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Cal Anderson Park in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
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Seattle businesses have a problem on their hands. Ongoing political violence from violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter types, coupled with increased criminal violence and vagrants doing drugs and taking dumps in commercial areas has crippled business in the city of Seattle.

The violence has blossomed in part thanks to fewer cops on the job after the local government implemented fashionable “defund the police” policies that were demanded by some residents and plenty of radicals. Go figure. And now, these same businesses are griping over the steep new costs for hiring private security to make their declining customer base feel safe.

What’s more, it looks like their problems will soon grow dramatically. The Seattle PD, already down significantly, looks to lose hundreds more cops. Up to 40% of the department face termination for failing to take the COVID jab.

KIRO covers the story of businesses that are demanding help paying for protection from vagrants, drug users, and violent criminals…protection that used to be provided by a police department . . .

Businesses in Seattle say the need to hire security officers to prevent crime has become so dire, they’re now asking the city for grants to help cover some of those costs. Some call it a band-aid solution, but other businesses say it would help while Seattle works on addressing the homelessness crisis.

Some businesses say they’re dealing with damaged property, or having to call in cleaning companies daily to clean off excrement. Others are hiring security to keep tourists and staff safe. For example, multiple Seattle underground say their guides have been assaulted, repeatedly.

Company “Beneath the Streets” said they’ve considered hiring security.

“We’ve looked into that and it’s very expensive. We’re lucky we’re still in business after the shutdown,” said Terrilyn Johnson, a co-owner of Beneath the Streets.
Hiring a security officer costs $50 – $120 an hour depending on what kind of security guard or off duty officer you’re hiring. Now some are hoping for better solutions.

The security guards in the video story from KIRO were working sans firearms. And we all know how much respect unarmed security gets from those who don’t respect society’s norms already.

seattle safe storage law
(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

But it gets better. A group of downtown Seattle establishments have spent really big bucks to pay a pair of off-duty Seattle PD cops to patrol their little slice of heaven purgatory. And they want taxpayers to help cover their security costs.

Also from KIRO . . .

One group of downtown businesses have been paying $35,000 a month to hire two off-duty police officers to patrol about six blocks near 6th Ave and Pine Street.

“These small businesses losing their windows and doors – we need this as a stop gap measure and help them,” said Lou Bond, who is the property manager at the Melbourne Tower, a Seattle office building.

So just to be clear, Seattle businesses want taxpayer dollars to pay off-duty cops to patrol streets near them left vulnerable to criminals due to the city’s decision to stop using taxpayer dollars to pay city cops to patrol those same streets. Do we have that right?

It’s not as if all of this wasn’t entirely predictable. Can you imagine what would happen to the quality of life in your city if you lost 40% of the police department to terminations for failing to take the WuFlu jab? Are you about to find out?

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  1. Antifa will finally realize its dream of complete anarchy in the streets. The question will be how much of downtown will they burn down before they’ve had enough.

    • Until they discover there’s no welfare and they will have to work for survival. The irony of anarchists on welfare being dependent on the state they wish to destroy.

    • Mark……..Read a book by Selco Begovic , ” Memories from the Balkan War”. In it he states that they had occasional riots, then one day the riots began and everyone said that in a few days they will be over just like the last time. The problem was that they did not stop and began to spread and wound up a civil war. This may be the strategy . The book is a good peek into what happens and what to be prepared for.

  2. $17.5K per month for a security job? Sign me up. I’ll provide my own body armor, weapons, and ammo.

    • And personal insurance? The city cops are hijacking the city insurance since it’s an off-duty but uniformed with full police power job.

  3. Get Woke, Go Broke…. here’s hoping that they slide into the Pacific Ocean along with coastal California.

  4. Seattle residents and businesses owners are realizing the “quality of life” that they voted for. “Elections have consequences”.

  5. Cry me a river…at one I mulled moving to the (formerly)great northwest. Whut ya call it now? Caliorewash?!?

    • Probably not. That’s what the legalization of drugs does—keeps them voting for more of the same (or not voting for any real change).

  6. I got a better idea for the businesses on the whole west coast.MOVE to a better state, preferably a RED state that will have your back & actually prosecute criminals.
    The only way to make the state look at your needs is to remove your company from the crap holes that the liberals have made for themselves.
    Then maybe they will actually help businesses instead of tax them to death & show NO concern for the problems that companies are having because of lawlessness.

    • NORDNEG,

      I don’t see that tactic working at all. My recent experience with my local school board made it absolutely obvious that “woke” Far Leftists categorically reject any message and anyone who does not align (with near perfection) with their Woke Far Left agenda/platform.

      I presented glaringly obvious simple facts. I even appealed to their sacred cow–female students becoming significantly more vulnerable to sexual harassment and sexual assault. None of it mattered one bit because I wasn’t part of their tribe and my simple facts and claims did not align with their woke Far Left agenda.

      I have come to the sad conclusion that talking to woke Far Leftists about anything that is not in perfect alignment with their agenda/platform is a complete waste of time.

      • U_C,

        Good for you for showing up!!! Good for you for fighting back!!!

        We only lose when we stop fighting.


      • “I even appealed to their sacred cow–female students becoming significantly more vulnerable to sexual harassment and sexual assault.”

        It is so mentally sick that they will even tolerate their own children being raped.

        Try and imagine this scene : “Daddy?” ” Yes, princess?” “I was attacked and raped on the way home from school.” (begins sobbing). “There, there, now. I know it must have been terrible, but think of that poor boy. Imagine how he must feel not being able to get a date. I know it’s difficult, but just lay there and let him have you.” (More sobbing).

        That’s what a Leftist Scum will do. They will sacrifice their own flesh and blood, in the interest of being a proper Leftist Scum…

      • Not just a waste of time. It’s heresy. Progressivism is a religion, with its dogma, demigods and saints. Logic does not enter there, and there is no cure. It is time that this country split apart and let each live as they want. If we don’t do that soon, it will be too late.

      • We cannot have a an agree to disagree relationship with the left. They cannot agree to disagree. They cannot leave others alone and just live as they want to themselves. They always have to force their beliefs on others.

        I have been saying for years that the only solution is to use violence until they realize they have to leave us alone or suffer violence. Of course, I am careful where and to whom I say this.

        The benefit to fewer cops is that there are ewer cops to investigate this application of violence to criminals. And of those cops that remain, most will likely be sympathetic.

    • Expanding upon my previous comment:

      I was at my local school board meeting yesterday. The school board was almost ready to approve their new “transgender students” policy. Note that they have supposedly been working on this policy for more than 12 months and formally presented it two weeks ago at the previous school board meeting.

      Right before the vote, one board member recommended that they change two words in the title of the policy because those two words (“gender non-conforming”) have a “negative connotation”. They spent the next 20 minutes discussing what alternate terms they might use such as “non-binary” and “gender expansive”.

      How can you possibly engage in a rational or productive conversation with such people?

  7. Many different voices provided ample information and strategies to ensure that the situation in Seattle would not degrade to its current level. However, those voices and strategies came from outside the Far Left and did/do not align with the Far Left platform. Thus the Far Left refused to listen much less implement any of those strategies.

    And therein lies the problem: “woke” Far Leftists refuse to listen to people and messages which do not align with their tribe/platform.

    The inevitable result: chaos and destruction.

    As they say, “Reality is a harsh mistress.”

    • This will continue to be a risk until our side becomes more politically powerful in urban environments. Otherwise they will continue their efforts to turn AZ, TX, etc blue by flooding the metro areas with leftists.

  8. Wanting protection from all that culture and diversity sounds pretty racist to me. To be sufficiently woke any remaining homes and businesses in the area should open their doors wide and step back and let the culture and diversity wash over them and their property.

    • We should hit them with their own Leftism. Tell them they must remove the locks on the front and rear doors to their homes, in the interest of ‘Social Justice’. Publicly shame them for being so exclusionary…

  9. I can’t imagine the situation is much different in Tacoma at the south end of Puget Sound. I just don’t expect it will be allowed to happen a bit further west in the state capitol, Olympia. Oh no! That’s where politicians and their enablers hang out. Can’t have any of these bums and addicts crapping on their sidewalks.

    • “I just don’t expect it will be allowed to happen a bit further west in the state capitol, Olympia. Oh no! That’s where politicians and their enablers hang out.”

      It happens today on downtown San Fransisco sidewalks. How much more public is that?

      They tolerate it. They feel good tolerating it. Sidewalks literally slick with diseased human shit doesn’t bother them, or if it does, they don’t dare say a word, to let their friends think they are intolerant. That’s how far off the rails it’s become…

  10. 5 Walgreens stores closed in San Fran because of the “you can steal up to 1,000 dollars and no prosecution”

    Commifornia just banned small gas engines like leaf blowers and lawn mowers today. How many lawn care businesses 20 thou + may go under.

    Ya get what’s ya vote for.

    • They can hire more mezkins and give them sharper scissors.
      With all the immigrants California is planning way ahead.
      More people working =more taxes.
      (well maybe, Jose’ paid me in cash)

        • One of your kin was on top o my fence, tried pushing him off with a stick he was holding on, dogs going nuts. I then put the stick to his tail he wrapped it around and I lifted him, he then proceeded to climb down at my hand. Reminded me of the movie “The Blob”

    • Leaf blowers and lawn mowers are small potatoes. The real kicker is that they’ve banned small gas engines for generators.

      • How else are you supposed to fully enjoy the rolling brownouts? Generators are cheating…you’re supposed to embrace the terraforming that the Lizard People have set up out in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

        And lest Minor chime in with “Conspiracy!” I’m referring to people like Nasty Pelosi or Maddening Maxine. Because they’re look scaled and lizard-like to me.

  11. When the hate filled members of the fascist antifa/ss rampage and burn and loot there is only one way to deal with them. Apparently the lesson of ww2 and how to deal with black clad storm troopers has been lost on the citizens of Seattle.

    • I think let them stew in their own juice.

      Let them create their zones, but being “autonomous” means no utilities, no garbage collection, no postal service, no internet (oh the humanity!), no welfare, no law enforcement, and no law.

      Sit back with some beers and popcorn.

  12. This is a trap. It is going to go down one of two ways:
    1) The local police department becomes ineffective and desperate businesses and home owners for call for nationalization or federalization of police prescience. You could have Capitol Police or the FBI policing. Not good when normal folk are considered domestic terrorists
    2) Antifa’s image is rehabilitated and they are asked to the de facto police force just like other communist nations or brown shirts.

    • Which the NWO wants. They also want complete gun control. This is the corporations and CCP that control this.
      Remember that Nixon opened China, so the old school Republicans are in on this also.
      Never give up your firearms.

  13. Is almost as if the solution is staring them right in the face…almost…
    The sad part is these people are moving here to Texas to continue to vote like morons and ruin our state.

  14. “So just to be clear, Seattle businesses want taxpayer dollars to pay off-duty cops to patrol streets near them left vulnerable to criminals due to the city’s decision to stop using taxpayer dollars to pay city cops to patrol those same streets. Do we have that right?”

    no. this is about transferring taxpayer funding from protecting the citizens at large to protecting the elite only.

    • Privatized law enforcement may be the model in the future. State sanctioned protection racket.

      • If the communists want to privatize law enforcement, then we should privatize EVERYTHING else the government does outside of the bounds of the constitution.

        Schools, roads, bridges, social services, sewer, water, electricity, natural gas, parks and recreation – the lot. Privatize all of it and make the people that use those things pay for them.

        Cut the federal government to the federal military and the courts. Have states privatize and administer the rest.

        This might be the only way to fix the corruption that is rampant in our country.

  15. Honestly, I have no sympathy for the businesses suffering losses in Seattle. This is the very thing they supported with their votes and tacit approval when they didn’t demand either the city government, county government or state put a stop to the destruction more than a year ago. How many of these business owners even bothered to check out the agenda of the mayor or city council members. Or made a simple phone call to their state representatives? How many of these same business people donated to the election funds of the politicians who allow the destruction to continue?
    Simply put, this is what you allowed to happen because you didn’t oppose it early on when the politicians may still have listened to some reasoning. Now, they have the control over the businesses because any dissent is met with arson, looting, and the cancel culture attacks on both the business places and on the persons who might object.
    So, you allowed this mess to develop, you supported the woke culture shift and paid the way for the politicians who profited from the whole mess. Your support or silence caused this mess, now you can live with it. Enjoy your bad case of Orange Man Bad, Woke politics and leftist, limousine liberalism.

    • I own a small business in Seattle. Many of us do not live in Seattle and cannot vote in city elections. Election funding is mostly “democracy vouchers” and donations from large businesses and developers. Small and medium business owners have no say in anything.

      The entire city and county government is run by leftist idiots who are in turn elected by leftist idiots. Non leftists live in Seattle and King county but don’t bother to vote. My wife and I vote for the few reasonable candidates, but not enough of us like minded people bother to vote.

  16. I live about 150 miles from Seattle, however work takes me to Seattle about twice a week. I am always armed. Seattle, a once charming city has been turned into a total hell hole. Glad i only have to stop for 15 minutes loading or unloading specialized freight in secure areas. Garbage everywhere, grafitti everwhere, rude people. I don’t even attempt to get a meal when there, I drive at least 50 miles out of the city before stopping for anything. But hey, the libtards voted for it, I hope they get what they want, good and hard. Make them live with it. F’em.

  17. WAIT! Joe Biden won right? Why do the democrats still need Antifa and BLM? Shouldn’t they
    go away until another Republican threatens? Can someone explain?

    • Use the word “won” loosely.

      This whole leftist debacle kinda brings to mind a bank robber, stuffing cash into his bag fast as he can, because he can hear alarms in the distance and wants to get as much as possible right up to the last second before getting out of Dodge.

      It’s almost as if they know their time is short, at least this time around.

  18. And folks, this is exactly why we have the RKBA. Leftists have achieved half their goal — chaos in the streets. The history of the 20th century shows the next step after chaos is order — imposed by helpful militias. The Brownshirts, Blackshirts, and Bolshevik MRC all filled this role, paving the way for their parties’ ascent. With police departments defunded and depopulated, an enterprising Antifa could rebrand and offer private security. Keep watch…

  19. This was entirely predictable, as will be the result. Businesses will keep up their woke narratives but will put more and more pressure on political leaders to do something. Since money talks, they will. Those districts will be policed. Order, of a sort, will be restored. Vagrants and ‘activists’ will be chased off and police will get fired\sued for doing it while politicians and prosecutors have no liability.

    The manpower to do that will be taken from the poorest neighborhoods which will go without policing.

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