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Dude, that’s one DOPE tattoo. But seriously, how seriously could he be taking this hobby if he only needs DOPE to 1,000 yards?


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  1. Know your limitations. Besides—there could be more on the other arm. Another caliber or BDC tables, perhaps? Maybe he’s ambidextrous?

  2. Beyond 1000 yds is when you call in the air strikes. Paint the target and watch the fireworks.

  3. 5 dead near Oslo, Norway, by a madman with a…

    …wait for it… …a little longer…

    Bow and arrows.

    Ban assault bows *NOW*!!!

  4. Now they’re going to have to scrape all that off when they apply the “Mark”
    Besides, the guys shootzing .9mm Creedmoor, no need for elevation or wind adjustments until you get around 6000 yards.

    • ignoring drops close, becomes important as range grows….round slows, gravity accelerations increases as 32ft/sec/sec…

      But, there is nothing addressing atmospheric conditions, direction of fire (Coriolis Effect and bullet spin), bullet jump, wind direction/holds..

      He’s a poser, not a shooter. Wind separates the shooters from the trigger pullers.

      • Yeah, doing it that way allows you to Sharpie in the DOPE for whatever you’re shooting at the time. Otherwise it would be specific to one ammo load and one gun (or a couple extremely similar guns).

    • Photoshop?
      I’d say that or something like it. The image is too sharp with all that little print for a tattoo (or so I think). Of course, never having been tattooed myself, maybe that’s just guesswork on my part.

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