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The attacks on those who write about and advocate policies, politics, thoughts and ideas that are now considered unacceptable by the powers that be continues. It’s a process that has actually been going on for years in dribs and drabs, but began to pick up in earnest in the weeks leading up to the November election. Then, beginning last weekend, the Big Tech Purge accelerated in a big way.

Besides cancelling the President’s accounts — a move Twitter’s own hirsute generalissimo Jack has acknowledged sets a dangerous precedent — three tech giants conspired to euthanize growing Twitter competitor Parler. But as anyone who was paying attention knew, and with politicians cheering them on, the deplatforming didn’t stop there.

jack dorsey twitter @jack
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Michael Reynolds/Pool Photo via AP, File)

Here in the gunosphere, GoDaddy decided that a gun forum isn’t something that they could possibly support and cancelled the registration of They’ve since moved their registration and are back online. was the subject of mysterious attack that took them offline for a couple of days (they got back online last night). While that wasn’t a deplatforming by a social media or hosting company, the timing coincides nicely with attacks on other industry sites. [ED: We’ve just been made aware that Facebook not only nuked the Dan Wesson page, but they banned the page’s administrators’ personal pages for life.]

Then, late Monday afternoon, Facebook unpublished The Truth About Guns’ page. No warning or explanation was given and we haven’t been able to publish anything to our timeline there since. The matter has been escalated through the usual impenetrably opaque processes, but we’ve heard nothing and have to assume at this point that the Zuckerborg has no intention of restoring the account.

A campaigner from the global citizens movement Avaaz wearing a mask of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds a sign reading “Regulate me”, outside the European Commission on the day the Digital Services Act is published, on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020 in Brussels. (Olivier Matthys/AP Images for AVAAZ)

Our Twitter and Instagram accounts are still up, for now, for whatever that’s worth, but in the current climate, that isn’t likely to last for long. We were on Parler, but that’s now gone, possibly for good. We’re currently looking at other options to see if they make sense. The cancellations will apparently continue until all of the objectionable opinions and subject matter have been neutralized.

In the mean time, you can help make sure that we stay in communication with our readership by signing up for our emails if you haven’t already done so (there’s a grey box with our logo in it on the right side of the home page).

We know…no one wants a bunch of spam in their inbox. That’s why we don’t sell your email address to anyone…never have, never will. And you can easily unsubscribe at any time if you choose to. In the mean time, getting as many of our readers on our email list is the best way to ensure that we can continue to communicate with you and keep traffic flowing to TTAG as it always has.

Rest assured that the truth will not be silenced. Thanks for your support.


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    • Submitting a complaint to Facebook must be as frustrating as doing so in Walmart. Lots of employees walking around, but none of them have an explanation for store policy or can even direct you to an executive contact. I’ve tried multiple times to get ANYONE to confirm that the District Manager (whose face and name are displayed at the entrance with the words “please contact me with any questions”) even exists. No supervisors have ever even met him. One eventually admitted the DM hardly ever even visits the store, and she herself didn’t know how to contact anyone with decision-making authority. The result is that the masses of Walmart employees are, unfortunately, as clueless and helpless to effect any change as you and I are.

      Facebook must be 100x worse. At least in Walmart you can find an actual human being to walk up to…

      • Haz,
        Funny you mention that: I spent 3+ hours yesterday trying (failing) to contact Best Buy after missing a Geek Squad update call.

        The critical difference, of course, is that Walmart and Best Buy provide goods and services of actual objective value. Why anyone would spend any more time caring about – other than in the annoyed, disdainful sense one “cares about” ticks or athlete’s foot – is completely beyond me.

        • I’ve never had an account with ANY social media (Snoopbook, Instasnoop, Snoopchat, Snooptweet, etc.), and never will.

          The great Lizardberg’s famous comment from the early days of FB will be forever remembered:

          “I can’t believe these people actually give us all this info. Stupid f**kers.”

        • And not just give “them” (the administrators) the info. It’s the whole world. All day, every day, social media idiots who broadcast every minute detail of their personal lives not only whine about, but also genuinely wonder, why everyone else is in their personal lives.

        • “Why anyone would spend any more time caring about – other than in the annoyed, disdainful sense one “cares about” ticks or athlete’s foot – is completely beyond me.”

          Simple, TTAG is a business and F-book clicks generate web traffic, and web traffic advertising clicks keeps the lights on at TTAG…

        • You’re right: I expressed that poorly. Of course I understand why businesses cares about advertising. I just believe that social-media dipshittery is pure fluff, which matters precisely / only to the extent that we let it matter. It’s like the type of “celebrity” who is famous only for being famous, except it doesn’t even have its own face, body, voice, etc.

        • “…a Geek Squad update call”

          You called Geek Squad? You poor, poor bastard. Calling them was your first mistake.

          @Geoff: You asked a question the other day about finding the physical location of a server.

          I answered it for ya back on the’s Backup Site is live threads.

        • “I answered it for ya back on the’s Backup Site is live threads.”

          OK, I have no AR15 forum account. Looks like I’ll get one…

        • The sad, and scary, reality, is that the future for conservatives on social media is complete top to bottom control of all parts of the system.

          This is exactly what the african american’s had to do to break into business in the 40’s. We need our own banks, servers, email clients, capture systems, etc etc. The left is going to cut us off from everything. They are not interested in “Unity” in the slightest. They are only looking to dominate and discriminate, all the while projecting those actions upon conservatives.

        • @Kyle:

          While such an idea isn’t a bad one there’s still another option that I would recommend that certain groups take immediately; move as quickly as possible.

          There are services that don’t screw with people over civil rights. Move there proactively. Begin planning and migrate before being forced.

          Not only does this head off problems and prevent disruptions in the future but it also makes a statement in the here/now while making some of these larger business groups take the hit to their pocketbook immediately. In some ways it’s somewhat similar to some of the people who just deleted their Twitter accounts in solidarity with those who were purged, but this has actual serious consequences for, say, webhosting companies.

          When they start to take a hit their stockholders will start asking questions and these companies are particularly vulnerable to this kind of thing at the current time thanks to current economic and market conditions. With investors on edge worldwide and volatility already problematic *rocking the boat* for their sectors can make an outsized difference because anyone who’s a smart manager or owner is going to recognize that cancel culture will eventually find new targets, some of which will be part of what remains of the company’s business.

          Fundamentally I thinks that this is something that can be particularly effective with something like Twitter. From a business perspective they’ve long been questionable and 2019 was their first profitable year. However, even with massive growth in 2020, unless they had a blockbuster Q4 (unlikely given their Q3 performance being the fastest and largest growth spurt they’ve ever had yet it only netted them ~6%) they’re basically breaking even for what should be their best year ever. Then they nuke a shitload of people off their service which was already ~20-30% bots.

          While TWTR appears to be a juggernaut it’s actually deceptively weak on the financial side and being publicly traded they need to justify that $44.76B market cap… and you can see just from their last week’s performance that they’re not looking too hot to the market with “the purge” since they’ve lost 12.7% valuation in the last five business days even though it seems some of their competition has been put down for good.

          @Jack’s not really that good at what he does. He’s just ruthless about it. But just like before, he prefers yoga and other pursuits to actually running his company properly.

          And then there’s the legal angle. You don’t need to win, just bleed ’em.

      • District managers at Wallyworld seldom visit the stores in their districts. If they do it’s usually because someone really, really screwed up or they are changing store policy in some major way. Imagine a normal corporate building with all the various “ranks” on the different floors culminating with the CEO on the top floor. The folks on each floor rarely see anyone from the floor above them. Now imagine the same thing except each floor is a different city or state. That’s Wallyworld. Hence why usually nobody except the store manager on occasion sees the district manager.

      • Workers in Marxist stores are drones. They are dumbed down robots and know nothing. One of the reasons I rarely shop there.

      • The trick with Walmart is to submit a complaint on-line to their main (corporate) site. I got really fast action, including a call from the store manager who was tasked with resolving the issue and getting me a refund. Especially, after telling them I was contacting the state Department of Licensing about what I felt was a crooked Optical Department.

        • LOL, I *did* try that…twice. Wrote to the corporate headquarters in Bentonville, CC’d to the District Manager. On two separate occasions, for two separate issues. One involving a dubious policy that treats people differently, depending upon which employee is “following” it.

          Crickets. No answer ever.

        • Hello? Must have mis-typed my Gravatar email again. I really gotta slow down on the typing.

          I just get SO EXCITED here at TTAG!!!


      • Dev,
        Free rein on their own private property, on which I never intend to set “foot”? I don’t expect them to give TTAG a platform, any more than I intend to set up a sound system for Miner to rant on my front lawn.

        • Free rein on their own private property,

          Fukbook is a Publicly held entity, it has also solicited and accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal Subsidies in the last 10 years…

        • A “publicly held [traded] entity” remains within the private sector. When he, she, and I pool our private funds to buy something, that makes it ours, but cannot possibly make it everybody’s, even if there are a million or a billion of us.

          What is your source for the “subsidies”? Why would they subsidize something that not only doesn’t produce an essential good or service, but has consistently been solvent on its own?

        • “…but cannot possibly make it everybody’s, even if there are a million or a billion of us….”

          You are so completely off, Facebook has become a ‘public square’ (especially with the lockdowns). You argue a principle that does not currently exist.

          We do not live in a free market, we live in a rigged market, with Oligarchs, that use monopolies, collusion, and RICO to wield their will over others.

        • Private property is “a principle that does not currently exist”? Then I’m overdue on some tax rebates!

          Reciprocity (A provides B a good or service, so B owes A) exists too. If you want to talk about a nonexistent principle, it’s the idea that A providing B a freebie creates a precedent that obliges A to provide B the handout ad infinitum.

          It doesn’t matter whether your lawn gains the appearance of a “public square” from the number of friends you let speechify there. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve let every asshole in the neighborhood debate there. It remains yours until and unless you take public subsidies – for which I’m still waiting on evidence (recalling that “government operating in the market” does not constitute “subsidies”).

        • How is it that people still don’t understand the difference between a platform (common carrier), and a media company (publisher)? Different types of companies, different sets of laws to regulate them.

          No, social media can’t do whatever it wants on its own “private property” because of the nature of the entity that they are. They were originally supposed to be platform / common carriers, but have been operating as publishers while still enjoying common carrier protections. That is the problem in a nutshell.

          If social media wants to be regulated as a media company or publisher, then of course they can pick and choose content and what people can say, they are also liable the content on their “private property”. Common carriers are not liable, but can’t discriminate either.

        • Understand, but just don’t agree with, the classification. They’re clearly media companies.

          Don’t really agree with the “liable for” statement, though. Publishers have been allowing all manner of nonsense on their editorial pages for centuries, with the clear understanding that it’s their forum, but a forum where they did not create the content (like this one, for instance).

          I don’t buy the “public infrastructure” argument either. Trucking lines don’t have to haul your shit everywhere for free just because they use interstate highways. They just have to pay the taxes, tolls, and registration fees that pave those highways.

        • “No, social media can’t do whatever it wants on its own “private property” because of the nature of the entity that they are.”

          That and the nature of how they operate using publicly funded infrastructure…

        • “P̶r̶i̶v̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶p̶e̶r̶t̶y̶ ̶ F̲r̲e̲e̲ M̲a̲r̲k̲e̲t̲ is “a principle that does not currently exist” Nice attempt, didn’t work.

          Again we do not live in a free market(Big Tech). It is rigged with monopolies, collusion, and government playing favorites.

          Also…”It doesn’t matter whether your lawn gains the appearance of a “public square” from the number of friends you let speechify (???) there. … It remains yours.”

          Wrong again, someone “squats” on your private land long enough and they now have a claim. Also, eminent domain could take your property for public use.

        • The fact that you could cite numerous instances where theft was legalized because the perpetrators got away with it for X amount of time doesn’t turn any of those wrongs into rights.

          Not a big fan of eminent domain (at least as currently applied), but it involves BUYING your property without your consent.

        • Oh again the fudds that believe “private property” rights trump the Dec of Independence. Idiots.

          NO Mr landowner you do NOT get to cancel the 2nd.

        • fudds that believe “private property” rights trump the Dec of Independence.

          NEWS FLASH Buckwheat!!… IF, yes IF I don’t want your dumbass carrying a firearm on MY property… YOU will NOT come on MY property with a fuking firearm… Best get out your law books and reread the “property rights” section… The only RIGHTS that prevail inside the boundaries of my land are the rights that I convey upon those I permit on my land and an attitude is a quick way to get all those rights and privileges revoked “with prejudice”… OBTW.. What does the Declaration of Independence have to do with property rights OR 2A… Morons calling people fudds

        • neiowa,
          While I agree completely with MADDMAXX, you were attacking a strawman.

          How does my contention that a website (a “virtual” property) owns and controls its own [free] services “cancel the 2nd” or contradict the Dec of Independence?

          Bonus idiot-points for throwing in “fudd” despite its complete lack of relevance in context, just because it’s a trendy buzzword you keep hearing online.

    • Facebook has been censoring conservative posts for quite a while. I was even banned from posting anything for thirty days. I am now joining a growing boycott of Facebook that is starting Friday the 15th of January at 0700 hours and lasting until Saturday the 16th at 0700 hours. We hope this will send a message to their advertisers of possible things to come if Facebook doesn’t stop censoring free speech. Banning President Trump was the last straw.

      • My boycott (and those of many other commenters, I’m proud to say) began the day these idiots created an automated circle-jerk mechanism for narcissists, and will continue as long as it exists.

        • “My boycott (and those of many other commenters, I’m proud to say)” Just what do you think this site is? Do you think you are part of some sort of “elite” group or something? A superior humanoid? I thought that I would only hear such snobbish remarks from looney liberals, but I guess I was wrong.

        • “Snobbishness” like the pathological self-absorption of Facebookers who think their lives are so fascinating that the whole wide world needs an illustrated, hour-by-hour narrative thereof; and enjoy life experiences only for the “likes” they’ll get later from other selfie-stick douchebags?

          The only “group” I referred to was the many other commenters on this site who also noted they have no use for Facebook.

        • UMM, It’s obvious you don’t know much about the Facebook posters. It can get very political and because of that, it gets very heated. We conservatives on Facebook have been in the trenches fighting the battle that you run from by fooling yourself that you are better than the average person and there-by superior. By surrendering social media to the looney liberals and the narcists, you surrender a lot of your freedom to express yourself. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. You’ve got that nothing part down to a science, don’t you?

        • I wish there was a way, in 2021, to not-know about Facebook people, but that would be like expecting to wade through a sewer and not see rats.

          27+ years from first raising my right hand and committing my life to my country, to retirement from active duty – just “surrendering” and “doing nothing” while you real heroes have been “in the trenches” exchanging selfies. Shall I thank you for your service now, or lobby Congress to see you’re properly recognized?

        • Actually that “nothing” sets US apart from (In ZOIDBERGERS own words) “those stupid fucks” that just “willingly” give him ALL of their personal information…. (and yes I know it is actually “zuckerberg”) And guess what, even when their “algorithm” finally decides you went too far, THEY will still have ALL your personal information AND everything you have ever posted on their little KOMMYMUNITY site… But hey, you are obviously far more advanced and WAY smarter than those of us who chose not to give any of those China loving wanna-be dictators OURs…. So, carry on soldier, give em hell, the fact that you are not “kicked off” yet shows exactly the level of your adversarial activity…

  1. Obviously Pompous Gun Control Zealots in full blown support of what is clearly their racist and nazi based agenda are having it their way…

    IMO…When TTAG posts a Gun Control article they should include a disclaimer that reads: Since Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide TTAG cannot in any way, shape or form associated or condone Gun Control. However TTAG fully supports and remains open for Everyone’s Opinions and Free Speech.

    Habitually Feeding Gun Owners something Gun Control Zealots say and Gun Owners chasing it like puppy dogs is a failed path when there are a rainbow of opinions without a solid foundation that cannot be penetrated by Gun Control Zealots.

      • Everything in Calif causes cancer. I just received the new Grizzly catalog and I shit you not, every product has a prop 65 warning. They should just put up signs at all points of entry that state that fact followed by “Now go back to where you came from and tell everybody”. 26 months and I’m outta here. Let this state rot in hell.

  2. Liberty is intolerable to the woke left. They can’t help themselves, being the tyrants that they are, or their lapdogs.

  3. Thats what you get for peddling lies and conspiracy theories attempting to back a con man like Trump.

    Sky is always falling here for you fear mongers.

    Eat a turd Trumptards!

  4. Sorry to hear that…rarely use my Email. FWIW your FB page had even more idiot’s/troll’s than this one. Also clueless one’s who never “got” that your web page was your main thing. Good luck to ALL of us!

  5. This is just one reason why you intrepid journalistas shouldn’t be endorsing election fraud, which you’ve been doing since November 4.

    • I don’t think TTAG “endorsed” anything of the sort. That said, one side or the other always claims this stuff every single election. Only now will we stop hearing about how the 2016 election was stolen and full of fraud, which has been THE line from the “journalists,” media, and politicians on that side of the aisle since 2016. Constant peddling of conspiracy theories and wild allegations and all sorts of crap. In 2004 and 2000 and many years prior the same stuff was said and done, too. Nothing new under the sun here. You just think it’s “real” and “justified” when your side does it and it’s “wrong” and a “conspiracy theory” when the other side does it. How about it’s politics and politicians and partisans and it’s always ugly and disingenuous.





  7. I see in the picture that squirrely Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has a qute ring in his nose (bitch slap here) so he can be pulled farther into the dummy’crats pied piper entrapments……

  8. MY SHOCKED FACE….. I have NEVER had a presence on Farcebook and have lobbied for years to get my family away from it or at the very least keep me out of it… I don’t use ANY of the so called “social medias” and THIS is the only forum to which I subscribe… It doesn’t look good but I guess we can hope… Finishing my move to the mountain this weekend, I’ll be there on the 20th then we’ll see where it goes from there… Good luck, have a feeling we’re ALL going to need it…

  9. Sorry to hear you got cancelled. Try creating accounts on,, and Telegram, for video you can use Bit Chute, and Rumble. Browser you can use Brave, and for a search engine I use duck duck go. I know for certain that has there own servers so they cannot be cancelled by big tech. Good Luck

    • I went to
      Instead of free speech, I was treated to an unending stream of anti-Semitic remarks.
      I found it impossible to use.
      It seems there does need to be some kind of moderation in order to have civil civil discourse

    • Ragnarredbeard,

      Seconded! Surprised me, also.

      Once, when attempting to purchase some equipment for controlling ambient electrical signals emitted for the wiring in my 93 year-old home, the vendor told me he only accepted orders through FB. I told him I could not, then, do business with him. At that point he told me to email his business manager; she would process my orders.

      Never do business through FB.

  10. Encouraging friends to sign up for email. Posting on Facebook to rally against Facebook! (Can’t believe I haven’t been taken down yet. LMAO)

    • Lane H,

      First, they will use your FB page to gather intel.

      Then, they will surely you down.

      Maybe. Just guessing. But loving the irony of you effort. Carry on!!

  11. there is a parting shot/ partial explanation of the current 2ndcitycop site status posted at
    seems like a good opportunity for someone to make money hosting right think.

  12. Well I suspected that would happen.
    My suggestion would be to open a telegram, and post to that.
    Also Parler based on what I am hearing will be back. It might be a little bit, but they will get themselves back online.
    Gab is another alternative. It is pretty slow right now since all the Parler refugees headed over there.
    Another idea is to post videos on Rumble, and have links to articles etc.
    I am legitimately worried. I mean that not to be an alarmist, or scream the sky is falling. We are witnessing the largest power grab by Silicon Valley Big Tech in history.
    They have single handedly become the truth ministry in one fell swoop, and it was all done to the sounds of thunderous applause and sheer ignorance. There is something scary about watching media, and big tech all fall in line lock step to promote a single narrative and silence everyone else.

  13. Facebook is privately owned. So if you want a Faceback that supports conservative values and Gunrights start your own. Oh wait. Someone already did.

  14. Odd, I no longer have a Facebook account. But they aren’t the ones who dumped it. Let’s be honest, I didn’t really need it and if they want to censure some folks and not be equal about it, I don’t need them.

  15. The Purging has begun, and the fight against it is slight. The little screams of the Ants are unnoticed by the Donkey above. Without a combined effort NOW to stand up it WILL get worse. A NEW Organization Of Companies and Citizens with a shared goal Must be Formed. Will it be? no. The weakness of both sides and lack of funds will caused the collapse of rights and business.

  16. Children like Dorsey, and Zuchiniberg either weren’t taught history, or they really liked the chapter about 1930’s Germany!

    • More likely the Soviet Union 1922-1989.

      Especially the sections on purges, labor camps, and silencing criticism.

  17. I THINK that Pixelnaught MIGHT turn out to be a GOOD thing.

    More citizens of good will have a greater sentiment in the 1A than the 2A. If we could win the battle over Pixelnaught we would be a step closer to winning the war.

    In that vein, we should ENCOURAGE the Monsters of the Universe to clamp-down on the 1A to alert the unawakened masses as to what is going on in our universe. At the same time, we need to identify and begin to patronize platforms that will support the 1A (and, therefore, the 2A.)

    I’m NOT the expert on these platforms. One might be domiciled in Iceland; they seem to have a free speech policy in that island nation. Another might be Panama where they might be non dogmatic about their politics; their principles are closely aligned with the Almighty Dollar.

    Our refuge probably needs to be in a country (nation state) that will defend us with their sovereignty. It probably ought to be in a place that – for technological reasons – can’t be cut-off. E.g., the Masters of the Universe probably CAN cut Napal off the internet. However, because of the canal, they can’t cut-off Panama. Because Iceland is on the shortest route between NYC and London, they can’t cut-off Iceland. (These are merely illustrative of the point. I’m not sure of the facts of the matter.)

    Perhaps most importantly, we need one or a few ISPs who have the capital and the inclination to stand-up to the Monsters of the Universe and their sympathetic hackers. I think that we need to identify some and negotiate a deal with them. We will bring all our “tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free” which will constitute a lot of revenue. You ISP guys have to stand-up and defend your servers in exchange for this revenue.

    I THINK that if we spread our business out among thousands of ISPs the Monsters will identify them one by one and cut them off (somehow). Eventually, no ISP will be willing to take a chance on questionable websites or email subscribers. Only orthodox sites and email subscribers will be supported. If we are to get ahead of the game we need a country and an ISP big enough to have enough collective revenue to make it worth-their-while to defend their servers against the Monsters.

    Theoretically, we might be best off with a SINGLE biggest-ISP-in-the-valley. But that strategy creates a single point of failure. Practically, we might be better off with a few; 3 – 6 – 9 not-so-big ISPs that can back-up one another. A given user can have on one ISP and on another ISP. To knock this Voice off the internet the Monsters would have to attack both servers.

    We also need to think about the DNS servers that translate into 123.456.789.012. We might need our own master DNS and its respective slaves that will maintain 1A-oriented maps of domain names to numeric physical addresses.

    I am, by NO MEANS, an expert on this technology. I might be completely off in what I have described. Nevertheless, we need some sort of internet and we need to insulate ourselves from the Monsters and their hackers. Those who know better need to step-up and organize a movement toward a solution; a refuge for 1A speech.

  18. Stop using Facebook, Twitter, and these anti-1st and 2nd Amendment companies. Pro-2nd Amendment people are just providing the funds so they can progress their agenda. These companies do not represent us as a community it is plain to see for years now.

    • Hey “J”, why abandon Facebook to the looney liberals? What’s so wrong with taking on these looney liberals and giving them a little dose of common sense ever so often? We have enough division in this country. Why make the problem worse?

  19. Remember when they banned people like Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Louis Farrakhan because they were supposedly dangerous? What did people think would happen after that? Now they aren’t just banning Trump, they’re canceling him because he’s dangerous. If they can do that to a billionaire, what do you think they can do to you? AOC said they’re talking about a truth commission to reign in the media environment.

    • Maybe the best tactic would be to overwhelm Facebook and just take it over with millions of posts. Keep their censors so busy that they would have to shut the whole operation down just to keep up. It’s time to attack, not retreat. Retreating is for cowards when it gets too hot. Is it getting too hot for you?

  20. Curious – does anyone still believes in Law, Justice, and the Constitution in current America? I am waiting for Stalin’s inauguration.

  21. I didn’t know you were on Faceplant. I don’t look for anyone on Facewipe.
    I don’t use Twater or any social Communist sites!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Nazis’ all prefer gun control, therefore anyone calling for gun control ought to be considered a Nazi!
    We all need to do our part to stop the
    Nazi/Communist takeover of America!

    • The problem is that liberals march, protest and continually push their agenda while the conservatives are always asleep. Every so often the conservatives will wake up and get all excited about some issue that the liberals are pushing, but then they just go back to sleep while the liberals keep on pushing. I know part of the problem is that most conservatives have jobs and responsibilities while most liberal activists are young and seem to have nothing else to do. I remember back in 1972 when the far-left radicals decided what the Democratic Party Platform would be at the local state conventions. Votes were taken in the wee hours of the morning by the young liberal delegates after the older conservative delegates had left and gone home because they had to get some sleep because they had jobs they had to go to. Those were the days of McGovern and McCarthy. That was the year that the Democratic Party left me and I became a Republican. This country has been sliding down that liberal slippery slope ever since on its way to hell.

    • What the liberals will never accept is that Hitler’s Nazi Party were the far left liberals of their day in the 1930’s. The Weimar Republic was as far-right and as conservative as was possible. Is killing millions of non-combatants a conservative idea? Is governing by controlling the media and the entertainment industry a conservative idea? Is severely limiting the people’s freedom as today’s Democrats are doing, a conservative idea? Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Don’t let the modern-day Nazi Democrats take away our freedoms and make us into another Nazi Germany!

  23. What did you really expect? You moved to a liberal neighborhood now you complain they want you out & act surprised.

    Does the gun people really think that’s where their customers are?? 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Also, Delta Airlines has said they will not allow you to check guns if you are DC bound, even for just a stop, anywhere close to the inauguration.


    Blood will flow like a river.

    • So long as it isn’t christianity, religion is fine. There’s some “Social Justice” pending for the crusades, inquisition, forced conversions, various pogroms, and the holocaust.

  25. Never had a FB account. Deleted my Twitter account. Better for it. Working on the de-googling now and am paying for email instead of being the product. I’m implementing features gmail never had which is epic too.

    I wish Gab would get through their performance problems but they’re in purgatory right now performance wise. At least in my neck of the woods. I am betting it’s a good hurt though because in the long run they’re (hopefully) growing their user base until the left tries to shut them down (yet again.)

    I think there will be a whole new series of things that have to happen to maintain the freedom of the Internet as we have had it previously. There’s so much (il)liberalism going on that it’s dangerous to the country and the planet. This is certainly a time of crisis in the Internet as it is.

  26. My facebook, twitter and instagram accounts are already long gone. I don’t care anymore. Still I made it here so I’m good, right?

    • IMFBlog is a forum for the views of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff and officials on pressing economic and policy issues of the day.

      The IMF, based in Washington D.C., is an organization of 190 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation and financial stability around the world.

    • For obvious reasons based on what I post here I am not a member or am I welcomed on and If it were left up to me they would starve to death.

      • Debbie spit in the fire and growled in a guttural rasp:

        “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”

  27. I’m like… shocked and shit.

    At this point though I’d be lying if I said I’d be surprised to find that that CloudFlare had taken down TTAG’s actual page either though…

  28. Blah Blah Blah…The time for Pissing, Moaning and Screaming at the Sky are long passed. It’s time to Shit or get off the Pot. It’s White Feather.Time.

    • Forgot where I heard the joke, but Twitter is a bunch of lunatics arguing over who wears the straight jacket best.

      • President Trump used Twitter to get his message out to the American People. Are you saying that he is a lunatic? It’s time for conservatives to go on the attack. Over-whelm social media instead of retreating from it like whipped puppies. Put up millions of posts on Facebook and millions of tweets on Twitter to keep their censors so busy that they will have to shut their operation down just to keep up. We need to use more intelligent tactics and stop running away from our adversaries. Buckle it up, no one says it will always be easy. When the going gets tough, tough men don’t run and hide.

  29. Wow. That was spooky. I’m parked and had just finished reading the comments here.
    Hit refresh and got this weird message about dangerous web sites.
    The message was from the att WiFi here.
    Then I remembered where I was parked. Home Depot. They block TTAG.

    Turned off WiFi, and all was normal.

  30. Deleted my FB account years ago when Vietnamese prostitutes targeted me for “friendship”. Have been telling anyone who would listen that they were 1. Anti-gun 2. Anti-American and 3. More than likely communist sympathizers. Told my gunsmith for years to find somewhere else to have an “internet presence”. His page was frozen/blocked/removed in the last 6 months. Hate to say it but…I TOLD YOU SO!

    • Deleted my FB account years ago when Vietnamese prostitutes targeted me for “friendship”.

      Sounds kind of like the time a bunch of Russian hookers got into my yahoo email and solicited everyone in my contacts list…. Fun times…

  31. facebook and twitter lost 50 billion in market cap in less than a week from silencing conservatives
    they will be facing multiple lawsuits from multiple angry investors
    discovery will likely show that jack n mark perjured themselves in their congressional testimony
    all they had to do was not be assholes…

  32. see, I am not on FaceBook, and I can’t see why we all need to be on it. and I can’t see why we let them push us around. if we all just tell these communist controlled places to go F&*k themselves and leave them they would only have the stupid nannypannies who need to glorify themselves on it . and it does not matter which one you are on , facebook, twitter linked in etc. they are all the same. so let’s just leave them all. then they will become fadebook. we deserve better.

  33. do you see what I see……..
    do you see what I see……..
    a government that has been infiltrated by communists… .
    ruining the economy….. brainwashing has already begun….
    when will Americans wake up?
    or…… is it too late

  34. It’s past time for TTAG to be on Fediverse somewhere. I think there’s an unofficial bot at at foxfam, but that’s… a bot.

  35. I wonder if the people who were at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) who thought up the internet, got it started, and grew it into commercial viability are now regretting it.

  36. Pretty soon the server who hosts this site will do the same. Cant wait to lose my voice and my rights and get a new patriot act.

  37. I’m surprised there was a facebook account for ttag. By being there you were implicitly supporting them as much as they were supporting you. Curious.

    Oh well. There are consequences to such horrible governance and campaigns as we’ve seen in the past year.

  38. If you are joining the patriotic exodus and using free market capitalism to fight back against big tech tyranny, don’t forget your cable TV company. STOP FUNDING CNN & MSNBC and so forth. No matter what cable company you use and no matter which “cable channel packages” they make available for you to choose from, they ALL include CNN and MSNBC and so forth. At least in the case of CNN, this “hidden inside your monthly cable TV bill” charge is probably the biggest single source of their dwindling income keeping them in operation. It is long past time to stop this stealth funding trickery. (Most cable TV subscribers seem to have no idea they are funding CNN and etc. – ask them!)

    First, the low buck route to freedom (AND SAVING MONEY) is to get a very inexpensive ROKU Box, which you can find for as little as $25 or so. You operate your Roku box with it’s included TV style remote control, and it simply connects to your TV via an HDMI port (most flat screen TV’s have several), and communicates with your WIFI to stream media from the internet. Here is a search for “Roku Box”. There are the cheapest basic HD sticks to more elaborate ultra everything Roku versions, so get a simple 1080 HD version or as fancy high tech as you need if you have a cutting edge TV: box&ia=web

    Besides the Roku Channel which has a lot of free stuff included, some other FREE streaming services include Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Crackle and VUDU (just going off the top of my head, and some of these include both free and paid content.) There are many more than I can list here. Then of course you can, as with all the free streaming services I just listed, add Newsmax TV for FREE as well. The same general logic for adding new channels is as follows (if you don’t see what you want conveniently listed as you look around): From your Roku home screen, select “Add Channel” (located at the bottom of your channel list), then select “Search Channels”, and proceed to manually enter “Newsmax” into the search box. As you enter characters, the right side of the screen will start to display matching titles. Thus, long before you completely enter “Newsmax” you will see “Newsmax TV” appear in that list, so you can simply select “Newsmax TV” and add it to your channel list just following the prompts as per normal. Done. You will be glad you did.

    Also, there are all the usual paid services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney and so on. The point here is that you and your family can continue to get all of the movies and most especially those TV series they simply cannot give up, and very likely for a lot less money than you are paying the cable company every month, or at least not for much if any more. It all depends on which if any paid services YOU decide to go with – AND NOT A SINGLE CENT GOES TO FAKE NEWS MEDIA EVER AGAIN. Pow! Take that big tech!

    After you are confident in working your Roku box (or Roku boxes depending on how many TV’s you have, they all play well together), you can call the cable company and tell them to cut everything off except your high speed internet access. You should probably tell them WHY you are doing this, so they KNOW that they are losing customers who simply refuse to be billed for fake news they cannot use any longer.

    For less than the cost of a single monthly cable bill, you can also add a nice AMPLIFIED digital TV antenna(s) to freely supplement your streaming media forever after. Yes you want / need AMPLIFIED so the borderline reception channels can at least come in clear when the weather is good and/or local electronic interference is minimal. Free is good in any case and at least a few channels should come in clear, depending on where you live. SAVE MONEY, fight fascism (marriage of corporation and state), keep your family happy with more media than they could possibly have time to watch, and enjoy real news from alternative sources without all the endless damn ChiCom loving corporate media propaganda. This is what we did in our household and there is simply no going back. Do what you know is right.

    Oh, and GunStuff TV and and MOTV (My Outdoor TV) and various other gun / fishing / hunting related channel / apps are available for free as well. How could I almost forget to mention them? 🙂

    God Bless America.

    • mewe, is a weird sounding name for a facebook like site. Funded by users so ( far) no ads. Might be usable, might not. I looked at it but have no desire to belong to any look at me social media sites.

      For youtube there is LBRY, it’s more of a protocol with a web interface.
      You can use Odysee to navigate it.
      Here is their faq page
      Again might be useful, might not. At least there are options.

  39. Ok… if you still have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, an Amazon Prime membership, or use any google services, you are PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    Dump them. If Your kids or grandkids ask how to keep in touch, have them join you at, or whatever becomes our version of FB after the fallout. Move to so they can’t monitor your texts, protonmail so that they can’t use or Monitor your email. As long as you are on one of these platforms, you are making them
    Money, they are selling your personal info, you are their product… and their tool.

    Get mad, get off, or shut up.

  40. TTAG should of canceled Facebook years ago. Its a drug that many conservatives cant shake. A worthless drug that bring shame to the user.

    • That’s good. I was worried it’d be hard to know who’s who in a political genocide.

      Can always count on tech to make life easier.

      • Might not be accurate. I know most my junior high school teachers probably would have set it off.
        We might have been the cause of those hardened scowls.
        And from reading here I suspect some of you also caused angry grumbling in the teachers lounge.

  41. Why was TTAG still on Facebook? You are funding an organization hostile to your interests. Go to a free speech site like MeWe or someplace that will not censor you instead of funding Facebook.

  42. TTAG, get off socialist media completely. Set up pages on platforms like Gab, and if it ever comes back, Parler. The Tech Tyrants are determined to deplatform and silence ANYONE who fits into the conservative, libertarian or gun owner demographics. You’ll quickly find that your base is no longer there. Everyone’s fleeing to at the tune of more than a million people DAILY!

  43. How many “gunnies”, through subscriptions or membership end up feeding outfits like Twitter and Facebook? That ladies and gentlemen might be something to think about.

  44. This site openly supports white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse, who murdered two people to advance his fascist worldview. Facebook was 100% correct in kicking you off. You’re a menace to society.

    • Well. Golly, we’re all just so proud and happy that you came here just to tell us that! We hope that your little exercise in Internet-Aided Self-Pleasuring satisfied your physical and psychological urges for the rest of the evening, and that you know that you are welcome to come here as often as you must when you feel that nagging need for relief.

      Now, wash your hands, toss the Kleenex, and get a good night’s rest to replenish your precious bodily essence. That’s a good boy.

  45. How about a .onion address? I wouldn’t come here at all without going through the TOR network anyway.

    Can’t be blocked. Can’t be deplatformed. Available on every OS. Probably not a lot of people using TorBrowser yet, but it’s time people (who care about seeing things the government/big tech doesn’t want them to see) learn.

        • Just read all this info on TOR…..a little confusing who’s on first!

          Nothing is 100% foolproof, I always operate under the assumption that if they want you badly enough they WILL find you but, why not make it as difficult as possible AND stay ready… (RVN..68, 69, 70, 71 USMC) “I learned a thing or two from Charlie, don’t cha know”…

        • @ Darkman……..Like I said there is two meanings, no confusion, a white feather is represented as cowardice or conscientious pacifism, although in the “United States armed forces”, it is used to signify extraordinary bravery and excellence in combat marksmanship. It also was given to men by women and forced to go to war. They were publicly “rightly shamed” if they refused…….Aye, lift your eyepatch, look closely, be weary of “false flags!”

        • My Flag is not False. The meaning is clear. What is not clear is the Courage of those who must choose to decide how they wish to act. Courageous Sacrifice for something larger than themselves or Complacent Cowardess for continued life even if it must be under Tyrannical Boot Heels.

        • You are absolutely right……Warriors don’t show their heart until the axe reveals it! – Floki Viking Warrior

  46. Facebook started as a way for college students to rate girls on campus. I predict that, in six months, the only ones left on FB will be those original guys (now about twenty or so years older) still trying to rate girls. Everyone else will have either been banned or left in disgust.

  47. Facebook and Twitter have lost a combined $51 billion in market value since banning President Donald trump from their platforms as Americans across the country divest themselves from the companies’ stock offerings.

  48. The ISP, Your T1 WIFI, confirmed that it will block Facebook and Twitter from its WIFI service for some customers starting this Wednesday, according to a report by KREM 2.
    The move comes after Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump from its platform, and Facebook locked the president out of his account “indefinitely.”
    “It has come to our attention that Twitter and Facebook are engaged in censorship of our customers and information,” reads an email to Your T1 WIFI customers.

    • In a recent article, NBC News provides an insight into the moments leading up to the decision by Facebook and Twitter to blacklist President Donald Trump. One Facebook executive betrayed the depth of progressive groupthink amongst the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe when they reported said: “We don’t have a policy for what to do when a sitting president starts a coup.”

      This is what a REAL conspiracy looks like.. Our government, HELL the Governments of the free world are so dependent on these assholes they could shut it ALL down and hand it over to the highest bidder to “save” us from ourselves….

  49. STAGE ONE of a large scale assault
    Jam or destroy communication…
    STAGE TWO sanitized news that omits how the lawful are rounded up and imprisonments are “fake”
    STAGE THREE 20 million Americans will simply be exterminated….

    • Actually more than 120 million, if you wish to strive for accuracy.

      This is an existential fight… we get them or they will surely get us. And our families.

  50. TTAG, get Gab! You can go to and get a pro page for very little money and you’ll be all set for a long time. Gab has an ironclad free-speech guarantee, and with Parler being GONE for the indefinite future, Gab IS the future. Over 1 MILLION new members DAILY… close to 50 million unique visitors! You’d be stupid NOT to!


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