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After the Pulse nightclub slaughter, failed Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio promised the parents of a Pulse victim that he would find out why the police department waited so long to confront the shooter, resulting in the needless deaths of so many people.

Wait. Sorry. That’s not it. He promised to “improve our laws so it is more difficult for evil people to get ahold of guns.”

As reports . . .

The [Terror Intelligence Improvement Act] would require that the FBI Director and the Joint Terrorism Task Forces be “immediately” notified of any attempt to buy a gun by someone who has recently  been the subject of a terrorism investigation.

The U.S. Attorney General would then be allowed to “delay” a purchase for up to 3 business days and file an emergency petition to prevent it. If the court finds probable cause that the buyer is connected to terrorism, that person can be arrested and detained.

“This bill would achieve everyone’s goal of making it harder for suspected terrorists to buy guns, and do so without violating the due process and Second Amendment rights of innocent, law-abiding Americans,” Rubio said.

Well that’s just dumb. If the gun buyer in question is not a prohibited person, then the FBI would have to charge them with something else to stop the sale. Something like, I dunno, planning a terrorist attack. Rubio’s not thinking that buying a gun while being on the Terrorist Watch List is criminal, is he?

Given that the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List is a secret, unaccountable (and therefore unconstitutional) database; given that the FBI’s recent “handling” of Hillary Clinton’s distribution of classified material (amongst other things) has revealed the Agency’s political contamination, this is a completely unacceptable “answer” to the Pulse attack, as his opponent points out, in his own special way.

“Rubio’s sham legislation is backwards,” Karp said. “The burden is on the Attorney General to prove in court that each individual flagged is intending to commit a crime.”

Karp said that someone who met that standard  would likely have been  already arrested or detained.

“Oh, and they only have three days to meet this standard of proof or else the weapon purchase goes forward,” he continued. “Rubio would give a suspected terrorist a weapon in 72 hours if the Justice Department couldn’t get a court to intervene.”

Yes. Yes he would. As would I and anyone who understands the sanctity of our individual, natural, civil, and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Not to mention the fact that a right delayed is a right denied.

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    • Will Florida please put this guy out of our misery. Rubio is nothing but a self-imposed pawn who placates to the masses with little more thought than trying to read popular support for dumb ideas.

      Rubio never made it to has-been status. He is a clear case of never was. I hope he fades away before his pawnmanship gets us all killed.

      In the future, Little Marco if you are reading this, please take a stand for what’s right and stick with it. Otherwise you appear shallow and self-serving.

      Over and out.

    • Rubio is the kind of brain-dead “conservative” (AKA Progressive) politician who thinks that “governing” is the same thing as representing the interests of the people who voted for you. The guy’s just hopeless.

  1. Who gets to define what “terrorism” is?

    If you talk to a muslim guy, is that “connections to terrorism?”

    His solution is very vague, generalized, and non-specific. Everything you don’t want in a piece of legislation that can take people’s rights.

    • Quite right, reminds me of many “reasonable, common-sense” laws that pass muster, instead of being argued because they are asinine.

  2. Oh, okay. So after being investigated for terror connections and finding none buying a gun gets you re-investigated for terror connections at which point the feds do what, find what they missed from the last investigation?

    These people won’t be happy until they have unanswered authority to block anyone from doing anything for any reason at any moment.

    • “until they have unanswered authority to block anyone from doing anything for any reason at any moment.”

      You’ve put your finger right on it. Its as a wise man once said:
      “There are really only two kinds of people in the world(and it does NOT involve a D or an R after their names…). Those who want control over others, and those who do not.”
      Unfortunately, almost all of those in positions of power today(Ds and Rs BOTH!) are of the former belief system.
      The desire to control others is usually a symptom of their complete inability to control their own selves, thus the attempt to compensate by destroying the lives of others, as they have destroyed their own.
      Just look at all the perverted ones in power, from Clinton’s trips on Eipstein’s sex-slave airline, to the famous online pictures of Weiner’s weiner, and all the others in between.
      The depravity should be obvious, at least for anyone willing to look…

    • Did they forget to mention their newest terrorist watch list member? Shire-man! (PS, they aren’t satisfied even now they’ve achieved “unanswerable authority,” as long as they don’t publicize it too much)

  3. So…how many who thought Rubio would have been a better candidate for president than Trump want some humble pie? Anyone? Rubio is a RINO.

      • “I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.”

        Tweeted by Donald J. “the J stands for “”jenius'” Trump

        The only reason Trump hasn’t put his signature on unconstitutional bullshit like this….is because he doesn’t have a pen yet! Pure fools, you Trumpkins, and you smugly, ignorantly delight in that status. Good grief.


        • Right now, what other choice is there that has a chance to win is there except Donald Trump?
          The options of voting for some third orv minority party candidate is just a vote for hillary.

          Trump was not my first choice. My first choice did win Kansas in the Primary, but are down to either Trump or hillary. There is no doubt about what hillary will do. She has the clout within her party to get Congress to rubber stamp her wishes.

          Trump will have to do what the people want and get the Congress to go along. Trump can be managed.

        • People (and politicians; separate classes) whose oh so high-minded principles will not let them vote against Clinton can congratulate themselves, and wave those high-minded banners at the complete corruption of the nation if Hillary wins. “Never Trump” people will not even be invited to the back dock at the best clubs run by and for Hillary and her mafia. Just remember, the Confederacy died of a principle they were utterly convinced would secure them victory (one Confederate equaled ten Yankees, donchaknow?). The myth that your party’s presidential candidate can be ignored in favor of majority down-ballot wins is pure myth (and other pejoratives regarding mental health).

      • Give him time, all of them are in the same club. I think that all these laws theyre putting in the media distract us to the deadly laws theyre really passing under the cover of these laws. What Im really saying is that it wont be our politicians,laws,federal gov,or soldiers that take our guns(which at the moment I do not own but believe in the 2nd ammendment) it will be UN troops.Our soldiers have already been questioned in surveys if the would cofiscate their fellow Americans guns or fire upon Americans and 90% answered no (God bless them) and the unenlightened elite know this.Stay strong and pray,pray pray,because its coming.God bless.

    • Judging by his sad performance in the primaries, there aren’t a whole lot of people who thought Rubio would be a better candidate for president…

  4. “Rubio’s not thinking that buying a gun while being on the Terrorist Watch List is criminal, is he?”

    Who knows what might be going on in the pill-crazed, so-called ‘minds’, of anybody who exists inside of the beltway(the interstate loop around DC)?

  5. Can’t NICS already put you on a three day hold for no reason at all? I’m sorry, that’s not really true. They don’t put you on hold for no reason. They put you on hold just to jack you around. Before I got my Texas handgun license, I was always put on hold. Sometimes it was minutes, other times hours, and once for the full three days.

  6. Cops like to make big arrests, not little ones. They often let a suspect, even one under active surveillance, commit a more serious crime so that their efforts will be worth more. No sympathy for the crime victim, of course.

    • My thought was “I’m Marco Rubio, and since I couldn’t get enough republicans to vote me in, maybe I’ll see if the left likes me enough.”

  7. Makes me feel better about Trump being nominated.

    Creampuffs like Rubio feel like they need to compromise to give the democrats something. In the process they still chip qway at our rights, just not as quickly.

    • Why? Trump supports the same thing:

      “I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.”

      Tweeted by Donald Trump

      • “I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.”

        Inconceivable. You keep repeating this quote. I don’t think this quote means what you think it means.

        I am not a Trump supporter, though I will probably vote for him as Nevada now appears to be a swing state and he has a possibility of winning here. Nevertheless, the quote states that he was going to meet with the NRA to discuss the subject, not that either he or the NRA was in favor of not allowing people on those lists to buy guns.

        And once again, the whole concept of the government being in the position to create and enforce lists of people who may not exercise Constitutionally protected rights, much less secret lists anyone can put you on and you have no legal process to get removed from, is the very definition of “INFRINGEMENT”.

        The entire question is not should people on the terrorist or no fly list be prevented from buying guns, but why do people accept that the government has the authority to prevent ANYONE from buying a gun? How will you fight a tyrannical government if that government is in the position of deciding not only what kind of weapons you may possess, but whether or not you can possess them at all?

  8. “notified of any attempt to buy a gun by someone who has recently been the subject of a terrorism investigation” If this goes through, every American will be immediately “investigated” and always be under investigation.

  9. Isn’t it nice how he only introduces this after his primary?

    If you wish you express your displeasure Rubio, and most of congress, has a fairly predictable email pattern. It’s generally [email protected] . You can look up Rubio’s staff at any number of websites as it is public knowledge ( His chief of staff is Alberto Martinez )

  10. Scenario: a person on the Watch List does not know that he’s on the watch list and is not supposed to know.

    So, said person tries to buy a gun from an FFL and is held up because he’s on the Watch List. What about secrecy? To rephrase an old Doris Day song, “Your secret list’s no secret anymore.”

    That’s why this proposal is a non-starter for the G and Rubio knows it.

    • Election in two months, Polls scary. Every politician asks (his campaign manager), “What can I say that will get me more of the low-information votes than I will lose when intelligent people hear me say it?”

      • “What can I say that will get me more of the low-information votes than I will lose when intelligent people hear me say it?”

        How did you get this secret, insider information?

  11. “Terror Intelligence Improvement Act”, eh? I think what this country needs far more desperately is a “Congressional Intelligence Improvement Act”, that requires any candidate for a Senate or House seat to demonstrate an ability to read and comprehend simple sentences, such as those found in the Bill of Rights.

  12. I’ll give him some credit and assume this is similar to Cruz’s poison pill amendment to immigration reform. Put something forward that the left won’t support, so the whole thing dies and they still can’t say you were refusing to do anything.

    Rubio wasn’t my choice in the primaries, and likely never will be unless he demonstrates a clear change of heart on immigration. I still think he’s better than Trump on pretty much everything else- and I have no idea what Trump really thinks about immigration, when he’s not performing on stage.

  13. Looking at this from a different perspective than most people here:

    If you “delay” someone for a few days and then bar them from the purchase, wouldn’t they know that they are under investigation? Yes, they would. That would lead to two possible outcomes:

    #1 the suspected terrorist stops doing what he was planning (unlikely), or
    #2 the suspected terrorist continues what he was planning in a more covert fashion (likely).

    We we really have is a modern Coventry situation. You say to terrorist that you know how they communicate or you hide that fact and let people suffer as a consequence.

    (Of course, this all hinges on the fact that the person is a suspected terrorist and not a misplaced name on the watchlist, as has happened before.)

  14. The whole problem is that the terrorist watch list is secret
    Even the criteria to get placed on it is secret
    I would avoid doing whatever puts you in that list
    But there is no way to do that since even the criteria are secret
    And how do you challenge being placed on that list and taken off of it?
    There is no mechanism
    No due process, no confronting your accuser , no seeing the evidence, no judicial review, no presumption of innocence, no lawyer.
    It is unconstitutional on so many different levels
    How is this possible in America?

    • Yeah I voted Cruz too. To ME he was(and is) the best candidate. I thought of little Marco as “Cruz lite”. Oh well-Pence for President!

  15. “This bill would achieve everyone’s goal of making it harder for suspected terrorists to buy guns, and do so without violating the due process and Second Amendment rights of innocent, law-abiding Americans,” Rubio said.”

    Um, my goal is allowing innocent, law-abiding Americans to go about whatever business they choose, without interference.

    To be clear, I care about “suspected terrorists” *getting guns* only as far as they turn out to be *actual* terrorists (also thugs, predators or crazies) who *actually* use those guns to *actually* harm innocent, law-abiding Americans. Don’t use their guns for malice, and I get less interested, very quickly. (Is a “terrorist” who never harms, threatens nor supports harm or threat to anyone actually a “terrorist?”)

    I said “getting guns” not “buy” because I don’t care how an actual purveyor of violence gets hold of a malice amplifier. I care that they’re running around, doing malice. Let’s have less of that. And I suppose less of that using amplifiers helps some, as they can do less damage. And I suppose less of that using guns in particular helps some, as a gun is an amplifier. Few of us can throw anything hard enough to kill a human at 100 yards, let alone hit someone at that distance. In all events, less malice amplifiers, including guns is a detail.

    Here’s a simple fix to the law… How about we inform the watch list purveyors when someone on their watch list tries to buy a gun. Then they can follow up, to see what those particular BGs are up to. The point of a “watch list” is to “watch” them as are on it, no? And we have all this counter-bad-guy art that says you watch the BGs to see who they work with, so you can roll up other BGs you don’t know about. Or, at least watch them, too.

    Here’s my thing. If someone ought to be on a terrorist watch list, I’d prefer that the watchers, you know, watch them. BUT, if our watcher cohort is to busy digging through mass electronic communication sweeps of people who aren’t on their watch list, well, once one of their watchees buys a gun, maybe they can start with the watching. Just sayin.

    And, while I’m at it, since our watchers and their various colleagues have infinitely many collaboration, coordination, and joint operation programs, it’s plenty easy to get some of their peeps in place right away. Dispatch to the nearest local law enforcement a surveillance request, until the feebs show up to take over. (I’ve heard that there are these electronic communication thingies that let people talk in real time over great distances. Maybe they could use those.)

    The people who actually want to kill us, the point is to identify them, and stop them from doing that, right?

    I will dub this revision the “Let’s Have Some Intelligence about Wrangling Terrorists, Act.”

    Think it’ll pass?

  16. We are apparently in the process of substituting Napoleonic law, i.e. guilty until proven innocent, with Constitutional law of innocent until proven guilty. This should not be acceptable to any fair minded American.

  17. Why are we even having this discussion ,these laws are unconstitutional,and thus are not even legal laws.Does anyone even remember what our forefathers said about no infringement. Any law that does not stay in line with the beutiful Constitution, is infringement ,and thus should be struck down. And if a representative doesn’t rally support from others to throw the law out, then they need to be immediately and lawfully removed for treason. The motto We the People means what it says.There is power in that motto,We the People have more power than we think .We gave them their power, and you cant give away what you dont have.There are alot more of us then them.Like Ben Franklin once said ‘There needs to be a revolution every 40 years’. This country 100 years ago would have gotten rid of all these criminals in a flash,which makes me wonder why theyre still there. If there are any terrorists that exist, its the three branches in Washington DC commonly known as the judicial,legislative and executive, and nevermind the UnSupreme Court. I cannot believe these career criminals are still in our midst,America is very,very sick and the above mentioned, are the virus, which makes us you know what. I mean does the Constitution even exist anymore.Why do these criminals even swear on a Bible to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic ,seems theyre the enemies. These people worship Satan ,its that simple ,its no secret just do a little investigating and see for yourselves ,oh yeah even the people in the NRA,theyre on the same team.They get millions from donors and members and they never seeem to have an effect,theyre a scam,a distraction.The American people were sold out 40 years ago.The American dream my ass,its a dream no doubt, because you have to be asleep to believe it. Please pray because its all we have left,and each other.After this comment I’ll probrably go on their bogus, unlawful list,but the truth needs to be said.God bless.

    • An “illegal” law will get you arrested, fined, jailed, executed just the same as any “legal” law. Courts, or gunfire, determine what is “legal’, and what is not.

      No man is an island.

      • An illegal law is exactly what it mens,illegal. People can intellectualize it all they want. An illegal law shouyld never be recognized by the public. Our country has gone too shit because of the public being complacent and recognizing illegal laws. By casting votes that dont mean anything. Like I always say politicians are not elected, they are selected. We as American citizens(and Ill say it anyways public forum thats being monitered and spyed on or not) need to dismantle a totalitarian gov that passes illegal laws. What happened to America, where have our backbone and balls gone. Ill tell you where they went, they went out the door when mass media started shoving their lies in the form of mind control and propoganda. Thinking the government is their friend.Movie propoganda, Educational propoganda and too much to list. And if no one believes its going on just research MK Ultra and be prepared to be shocked. There is no hope for Americans, makes me sad.But I just keep praying that it will one day get better,and yes I do pray for these criminals because they are my brothers and sisters. Theyre just decieved by the father of lies. Please ask God to forgive America, its so important. Love you all, and peace.

  18. Sam I know what you me but ultimately We the People determine what is legal and not legal. We are the courts and gunfire.But i see what you mean,dont get me wrong either , no matter how bad and messed up it is,I still love this country.Its still America the beutiful.


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