The Remington plant in Ilion, New York
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Good news for Remington firearms. The company has made firearms for over two centuries and will resume production on March 1st. The Roundhill Group has secured a federal firearms license and has plans to re-start production next month at the Illion, New York facility.

The local CBS TV station WKTV has the news.

Roundhill group, who bought Remington in Ilion last year, confirmed with NEWSChannel 2 that they received the license last week.

The plan is to open the plant in Ilion on Feb. 16 for maintenance. They are targeting March 1 for production to begin.

Roundhill Group partner, Richmond Italia, said the company plans to bring back 200 employees by the first day of production.

Italia says the company is working with the state to increase jobs at the Ilion facility.

It would seem that the new owners believe they can make a go of manufacturing firearms in one of the most gun-hostile states in America.

From the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated . . .

Roundhill Group’s Federal Firearm License (FFL) has been approved, according to a report from Utica, NY, CBS TV affiliate WKTV. Approval clears the way for the company to resume manufacturing guns under its RemArms label from the famed Ilion, NY, factory it purchased during last fall’s Remington Outdoor bankruptcy proceedings. The firm now owns the rights to produce all Remington firearms and holds the patents, with the exception of Marlin’s assets, which went to high bidder Ruger.

Roundhill partner Richmond Italia told the TV station that production is scheduled to resume March 1, with 200 staff members reporting back to work. Prior to reopening, routine maintenance and preparation begins Feb. 16.

The schedule closely reflects Italia’s prediction late last year that some workers would begin by Feb. 15.

Despite ongoing discussion, Italia told the Times Telegram that people will be returning to work on March because, “I understand people need jobs to survive…I’ve been there, and I sympathize. We are willing to risk reopening the plant, even while in negotiations.”

A Remington spokesman says a model 870 shotgun will be the first firearms to roll off the line when the Ilion plant reopens.

Remington’s new owners couldn’t have picked a better time to jump back into producing firearms.  Dealer shelves remain severely depleted and the unprecedented buying frenzy under President BidenHarris doesn’t show any signs of cooling down.

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  1. If their M870 Line-Up is more akin to the 1980’s through early 2000’s, then they’ll be good to go. Bring back the 1100 and 11-87 Tactical Lines too. Why they walked away from those line-ups post 2010 is beyond me.

    Bring back those 870 Wingmaster 8 Shot Variants. Some blued ones too. Throw in some bayonet lugs and then they can storm back to the Pump-Action Shotgun Market.

    • Good for Remington, and what a time to be out of production. However that is what happens when a “hellish” hedge fund buys you to suck you dry.

      Remington’s Versa-Max was one of the best shotguns out there, and dollar for dollar their 1911 R1 could not be beat.

      Now how about leaving New York?

  2. Does that mean they will also eventually bring back the ACR? I have a Bushmaster ACR made at the Maine facility which I purchased many years ago with the understanding that someday they would be making the other barrels and bolts to make the gun truly “adaptive’ It obviously never happened and replacement parts are no far and few between except at heavenly high prices!!!

    • Bushmaster is owned by a different company now. Franklin Arms. RemArms also will not be making any military guns anymore. Strictly hunting and sporting guns.

  3. No one cares about their guns. They have all been trash for over a decade. But if they could start making more ammo that would be awesome.

  4. I own enough firarms that I need a spreadsheet to keep track of them and I don’t recall a single time that a Remington was a real contender for a new purchae.

    Them staying in NY indicates to me that they themselves don’t believe in their long term viability.

    Glad that Marlin got sold to Ruger. That’s the best chance for Marlin to have a chance of a comeback.

      • Yeah that’s all true but so does Beretta and (name a firearms related company) wised up and departed from behind enemy lines.

        • Yes, but Beretta isn’t just emerging from bankruptcy. It’s easier to be righteous when you have more money than god.

        • Indeed. Make cash, open revenue streams, bide your time plan your exit. Remington trying to get to Huntsville was likely part of the reason they got broken up and sold piecemeal in the first place.

    • Stay in NY and make the point that there is a large number of taxpaying and VOTING INDIVIDUALS who own and buy firearms in a terribly liberal environment.

  5. Good for Remington,,, The 1100 shotgun is basically white I grew up shooting birds with, & my lever action 308 is one of my favorite deer guns,,, I only have one problem with this article,,,
    Why would they even consider opening up in NY,
    I wouldn’t want them to have a dime of my money the way they treat the gun industry.
    At least move to a gun friendly state that supports the 2A & the gun manufacturers…

    • It’s easy for smaller businesses to pack up and move to a new location. Weatherby and Stag Arms for example. No going to happen (right away) with Remington.

      Having worked with the automobile industry, one does not instantaneously move a major manufacturing facility. Never been there but I’ve read that the Remington plant in Ilion is massive. So to make product ‘now’ and try to generate revenue, they’re going to use the existing facility. Low ‘start-up cost’ and a ‘turn-key’ operation.

      That said, I seen no reason for (new) Remington to permanently stay in New York. Maintain the Ilion plant to produce products. Use the profits to slowly build a new facility in a more business/firearm friendly location. Once the new place is up and running, slowly transition & close the Ilion plant.

      • As long as the plant is making enough money, why replace it? Having 2 plants capable of making the same product keeps the union from making crazy demands. Many of the workers have given most of their lives to the company. They own homes nearby and have families. Have you ever seen what happens when the main industry in town closes?
        Just look at Gary, Detroit, or Flint. Keep the old plant going, add a new line and stay competitive.

    • I prefer Mossberg and Maverick personally, but you ain’t wrong.

      Had a new teen shooter come over to shoot clays last year, and he looked ashamed he had only been able to buy the H&R (all he could find).

      I was happy to be able to look him dead in the eyes and tell him he accidentally saved a couple 100 and got a better firearm than the 870.

      • I couldn’t find ANY of those! And I had a Pardner&Maverick88 in the past. Got a chitty Churchill Turkish pos. No real recoil pad…

        • Currently their are 28 7+1 12 gauge shotguns in stock on fedarms website. I can’t recommend them as I’ve never seen one, but they look like they have the right specs. Probably made in Turkey too but it doesn’t say.

          That’s my budget recommendation if you can’t find a maverick, mossberg, HR, or Remington.

  6. glad to hear that they are reopening and like others hope they will start remaking some of the older models because that’s what I have and could use some parts

  7. Side-question related to this (and I presume I’m answering my own question but maybe someone with more legalese can chime in):

    What happened to Connecticut’s Sandy Hook related lawsuit against Remington for supposedly violating Connecticut’s “unfair trade practices law”?

    Remington appealed the lawsuit to the Supreme Court but they declined to hear it. Trial is (was?) set for September 2021. With [old] Remington no longer existing, I’m guessing the there’s no lawsuit anymore?

      • they don’t make anything right now and what they’ve made in the past has been so low quality it’s a joke.

        What they did to Para Ordnance makes me cry.

  8. Remington is owned by someone else now. I wonder when they will be moving out of commiecratic state of New York. Is it worth the investment to move Remington out of New York?

  9. For those of you whining about amp and premiers – Federal bought Remington’s ammunition business and it’s going full-tilt. Federal’s CEO posted a video about all their different companies and what they’re doing to keep up a week or two ago.

    In other words, this “purchase of assets” out of bankruptcy in Ny does not include the ammunition business (or Marlin, as previously noted).

    • I dont think their going full tilt. Listen to the dude, he says ,” let’s see if we’re making ammunition today.” Say what. When I worked at the bolt making place we made bolts everyday, 150,000,000 a year. ,,,,then China out bid us by three cents and I lost my supervisors job .
      It’s a lie, the ammo shortage could be picked up by foriegn countries, but no. You have the right to be armed, yah just cant have no bullets.

  10. I hate to see people out of work. With that said, a reopened Remington to me means they will make the same garbage quality guns. I also find it a bit weird that the “new owners” are the same folks who owned the plant before they went belly up. I am certainly no expert and this is only my opinion, but I bet running them into the ground only to reemerge as the “new owners” was part of a larger plan.

  11. “Italia says the company is working with the state to increase jobs at the Ilion facility.”

    Does Gov. Coumo know that the ‘State of NY is working with Remington’? I doubt that the Godfather will be pleased to learn this.

    • I’ll let TTAG explore this oppertunity. If TTAG would like me to review a shotgun, I glady will. 12 gauge shotshells I can find. Unfortunately I’m a case short of 20G before being able to submit a review of the Stoeger 3020 (755 rounds now, I try to run 1000 rounds of various loads of birdshot).

    • Actually, I would. I love Remington, and it has really broken my heart to watch the quality dip like it did. I’m fervently hoping they come back strong, and I’ll be right there if they do.

  12. I’m guessing that the pent-up demand for product by new “gun folk” will just about guarantee that everything they can make will be snapped up as soon as it hits the shelf…. hope that new buyers have some experienced friends with them to discern wether or not that this new production is up to snuff. ( IE, better than the last of the product leaving Ilion)

  13. Good luck to Remington. Perhaps if they concentrate on what they did well, shotguns and hunting rifles, they will survive. That was their bread and butter when they were doing well, so some quality shotguns and hunting rifles should not be impossible. I would also like their 1911 to make a return. If they stick to well made low and mid-level cost shotguns and rifles with a classic pistol or two [once they are established] they should be good for a few decades, if the creek don’t rise and the hedge funds don’t come sniffing around.





  16. Hope the best for them, if they can get themselves out from under the bean counters they may have a fighting chance against the imports. I’d be curious what patents Remington really had left at this point though.

  17. My grandfather was George W Lightner he made gun for 2 of the Remington boys who came to his home in Pa on 1 trip grandpa sister Carrie Lightner met and fell in love with 1 of the brothers and were married grandpa did gunwork for them put crosshair in scope made a reloaded fo them but wouldn’t sell it I’m just found this out 3 months ago looking in to it more. Elaine Lightner Maynard.

  18. Same Factory, same people, different corporate entity. And the entity is a real estate holding company.

    None of that indicates any improvement in quality, marketing, design, or any other aspect of actually running a manufacturing business.

  19. I wonder what the prices will be like on their new guns? I like the model 700 BDL with open sights. The 30-06 with 22” barrel. This all seems so unlike anything we have ever seen. I miss them all. Are the good old days coming back, any time soon?

  20. Interesting viewpoints. I agree that it is very encouraging that Remington is coming back. Furthermore for the immediate future, I don’t care what State they happen to be in, although I do think remaining in NY is cancerous to the industry. I work in firearms retail and I have got to say that some of the earlier opinions seem right-on. Such as that 1) New Rem should stay out of the “Black Rifle” business. They could make a ton of cash in the short term, but it would certainly lead to legal problems long-term. 2) Focus on only TWO products but in perhaps in several grades i.e. 870 Express/Tactical budget end and reintroduction of the blued Wingmasters. And Rem 700s. 3) I would caution New Rem not to price themselves out of a market. The prices both Winchester and “Old” Remington were asking for their shotguns was appalling. I had to attempt justification to a customer one day “just why is it that a Winchester and Remington now cost nearly the same as a Benelli.” Q: “Are they of the same quality…” A:”Not even close.” BUT….. people will pay for #1 Nostalgia and #2 Whatever happens to being pumped hard on YouTube.

    I have sold tons of AR-10 style Turkish POS ranging from $400-$1100 and I cannot imagine what anyone see in them (aside from “But all of the YouTube Videos gave it such GOOD reviews…”) they are heavy, unwieldy, and very cheaply made and overpriced. So, I must be wrong somewhere in my thought process.

    My idiotic little rant aside, I DO wish New Rem the best bringing back 870. I like Mossberg, but the older 870s are hard to beat. Either way, there is a decided shortage in quality pump-guns in the US right now and the only ones making any money are the Turks (ok, well the importers as well..)

  21. I just hope they start making magazines for the 870 DM again – paying $300 for an item that retails for $35 is frikkin’ robbery :/

    • I’ve seen those 870 DM mags go for 800 a piece. Someone had the inside track and bought a bunch before the ship sank. Remington can kiss my *** for that stunt.

      Haven’t even looked at my 870 DM for a while now. No real point to it. It was already bordering on useless with the already anemic 6 round, let alone only having one.

      Remington abandoned their patrons and fans. I don’t have high hopes for any different. Principle and ethics are extinct animals in AmeriKa.


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