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Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)
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On Thursday, as reported by the Washington Post, Rep. Andy Harris (Maryland) set off the detector, leading security to pat him down, discovering a gun. Harris asked another Republican congressman, Rep. John Katko, to hold the thing for him, according to witnesses, but Katko refused.

Harris, a six-term legislator, declined to answer media inquiries. But his chief of staff issued a statement: “Because his and his family’s lives have been threatened by someone who has been released awaiting trial, for security reasons the congressman never confirms whether he nor anyone else he’s with are carrying a firearm for self-defence.”

Rep. Don Young, from Alaska, boasts that he carries a knife in the House and once put it to the throat of former House Speaker John Boehner during a heated debate.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, freshman congressman from North Carolina, blustered to his hometown paper, the Smoky Mountain News, that he was packing heat when the maddened pack breached the Capitol. “Fortunately, I was armed, so we would have been able to protect ourselves.”

Doubtful they were coming for him.

Who do Republicans fear?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the firebrand New York City Democrat, told CNN she had skipped Biden’s inauguration because she was supporting a local union strike in her district, but added that lawmakers “don’t yet feel safe around other members of Congress.” She clearly meant nutso Republicans.

“The moment you bring a gun onto the House floor, in violation of rules, you put everyone around you in danger. It is irresponsible. It is reckless.”

— Rosie DiManno in Pistol-packing Republicans in Congress have only themselves to fear

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    • Why the hell not? Texas house and senate members sure as hell carry on the floor, and citizens can carry in the galleries, as well, there is a special line for the people with carry licenses, they bypass the line everybody else has to go through to be searched, because they ARE armed. I don’t know if the Capitol allows open carry yet.

      • “Why the hell not.”

        I lost the reference, but about Wed/Thurs, Pelosi’s people admitted that no firearm had actually been present in the actual chamber, as Reps keep their firearms in offices (apparently in case of meeting with unruly constituent, face-to-face).

      • Capitol visitors aren’t carrying while the legislature is actually in session, though. As you may know, but for the benefit of our non-Texan readers here, ours is a part time legislature.

        State representatives and senators only meet once, for up to 140 days, at the beginning of odd numbered years after the previous fall’s elections. (The Governor can and not all that infrequently does call a special session afterward of up to thirty days each in these years to hold the legislature open to consider specific issues.) The rest of the year and a half or so between sessions, the legislators are back at their regular day jobs and the capitol is open to the public for tours and general visiting.

        It is during these periods that licensed carriers are not only allowed in, but granted express lane access. Not so when the legislature is actually in session and conducting legislative duties. No guns then.

        • One of my favorite memories of living in Texas was seeing the CEO of Pilgrim’s Chicken handing out checks to legislator, right there on the floor of the legislature while it was in session. It was legal then.

  1. Yes, there were death threats to Congress men and women, terroristic threatening in order to force them to vote for the craven coward hiding at the White House.

    But in the end, the bullies and violent insurrectionists failed miserably.

    “Some members of Congress reportedly voted against electoral certification on January 6 because they were afraid for their physical safety. MAGA bullies threatened to descend on state capitals with more violence. They threatened to attack Washington, DC. They showed us their guns and hatred. Fear ensued, and some argued that this week’s presidential inauguration should be moved indoors. Others suggested that we should “go easy” on the insurrectionists so as not to trigger more terror and violence.
    Instead, people decided to stand up to the bullies.

    In recent weeks, hundreds of domestic terrorists have been arrested. People across the political spectrum have stepped up and identified radicalized friends or family members who participated in the insurrection. Ten Republicans joined Democrats in impeaching our top bully, despite numerous death threats from the mob he egged on.“

    • If you think that was “insurrection” then you must think the country has had 4 years of nonstop revolution. Continue with the lies. It won’t change that Beijing Biden, the thief in chief, and his son Crackhead McStripperbang are corrupted. Bought and owned by China. Along with Swalwell and his Chinese honeypot. And the entire Democrat party. By all means, continue to lie and obfuscate. A record number of Americans are now recognizing the MSM and their talking points – which you espouse verbatim – are outright lies and manipulations.

      • Miner likes to pretend that a full summer of riots, fires, murders, and illegal occupation of government buildings was somehow “a few broken windows,” not worthy of concern. He throws around the word “insurrection” because he heard it on the internet and thinks it makes him sound informed. He links to news articles that don’t say what he claims, written by “journalists” who lie. He’s really not worth our time or attention. Just saying.

        • I think anyone involved in violent physical attacks on humans, or involved in property destruction, needs to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

          But I am surprised that y’all have difficulty differentiating between ordinary civilian crime, and long term conspiracies to disrupt the orderly process of our presidential election as mandated by the United States Constitution.

          And regarding the validity of the interaction, Donald Trump appointed a record number of federal judges who will soon be overseeing these cases.

          So far, no federal judge has spoken against the hundreds of individual charges levied against hundreds of right wing insurrectionists.

          The constitution mandates that citizens honor the jurisprudence system and abide by the decisions of the courts.

          So let us have patience as these cases make their way through the judicial system.

          I need to buy some stock in Orville Redenbacher…

        • “But I am surprised that y’all have difficulty differentiating between ordinary civilian crime, and long term conspiracies to disrupt the orderly process of our presidential election as mandated by the United States Constitution.”
          Attacking federal and state buildings must be A OK and simple civilian crime, right? Killing people a minor civilian crime?

          You make me sick. The nursing home ready man they want to be president got his job. It wasn’t possible to change it anyway.

          And how dare YOU bitch about something mandated by the USC. You don’t respect half of it.

        • So in that case, you had a big problem with Biden and Kamala posting bail for numerous violent rioters this past year on multiple occasions? Why is it when one party tacitly, and at times even explicitly, promotes violent uprising where rioters burn, assault, and kill people with firearms, Molotov’s, and whatever else, and then shields the participants of said violence who actually get arrested over multiple months that’s not insurrection. Yet, when some conspiracy loons on the fringe of the other party riot and act stupid like an unorganized rabble, while the entire rest of the party condemns them, that’s insurrection.

        • Violent attacks upon people and property are wrong, anyone who engages in such behavior should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

          This includes those, who take advantage of street protests to engage in property destruction, looting and attacks on innocent individuals.

          BLM, KKK, Muslim fundamentalists, evangelical abortion clinic bombers, etc. should receive no preferential treatment other than a thorough investigation followed by a speedy trial and expedited sentencing.

          But an attack upon a joint session of Congress, deliberating our presidential election under the rules of the United States Constitution, is a bridge too far.

          Self-avowed oath keepers, 3%er’s, proud boys and other right wing Trump supporters freely admitted before, during and after the fact that their goal was to overthrow the government, a revolution, interrupting the electoral process in order to perpetuate Benedict Donald’s dictatorship.

          Article 3, section 2 decrees the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of every dispute under law in the United States of America.

          The Supreme Court spoke, two different cases, Pennsylvania and Texas, dismissing Trump and his allies lawsuits.

          End of story.

          But no, right wing Trump supporters had to have them an insurrection, which they failed. And now they will all go to the federal penitentiary.

        • “The Supreme Court spoke, two different cases, Pennsylvania and Texas, dismissing Trump and his allies lawsuits.”

          On standing, not merit…

        • In the lawsuit filed by the Texas AG, the Supreme Court ruled that Texas had no judicially cognizable interest in any other state’s elections.

          Sorry if you disagree, that’s what the Republican majority, three justices appointed by Trump, Supreme Court decided and under the constitution all American citizens must abide by that decision.

          In the Pennsylvania case, the United States Supreme Court denied a motion to overturn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court‘s dismissal of trumps motion.

          “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a suit brought by Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republicans challenging the state’s mail-in voting law — passed in October 2019 — was filed too long after the law was passed, and because of that, rejected a requested review of the law.

          “The want of due diligence demonstrated in this matter is unmistakable,” the court wrote in an unsigned per curiam opinion. “Petitioners filed this facial challenge to the mail-in voting statutory provisions more than one year after the enactment of Act 77.”

          In a stunning display of hypocrisy, the Republican controlled Pennsylvania legislature passed Act 77 and then over one year later, when Trump lost, the Republicans whine that the law is unconstitutional.

          And it makes no difference what the basis was for the Supreme Court’s dismissal of trumps lawsuit, the constitution decrees the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of all disputes under law in the United States of America and to contest that decision is, in itself, unconstitutional.

          If you can’t abide by the United States Constitution, you need to get the hell out of America

      • Why is it when everyone starts saying china, china, china, nobody ever mentions mitch the turtle and his china wife and her family? He needs to go !

        • Absolutely agreed. Mitch McConnell the murder turtle is iconic of the RINO establishment, who are interested only in being re-elected and enriching themselves. They need to be canned and gotten rid of.

          However McConnell has had the wisdom to keep his corruption hidden behind the fig leaf of deniability. Unlike our thief in chief, McConnell has never openly bragged or flaunted his corruption. McConnell has so far also not used the most extensive and comprehensive voter fraud in American history to retain his seat.

        • There is none. The MAGA cultists just can’t come to grips with the reality that the vast majority of Americans saw through former President Trump’s grift and voted accordingly.

        • I ask a simple question, and by the non-answers I’ve received I guess y’all don’t have any evidence that Biden is a thief.


      • I would be interested in what evidence you have to support your claim that President Biden is a thief, involved with the Chinese communists.

        Something solid, as an example, it might be something like Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law sits on the Board of Directors of a Chinese communist run state bank:

        “Angela Chao was named to the Bank of China’s board of directors just 10 days after Trump’s victory, said Peter Schweizer, author of “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends”.

        Chao and McConnell’s father-in-law, James Chao, also sit on the board of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation which is the largest defense contractor in China.

        “So when [Donald Trump] gets elected in 2016, China is in a panic. So one of the things that happens is, they appoint, really, the first American, or only the second foreigner to the Bank of China,” Schweizer said on the April 23 edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

        “Now, the Bank of China is government-run, government-controlled, is sort of the backbone of the Chinese government’s economic diplomacy around the world. Ten days after Donald Trump is elected, they put Elaine Chao’s sister – Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law – on the board of directors of the fourth largest bank in the world, which is run by the Chinese communist government. It’s a shocking development, and, again, unprecedented in American history that you would have senior political leaders have immediate family members that are sitting on the board of foreign government-owned businesses.”

        • Well the fact that his son and other family members are under investigation for their ties to a Chinese Power company, and the fact that Hunter was also on the board of a Ukrainian power company that was under investigation by Ukrainian law enforcement until Biden himself called the Ukrainian PM and told him to get that investigator looking into his son and said company fired, which then happened. These are of course just two recent examples from his VP time and presidential campaign, lord knows there almost certainly more.

          I’m sure you’ll go bring some whataboutisms up, which is valid in a sense. Politicians of every stripe are guilty of plain old nepotism and quid-pro-quo favors, yet Biden stands out as a particularly egregious example thanks to his decades of playing the game and getting dirty doing it.

        • “under investigation”

          Oh, OK. So none of your bullshit rumors have held up, no charges or indictments, much less convictions and sentences.

          Y’all have been investigating Hillary Clinton for 30 years, no charges or indictments, much less convictions or sentences.

          Do you ever get to feeling somebody’s been turning your crank on this whole Hillary/Obama/Biden conspiracy?

          What does Q say about all this?

        • Hey Minor, you might note that none of your treasonous bullshit charges against Trump have held up, either, even after spending 4 years and 30+ million taxpayer dollars trying to manufacture the evidence to frame him.

        • “treasonous bullshit charges against Trump”

          Trump hasn’t been charged as of this date.

          At this point, the DOJ has followed a Nixon era policy of not indicting a sitting president.

          Of course, as we all know, Donald Trump is no longer president so the situation may change in the immediate future.

          “The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine”

    • Everything you stated about MAGA threatening DC and State Capitols and Congress men and women, were things our garbage media said were going to happen.
      All things that didn’t come to fruition.
      Just another one of your stupid diatribes.
      MAGA was never the problem, the MSM is.

    • With all the copy and paste you do from other news sites, you should probably include those sites names in your posts, to avoid plagiarism and lawsuits from those sites.

      You’re posting anonymously here, but do it as often as you do, TTAG could be sued and forced turn over your personal info.

      For example, since I’m sure most of your info comes from CNN and MSNBC, you should do the following:

      Article from CNN states: “insert leftist drivel here.”

      I know, I know, it makes you feel smart to sound like some kind of professional journalist. But you’re not. You’re a troll on a message board.

      Save TTAG the headache of dealing with all that and include sources for all your copy and pasting.

      • I am convinced on good advice that TTAG has minimal legal liability exposure due to the comments on this website.

        But I would point out, if TTAG gets a subpoena for personal information of the commenters on this forum from the federal Bureau of investigation regarding threats against government officials, I doubt the management of TTAG would advise of this development to the commenters on this forum.

        Good night and good luck.

        • Your prolific and voluminous posts cause me to wonder if Soros pays you by the word? No normal person has the time or the desire to expend so much effort in repeated postings to a relatively insignificant website unless they are paid to do it or are mentally deranged.

          “…But I would point out, if TTAG gets a subpoena for personal information of the commenters on this forum from the federal Bureau of investigation regarding threats against government officials, I doubt the management of TTAG would advise of this development to the commenters on this forum.”

          Nice… In other words: Be careful what opinions you express, Comrade, Big Brother may be watching you.

          You leftists are good at threats. You have perverted and politicized the law enforcement and intel agencies so that they now use the unlimited resources of the federal government to spy on American citizens and stifle dissent under the guise of combating “domestic terrorism.” Right now, people like you are engaged the wholesale criminalization of political expression you don’t agree with. You impute to yourselves the right to declare what is and what isn’t “insurrectionist” or acceptable.

          And your side wants to round up and “deprogram” conservatives because of wrong think. You are no different than the Bolsheviks, Red Guards, North Koreans, Cubans, or other totalitarian pigs.

          Fuck you and your threats.

        • Ticked off:

          You nailed it with “mentally deranged”. Miner is here to talk shit about the right, that’s it. How funny it is sometimes to just watch him rant and rant. Some of us know both sides are the problem. Miner can’t grasp the concept and just sticks to the easy stuff about the trump flag waivers and ignores all the investigations on all sides of the spectrum. If this fool had any sense, he would be very useful. Sad he choses to waste such talents on biased copy and paste drivel.

        • “Be careful what opinions you express“

          Yes, that does sound like good advice!

          One should be very careful about expressing opinions regarding the assassination of their political opponents.

          One should carefully consider online suggestions or encouragement that anyone attempt to violently overthrow the government by disrupting constitutionally mandated governmental process.

          One might take a lesson from the proud boys leadership, who posted extensively of their plans to attack the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress.

          Soon they will have an opportunity to learn a new skill or trade and have their teeth fixed, all at taxpayers expense during their stay at Club Fed.

        • “Fuck you”

          Tickle, regrettably I must decline your generous offer as that sort of thing doesn’t float my boat.

          But hey, you do you, enjoy!

        • I did just get you to openly admit you were a copy and paste troll, however.

          I know, It’s hard debating someone smarter then you.

          You’ll learn one day. Maybe.

        • “I did just get you to openly admit you were a copy and paste troll“


          You bet I copy and paste from the original sources, I’m not surprised that you have an aversion to the actual facts of history being posted here.

          Please feel free to continue to post your stream of consciousness bullshit here, it’s really amusing, almost like having a window into the vast wasteland between your ears.

          I will continue to rely upon the record of history.

    • The Democratic Party contested the electoral college vote 3 times in 20 years, yet there wasn’t a Constitutional crisis.

      BLM protests started over a lie, hands up don’t shoot.

      Antifa started because the left believed Trump was a fascists. However the Antifa uses fascism as thier operational method.

      Federal buildings, businesses and homes were torched. Autonomous zones started, and no concerns from the left.

      People were killed, harassed and threatened. Open talk of beheading and killing politicians by the left were mainstream ideas they embraced and even suggested.

      Because you think a handful of morons are the whole base on the right, then the actions of those few leftist is representative of the entire left.

    • “Some members of Congress reportedly voted against electoral certification on January 6 because they were afraid for their physical safety.”


    • minor 49 IQ…you are a useful idiot…you and your ilk bully innocent people with your slander and libel and threats against gun rights everyday for years and years. After all of that it serves some people right to have the tables turned on them. They are really scared and why is that? Done some things, said some things to get your butts kicked?
      When you’ve got to run checks on the military you’ve got protecting you then you’ve done something to bully people and upset people like stealing an election and putting a democRat pedophile in the White House.

      • “threats against gun rights everyday for years and years“

        I’m sorry, you must have me confused with someone else, I have never made “threats against gun rights”.

        • “Kind of you to acknowledge that everything else mentioned is gospel truth“

          And just where did I “acknowledge that everything else mentioned is gospel truth“?


      Let’s hear Joe Biden has to say about that…..straight from the “Democrat Jackass’s own mouth on national TV, no less. BTW these are the ONLY true words Biden has ever spoken. Deny that .

      • Having trouble with English as a second language, it can be confusing.

        Ivan, in America we often term the organization that handles a particular subject after the subject they handle.

        For instance, many organizations have a fraud section that deals with crimes related to fraud, imagine that:

        “If you are in need of legal advice, please contact your local bar association at The Fraud Section conducts criminal prosecutions and cannot provide legal advice to citizens.“

        If you were an American and ever watched Dragnet, you would know that when Joe Friday was assigned to the Burglary Division he wasn’t breaking into homes, he was investigating burglaries.

        • Sorry miner, that doesn’t fly. It is not the role of the DNC or the Democrats to have any part in the orchestration of elections. That is the role of the individual state governments. If anything your post strengthens the argument that there was a widespread, systemic effort to cheat. The Democratic party is not a governmental organization, and they are not in charge of running elections, and have no business establishing a “voter fraud organization.” Biden just, unfortunately, misspoke and told the truth. For once in his miserable existence.

          Beijing Biden is the sickness in Washington. He embodies it. A lifetime spent enriching himself and his family, selling America out to the Chinese – which he’ll carry on doing. He is bought and paid for, and just because you and the MSM are squeamish about admitting it doesn’t alter that truth.

        • Fascinating, so you believe only government can set up an organization to investigate fraud?

          Don’t get out of your moms basement much?

          Any organization can set up a division to investigate and prevent fraud, here is a listing of some current job openings for “Fraud Directors”,

          Do you believe that MasterCard, Fifth Third Bank, etc. are perpetrating a fraud on their customers, or is it just a common title for departments that investigates fraud?

          Director of Product Management, Fraud
          Betterment LLC
          New York, NY

          Director, Payment Risk and Fraud Operations
          Housecall Pro

          2 reviews
          San Diego, CA

          VP, Head of Product Management Global Fraud Solutions

          394 reviews
          Chicago, IL 60661

          Manager, Fraud Standards Product Development

          613 reviews
          Purchase, NY 10577

          Director of Fraud Operations job


          SALT LAKE CITY, UT

          VP & Director of Fraud Operations at Fifth Third Bank
          Fifth Third BankUniversity of Phoenix
          Cincinnati, Ohio

          If you wish to allege that Joseph Biden has committed some sort of fraud, you need actual evidence and witnesses that meets the standards of judicial review, not a juvenile misunderstanding of the English language and organizational structure.

          This is why you Trump supporters continue to lose Bigley in local, state, federal and the supreme Court.

        • IMPEACH Joe and the Ho!! Nasty Pelosi has demonstrated (twice!!) that not only is no evidence required, but you don’t even need an actual charge! Expect impeachment in Jan 2023.

    • Insurrection? Pu-lease! I’ve seen a lot more violence in Taiwanese Parliamentary debates. In the 1990s and early 2000s punch ups between members were quite common.

      Just remember your left wing extremists have not been placated by the Biden presidency.

    • @ Miner49er……It was not as you say a “violent insurrection”, Chuckie Schumer stood a the podium and clearly called it an erection! Now that is a “hard” fact……

    • Death threats are part of the job. In fact they are considered “free Speech” according to 1st amendment lawyers. I don’t support that way of thinking. It was not the way we thought over 100 years ago.

    • You get what you give. You commit treason and steal an election, people tend to get upset and want to hang you from a tree. I see nothing wrong. God bless America and Donald

    • Ah… an unorganized insurrection using words, flags and hats. Imagine the carnage had they actually seen a Democrat, they might have put a MAGA hat on one! Terrifying! Thankfully these mad insurrectionists were stopped from their violent overthrow when they got inside, had their photo ops and walked out on their own. An insurrectionist tactic never seen before. Incredibly devious this group was.

      Personally I think what they did was incredibly stupid, disrespectful and accomplished nothing but fuel the liberals attack on our constitution. However, an insurrection it was not.

    • You must mean the “violent insurrectionists” who walked slowly between the velvet ropes, carrying American flags.

      Enjoy the Chinese puppet government in the White House, with the Pedo-in-Chief, who made his young daughter shower with him…

    • You need to get back on your meds. They left their guns at home, and the only person shot to death or at all was an unarmed woman, murdered in cold blood at point blank range. That was no insurrection, nor was anyone trying to overthrow the government nor to harm any politicians, much as they might deserve it. The folks were less rowdy and violent than the antifa and blm rioters, looters and arsonists all summer long. Chaz was an insurrection. What did you say about that?

  2. Somehow the group calling for you to be blacklisted, shunned, shamed and re-educated saying you have nothing to fear rings a little hollow.

  3. This “journalist” is painful to read. We get it, guns terrify you. Take your prozac and go back to your hugbox Karen.

    The other part I take (some) issue with is the “Doubtful they were coming for him” bit – I think the author underestimates how very, very tenuous the situation in the US is.

  4. The idea that they work for “us” has been deliberately buried thanks to career sewer dwellers and our alleged learning institutions. Those people at the Capitol were doing nothing more than trying to remind them of that! Any and all violence and destruction was perpetrated by the same clowns who are still destroying the cities theyve been destroying all year.

  5. “Rep. Don Young, from Alaska, boasts that he carries a knife in the House and once put it to the throat of former House Speaker John Boehner during a heated debate.”

    That’s absolutely hilarious.

    • Of I had been Boebner, Young would have required the services of a proctologist to recover his knife.

      • If Boehner had been an actual conservative, he would have shot the mofo dead on the spot, and continued with his day.

    • I am trying to understand Young’s intended endgame here. Like: “Damn right I just killed the speaker of the house! Now move my bill out of committee, or I start slitting throats!”

      I can’t quite see how that would work…

  6. This is just one more piece of evidence showing how out of touch most politicians are: with the people, and with reality. We already have the executive orders Biden signed in the first few days, the perception of election fraud, the woke cancelling and deplatforming, defunding of police, etc. I never would’ve thought they’d make themselves go through metal detectors, before what happened at the Capitol Jan. 6. It is insane they’d do this after the protestors were able to break through security and get into the Capitol. I sure hope they don’t try to force us to “turn them all in”; I don’t think most of them understand what that will lead to.

    • What will be the daily loss rate of the collectors before F-Troop go for the “Shock-and-Awe”?

    • I agree, Jan 6 seems like it would cause Congresscritters to demand a choice of several respectable and BBQ-ready handguns be issued to each, a new one each new term (with training and ammo), reflecting the total failure of Capitol Police to protect them, thus leaving as their only salvation the good natured folks taking selfies and laughing as they passed by the self-soiling chickenshits. Demanding LESS ability to protect myself would sure never occur to *me*. But that’s me.

      • No, no. They like to have hired thugs to do their dirty work. The dry cleaning is too troublesome and expensive.

  7. DeManno: “House Republicans Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself”

    Hmmm, might want to ask Steve Scalise and a couple others about that…

  8. Mhm. Lets just ignore the fact this country is getting rather hot and out of control Biden voters are already having buyer’s remorse.

    They talk about the capitol riot as if it were a coup. If it was, every politician in there would be dead A handful of armed capitol police and a door didn’t stop a coup. They held out against a small scale riot.

    Did they memory hole the CHAZ incident already? The one where an actual coup took place?

    • “buyer’s remorse”

      There’s a reason the dems and the media made the election about the person instead of the policy.

      • And what a sell it was!!! Sort of akin to Eskimos signing an outside contract to supply snow- let’s elect an Alzheimer’s patient who hasn’t accomplished a fucking thing in over 40 years of govt. “service”, let him appoint nearly everyone he belittled as an idiot during the debates to his cabinet, then sit there wondering why the plebes still aren’t happy. Washington stupid is in a class all by itself. And the election wasn’t. stolen, it was bought and paid for… soon the investors will be looking for their first interest payments.

    • Small scale riot? Hahaha I’ve been to high-school football games that got way more out of hand. If it was a real insurrection a lot of states would be needing to have emergency elections right now.

      • You go to high school football games where people are shot and killed and police are attacked by a traitorous mob?

        • Yes I have been to a high-school football game where someone has been shot then things really got out of control. From the reports a lot of the assholes at the capital were leftists so they are traitors. Oh and the only person shot and killed at the capital was shot by a trigger happy leo/security officer.

        • “From the reports a lot of the assholes at the capital were leftists“

          Would you be kind enough to share a source for your claim?

        • I love it when miner asks for sources, then when he is asked for sources he posts some opinion piece. Nobody is falling for your shit Miner. Do your own legwork and maybe you might see there is more to reporting than the shit you read. Get you a VPN, TOR and start looking.

        • Well, I went to a high school game in the early ’60s where our star player showed up a few minutes late due to killing a man with a shotgun (shot him in the back) at his home just as he was preparing to leave for the game. Mainly he stayed long enough to see his father taken care of, since the deceased had shot him, then he left for the game and played every quarter. And from what the Demtard leftists tell us, police shooting unarmed kids dead for no reason happens every day, all over the country. And that was the *ONLY* shooting at the Capitol, despite attempts to spin it into something else.

      • Of course, the two above short-sighted trolls don’t seem to admit the “riots” were co-opted and aided with the presence of known anarchists/Antifa people … but that’s Trump’s fault, too, as is the funding of the same organizations with NGO money provided from outside sources streamed through radical elements of the Democratic Party.

        Enjoy the impending consequences of the fraud, trolls. Come what may, you’ve asked for it – good and hard.

        • Durrr, ‘yOu’Ve AsKeD fOr iT’. Another clumsy threat by a decorated five star general in the Keyboard Kommando Korps 🤣🤡!

    • It was a FAILED coup fomented and inspired by former President Donald Trump. Not a surprise that a bunch of low class MAGAs couldn’t pull it off….

    • Capitol police? Door? The Capitol Police HELD THE DOORS OPEN for the “insurrectionists”, who consisted primarily of undercover Antifa agents-provocateur and a few Q-tards…

  9. A fundamental difference between a “leftist” and a “liberal” is a liberal believes in freedom of speech. Here is a pretty good article by Dennis Prager that drives this point home:
    Why the Left Has to Suppress Free Speech
    – – – Excerpt – – –
    (The present leftist threat to freedom in America, the greatest threat to freedom in American history, is made possible because liberals think they have more to fear from conservatives than from the left. Liberals do not understand that the left regards liberals as their useful idiots.)
    – – – –

    • Ooooooo, The Daily Signal’, the puppet publication of The Heritage Foundation, which is otherwise known and ‘the group of sexually confused closeted furry enthusiasts who can’t get laid’.

    • The Daily Signal.

      Now there is a right wing publication with a long history.

      Insert inaudible dog whistle sound sample here:

      “Signal was a magazine published by the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany from 1940 through 1945.

      Signal Logo.jpg
      Logo of the magazine
      Propaganda publication
      Biweekly magazine
      Deutscher Verlag on behalf of Wehrmacht Propaganda Troops
      April 1940
      26 European languages
      Ceased publication
      April 1945
      Berlin, Germany”

      • So because a short lived magazine in 1940s germany has a similar name to the current publication it’s automatically nazi?

        In that case, by your own username, you are an advocate for native american genocide.

  10. Although a strong supporter of President Trump, I am not, and never have been a Republican. The GOP is not strongly Constitutional. With a few exceptions, it was willing to roll-over and accept the fraud and corruption of the Nov. 6 and Jan. 5 elections because those polls reinforced the swampy, fetid, and perverse standard operating procedures of Congress.

    The GOP did not unite behind the President. Instead it embraced the fraud. The GOP would rather sell-out the country to the DemmoCommies (yes, ‘Demmo’ instead of ‘Demo’) than support the President elected by a landslide of actual voters. Why, because preserving the corruption is more valuable to the GOP than the Constitution, more valuable that the voters.

    Trump and team are forming the Patriot Party. Many, if not most of the 80 million people who voted ‘Trump’ will go there.

    It may not make a difference since those who count the votes control the outcomes, but there is safety in numbers.

    • I’m hopeful your right about that. This country needs a new party the uniparty shitshow we have now needs to be ended.

    • Patriots would follow the mandate of the United States Constitution and accept the United States Supreme Court as the ultimate arbiter of law under the constitution.

      Just because you disagree with the courts decision does not give you license to conduct a violent insurrection against the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress, deliberating are presidential election under the mandate of the United States Constitution.

      It is as simple as that, and we will see this play out hundreds of times in the coming months as the right wing insurrectionists are sent to federal prison.

      • We certainly haven’t seen many left wing rioters sent to prison. We’ve got lefties bailing them out.
        You are under the illusion the democrats have a huge majority in Congress. Funny how that can change between elections, er I mean selections.

      • I no longer accept the Supreme Court as the final arbiter of the law.

        Not since 7 of them ruled that close to half the states in the nation have “no standing” to demand that other states OBEY THE LAW. In essence, the Supreme Court ruled that NO ONE has any “standing” to call for anyone else to obey the law. They ruled that rigging the election is legal. They ruled that being in the pay of China (also treason) is legal.

        So since no one can be compelled to obey the law. What do we need the courts for? What do we need police and federal agents for? What do we need a federal govt. for? The damned Supreme Court has ruled that none of these people can order me to obey their laws.

        • Johnnyreb, interesting moniker there.

          “I no longer accept the Supreme Court as the final arbiter of the law.“

          I’m sorry, but there is no mechanism in the United States Constitution to allow citizens to pick and choose which provisions they will honor.

          I’ve seen a lot on TTAG, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone renounce their United States citizenship on this forum.

          You might want to investigate the fate of LT Philip Nolan, you might find his story instructive.

        • JonnyReb,

          Good points.

          SCOTUS has, essentially, abandoned its oath to uphold the Constitution.

          Both houses of Congress have knowingly ratified an illegitimate election corrupted by widespread fraud and foreign interference.

          The current occupant of the Oval Office was illegitimately installed there through massive cheating, fraud, and whatever behind-the-scenes threats of violence and vengeance necessary to protect the coup.

          It seems, at this point,that no branch of the Federal Government is legitimate. However, when the FBI shows up at my door because they usedmy cell phone location or because some troll reported that I was in DC Jan 6, all this talk of an illegitimate government is not going to do me much good.

          And “No”, neither I nor any member of my posse entered the Capitol. We thought that was a very bad idea.

      • Oh Miner….”deliberating are presidential election”
        … don’t you mean ” “our “. Maybe YOU should check out getting an education, dickhead, like you so smugly advocated just last week ! Go ahead, go back and look for it , I’ll wait.

        • Led head, is that all you got?

          I do apologize that the speech recognition software has difficulty with my rich hillbilly accent, and sometimes I am a bit too slothful to proofread each and every missive.

          You folks continue to propagate misinformation and downright lies about our recent election, and this is not good for our democracy.

          Here is a very good Wall Street Journal article that summarizes the court cases by each state and explains why Trump and his allies had their Kraken kicked in court.

          I understand that most on this list think they are somehow empowered under the constitution to disregard any part or all of the United States Constitution whenever they so desire but I must tell you, that is quite literally, unconstitutional.

          Just because a bunch of randos on the inter-webs dislikes some particular supreme court decision, that does not give them the right to move forward with an attempt to disrupt the process of our government and install their dictator.

        • Miner, I think that you talk out of your ass because the other end knows better, but let’s see what gourmet sausage your bullshit grinder makes of this….mid June,2020 Trump pilloried by liberals for closing US to flights from China; Fauci warns that he doubts that a vaccine will be available by spring- certainly not by the election and not in large numbers. Fast forward to today…Biden closing US to flights from South Africa; Fauci praises decision, avers that producing a million vaccine doses daily will be a cakewalk.

        • Lead head, I’m not sure what your point is but let’s take a stab.

          Regarding Dr. Fauci, here’s a link to what he said:

          And his prediction that the “vaccine likely won’t be widely available until several months into 2021” seems to be borne out, one month in and we have only vaccinated about 11 million out of our population of 328 million, or roughly 3% of our population.
          At this rate, we will need several months before the target of 70% of the population immunized is reached.

          “The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday that about 11.1 million people have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, far short of the goal federal officials set to give at least 20 million people their first shots before the end of 2020.Jan 15, 2021”

          So Dr. Fauci was correct in June 2020.

    • Trump said yesterday he has no interest in the Patriot Party.

      I’m FOR Trump and FOR the Patriot Party. I’m just trying to support the truth.

  11. When are the Democrats going to impeach Congresswoman Boebert for inciting an erection at the Capitol?

  12. The Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, want to you to give up your 1st amendment civil right.
    If there is “violence” at a conservative protest, you are suppose to never speak out in public. But if its Seattle, Minneapolis, etc or Portland where the Feds intervene, now its “the secret police” are arresting people.

    The three L’s will always support the KKK burning a cross on the front lawn of your property. But you can’t peacefully protest your government. It is very telling to NOT hear the so-called civil rights defenders, defend people who carry weapons. Not just guns. But carry ANY weapon.




  14. “It is irresponsible. It is reckless.” To elect sanctimonious, ‘progressive’, neo-socialist, anti-self-defense ‘representatives’ like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Kamala Harris, etc., to office, that is.

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