Gun Store Robbery Security Video Shooting
Screen Capture by Boch (via Reddit video).
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Firearm trainers typically tell their students never try to draw down on a bad guy when his or her gun is pointed at you. However, all of that goes out the window when the criminal has already opened fire. That’s exactly what happened in a Paraguay gun store last month as a pair of armed robbers stormed in, guns a-blazing.

With one robber shooting at him, the owner had no choice to but draw and engage. He did so, even after taking a round to the arm, firing from the hip and making good hits.

Gun Store Robbery Security Video Shooting
Screen Capture by Boch. Via Reddit.

Then he turned his fire on the first bad guy who didn’t initially draw his gun when he entered the store. The accomplice later tried to draw as his soon-to-be-former partner traded lead with the store’s owner. The second robber in the green jacket and gray t-shirt made a hasty retreat, leaving his partner behind.

Meanwhile the guy who came in shooting chose…poorly. His sucking chest wound stopped sucking when he stopped breathing. But not before he held his head up to watch is co-conspirator flee like his hair was on fire, employing some Hollywood-esque moves shown below to avoid soaking up a few rounds himself.

Gun Store Robbery Security Video Shooting
Screen capture by Boch. Via Reddit

Here’s the (slightly awkwardly) translated report from the newsroom:

Attempted robbery at a gun store in Paraguay leaves a robber dead

Two others involved fled, but were later arrested.

A criminal was killed this Saturday (26) during an attempted robbery at km 32 of the city of San Cristóbal in Paraguay, about 130 km from Foz do Iguaçu.

According to police, two thieves arrived at the establishment and gave a voice of robbery, but the owner reacted.

Security camera footage from the store shows the moment when two robbers enter with guns drawn and the quick reaction of the owner who pulls his pistol from his waist and shoots the robbers. One of them falls and the other runs away and flees with the support of another partner who was waiting in the getaway vehicle.

The owner was wounded in the arm. Family members tried to chase the bandits who were later arrested by the police.

The gun shop where it all started had already suffered another robbery attempt not long ago.

[At the link, there’s a longer video showing the police firing rifles at a car trying to flee.  This may or may not be part of the gun store robbery crew’s capture.]

Here’s security video of the robbery attempt and exchange of gunfire (possibly NSFW, though the video has no sound) . . .

In comments at Reddit, some folks speculated that it was less of an armed robbery and more of an organized crime hit. Either way, the shop’s owner displayed remarkable poise under fire. Nice job.

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  1. Paraguay is an interesting country. There are plenty of gun shops and a somewhat vibrant gun culture exists there. The thieves chose poorly.

    • It’s nice to know that Paraguay enjoys their most fundamental human right a human can humanly have to a MUCH greater degree than up here in the queens colonies. Note the ‘defensive stance’ of the dude seated to the left: that’s about exactly all you got when excrement is propelled if one finds themselves unarmed by state decree. You know, for our own safety n all that…

    • Generally yes but they can be useful in navigating some aspects of legal (always double check their work) as well as technical aspects of firearms.

  2. The seated customer needs to improve upon his reaction time as it appears the perp engaged the armed counterman and the perp thinking he scored turned towards the seated customer. Or the sting of getting shot cause a spinning reaction for the soon to be deceased perp…I analyzed it frame by frame back and fourth and sad to say the perp had to die over and over. Hat’s off to the counterman.

  3. People should never ever be shot over property. It’s just stuff people. They should have ran out of there, and let the crims take the shop. It’s just stuff. Don’t shoot thieves with your guns, have some compassion for a man stealing bread to feed his daughter. Even if you spent your whole life paying for that “stuff” it still doesn’t merit taking a life. Saving lives should be our top priority, always, even though were all going to die anyways, and many of us sooner rather than later. So discard your “freeeeeeeeedumb.” Embrace government mandated safety like a warm hug on a cold day, and get rid of your guns and join us in a beautiful peaceful future, a progressive future, progressing towards greatness, and a well controlled, happy populace, growing like a well groomed, and orderly monoculture lawn. Preened – By excellent government policy.

    • Dacian is right. People shouldn’t be shot over property. These guys got shot because they were shooting

    • You know what, that mindset is stupid. People invest significantly large sometimes irreplaceable chunks of their life in their property. Someone stealing that is stealing a part of their life. They deserve shot.

    • I have no idea if the yahoo that wants my “stuff” is going to be satisfied with just that, or if he (or more frequently now, they) also want to maim or kill me. That’s the variable that they fail to consider in their decision process if they threaten me with deadly force in an armed robbery.

    • And claim the losses on insurance? You leftists clearly don’t know how insurance works.

      I know this is the troll-dacian. But still entertaining.

        • Yeah I don’t think so. I think there is a Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club member here (dacian) who is ideologically quasi communist. And I think there are some TTAG regulars sneaking around trolling him.

    • Indeed. There should be no armed guards for banks or armored cars carrying cash. Police should only be allowed to shoot if human lives are directly threatened, and should not be allowed to carry guns on drug busts. [For how well that works, I refer you to the Jolly Olde England of up to a few years ago.].

      • There should absolutely be no security for any politician! What is good for the masses should be good enough for them!

    • You have to be the dumbest noob on the planet. Did you not see the second guy start to shoot the second he entered the shop while the owner and customer were back to the walls ? How are they supposed t just run out when a second guy was near the back door entrance ?

    • The fallacy in your statement is that thee bad guys proved from the first moment that they were not in the store just to steal “stuff”. If that were the case merely exhibiting the firearms might have sufficed. What you so conveniently overlook is that they started shooting the instant they were in the store.

    • Dacian was going to tell us this was the fake Dacian, but then he realized he agreed with all the points.

    • Yes, because robbing a gun store by running in and trying to shoot the clerk first, is on the same moral high ground is shoplifting bread to feed a starving child. STFU!

    • The robbers/assassins (whichever) were robbing a gun store of bread? Leftist 🧠 damage, apparently.
      Leftism does actual damage to the neurons of the 🧠. The normal thought patterns of the 🧠 are disrupted.
      Leftist pawns do not realize that the leaders of leftism are not themselves Leftists but are playing their pawns for the advantage of the leaders.

  4. Thieves should not be shot over property. They should be shot away from property so they cause no damage when they fall.





  7. I’d say that’s some pretty good shooting. Especially with the crack-smoker getting the jump on you.
    We’ll done.

  8. I thought the gun shop owner was getting pretty close to putting a couple of rounds through his toes.

  9. Damned fine response all and all, though Mr. Red Shirt might want to reconsider his hiding place if Round 2 were ever to occur.

    Also: They’re not thieves if they come in shooting. A dictionary would clear this up for you. Thieves, by definition, operate by stealth and without force. Robbers, by contrast operate by force or threat of force.

    This is attempted armed robbery and attempted murder.

  10. I think the store owner got a bullet into the robber that escaped.

    The employee or customer in red, who was sitting in front of the counter, was useless. The shooting was all over by the time he got up and hid behind the tent.

  11. Great job on the good guy with a gun!!! I counted 13 shots from his gun. He used both hands to hold his gun. I’d say he has been doing some training. Training to hit multiple targets. Both bad guys seem to have only gotten 2 shots off each, before they both got hit.

    • Good grief! The good guy is a GUN store owner or manager. Wouldn’t you think that he just might be a gunnie?

  12. It is just “stuff?” The “stuff” they were after(if they were successful) would be used in other criminal acts. No one steals firearms at the point of a gun just to have a defensive firearm at home, they were stealing them to do more crimes.
    The actions of the store owner were the correct actions, for himself and for society.

  13. This was not a robbery. Use your eyes people. Then use the clock in the upper left corner of the video, which is real time.

    The assailant in the red-t-shirt under the jacket comes in at :34 (upper left corner clock) and he’s lined up on the owner and has fired his first round before he gets to the middle of the room. By :35 of the video the assailant is in the middle of the room and has cranked off what appears to me to be three rounds. In two+ seconds, the perp was in the store, gun drawn, lined up on the owner and had cranked off three rounds.

    There was no time in that sequence to tell the owner to open cases, gun safes, get cash, etc. The assailant came in, lined up on the owner and started shooting and had tagged the owner – all in under three seconds.

    That was no robbery. The perp came in and was focused completely on the owner behind the counter – and nothing else. So yes, lethal force was entirely justified. This was a gunfight for the owner’s life, period, full stop. Property never entered into this encounter. Hell, no one could have heard a demand for property over the sound of the gunfire in the first two seconds.

    The owner recognized the threat and was moving to draw in about (as near as I can tell from the clock in the upper left corner) about 1.25 seconds, which is nearly cat-like reflexes. Most people in middle age take 0.75+ seconds to recognize a situation and start reacting.

    • Fifteen or so years ago, a gun shop owner is Houston was killed by two Ghetto Rats who came in shooting, collected several dozen pistols and fled. This recent event was not necessarily an assassination attempt but may have been.

      • The robbers/assassins (whichever) were robbing a gun store of bread? Leftist 🧠 damage, apparently.
        Leftism does actual damage to the neurons of the 🧠. The normal thought patterns of the 🧠 are disrupted.
        Leftist pawns do not realize that the leaders of leftism are not themselves Leftists but are playing their pawns for the advantage of the leaders.

    • Exactly, DG. Although it might have been intended robbery post mortum. Lots of guns on the wall…

  14. In PARAGUAY. The average American has no bloody idea where PARAGUAY is and cannot even point out his home state on a map of America. What the blood hell an incident in Paraguay has to do withn Gun Control in the USA I have no idea. Get some hnistory of Paeraguay and this is not an isolated event. All bandits in Paraguaty tend to shoot first and ask questions later.
    Paraguay is quite va fascinating place in fact. The ‘Native’ lanuage is bases on birdsong. it wasa run by a German ex-pat[ STRASSE] for decade and engaged in one of THE most destructive wars in history whewr over half the population and three quarters of the military aged male population perished. The Infamous WAR of THE TRIPLE ALLIANCE. It is also famous for the amount of SCOTCH WHISKY it imports apparently> BUtvthis is real bandit country you are talking about especially in the capital ASCENCION

    • Fat Albert Hall flails for understanding that is beyond his grasp. This is a gun forum. The murder/robbery involved guns. There was lots of shooting, and bodies hit the floor. That’s as good as Hollywood any day of the week.

  15. Shop owner had great situational awareness, tracked the first perp until the second one entered, then kept his attention on the second perp.

  16. I love my revos, of which I have more than semis, but this vid puts to rest the old saw that “six is enough if you’re good”, and the variants thereof.

  17. I had read the whole set of comments for a dacian counter argumeny…nothing.
    1. Dacian would be useful as a shield when needed.
    2. Gunfight had positive results. One thug positively dead. Second thug positively will reconsider his life. Article said he was caught…hope so.
    3. This dacian dude’s ignorance really bothers me (sure it’s his intent) but I know eunuchs like him don’t normally survive the first engagement so screw him…useless unless used as in #1 above.

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