ve long since passed the threshold where it’s necessary to do unto specific others before they do unto you — because they WILL, without a second thought, and feel proud of themselves for it.

  16. Ok. Other than a Biden/Harris hat or T-shirt or bumper sticker…or asking…how do they know?
    Just curious.

    • Ask them if the believe the election was fraudulent, if they are a Biden/Harris supporter they will be triggered and would lose the ability to pretend. On the other hand I doubt many if any of them would be really wanting to buy a firearm so they would manage to reveal themselves somehow anyway so they can be outraged at being denied service.

    • Ask them if men can have babies.
      Ask them how many sexes there are.
      Ask them if they think the world is going to end in 12 years from gloabal warming.

    • “…how do they know? Just curious.”

      Just casually mention Trump’s name, their reaction will tell you…

  17. I was thinking the same thing. A couple grand for a xd back up?? What’s he backing it up with a M1A national match. But how is this any different then restaurant owners telling Sarah huk Abe’s that she was not welcome? If Facebook is allowed to ban the gun store page without warning then telling biden supporters to stay out seems fair in the grand scheme of things.




    • With the scarcity and price of ammo these days, no gun store needs to beg for customers. Ensuring that the ones you *can* sell to are high-quality customers who will keep coming back for more is a smart move.

    • As a PRISONER ok KING NEWSOM here in California, with gun laws like North Korea this Ex Army Vet says GOOD FOR YOU. Most of you have no idea what lousy gun laws are we have,a Democrat super majority in our house and senate plus Pelosi, Harris, Shift Keep up the FIGHT Because you don’t want your city or state to become CALIFORNIA and that’s what Biden and company want. KEEP YOUR POWER DRY

  19. Bad press is still free press. Making this “controversial” statement just introduced literally millions of people to the fact that Trigger exists, by triggering some people.

    • Okay so literally 2k+ Facebook people and then the thousands of people that read TTAG and then millions as soon as a MSM picks this up as a news story.

  20. This is the best example of “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” I’ve ever seen. Free-market capitalism and staunch support of the Bill of Rights all rolled into one simple Facebook post. Well done, sirs, well done.

  21. Leftists do not buy guns. They just hope for the day all private gun ownership is banned and the federal government uses full military force to go door to door of every home in the United States to confiscate all guns by force and execute every gun owner they find. The complete and total ban of all private gun ownership and the door to door confiscation of all firearms and the mandated extermination of literally every single solitary United States citizen that owns gun probably along with every single solitary United States citizen in a home with firearms. As well as the mandated extermination of the entire United States population that does not own guns but opposes that and while they are at it the mandated extermination of every single United States citizen that voted for trump along with the complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that opposes the mandated to complete and total extermination of every single Trump voter. And that also includes the deployment of the United States full nuclear arsenal to be used in the deliberate effort to exterminate the entire population of United States that voted for Trump, own guns, is a registered Republican and Oppposes that in any way shape or form.

    Sure that may include almost the entire United States population, But when your ultimate goal is the complete and total mandated extermination of the entire United States population that opposes the Democrats in any way shape or form even if it means killing over 300 million people in the United States (as long as none of them are illegal) and I would say they actually want that The mandated extermination of every single Trump voter, gun owner, registered Republican, conservative and everyone against that is a good starting point for the mandated extermination of all human life in the United States that is not fully on board with the Democrats.And that also includes every single United States citizen that opposes the federal government deployed nuclear weapons to exterminate every single United States citizen. You have to fully support demanded it extermination of all human life in the United States you want to be allowed to live in the United States. After all these are Democrats, they don’t want citizens they want slaves. citizens to still do have rights and they can’t have that . And what better way to make room for all the slaves than kill the United States population off?

    It may sound insane but at this point it is no longer not possible in United States.

    • There is literally a group called the Left Wing Gun Club. Besides, just like everyone on the Right isn’t a science denying Christian fundamentalist, everyone on the Left isn’t an anti-gun communist. There are pro-gun control Republicans and pro-gun rights Democrats, especially gun owning Democrats in rural areas.

      • mainly Fudd guns…shotguns and bolt action…
        Semi auto over a .22? OMG…nobody needs THAT…
        Pistols other than revolvers? OMG…if you need more than 6 shots you can’t shoot for shit…
        BUT…it is the Bill of Rights…not the Bill of Needs…just sayin’….

  22. Wow! So great to see all the calm, educated, insightful responses to that twitter thread… truly outstanding.

  23. Like a Biden-Harris supporter was ever going to even buy a gun when they voted for them in order to take away everybody’s guns. Now they want the 2nd Amendment?! Children just want to bitch!!

    • there are plenty of Biden/Harris voters with guns…maybe not legal guns…
      and plenty of Dems have guns…mainly Fudd guns like bolt action and shotguns(break action one and two shot…maybe a pump holding 5)…but guns

      • A couple of Biden/Harris voters live in my house. We share the same gun safe, even!

        I’m trying to get them to see what’s really going on with the party they vote for, but they’re very, very, very attached to the old fable of Democrats as defenders of the little people, and refuse to believe that the people they voted for would ever really come after gun owners. (The cherished illusions die hard.)

        My wife has been prepping our food storage and emergency supplies on the premise that Trump and his racist hordes will start a civil war at any minute (never mind that she knows I’m a Trump voter). We’re united on the need for preparedness, but polar opposites in where we think the danger is going to come from.

        It’s a weird world, isn’t it.

  24. Use to be a pawn shop, maybe now it’s really two businesses. Not that it matters.

    Have to say, they are well located. Look them up on Google Maps, and check out the Street View. Man but lunch is all around! A local catfish restaurant, Chinese and Mexican too. Got the usual fast foods, McD’s, Taco Bell and SubWay. Pizza, you gotta’ have pizza and it’s all by walking across parking lots for the most part. The business is in the same building as a Conoco gas station and convenience store and right off the ramp of a major highway. Zoom out and notice the residential development all around,

    Yup, tons of customers.

    Anti-Social media silliness aside, anybody walks in there with money and finds something they are ready to pay for, that place will be delighted to sell.

  25. You know people aren’t worth the time when they see you using or driving something, then ask loudly why you’d ever want to use or drive such a thing.
    “Because I can, it’s perfectly legal and I can afford it” really doesn’t seem to register with some.
    Oh well.

  26. It is their shop. Their rules. But I do support the fact that it is giving back their own medicine.

    Hell, my backup to my 1911 is my AR14.

    Did it to make like I understand auto store lingo.

    • The funny thing is there are folks here who actually believe them. No way that gun shop is going to ask every buyer who they voted for, and refuse sales based on the answer. They are there to make a profit, like any other business. Maybe if someone came in and made a big production out of it, that’d get their hackles up enough to kick them out.

      Short of somebody pulling a stunt for a video, they will sell to any lawful buyer.

      Just like any other gun shop any of us has ever been in.

      • It is quite easy to find out how people voted. The person that voted Biden will complain the most.

  27. this part of ‘joe’s’ Facebooky profile says it all
    “Studied Liberal Studies/Humanities”

    he DRANK ALL THE KOOL-AID! and then started making it!

  28. missouri will be one of the carryover states in the new country that is formed when the usa breaks up later this year

  29. Wow, lot’s of comments on this article. Good on everyone.

    But I can’t help but wonder how the business will identify Biden supporters and separate them from others?

    Or, perhaps the point was to post their policy so as keep them away from the business preemptively?

    Best to all,


  30. I live in Kansas City and think I’ll drive over to buy something. This kind of stand needs to be rewarded!

  31. While I don’t see any advantage in trying to lock out people from guns because they don’t like a con-man doofus that has presided over the worst response to a pandemic in American history, it would be great if this motivated someone else to set up a gun shop nearby catering to everyone. More competition, the better.

    Tying self-defense to a political affiliation has been a losing proposition for the former for decades. The best thing possible would be to put pressure against anti-gun democrats from the inside. Something like 90% of political districts are non-competitive anyway.

    • There are more than enough customers to go around, and anybody who does decide to avoid this store based on their position re: the Fraud in Chief won’t be missed. You’d likely go broke if you catered to that kind of low-quality customer, anyway.

      You know what’s really a losing proposition? Voting for Democrats if you truly do value your Second Amendment rights. If you can’t stomach the Republican candidate, you’d have done better not to vote at all.

  32. If your buying ammo or really doing much of anything I shouldn’t know your politics. That’s a mental illness

  33. Ah yes, one of *those* gun shops. It’s actually a great idea for them to out themselves online, save new, normal gun owners from having to shop and fill out a 4473 while some buffoon hangs around spewing frontier gibberish because they’ve nowhere else to be. Leave counter space for fudds to linger at and share chain-email news and violent fantasies. Good deal all around.

  34. Hope these good folks got a good web site, I can see some stuff comming to Idaho. Looks like a great shop to spend my deplorable money in.

  35. Great decision!!! I wish someone in OR had the balls to do that.. Most likely out of the valley of the libitards. He would have all the business he wanted and them some. Assuming someone in this Lib state government would not try to close them down.

    Stay the course and good luck with it.

  36. I’m so glad to see this. Very proud of this gun shop owner. I hope others will follow suit. Leftist bullies should be ashamed of themselves.

  37. Well I believe ALL of Biden’s supporters should have a gun, the butt end first, right upside the head, hopefully it will knock some sense into their hard heads.

  38. Since all guns and ammo sold in Crapifornia are required to have a background check, they wouldn’t be selling anything there regardless of political party. But as usual, the leftist Tommy Young didn’t do any research before posting that their business would be lost. I’ll have to see if they have any primers that they’ll ship to CA.

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