Eric Adams
The Biden of Brooklyn, New York Mayor Eric Adams (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)
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“This is my number one priority: Keeping you safe. I campaigned on it, I will deliver on it,” [New York Mayor Eric] Adams said back in January. “You have my word.”

That’s what the mayor had to say when he first announced the plan, which includes Neighborhood Safety Teams. These units put unmarked cars with police lights and 200 officers in less official looking uniforms on the streets of 30 precincts, where police say 80% of gun violence occurs. Each team gets a sergeant and five officers.

“It’s about a form of deterrence. So if the bad guys that are carrying guns believe that they could be stopped, they might stop carrying guns,” said Joseph Giacalone, a retired NYPD sergeant and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

— John Dias in Oversight Hearing Today on Mayor Adams’ Blueprint to End Gun Violence


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  1. Unmarked cars with police lights?

    Doesn’t that make them “marked”?

    Criminals are stupid but not so stupid I think to be not be on the look out for unmarked cars now that it’s been ANNOUNCED to everyone.

    • Being generous, we might presume that the idiot means those stealth lights that are hidden inside the grill, and inside of the standard automotive lights. And maybe a little magnetic bubble gum flashing light to put on the roof, but stays hidden under the seat until needed.

      But, why would we be generous to an idiot?

    • And they will quickly learn to recognize “less official looking uniforms” as being uniformed cops.

  2. The mayor may be putting window dressing on a serious problem trying to make it look like he is doing something.

    It does not do any good to put units on the street for this if that can not stop-n-frisk to differentiate the good from the bad, after all unless they are well known you can’t just look at them and go “Look, a bad guy with a gun! Lets grab ’em!” (well, NYPD would probably do that but its not legal). How else do you tell if its a bad guy with a gun or not if they are not stopped and searched or not doing anything suspicious they can be stopped for? The mayor is not going to allow stop-n-frisk as a policy or practice for Blacks based upon a ‘oh, they might be a bad guy and have a gun’ even though blacks generate over 80% of the crime in New York. Without this “deterrent” able to be shown to be active and valid in a manner where the criminal knows they have a very good chance of being detected carrying they are going to keep carrying and will not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.

    The NYPD’s practice of stop-and-frisk was found unconstitutional in 2013.

    Supreme Court case titled Terry v. Ohio (1968) “frisking someone is legally permitted only when the officer has a reason to suspect that the person is armed and/or dangerous.”

    • So, solution. Pass Constitutional Carry in NYfC. That way the cops can reasonably suspect anyone of being armed.

      (Only being half sarcastic here…)

      • Good. Get the non-sarcastic part to work on culture-flipping downstate-NY to be pro-gun. Then much of the anti-2A problem can be solved.

    • Simply having a gun isn’t basis for suspicion of a crime; they need to have evidence for articulable basis for reasonable suspicion that the person is carrying it *illegally* for detainment or search to be justified.

      Not unlike how the government can’t presume you are driving without a license and detain you at their whim.

      • “in America” needs to be added there. The way NYC does pistol permits there is easily reasonable suspicion that anyone carrying is doing so illegally just by the low numbers involved and you need a permit just to own/touch a pistol.

      • Pretty much anyone carrying a gun other than the police is committing a crime in NYC, where carry permits are as rare as hens teeth. The guys who do have permits are quite likely to be well-healed and do not appear “suspicious.” But it does appear to be pretty close to stop and frisk.

    • Stop and frisk is unconstitutional – always has been, always will be. I can’t understand why the population of New York didn’t revolt when the idea was new.

      Do you actually LIKE racist law?

      The problem is gun control, and all the twisted logic necessary to convince yourself that gun laws and related unconstitutional laws are ‘necessary’ to keep the population under control.

      • Detaining someone and searching someone without basis for reasonable suspicion constitutes infringement of 4A and 5A no matter what color anyone is.

      • I don’t like racist law. I was just wondering when the NYPD developed psychic powers so they can tell when someone was a criminal carrying a gun.

        None of the criminals are going to get uncomfortable carrying a gun when they know unless they act suspiciously in front of the cops that no one is going to check or even bother noticing them. Its not like the cops can just stop everyone they see and search them which is about the only way this would be effective. Its one of those things where you need to actually look and they can’t do that, making this move by the mayor simply a lot of political ‘window dressing’ BS to give an impression he is doing something.

        • and … most of the crime in New York is by people who do not carry guns with them all the time, only when they get ready to do a crime. Usually the gun is stashed some place else until they need it for a crime. So the likely hood of catching one of these carrying outside of right before they commit a crime is very low to begin with.

      • And what, exactly, specifically, and indisputably, constitutes the highly subjective, and often adrenalin induced delusional ‘reasonable suspicions’ of the officer at the time of observational analysis, including factors that determine a so-called reasonable suspicion that a person doing NOTHING but walking down the street at a normal gait and carefully looking where s/he is going, is also somehow potentially a dangerous person if the officer does not have a bulletin photo, or previous knowledge of the person’s criminal history? If one could read most of the police reports they’d be amazed at how ‘inarticulated’ the stop rdationales can be. Almost as if the white house Press Secratary was teaching the cops how to write police reports according to the way she articulates answers to questions?

        The dirty little scam here is that good legal justification according to established case law for determining a non dynamic random street stop on an apparantly law-abiding pedestrian does NOT EXIST in Most street detainments! At least according to any equitable standard of standard format compliance to prevent continuous deprivation of rights violations which have become the standard of police and civilian detaining stops.

        This situation is further exacerbated by the working concept of something known as police and prosecutors’ ‘Discretionary Power’ application. Which goes from the moment a cop puts curious eyebal on you or your vehicle all the way up to the Trial, if it goes that far. They can let you go with a quick warning, or nail you to the cross JEEsus style, if they feel like it.

        The proof of this tyrannical absurdity and steadily increasing abuse of our Libertarian Constitutional Rights-based society is in recent court decisions where ‘probable cause’ for search warrants and arrests CAN be obtained merely because an ‘experienced’ officer has more ‘reasonable probable ause’ Weight in his judgement due to that ‘experience’ alone. And as such in…Narcotics work, for example, a Narc cop can stop a vehicle because he is almost certain that one of the passengers was a ‘known’ drug dealer even though he is not currently on warrants or doing anything wrong but sitting as a passenger in a traffic stop, and can get a warrant to search his apartment even after the driver was issued a ticket and allowed to leave, for drugs based on that experience-based ‘gut feeling that the passenger ‘appeared’ (to the officer only) to be ‘dealing drugs’ even though no drugs were found at the stop. (acutal case in NY)

        So that’s how they’ll get away with DOING what the CAN’t do no matter what the convoluted conflicting and corrupted justice system says when it comes to depriving a citizen of their rights to privacy and free movement.

        Look how much case law there is on “Shall NOT be infringed” with absolutely NO exceptions, and decisions that ANY violations of this and other Rights are not only ‘null and void’ by legal precedent cases, and not to be obeyed if somehow illegally enacted in State or local laws, but are also criminally prosecutable under USCC 18241-242!

        Because that prosecutorial remedy for ‘We the Peopole isn’t happening, it is a prima fascia proof of how fucked and corrupt our Criminal justice system is today, and now gaining a Marxist slant to its Nazi policies and priorities, is something to really worry about.

        There is an egregious flaw in the

    • So if the cop is in certain neighborhoods, isn’t that reason enough to suspect that they might be carrying a gun?

      • Some judges might think so…
        So go ahead and ask for an appeal if the cop stopped you for no reason but found a gun.
        See if that works
        Assuming, for a delusionary moment, that an appeals court will take the case.
        It’s Hell to be a minority person in a City like LA, Chicago, NY, etc.
        Especially in the ‘New People’s Police State Union’ of North America.

        • I used to have a few cop buddies. They explained that when the Sargent asks that they stop and card suspicious people sone of the guys thought that meant all cute girls and all young black men.

    • Because the political leadership does not like unorganized crime. They prefer crime to be organized to keep the riffraff at bay.

    • Just setting the stage to blame the inevitable failure of looking like doing something while doing nothing on the various iron pipeline states.

        • Since when is jurisdiction in any way relevant to power seeking commie analogues? This is just so they have an external enemy to blame the failures of their dogshit policies on to keep the peasants in line.

  3. Bad guys *WHO* are carrying guns. People are a “who” not a “that”. It really bugs me how badly our language has degraded. Obama was the first President to regularly make this error in his speeches and it had trickled down to others who show know better.

  4. Woah, woah, woah.
    What sort of profiling, classist, racist nonsense is this “30 precincts with 80% of the violence” hate speech?

    He’s just gonna invade these oppressed neighborhoods, already struggling with their plight, with secretive, unmarked gestapo forces?

    Somebody tweet AOC. She’s gotta stop this. These neighborhoods need fewer police so they can be free to flourish culturally without external opression.

    • Don’t be silly he is a Democrat they can’t be racist and he is black so that makes this…….. anti racist I guess.

  5. Hey Eric, want to make bad guys uncomfortable carrying guns? Let law abiding citizens legally carry and promote it…But I doubt you are smart enough to actually do it.

    • That, exactly. Issue ~100,000 carry permits in those precincts. That will scare somewhat bad guys. The really bad guys won’t be so easy to scare – until the start assuming ambient temperature. Next year, issue another 100,000 permits to law abiding citizens. With a population of ~20,000,000, things will probably start leveling off when 1/2 million have concealed carry permits. 2 to 5 million should be a reasonable long term target.

      • 20 million is roughly the State population not NYC’s. No shortage of permit holders in the rest of the state.

  6. Mayor Adams all but admitted to having to bring back the Street Crime units. These are the same squads that the criminals, BLM and socialist-democrats feared the most.

  7. This couldn’t be the start of Stop And Frisk coming back could it? Both the Criminals and the Pansies on the Left hate it as it’s effective.

    • If “Pansies” is your region’s slang for “defenders of 4A and 5A”, then we should also enlist the Pansies in the center and the right (inasmuch as such exist in NY).

      • If you don’t want to use something that actually works, then have a good time with your out of control crime.

  8. Seems that the mayor of NY has the same problems as the mayor of Boston – Expensive, Disruptive, and Black.

  9. Many years ago NYC solved the problem by arresting drug dealers for loitering, confiscating their gun and drugs, then advising them of places they would not be harassed (underpasses with heavy brick bullet stopping walls and few pedestrians).
    Now drug buyers went there, and drive by had only one death not multiple innocent hits. That plus “clean team” using delinquents to clean graffiti who would then stab a graffiti artist for messing up what he cleaned. Worked great.

  10. dacian’s wife is going to have to be a little more careful with her yard sales.
    Yeah she has yard sales in New York, shes part of that iron pipeline he’s always talking about.

  11. “New York Mayor Eric Adams Wants to Make Bad Guys Too Uncomfortable to Carry Guns ”

    Simple. Catch them, charge them, indict them, toss them in jail and make them serve their full sentences. If the “bad guys” are in jail they (likely) won’t be carrying guns for a while, nor will they likely be committing crimes except against other bad guys behind bars.

    • What’s the full sentence Life?, because if it ain’t eventually you’ve got to let them out and most times they go right back to doing what they was doing.

  12. Most gang members don’t carry all the time. The either stash the drugs and guns nearby or grab them from under a car hood, etc before using them.

    The best way to actually stop or reduce crime is to track survielle career criminals after securing a warrant. This can be part of a NYC, State and Federal task force. You also arrest and charge those who materially benefit from their crimes like parents, baby mommas etc.

    Long sentences of 30 to 40 years will help, but it’s all the people in these war zones who tolerate the criminals in their minst.

  13. “It’s about a form of deterrence. So if the bad guys that are carrying guns believe that they could be stopped, they might stop carrying guns,”

    This whole idea stinks.

    2021 was a record year for NYPD gun seizures. 2,000’ish guns were seized from people arrested and by under cover operation. Each of those cases had legal justification attached to them in the form of probable cause and/or search warrants. That was just involving people who had actually committed crimes. 2,000’ish guns, yet criminals with guns increased the crime rate using guns … all that money and time and due process for an increased crime rate stopped nothing.

    Now they are going to put cops on the street in these special units, spend a bunch of money, not have any warrants or probable cause, to guess that its possible a criminal may be carrying a gun but not being able to check (unless reasonable suspicion, which most criminals don’t give outside of an actual in-progress crime), and expect that “maybe” “they might stop carrying guns”. Ahhh yes, the very low impact zen method of crime control.

    • Little too close to the truth for comfort there. At least with the governor change we got less competent so there was a noticable transition.

  14. “So if the bad guys that are carrying guns believe that they could be stopped…”

    What happens after these officers stop people walking on the street in these neighborhoods? Do they get searched? Do they get frisked? Maybe they can call the plan something catchy like Stop & Frisk?

  15. The problem in the 21st century version of corrupt political leadership is that they’re very stupid. Previous generations of corrupt politicians were actually pretty smart. They understood that they actually needed to keep their cities running smoothly. And of course they skimmed off the top and put it into their pockets. And the pockets of their friends.

    But today’s corrupt leadership is simply stupid. The achieve their positions just because of family relations, or they were part of the old boys club, or old girls club.

    So now you have the corrupt combined with the stupid running things in major cities.

  16. Why does everything have to be complicated?

    Let’s not worry about making making people feel uncomfortable about illegally carrying guns. Instead, invade the turf, arrest anyone with gang tats, put them behind bars long-term.

    Sorry. Forget all that. I was momentarily displaying my law-abiding privilege.

  17. I once almost puked listening to a social worker complain the police don’t show enough respect to gang members.

  18. Reboot of stop and frisk? Subjective use of reasonable suspicion or “He/she might have been doing something”.
    I have no problem with more officers on the street in neighborhoods where the majority of crimes occur. But allowing officers to just walk up and check someone out because they are walking down the street, or ducking around, with nothing solid to base such a stop is not a good idea. Where the problem lies, is in the courts and the prosecutors office. Letting people who comit violent crimes, or are involved with street gangs walk with little to no bail, or plea bargaining down charges to get an easy conviction or to get a guilty plea without going to trial.
    Of course it really screws with a cops day when they pull me over, and I tell them I have a permit and am armed. Then ask them just what their probable cause for stopping me might be. Go ahead, run my ID, run the serial numbers on the pistol. Run my permit. No warrants. No dope on me or in the vehicle. Just the wrong color driving through the wrong neighborhood, at the wrong time of night.
    Of course, I don’t run, don’t try to fight, don’t act the fool and speak without cussing anyone. If an officer asks to search my vehicle, I refuse, but tell them to feel free to bring out a dog. If asked why I won’t let them search, I tell the truth. The last time an officer searched my vehicle, a few things came up missing and he left my truck a mess. No reason to dump out my first aid bag or my tool box.

  19. My opinion; on a random stop the moment a driver shows a carry permit the chance he is a drug dealer etc drops to so low the logical thing (unless there’s a spoon and a needle on the passenger seat) is “sorry to trouble you have a good day”. These DWB stops are destructive. There’s plenty of actual suspicious persons to harass.
    Sorry you live this stuff.

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