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A retired Deputy Police Chief of Detectives in Chicago should be glad that gun carry law reform has been passed. He was shot recently and had to return fire. He wounded his 21-year-old assailant, who was later arrested.

From the

Officers walked in and out of the park’s stadium south of 82nd, where a retired deputy police chief had exchanged gunfire with a robber during an exercise session for senior citizens about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The retired officer, Fred Coffey, 72, was hit in the arm. The robber, 21, suffered a more serious wound in the lower body, according to police. Both were stabilized at hospitals, but police were releasing few other details.

McCarty said a person who appeared shot hobbled out to a waiting car and jumped in. He was later arrested and taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. The retired officer went to the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Before the national Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) was passed, retired officers in Chicago didn’t have an option to carry legally, as there were no carry permits issued in Illinois. In Chicago, you couldn’t obtain a permit to own a handgun.  LEOSA restores carry rights to retired officers across the United States and its possessions.

It may very well be that a retired officer would never have been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Chicago. Now that carry reform has passed, though, a retired CPD officer has the option of obtaining an Illinois shall issue concealed carry permit like any other citizen. They also have the option of obtaining a permit to carry under LEOSA.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press attempted to turn the shooting into — surprise! — an argument for more infringements on the Second Amendment:

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in a statement that gun offenders “do not discriminate.” He added gun offenders’ reckless conduct and lack of respect puts families, public servants and anything that stands in their way at risk.

The retired Deputy Chief of Detectives was shot in the shoulder, took cover behind a pillar, and returned fire, hitting his assailant in the inner thigh. He had never been shot or shot anyone while on the force. From

Former Deputy Chief Coffey, who served 40 years on the force, has never had to shoot anyone and was never shot himself, according to his son.

Second City Cop — an interesting source for Chicago PD gossip and goings on — had this to say about the incident:

Superintendent “Special Ed” Johnson announced that he has stripped former Deputy Chief Fred Coffey of his star and retirement powers pending the outcome of an investigation into yesterday’s shooting.

“Retirement powers”? Is that something like “spider powers.” Given the Windy City PD’s checkered past and hard line union rules, it’s hard to tell if SCC is being satirical.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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  1. …now if the average citizen could obtain a LEOSA “permit”, which does not have the restrictions that the “civilian” carry permit has, we would see true “equal justice under law”. I guess that with civilian carry permits, “half a loaf is better than none”, but the laws should be the same for everyone–no special privileges for police…

    • I agree either everybody gets equal protection under the law or nobody gets protection under the law. None of this ONLY SOME PEOPLE GET THIS BUT NOT EVERYBODY. That is such plain bullshit that it really doesn’t even need to be said.

    • To any government civilian carry permits (permission slips) are precisely “half a loaf better than none” since they are a legal concession that they are entitled to any of the loaf at all. Being the government, if you concede that point then you concede that if the government has the power to take half the loaf then they have the authority to take the whole loaf as well, since they have the guns, and the legal authority to use them against you after all.

      “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

      “The power to grant or withhold permission to exercise a Constitutionally protected right is the power to deny that right entirely.”

    • In Illinois there are dozens if not hundreds of gun-free zones for licensed citizens, while retired police from Illinois or any other of the 49 states who pass through Illinois are barred from a small number of government buildings, such as courthouses, airports, etc. The “best” part is that ALL violations of the IL ( for regular citizens) carry act are criminal, with a minimum charge of 6 MONTHS in jail for first offense and ONE YEAR in jail for second offense.

      That’s how NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde wrote the bill for sponsor state Rep. Brandon Phelps. Police and retired police have no Duty to Inform under LEOSA. An off-duty or retired Illinois cop driving to Wisconsin to go boating has no legal obligation whatsoever to inform a Wisconsin state trooper that he is a cop, much less that he is armed.

      For armed citizens with an Illinois license, or licensed citizens from other states, you must inform if asked or face the criminal penalties above. Of course the cop has the option to say you “made suspicious movements” (a cop favorite) kill you, then claim he was attempting to put you under arrest for failing to inform. It’s your word against his. Nothing says the cop has to be in uniform or on duty either. What would we do without NRA lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde “fighting” for our rights? Or does he work for the police unions who opposed concealed carry in Illinois for FORTY YEARS? That’s “your” NRA!

      • There is no minimum sentence for violating the FCCA.

        If you’re going to troll solely for the purpose of spewing hate towards Todd Vandermyde and Rep. Phelps, you could at least get your facts straight.

  2. Well, law-abiding people can be disarmed via a law. The other folks, not so much. So, we might get a net gain (meaning reduction) in “gun violence” by disarming peaceful, responsible people, if we could first disarm the folks who aren’t (peaceful, responsible, law-abiding.)

    Otherwise, we’re just creating a free-fire zone for the violent.

    In the article referenced, I didn’t see how it helps keeping certain citizens disarmed, you know, the ones who don’t happen to be retired law-enforcement.

    If I get this right, retired law-enforcement shouldn’t really have the ability to protect themselves, but that’s kinda, sorta OK-ish, while regular citizens should shut up and just be quiet while they’re killed?

  3. “a retired CPD officer has the option of obtaining an Illinois shall issue concealed carry permit like any other citizen.”

    Yeah, but why would he?
    Illinois CCL allows you to carry in a few places that aren’t “prohibited areas.” LEOSA lets them carry everywhere.

    • Under LEOSA, retirees may not simply carry everywhere. States can restrict access to government buildings for LEOSA carriers if they so choose, and private property owners can do likewise.

      Also, LEOSA is an annual certificate costing (IIRC) $50 per year. My MA LTC cost me $100 for six years. Six years of LEOSA would cost $300. LEOSA-eligible retirees also must qualify every year based on state requirements.

      LEOSA isn’t a free pass. I know many retired officers who just say no to LEOSA and simply get their state permit.

      • IL retired CC has been around long before LEOSA; That just let them and active duty officers carry nationwide. Yes, govt buildings may restrict them,along with current active officers, but in IL, private property owners displaying the stupid “no beretta” may not.

        IL LEOSA is 75/year, 450/6yrs.

      • Don’t expect NRA to do anything about LEOSA. NRA advances the legal structure for a criminal police state in America. When the NRA’s pet hick Rep. Brandon Phelps first “NRA backed” concealed carry bill failed in May 2011, NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde already cut a deal with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police to put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Phelps bill. He just repeated it in 2013.

        Back in 2010/ 2011 when Vandermyde handed the police unions DTI on a platter, Tim McCarthy of Orland Park was president of the IL Chiefs. That’s the same Tim McCarthy who was a Secret Service agent when President Reagan was shot, and the same Tim McCarthy who promotes gun control with Jim & Sarah Brady.

        NRA, Inc., the Bradys, and the anti-gun police unions are all on the same side. When armed citizens in Illinois are shot down like Philando Castile in Minnesota because Vandermyde put DTI in the NRA bill, he has a job “fixing” the shit bill he put up in the first place. The lawyers and courts all make money. Lobbyists try to create job security. Your life is the price.

  4. Clearly you do not understand Chicago po-leece policy. Before CC cops( retired & off-duty) shot perps with nary a peep. ‘Cause they were “more equal”. Check out the Chicago city council/alderman ” we get guns” carve out. Special folk…

  5. “Superintendent “Special Ed” Johnson announced that he has stripped former Deputy Chief Fred Coffey of his star and retirement powers pending the outcome of an investigation into yesterday’s shooting.”

    That’s a joke. No, I mean literally, they’re making a joke.


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