Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky). AP image.
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Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky). AP image.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) continues to boldly advocate for the proven benefits of firearm ownership and concealed carry. In the days after last week’s lockdown, he tweeted that “The next member who argues Congressmen shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms at work needs to be laughed out of the Capitol.”

And then there was the next sentence in his tweet . . .

“Several of us were glad to be armed while barricaded for hours in our offices with our staff.”

If the name Thomas Massie sounds familiar (perhaps the most solidly pro-gun member of Congress), yet you’re not from the Bluegrass State, it’s likely because Massie serves as the co-chair of the new House Second Amendment Caucus with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. She certainly has made headline after headline in her proud quest to bring her GLOCK to work.

From the Washington Times:

Mr. Massie’s tweet came after a mob of President Trump supporters who falsely believe he won the election stormed the Capitol building and temporarily halted a joint session of Congress to certify the Electoral College votes Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Massie said during an interview Thursday on “The Tom Roten Morning Show” that he and his staff hunkered down in his office while the chaos unfolded, which eventually led to the police-shooting death of a woman, the death of a Capitol Police officer, and the deaths of three Trump supporters who reportedly suffered medical emergencies.

“We barricaded the doors,” Mr. Massie said. “I was armed, so. Another congressman joined me and his staff, and that was where we spent several hours until they cleared the situation. It was tense.”

Now if he could only work to pass legislation to allow mere mortals the same privileges that Congress gives to its members.

Yeah, I know. But it doesn’t hurt to dream.


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    • To markpa et al…Until Gun Control is seen for what it is through the eyes of those who had no firearms to defend themselves throughout American history and nazi genocide then Gun Control continues to be seen as, “Just something sugar and spice Moms want.”
      And who can say no to, “Moms?” That would be the politically inept history illiterates who do not see the boatloads of slaves, terror, murders, lynching, trainloads on their way to concentration camps, ghoulish human experiments, beatings, homes burnt, families ripped apart, etc. So again…Until Gun Control is seen for what it is…The “Moms” carry the ball.

      Furthermore…Most all of this rot going on today in America comes from those who have one thing in common…They hate you owning firearms because firearms stand in their way like Black Americans owning firearms stood in the way of the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party better known as the KKK.

      So what can you do and forums like this do? Cease with the omni-directional, lost in space dead end rhetoric and demand that the democRat Party be held monetarily liable for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other democRat Party race based atrocities.

      How can there ever be any so called “justice” in removing inanimate statues and changing names on government buildings when the very political party behind all of it was and is the democRat Party? Hold today’s democRat Party liable like RJ Reynolds and many other businesses were held liable for their past because their past resulted in human suffering as did past human suffering at the hands of the democRat Party. Why should the democRat Party get a pass and others be held accountable for much, much less suffering and damage in comparison?

      Until the democRat Party is reduced to what remains of the nazi party the screams left by those who endured democRat Party race based atrocities in America will continue as long as there is silence from the living.

      So every time they lay sugar and spice Gun Control at your feet you lay the mountains of Gun Control Based Atrocities at their feet and ask the so-called “Moms” and their ilk to justify, “Gun Control.”

      • I think I’m going to pass on that Warthog and get a Mossberg. It cost more butI think in the end it’s a better deal. I’ve got an Ithaca37, an old one without the trigger disconector, it’s has a 26′ barrel though, a little long for home defense and I’m not cutting the barrel back. I’ve also got a Rem model10 and it’s got a 18′ barrel but it’s a closet Queen. Ive got a bunch of gunms but so far my favorite is a H&R .410 Pardner, I cut the barrel back( use a good pipe cutter, much better then a hack saw) and it shoots .44 mag, n .45LC , its a breeze to clean. Also have a Winchester 21 in 410 but it’s not near as beefy as the H&R, I wouldn’t cram cartridges in it that ain’t sposed to be in it. Mossberg looks good for the price, to me. I’ve had good luck with them in the past.

        • Possum has some really long guns according to his comment not to mention the height of his closet, “Ithaca37, an old one without the trigger disconector, it’s has a 26′ barrel though, a little long for home defense and I’m not cutting the barrel back. I’ve also got a Rem model10 and it’s got a 18′ barrel but it’s a closet Queen.”
          26′ and 18′ redefines long gun….

    • No we know why all the week willed Republican’ts have been holding out on us. Some animals are more equal than others.

  1. Look for the DC Police Chief to arrest both of them for “disturbing the peace”, if they are caught outside with their guns on them. One of the only things the Constitution allows a sitting member of Congress to be detained for. Once they are arrested and charged with felony possession, they will be tried, convicted in the kangaroo courts that exist there, they will lose their 2nd amendment rights forever and be forever barred from holding elected office. Count on it.

    • Depending on how the law reads, catch-all laws like “disturbing the peace”, or “disorderly conduct” just don’t or won’t apply, OR have been specifically named as not applying to OC/CC…

      • Article I, Section 6, Clause 1:

        The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.
        I should have said “breach of Peace, not disturbing. Can’t edit my original, too late.

        • Nebraska has something similar to protect state senators from harassment during sessions. Back in the days of the 55 mph national limit, one senator used it to beat a speeding ticket.

          If I were a politician in office today, the bottom drawer of my desk would contain a quick access locked box containing a pistol (e.g. Glock 17, S&W M&P) and several loaded magazines. As long as everything stayed peaceful, the box would never be opened and no one would know what it contained. On the other hand, in the event of a riot, I and my staff would be hiding behind locked, barricaded doors. The first rioters to break through would die in the doorway.

  2. If Congressman Massie is telling the truth, then I expect every gun owner in Congress who carries at work, in the Congress building, to support and introduce legislation for National reciprocity. I also expect them to publicly support this Colorado congresswoman and her stance about carrying a gun while in Congress.

    I will not hold my breath waiting. Congressman Massie, a Libertarian, talks big sh’t. But he has yet to produce or at least try to back up his words by introducing civil rights legislation.

    I have yet to hear any floor speeches by Libertarians supporting gun civil rights. Former housed Speaker Newt Gingrich and former congressman Bob “B1” Dornan were famous for making speeches.

    I don’t see Libertarians who are in the position as an elected person making speeches.

    • Don’t worry. After the way the Republicans cucked and wet themselves, none of the right libertarians who helped get Trump into office and voted for him again in 2020 will ever vote Republican again.

      • Show me where any Libertarian candidate (L or l) has supported National reciprocity? They make big excuses about states rights, when it comes to saying no to National reciprocity. But they are big supporters of forcing states to accept gay marriage.

      • I love it when libertarians think act like their shit don’t stink.

        How many roads have you built?

  3. Armed barricade against unarmed protesters? Afraid to meet the deplorables and talk with them? Not my idea of who I want as a champion of campus carry in the Capitol building. Afraid of the voters? Get out of politics.

    • Exactly. Citizens show up to petition their government for a redress of grievances and are told to piss off. And the politicians hide and cower instead of coming out to talk to their constituents, and then act like their place of business is more sacrosanct than somebody else’s.

      And then their guards shoot first before ever going hands on. The video of the shooting shows a dozen cops behind the woman who was shot, and nobody tried to stop her or detain her. Pathetic. And yes, I despise the government for it.

    • The President is also a representative of the people. If a few thousand antifa members decided to invade er… invite themselves in to the West Wing during business hours, do you really think there is no reaction that should be levied?

      The absolute nutsacks who were attempting a coup on the words of Dear Leader (who lied and said he would be there with them) won stupid prizes. Unfortunately those prizes will not be limited to them.

  4. You were in no danger you freaking douche bag… Capital police allowed them to come in and tour the capital..

    • If you’ll notice: those violent ,unruly mad men ,after “storming” the capitol and “breaching “the ramparts proceeded through the rotunda WITHIN THE VELVET ROPES !!I guess they failed as insurgents (never make it in Seattle or Portland).

      • I guess I could accept the totally peaceful protest claim of yours, but I’m a little puzzled about the dozen mason jars filled with homemade napalm…

        The guy also had him an AR 15, 9 mm, etc. and, just like Santa, a list of good guys and bad guys.
        And he also had contact information for his handlers:

        “A separate handwritten note was found in the back of a magazine in Coffman’s truck that contained “purported contact information” for talk show host Mark Levin, Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, prosecutors said.“

        I imagine we’ll be finding out much more about this individual and the others connected with his plans, he’s currently under indictment with 17 federal charges so he ain’t going nowhere.

        • Your wet dreams about fox hosts being arrested for anything is just that.

          Unless you think 800 numbers and urls makes them co conspirators. But of course you do.

      • True leaders would have stepped up and addressed the protestors and listened to there concerns. Unlike the protestors this last summer, buildings weren’t burned, stores weren’t looted, crods didn’t kick people until they were almost dead, and the only gunfire was from the police. Biden was correct. These Capitol protestors are being treated differently. They are being arrested and prosecuted.

  5. They may have been glad to have been armed but its pretty obvious they would not have been needed in that situation.

    None the less I admire Massie for being the anti-AOC on this topic.

  6. Anybody in congress promoting gun control should be laughed out of the building.

    Right of the People, not of the congressman.

  7. Armed barricade to defend against unarmed peaceful protestors? The Congressman should have gone into the hall to meet with real people, discuss with them, entertain their grievances. This is not the kind of person I want being involved with the defense of the Second Amendment. Guns for me, suspicion and discrimination against thee.

    • Oh yeah, peaceful protesters who gave a capital policeman a subdural hematoma.

      Federal district attorney in DC is pursuing sedition and conspiracy charges, and my personal favorite, felony murder.
      How’s that go, where we go one, we go all right into federal prison.

      In the fine people on both sides department,

      The inbred cousin fucker pimping for Camp Auschwitz has been apprehended, turns out he’s a multiple DUI nut job.

      Over 1 million people died in Auschwitz, including Jews, Gypsies, Negroes, gays, etc.

      And here’s the best comment regarding his apprehension, the voices of history will condemn these insurrectionists for all eternity.

      “When I was a little girl, I asked my Grandma – Why do you watch all the Holocaust documentaries again and again, every year?
      “Maybe I’ll see someone from my family”, she said. “They all died in Camp Auschwitz.”
      Thinking of you Safta.”

  8. This would seem to be a substantively unambiguous position:

    You either support an individual’s right to defend him/herself… or you don’t.

    It would not seem reasonable to make it any more complicated than that.

  9. There must be some simple word to describe providing information and assistance to insurrectionists attempting to overturn the United States government.

    I think that word is Treason.

    “Representatives Andy Biggs (R., Ariz.), Mo Brooks (R., Ala.), and Paul Gosar (R., Ariz.) are denying any involvement in organizing last week’s rioting at the U.S. Capitol after a protest organizer claimed he “schemed” with them to put “maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting.”

    Right-wing activist Ali Alexander’s claim that he had colluded with the congressmen came in a since-deleted video on Periscope unearthed by the Project on Government Oversight.

    He said weeks before the storming of the Capitol that he was planning something big for January 6, the date Congress met to tally the electoral votes and affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

    Alexander planned to “change the hearts and the minds of Republicans who were in that body, hearing our loud roar from outside,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Representative Mikie Sherrill (D., N.J.) on Tuesday claimed she saw members of Congress leading people through the U.S. Capitol on “reconnaissance” tours one day before supporters of President Trump stormed the building, though she did not name the members or explain how she knew she was witnessing a so-called reconnaissance tour.“

    • You are mistaken it was the elected Democrats who led protesters on a reconnaissance mission through the Congressional building. Prior to their storming of the Kavanaugh hearings.

      • False equivalence.

        “During the Black Lives Matter protests this past spring, National Guard troops in combat gear stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial three lines deep. Around the same time, U.S. Park Police tear-gassed nonviolent protesters in Lafayette Square, in Washington, D.C. The Capitol Police made more arrests on each of the first three days of the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in September, 2018, than they did Wednesday. The protesters at those hearings—most of them women, many self-identified survivors of sexual assault—were arrested for transgressions such as shouting out from the gallery, “Kavanaugh can’t be trusted!” On Wednesday, the writer Sarah Schulman posted a picture on Facebook with the caption “In 1982 I disrupted Congress to protest an anti-abortion bill, was arrested on the spot with five other women, taken to jail and had an 11 day jury trial.”

        • So I see. Protests for me, but not for thee.
          You make the same arguments that the white racists from West Virginia and every other state, made against blacks having the same rights as whites.

    • Treason is an extraordinary claim. The evidence provided in that paragraph is… much less than extraordinary.

      • “The evidence provided in that paragraph is… much less than extraordinary.“

        I imagine the federal prosecutors will provide much more than a single paragraph in their charging documents.

        Hey, I heard all your Carthaginians were baby eaters…

  10. As Our represented took shelter and the angry hoard breached Bill Clinton’s Pee Wee’s Playhouse. We huddled in fear that the armed security, paid for by the angry hoard, wouldn’t be able to stop them. My gawd, they had flags and signs and derogative words and all we had was armed security with glocks and machine gunms. We Need To Be Armed not the peasants. More gunm control is the answer.

  11. He is perfectly safe unarmed, afterall…. he has great security like the ass that clearly murdered the woman by shooting her through a door window while she had cops out there with her. It seems their armed clowns maybe as inept as the idiots they guard.

    • Imagine if she had been a black lady they shot in the neck that way , the riots and burning of the city and they would probably just sit back and call it a fairly peaceful protest like Portland .

    • “They’re not guns, they’re gunms. Extra letter, extra length.”

      “That will catch a lot of Congresscritters’ hips.”

      “Pelosi will certainly never put in lie detectors. That would stop them all”

      Neck and neck and neck for best reply today. Top form, gentlemen.

    • Bypassed the same as judges do.

      Funny though, how these RINOS were scared too. Bet they would have made the Mccloskey’s look like warriors. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  12. How many “PEACEFUL” protestors were arrested and charged on the night of Aug 28 when B(ullshit) L(eftist) M(arxists) assaulted Conservative members of Congress and other guests as they left the White House…. How many members of BLM/Antifa were rounded up and charged in the assault on a Federal Building in Oakland that left a Federal officer DEAD…

    25 Jul 2020 2:47 The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) declared a tactical alert on Saturday evening, mobilizing officers in response to attacks on federal buildings downtown by demonstrators who had marched in solidarity with protests in Portland.

    Jul 27, 2020 · Atlanta Black Lives Matter protesters blasted a federal building with fireworks and shattered windows as they took out their wrath on an immigration office there on Saturday

    Jul 22, 2020 · 2:50 Demonstrators in Portland took to the streets on the 55th night of protests in the city, attacking the federal courthouse yet again, vandalizing federal and private property, (This FEDERAL building was under assault for MONTHS)..

    Jul 23, 2020 · Ted Wheeler watches arson attacks on federal building: “With 100 percent honesty I saw nothing that would provoke this response [from federal agents].” https: … 2020. Tragically, at least three federal officers may have permanently lost their sight due to these terrorists shining lasers in their eyes and setting off fireworks

    Jul 11, 2020 · Police say federal officers responded from inside the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building on Friday evening to someone using a hammer to create a hole in the door.

    All Summer we watched this shit nightly as radical LEFTIST MARXISTS and alleged anti-FASCISTS burned, destroyed, looted, assaulted and MURDERED their way through major cities from Atlanta and NYC to LA, SF, Portland, Seattle and cities across the Midwest with little to NO repercussions… BUT, now you assbag cunts want to HANG every gun owning Conservative in the United States AND impeach a President with only seven and a half days remaining as POTUS… Not once during his speech on Jan 6 did President Trump imply, direct, coerce, suggest, demand or in any way state that his supporters should violently assault the Capitol building OR it’s occupants yet even the chickenshit RINOs are falling into lockstep to condemn half the voters in the country and destroy everything the President has done because their feelings got hurt… News Flash for the RINOs, KOMMIES and SNOWFLAKES that want to lynch Trump… The buildings YOU occupy are actually OWNED by the people you are calling insurrectionists’ and the only “incursion” that took place was on their right to gather and protest (mostly) peacefully….

    • I keep seeing news articles calling the capitol protest a siege. They want to talk about government buildings under siege? Portland has been jumping up and down and screaming “I’m your huckleberry!” since May 2020.

      It’s not about the act itself; it’s about who does it. Anything done by a leftist or one of their favored identity groups is good. Anything you do is bad. Doesn’t matter what it is.

      • Well… the city of Portland or the federal courthouse? As I remember, federal officers used a lot of force to defend the latter. City leaders in charge of the former did not.

        Seeing the limp-wristed leaders in Portland not respond to private businesses get looted and burned does not mean that the federal government will not use force against an attempted coup. Anyone who made that connection before- and certainly those that make the connection after- is deficient in the IQ department. And a few people are now room temp due to that mistake. Some others will be spending the rest of the rona in federal custody.

        Stupid people doing stupid things got somewhat predictable results. Looking at some of the videos, I’m surprised a lot more people didn’t get gunned down. Remarkable restraint on the part of the metro police at one point.

    • Why NONE of course! Silly wabbit…guns fer me and none fer ye. The list of traitors grows long MADMAXX. Picked up my new shottie today…my old Limbsaver© fit’s perfectly😏

  13. unfortunately i fear the only thing that will fix this mess is a real shooting civil war. THE BULLSHIT IS NOT WORKING . IT IS GOING TO TAKE LEAD-POSIONING FOR THE FIX. the republican party along with the democrat/communist party ,ALL HAVE A ULTERIOR MOTIVE TO DO THE SAME OLD CRAP ..JUST STAY IN OFFICE ..NO CHANGES THAT WILL GIVE MORE FREEDOM TO ANYBODY.. JUST TAXES AND THEN MORE TAXES.

    • Yes they do. A shooting war I do not believe is the answer. The oligarchs have to much power for that. A civil war can only be won with the support of 2/3’s( non combatants) of the people. America does not have that. ,,,,Yet.

    • Yes that’s certainly what a bunch of internet commenters like to say after they lose an election. Didn’t work great in 1860 but okay.

  14. Massie is suggesting that if he had encountered the rioters, he may have needed to use his firearm.

    Why else was he glad to be carrying on that particular day?


  16. Regarding the carriage of arms, an old saying comes to mind. I’d much rather carry a pistol and not need it, than need one and not have one at hand.

    • Perhaps you missed it. Trump attempted a coup. What followed was a violent insurrection. Both failed.

      Now at least three groups are being tracked. Their plans are to surround the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court. They claim they will protect Trump and prevent non-Trump supporting politicians from entering the Capitol, while neutralizing the Supreme Court so Biden cannot be sworn in. The plans are claimed to be violent, well armed with the intent to kill any law enforcement or politician who stands against them.

      It was after this intel that the metal detectors were added to entrances at the Capitol.

      And yes, that is published in a Trumpist news source.

      Insane fucking morons.

  17. I am capable of two seemingly opposing thoughts at the same time.

    I think it is absolutely correct to allow elected officials to carry concealed weapons at their jobs, which is consistent with Idaho’s history on the matter. (I’m not sure it’s still allowed though. A Google search was inconclusive).

    I also think it’s absolutely hilarious that this guy was greatly concerned that members of his own constituency would kill him.

    Come out, come out, wherever you are! We just wanna talk! That’s why we put up the noose outside, and that’s why we assaulted police officers, and that’s why we brought in zip cuffs, and that’s why we broke down the doors, and that’s why we were screaming “Where’s Pence???!!!” ! It’s just our way of breaking the ice!

    • Yes, that whole “Hang Mike Pence!”thing is clear evidence of trumps control and manipulation of the mob.

      And an interesting fact to note, unlike the first impeachment, 10 Republican representatives joined the Democrats in impeaching President Benedict Donald.

  18. Democrats, fix this armed Insurgency or pass the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act!

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